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Version 3.0 Build 17 Summary
40 New, 11 Fixes, and 13 Miscellaneous features Released on 05/15/2001
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New Features - Build 17
 1. IMPORTANT: Canadian users there is now a new option on the Regional tab of the Tools|Options menu to set the default of if PST tax is compounded. There is a corresponding checkbox on the Sale Info tab of each quote that now let's you set this value per each quote. After opending existing quotes created before this new change, you must make sure that the appropriate value is set on the Sale Info tab. If most of your existing quotes use compounded PST tax, contact us for information on how to update all the existing quotes at once.

 2. Added ACT! 2000 Sales Opportunity support! Now when you create quotes, QuoteWerks will optionally schedule a Sales Opporunity for the quote. AND, when you conver the quote to an order/invoice, QuoteWerks will complete the Sales Opportunity in ACT 2000!

 3. Added ACT! 2000 support to create follow up calls, schedule meetings, and schedule to-do items all related to the QuoteWerks document.

 4. Added ACT! 2000 support for better quote attachment functionality. Now, the quote name is displayed in the Regarding column (where previously it was only the quote number) on the Notes/History tab in ACT.

 5. GoldMine 5.5 is now officially supported.

 6. For ACT! users (All versions), you can now define different ACT! fields to use for the ship to location besides the primary contact information fields.

 7. For ACT! 2000 users, now when you convert quotes to orders, when you change the quote name, or when you change the quote number, QuoteWerks now updates the existing links in ACT to refer to the new quote name/number.

 8. For Maximizer users when you send an email using the QuoteWerks email feature, that email is now logged as a note under the Maximizer contacts Notes tab.

 9. There is now a File|Convert to Lost Sale menu which makes it easier to convert quotes to a lost sale. Additionally, this feature automatically converts forecasted sales created in ACT or GoldMine to lost sales.

 10. The File|Convert to Order and File|Convert to Invoice now will automatically convert an existing forecasted sale in ACT or GoldMine to a completed sale. There are options under the Contacts|Setup Contact Manager menu to adjust at what point the forecast is completed in the contact management software.

 11. The File|Export to Document Transport File menu now allows you to export a batch of quotes based on the last modified date. This new feature allows remote sales reps on laptops and at other offices to email a batch of all quotes they have recently done back to the main office. This feature also lets you export all of your Document Templates.

 12. The File|Import Document Transport File menu now allows you to select multiple files to import at the same time. We have also added a right-click menu with selection options.

 13. % discount and % charge line items can now be modified after being added to the quote by selecting the line item and choosing the Edit|Item Properties menu.

 14. Line Items that have their Unit Price being calculated by a formula can now be edited by selecting the line item and selecting the Edit|Item Properties menu.

 15. We have added a new Edit|Item Attributes menu to distinguish the difference between Item Properties and Item Attributes.

 16. Added new Edit|Add Formula line menu. This allows you to base a line items unit price as a % of another line item's price ANYWHERE on the quote.

 17. Added login/password Authentication support for the SMTP server emailing feature.

 18. Added Misc Access security rights of CannotCreateBundles, CannotModifyBundles, CannotDeleteBundles, CannotCreateConfigurations, CannotModifyConfigurations, CannotDeleteConfigurations.

 19. Users with Master Rights can now double-click on the Document Type label to manually change the Document type. So, for example, in cases where a quote was converted to an order accidently, now you can easily set the document type back to quote

 20. File|Duplicate menu. This new feature allows you to open an existing order or quote, and then duplicate it while at the same time changing the document type back to a quote if you like. It is also a little easier duplicate an existing quote instead of choosing the File|Save As menu.

 21. Added a new option under the Documents tab of the Tools|Options menu. You can now specify if all new documents should start out as a QUOTE, ORDER, or INVOICE.

 22. Under the File|New menu which displays the new Template window, we have now added a feature so that you can choose to create a new QUOTE, ORDER, or INVOICE. Previously, you could only choose to create a new QUOTE.

 23. Optional Items, Substitute Items feature improvement. When right-clicking over a product in the product lookup window, when you select the Display Optional Items, or Display Substitute Items, you can now add those items to the quote from that window.

 24. When selecting from the list of optional items to add to the quote, you can now select multiple items, and then click on the [Add] button to add them all to the quote at the same time. You can also specify if you want the items flagged with the "Optional" item attribute.

 25. Required Items can now be pulled from different product databases. Previously, required items could only be located in the same database as their "master" item.

 26. Added INI switch to set the default DocStatus for new ORDERS and INVOICES to something other than the hard coded "Open" .In the Site.ini file, under the [System] section, set the NewOrderDocStatus=Ordered or NewInvoiceDocStatus=NotBilled for example.

 27. The Picture tab of the Edit Product window now supports GIF and JPG files. The picture frame has also been increased to match the size of the tab.

 28. The F2 Lookup window now has tooltip support that shows the entire value if it is not completely visible.

 29. The User Passwords in the user maintenance setup window are now masked with the * symbol.

 30. The Misc tab of the Tools|My Preferences menu now contains an option to set the background color of the DocumentItems tab grid.

 31. Added DocumentHeaderMacros->AlternateTotalCost and DocumentHeaderMacros->AlternateTotalList fields to the print layout designer.

 32. Added DocumentHeaderMacros->AlternateCurrencyIdentifier field to the print layout designer.

 33. Now the discount price modifier supports values from -100 to + 100, so effectively a D-34 adds 34% to the list price in order to arrive at the unit price.

 34. Every 30 days, QuoteWerks will now remind the user with Master Rights (when that user logs in) that it is recommended to compact and backup the docs.mdb quotes database.

 35. Added UnitWeight column support for Ingram Micro and Merisel databases. Tech Data's database does not have a weight field, so support for this was not added.

 36. The Column widths on the File|Print window are now saved so that the next time you use the File|Print window, your column settings will be remembered.

 37. For GoldMine users, added support for a default activity code used when scheduling a follow up call. The INI key is CallBackActivityCode= and is located under the [Preferences] section of the {UserName}.ini file.

 38. For GoldMine and ACT users, added support for CallBack default time. In the {username}.ini file under the [Preferences] section, you can enter the INI key CallBackTime={+75} to default the call back time to 75 minutes from the current time. You can also just enter a specific time to always default your call back time to a specific time.

 39. The Add Item Assistant now is available when entering products from the Products Bar.

 40. Added new DocumentHeaderMacros->SalesRepTitle and Application->LoggedInUserTitle fields support in the layout designer. The sales rep title can now be specified on the Tools|My Preferences menu.

Misc Features - Build 17
 1. Added the ProjectNo field to the list of fields that can be inserted into the print layouts.

 2. The ExtendedCost and ExtendedWeight amounts now display on subtotal and running subtotal line items in the quote.

 3. When line items are flagged with the hide price attribute, the ExtendedWeight values will now be visible.

 4. When sending an email fails, now the send email window stays open so that you can recover your message that you typed in before closing the email window.

 5. Certain menus like File|Delete, File|Rename, and File|Properties are now disabled for new documents that have not yet been saved.

 6. When items are added to the selected items list in the configurator, we now make sure that the last item that was added is visible at the bottom of the list without the user having to scroll down to see it.

 7. Sometimes, the search results grid on the product lookup window would have a screen redraw issue.

 8. Double-Clicking on filter item in report filter design screen now edits the selected filter item.

 9. QuickBooks link now exports the sold to/ship to country information.

 10. Added vertical scroll bar to Edit F2 lookup item

 11. If an F2Lookup value contained a website URL that began with http:// the F2Lookup feature would interpret the // as the beginning of the remark for the F2lookup value. This no longer occurs.

 12. Widened the subtotal and total displays on quote workbook for complete display of multi-million dollar numbers.

 13. The menu item for any the accounting link modules would still be visible when the security rights for the logged in user indicated that the menu should be hidden.

Fixes - Build 17
 1. When exporting using the QuickBooks link, if the same part number was on the quote more than once, the document would not be exported.

 2. For GoldMine users, If you choose the QuoteWerks File|Convert to Order or File|Convert to Invoice menu, QuoteWerks saves the changes to the database, but does not save the changes to the dtf file and therefore the sync of the DTF file does not work. A workaround was to explicitly save the document after performing a "convert to .." procedure.

 3. When searching for a GoldMine 5.5 contact from within QuoteWerks, no records were found.

 4. When adding a new product to the product database, and the manufacturer part # already exists, an error could occur if the currently selected tab was not the "general" tab.

 5. When adding a new user under Utilities|User Maintenance, and the username entered was invalid, an error could occur if the currently selected tab was not the tab the user name field is on.

 6. If a negative numbered price was entered into the Add Item Assistant price modifier field, it would not be accepted.

 7. Peachtree link, when exporting data, if the ship to address did not end with properly formatted City, State Zip data, an error would occur.

 8. The Merged Documents tab of the File|Open window was not displaying merged quotes.

 9. The SoldToTitle field was not getting saved.

 10. For GoldMine users when selecting the File|Open menu and opening a document that had an updated sync file waiting for it would cause a message to appear saying that the quote could not be opened after the sync update.

 11. The Register License via Web feature stopped working because our IP address changed.