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Version 4.6 Build 01.23 Summary
39 New, 20 Fixes, and 10 Miscellaneous features Released on 12/15/2010
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New Features - Build 1
 1. QuickBooks 2011 is now supported!

 2. Outlook 2010 is now supported!

 3. Approvals. Have you ever had a sales rep email a quote to a customer that you wished you had reviewed before the customer received it? You now have that power within QuoteWerks! With the new Approval Requirements feature you can require that your sales reps obtain approval from you before a quote can be printed, emailed, or uploaded to QuoteValet. You can activate the Approval requirement per sales rep, and define under which conditions the approval is required and by who the approval needs to be obtained from. An Approval requirement can be triggered on a document or line item level. For example, if any single item's margin is less than 5%, then this quote requires an approval, or if the margin on the entire quote is less than 15%, then this quote requires an approval. When an approval is required, you can specify who is authorized to approve the quote. For example, if the quote amount is greater than 10,000 it requires the single approval from the sales reps manager. If the quote amount is greater than 50,000 then it requires a single approval from an escalated approver such as the CEO. If the quote amount is greater than 100,000 then it requires multiple approvals from escalated approvers such as the CEO and CFO. There are many different scenarios that can be accounted for. The Approval Requirements are setup Under the Utilities->User Maintenance menu. Select a user and click on the [Edit] button. From there, click on the Documents tab, and then click on the [Document Approval Settings] button. From there you can specify the approval requirements. When an approval is required, the user can request it by selecting the [Request Approval] button on the File|Print window. When used with the optional QuoteValet subscription, the approval features are greatly extended.

 4. Peer Reviews. Ever wanted to share a quote with your colleagues to get some feedback? With the QuoteWerks Peer Review features, this just got easier. From the File|Print window, click on the [Submit for Peer Review] button. This will send an email to your colleagues asking for feedback. When they receive the email, using the new "quotewerks protocol handler" feature, they can simply click on a hyperlink in the email and your quote will open up in their local installation of QuoteWerks.

 5. Microsoft Word merging. As an alternative to the built-in QuoteWerks report writer, you can now create Microsoft word based quotes and proposals from within QuoteWerks. Everyone knows how to use Microsoft Word. Word is more flexible than report designers and it is easy to design a Word based Quote layout since you already know how to use Word. QuoteWerks simply drops the data into your Word document wherever you want it. After merging, it is easy to make changes or tweaks to the Word document. Best of both worlds ? macro replacement and the ability to edit afterwards. To top it all off, QuoteWerks then automatically saves your data merged Word document as a PDF file and links it into the quote. The new Microsoft Word merging feature seamlessly integrates into the File|Print window. On the Layouts tab, you simply choose a Word Document Template rather than the built-in report designer layout. Sit back and watch QuoteWerks update your Word Document. Microsoft Word Document merging is also integrated into Links tab of the Quote WorkBook as a right click menu for "Merge Word document". You can select multiple Word documents (*.doc;*.docx) at the same time to merge.

 6. Unified Print, Share, Publish Deliver window. The Print window has been re-designed to support the new Microsoft Word merging, QuoteValet, Save as PDF, Peer Review, and Approval features. On the surface it may look familiar, but underneath it behaves very differently. Now, on the Layout tab, you can choose . This is useful if you just want to print a cover page or some literature, etc without printing a quote layout. Another difference on this tab is that you can now choose a Word document template from this tab. The word documents stored in the \Layouts\Quotes folder will appear in this tab. From this window, you have always been able to choose a layout, a cover page, multiple literature files, multiple spec sheets, and multiple files from the links tab. You can still do this, but now the layout is seamlessly either the built-in layout or an external word document template. When you select an .rtf cover page in addition, QuoteWerks automatically behind the scenes merges the macros in the RTF file, converts the RTF file to a PDF file, and then merges that PDF file with the PDF file output from the Word merge. The same happens for all the files on the Literature, Spec Sheet, and Links tabs. On the Links tab there is even more functionality. If you selected a Word document on the Links tab, then QuoteWerks will merge that Word document, convert it to a PDF file and then merge it with the other PDF output into one final PDF output.

 7. The QuoteWerks built-in E-mail client now supports HTML E-mail. You can do text formatting? Fonts, Bold, Color, etc. You can embed URLs, email address, etc in the message body. You can include images (Linked or Embedded). QuoteWerks Macro fields can be merged into the email, including Merging Hyperlink URLs. Additionally, the E-mail window has been updated with a new interface including a resizable window. The new HTML email client works with both the built-in QuoteWerks SMTP email and the QuoteWerks automation of Outlook.

 8. QuoteValet integration. QuoteValet is the online quote delivery and acceptance vehicle for QuoteWerks. QuoteValet is a more robust way to deliver quotes to your customers and prospects. Rather than attaching a PDF file to the quote and emailing it to your customer, QuoteValet will create a personalized web page to present the quote on quotevalet.com. The advantage of using QuoteValet is that you will actually know when your customer has received the quote. You will know when they have viewed the quote and how often they review the quote. Your customer will be able to change quote options dynamically and ask you questions through the customized quote page (keeping all communication together). Most importantly, they will be able to electronically accept and sign the quote! QuoteValet setup in QuoteWerks is on the QuoteValet tab of the Tools|Options menu. QuoteValet is accessed though the File|Print window, and also through the QuoteValet toolbar button.

 9. Quote Preparer feature. Now you can specify which users can create/prepare quotes on your behalf. These preparers can be specified on the Documents tab under the Utilities|User Maintenance menu.

 10. Added Misc Access right "CannotManuallyModifySalesRep". When this is set, the Sales Rep field cannot be changed by any user except users with Master rights.

 11. Added a new IsSelected variation of the Line Item Optional Attribute. With this, you can flag an item as being option, but as the SELECTED option. A SELECTED option will be included in the quote total. This is particularly useful with the QuoteValet integration, as you can present one or more options to your customer and you can pre-select the option that you recommend. In the site.ini file under the "System" section, there is also an INI key "OptionalSelectedItemText" which defaults to " (Optional - SELECTED)". This can be modified similar to the "OptionalItemText" INI key.

 12. The Line Item Optional Attribute is now supported for Group Header lines, effectively making the group as a whole (including all the line items in the group) optional. This is particularly useful with the QuoteValet integration.

 13. Line Items flagged as Optional can now also be flagged as mutually exclusive items. When the optional item is part of an Exclusive Group, the selection of one item will unselect the other options that are part of that exclusive option group. This is particularly useful with the QuoteValet integration.

 14. On the Links tab of the Quote WorkBook, there is now a right click menu for "Remove Link".

 15. You can now easily convert a Microsoft Word Document (*.doc;*.docx) into a PDF file from the Links tab of the Quote WorkBook. Simply right click on the Word document, and choose "Save as PDF". You can select multiple Word documents at the same time.

 16. On the print window, you can now choose any of the files from the tabs and e-mail them directly from this window.

 17. There is now a File|Login as another User menu. Very useful for administrators that need to log in as different users for setup and testing.

 18. On the E-mail address selection window there is now a right click menu option for "Add to TO", "Add to CC", "Add to BCC". Double clicking chooses the currently selected email address and closes the e-mail selection window.

 19. On the E-mail address selection window you can select e-mail addresses from QuoteWerks users or QuoteWerks groups.

 20. On the Document Items tab of the Quote WorkBook, double-clicking on the line item record selector now displays the Line Attributes window.

 21. Added Misc Access right "CannotUseQuoteValetLicense". This will prevent a user from being able to upload documents to QuoteValet. It will also prevent them from using the Peer Review and Approval features of QuoteValet.

 22. Added CustomText21, CustomText22, CustomText23, and CustomText24 to the Custom tab of the Quote WorkBook.

 23. Added CustomText15, CustomText16, CustomText17, CustomText18, CustomText19, CustomText20 fields on the Document Items tab.

 24. When changes have been made to the quote, a Save icon appears in the status bar (lower right) indicating that it needs to be saved.

 25. When a document template is open, the indicator "TEMPLATE" will appear in the status bar (lower right).

 26. Under the Utilities|Change Registration Information menu, there is now a new Licensee Website field. This is now used when integrating with QuoteValet. This website URL is displayed in the QuoteValet Company Letterhead banner. Also on the registration information window, the country is no longer required, and discrete City, State, and PostalCode fields have been added.

 27. On the Print window, under the Spec sheet tab, if specified spec sheet files are missing, these missing files will be detected and "Missing" (in red) will prefix the file name in the display. Also, there is now a tool tip for each spec sheet item so you can see the full path to where the spec sheet file is located.

 28. Emails are sent in larger packet chunks. For some slower SMTP servers this will yield, emails will be sent faster.

 29. Added new macros &APP_&LoggedInUserFullNameOrUserName, &DH_&SalesRepFullNameOrUserName, &APP_&LicenseeInlineAddress, &DH_&SalesRepInlineAddress, &APP_&LoggedInUserInlineAddress, &APP_&LoggedInUserPhoneWithExt, &DH_&SalesRepMobilePhone, &APP_LoggedInUserMobilePhone.

 30. Added new macro &SYS_NowA which formats the date/time, for example, as "October 9, 2010 2:34 pm". Also added macro &SYS_NowB which formats the date/time, for example, as "Saturday, Oct 9, 2010 2:34 pm".

 31. Added new QuoteWerks API method Application.BringToFocus

 32. Added new QuoteWerks API method Application.RestoreIfMinimized

 33. There is now a new "Heading" type line item. Typically Comment type line items would be also be used as Headings. Now there are defined Heading and Comment line items. Insert a heading line into the quote by choosing Edit|Insert Heading. When Heading lines are used, on the Add Item Assistant or from the Bundles, or Configurator, you can choose to insert the item as the first item under the heading, or append the item the last item under the Heading. When appending it as the "last" item under the Heading, it uses some "artificial Intelligence", so if the last items under the heading are a blank comment line, % charge line, % discount line, or subtotal line, then the item is added above those items. Heading lines are also useful in the printed output as Heading type line items can have their font larger and bold, whereas comments could be the same font size as the regular Product/Service line items. Some examples for Heading lines would be like "Family Room"/"Master Bedroom"/"Theater Room", or "Service"/"Parts", or "Servers"/"Workstations"/"Services"/"Managed Services"/"Anti-Virus"/"Monitoring". [Service Release: 1.11]

 34. For SalesLogix users, "SalesLogix Remote Office" type of installations are now supported. [Service Release: 1.11]

 35. Group header line items now support the Hide Price line item attribute. This is useful for hiding the rolled up total price of a grouped bundle. [Service Release: 1.17]

 36. The fields in the Select Special drop down now have their customized labels displayed in parenthesis next to the field name. [Service Release: 1.17]

 37. ConnectWise 2011.1 is now supported! [Service Release: 1.23]

 38. QuickBooks UK 2011 is now supported! [Service Release: 1.23]

 39. SugarCRM 6.1 is now supported! [Service Release: 1.23]

Misc Features - Build 1
 1. When generating print output, the "pages printed" display is no longer in a separate status window, but rather in the unified centered status message window.

 2. When upgrading from QuoteWerks 3.0 to 4.5, when populating the City, State, and PostalCode fields, the parsing of those fields has been improved to eliminate spaces and other errant chars left over from the parsing process.

 3. Changed the salutation from "Hi" to "Hello" sending quote to customer and QuoteValet Quote is Ready notification email. [Service Release: 1.06]

 4. Improvements to the Manage tab of Quotevalet Dashboard window. [Service Release: 1.06]

 5. Sales Rep Full Name now displayed for PreparedbyContact in QuoteValet [Service Release: 1.06]

 6. The PDF of the accepted document through QuoteValet, now has an "Original Quote" stamp applied to it. [Service Release: 1.11]

 7. The suppression of Outlook Security Prompt of "A program is trying to automatically send e-mail on your behalf. Do you want to allow this?" is not currently supported in the 64-bit version of Outlook 2010 resulting in an error message about secman64.dll. The error message has been removed, however it is still not supported. [Service Release: 1.11]

 8. When upgrading from QuoteWerks 4.5 to QuoteWerks 4.6, the shortcut on the desktop (if any) will now be renamed from QuoteWerks 4.5 to QuoteWerks 4.6. [Service Release: 1.11]

 9. Users with Quote Preparer rights can now change the sales rep on an existing quote (if it is a sales rep they have rights to prepare quotes for) to any other sales rep they have the rights to create quotes for. [Service Release: 1.17]

 10. On some windows, QuoteWerks 4.5 was still referenced vs QuoteWerks 4.6. [Service Release: 1.23]

Fixes - Build 1
 1. For QuickBooks users, When exporting documents to QuickBooks, product definitions would be created for products that were flagged as optional line items in the quote.

 2. When using the File|Insert Document feature, the DynamicStorageDI field data was not being inserted.

 3. For ACT! for Web users, when choosing the File|Save As menu, the user was not prompted to move the CRM links.

 4. On the Print window, under the File Links tab, the [select all] and [deselect all] buttons would appear to work, but the selections would still be included in the print output.

 5. IN 4.0 build 50, the PDF size increased due to in efficient compression of the new PDF generator. Now with the improved compression in this build, the PDF file size has been reduced by over 50% to a size smaller than the pre 4.0 build 40 PDF sizes.

 6. For MS CRM users, if linking the quote to an existing MS CRM Opportunity, if no changes were made after linking to the Opportunity, the link to the opportunity would not be saved in the quote.

 7. Issue when resizing some windows across multiple monitors.

 8. Issue with embedded images when using QuoteWerks HTML email to automate the sending of the email through Outlook. [Service Release: 1.06]

 9. For ConnectWise users, when mapping QuoteWerks Item Types to ConnectWise types, if the length of all the mapped items names combined together, exceeded 255 chars, mappings would not be saved. [Service Release: 1.06]

 10. Approval requirements for document margin under/over %, and single item under/over % would say "approval not required" when attempting to use the Print Window [Request Approval] button. You will now need to re-open and save the approval requirements window to correct this. [Service Release: 1.06]

 11. For MS CRM users, The record id of the MS CRM opportunity was not getting saved into the QuoteWerks quote upon initial creation or linking of the opportunity. [Service Release: 1.06]

 12. For QuickBooks users, comment lines were requiring part numbers. [Service Release: 1.11]

 13. In version 4.6 when rehosting to SQL, the new SecurityProfiles table was not getting created. Also, this table was not getting synchronized in a Corporate Edition sync. [Service Release: 1.11]

 14. In the Utilities|User Maintenance, the Misc Access rights were not being loaded. [Service Release: 1.11]

 15. The new File->Login as another User menu was not appearing in the Menus tab of the User properties menu. [Service Release: 1.11]

 16. In the Word Merging, if you used the macro &DH_INTRODUCTIONNOTES, the formatting applied to that macro text in Word was being ignored. [Service Release: 1.17]

 17. For QuickBooks users, subtotal line items were requiring part numbers. [Service Release: 1.17]

 18. If QuoteWerks was in the middle of loading a quote and a toolbar button was pressed before the quote had finished loading, issues would occur. Now, the toolbar is disable during loading. [Service Release: 1.23]

 19. Some users would receive error "Error in GetActiveSheetFromSelf(), Me.tag=''" when opening or creating a new quote [Service Release: 1.23]

 20. For QuoteValet users, if a CostModifier or PriceModifier was used that included a decimal, would receive error 400 when uploading the quote to QuoteValet. [Service Release: 1.23]