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Version 3.0 Summary
416 New, 240 Fixes, and 110 Miscellaneous features
New Features - Version 3.0
 1. In the Tools|Find Quoted Item menu, you can now specify which field you would like to search for from the list of choices. [Build: 21]

 2. When sending an email and you use a dialup service and you are not currently connected, QuoteWerks will now remember the last dialup connection login password that you entered (in addition to the connection name and login id) the last time you used it so that you do not have to retype it. [Build: 21]

 3. The Alternate Currency field on the Sale Info tab that determines the alternate currency prices for the quote can now be populated using the DataLink feature. [Build: 21]

 4. Support for TeleMagic 5.0 contact management software has been added! You can now use your TeleMagic contact information in your quotes, and a link to the QuoteWerks quote is created in the TeleMagic contacts Associated Files list. [Build: 20]

 5. You can now include a picture with each line item in your quote. You can control where the picture is printed, what size it is, etc. using the layout designer. You have additional control over when to print the pictures for the line items using the new "Print Picture" line item attribute. [Build: 20]

 6. When creating a new product/service in a QuoteWerks native product database, the default pricing method for the new product will be retrieved from the Price modifier specified on the Document Items tab of the Tools|Options menu. [Build: 20]

 7. When QuoteWerks creates a GoldMine linked document, by default it sets the ownership of the document to PUBLIC. There is now a new ini key AssignOwnerToGoldMineLinkedDoc=-1 that you can set under the [Contact Managers] section of the site.ini file to Assign the currently logged in GoldMine user as the linked document owner. [Build: 20]

 8. On the QuoteWerks tab of the Products|Setup Product Databases menu there is now a right click menu for the product databases, and there is a new "Clone" menu item to clone a product database. [Build: 20]

 9. Added new time saving "Save & Preview" button to the Edit Report window. [Build: 20]

 10. Required Item properties now supports the setting of the line item type to product,comment,or subtotal, and also displays the description of the product. All of the line item attributes are now also supported for a required item. [Build: 20]

 11. The Edit selection container item window no has more options for bundle type items. [Build: 20]

 12. The product import wizard can now import text files that use delimiters other than tab or comma. [Build: 20]

 13. The product import wizard now has a new interface for selecting template files. [Build: 20]

 14. Macro &SYS_FirstDayOfThisWeekForSQL was added for use in report filters. [Build: 20]

 15. Macro functions like ~GMW_Macro(ACCOUNTNO), ~ACT_Macro(), ~Max_Macro() can now be used in the value field of a report filter item. This can be used to automate a report that automatically displays a list of all products sold to the currently active contact record in GoldMine, ACT, Maximizer. [Build: 20]

 16. The QuoteWerks management report writer can now create reports based on your product databases such as product and pricing catalogs. Product catalogs can now also include pictures of the products. This new feature enables you to easily create a product catalog with customer based pricing in it so that the prices displayed in the price catalog are specific to the customer you are creating it for! [Build: 20]

 17. *** IMPORTANT*** For GoldMine users, under the Contacts|Setup Contact Manager there is now an option to also copy the sale amount or forecast amount into the forecasted sale notes. With this new change, please verify the settings you expect are indicated on this window. [Build: 22]

 18. Support for SalesLogix 5.x contact management software has been added! You can now use your SalesLogix contact information in your quotes, and a link to the QuoteWerks quote is created in the SalesLogix contacts' Attachments tab. [Build: 22]

 19. QuoteWerks is now certified for use with Maximizer 7.0. [Build: 22]

 20. If you are using the Outlook shared public contacts to retrieve your contact information, you can now specify any folder in any path. [Build: 22]

 21. The Product Import Wizard can now import files that have each line delimited by only a single line feed character versus the more common carraige return and line feed character combination. [Build: 22]

 22. Synnex distributor price list data can now be imported into QuoteWerks using the new product import line delimiter support. [Build: 22]

 23. Document Purge Wizard enables you to batch purge (ie delete) old quotes/orders/invoices based on aging, or other criteria. Purged documents can be archived for retrieval in the future. [Build: 22]

 24. QuoteWerks now supports command line options! You can pass the user login name (/u:"John Lewe") and password (/p:"My Password" | /p: {for blank password} ) as command line options to automatically log into QuoteWerks bypassing the normal login window. [Build: 22]

 25. Using the new command line options, (/a:1 ) you can automate the Merge Remote Documents process. [Build: 22]

 26. Using the new command line options, (/a:2 | /a:3 ) you can automate the updating of the Tech Data, or Merisel database indexes. [Build: 22]

 27. Using the new command line options, (/i:"My Import.itd" ) you can automate the importing of products into a native product database from an import template. [Build: 22]

 28. Using the new command line options, (/r:"pcatalog.rcf",2,"HP laserjet 4000" ) you can automate the previewing or printing of any management report. [Build: 22]

 29. Using the new command line options (/n:o | /n:q | /n:i | /n:t,"Template Name" ), you can have QuoteWerks automatically load a new empty order, invoice, or quote when starting QuoteWerks. You can also specify a template to load when starting QuoteWerks. [Build: 22]

 30. Using the new command line options (/c:1 | /c:2 | /c:3 ), you can retrieve the currently open contact from your contact manager into the sold to and/or ship to fields. [Build: 22]

 31. Using the new command line options (/t:1 | /t:2 | /t:3 | /t:4 | /t:4 ), you can set the default worksheet tab that is displayed. [Build: 22]

 32. Using the new command line options (/exit | /exit:1 | /exit:2 ), you can command QuoteWerks to exit. [Build: 22]

 33. The Activity Scheduler can now be used to schedule the import of a products into a native product database using an import template. [Build: 22]

 34. The Activity Scheduler can now be used to schedule the updating of the Tech Data and Merisel database indexes. [Build: 22]

 35. There are now options to set the number of decimal places for both unit prices and extended prices on the Misc tab of the Tools|Options menu there . [Build: 22]

 36. The Medic utility now enables you to select multiple databases to repair and compact as a batch process. This will make database maintenance much easier. Also, the medic utility can now also tell you what users are still logged into QuoteWerks. [Build: 22]

 37. Medic Utility, You can now view and delete log files. [Build: 22]

 38. Medic Utility, You can now view, delete and restore backup files. [Build: 22]

 39. Medic Utility, You can now remove read only properties of all files and sub-folders within the QuoteWerks directory. [Build: 22]

 40. Medic Utility, You can now view the list of currently logged in users. [Build: 22]

 41. Medic Utility, Now it checks that no users in QuoteWerks before starting database maintenance. [Build: 22]

 42. Medic Utility, Now it sets a lock file while maintenance is being run so that users cannot log into QuoteWerks until the maintenance process is complete. [Build: 22]

 43. Medic Utility, now supports command line parameters; (/r) for repair, (/c) for compact, (/f:[path]) to specify the database or folder of databases to perform the operation on, and (/exit) to exit the medic utility when finished. [Build: 22]

 44. There is now a Change Password button on the Personal tab of the Tools|My Preferences menu. This allows users to change their own passwords from this menu. [Build: 22]

 45. Added new And/OR selection option for use when searching for more than one value in a description field on the product lookup window. [Build: 22]

 46. Added new Misc Access security right CannotDisplayAllLayouts. This prevents the user from having a quote open, and then selecting the Display all layouts checkbox on the File|Print window where the user can then select an invoice print layout and print it. [Build: 22]

 47. Added new cover page macros &DH_SubTotal, &DH_LocalTax, &DH_GSTTax, &DH_TotalTax, &DH_GrandTotal, &DH_ShippingAmount. [Build: 22]

 48. New option in the Peachtree link to use the ship to information from the order in the purchase orders that are created. Previously, the purchase order ship to would default to blank. [Build: 22]

 49. In site.ini file added new key DocDueDate under the [Defaults] section. You can set this key value to {+15} to automatically calculate the default for the Doc Due Date field to 15 days from the current data when a new document is created. [Build: 22]

 50. Removed 1024 character limit for F2 lookup values used for memo fields. The limit is now 32,000 characters. Also, the tooltip will now display the item value on multiple lines. [Build: 22]

 51. Macro &SYS_FirstDayOfLastWeekForSQL was added for use in report filters. [Build: 22]

 52. The CustomDate01 and CustomDate02 fields on the Edit Product window can now be linked to the CustomDate01 and CustomDate02 columns on the document items tab. This can be set under the View|Customize columns. [Build: 22]

 53. While in the CustomMemo01 or CustomMemo02 columns on the DocumentItems tab, you can now double-click inside the cell to display a zoomed (larger) window to view and edit the contents of the cell. [Build: 22]

 54. The column widths of the Ingram Micro, Merisel and Tech Data product databases in the products lookup window are now memorized, and will stay from session to session. [Build: 22]

 55. Added an option to display product price history on the Add Item Assistant window. [Build: 22]

 56. Added menu item on right click product lookup menu to display product price history for selected product. [Build: 22]

 57. When converting a quote to an order, or an invoice, the default DocStatus of the new order or invoice can now be setup in advance under the Installation tab of the Tools|Options menu. [Build: 22]

 58. When you do a copy and then paste of a product record in the Product Lookup window, more fields are copied including the custom fields. [Build: 22]

 59. Added FolderID column to native product database product lookup window columns. This is useful for seeing which items are not in folders. [Build: 22]

 60. Added UnitWeight column to native product database product lookup window columns. [Build: 22]

 61. Added Customer column to the results window of the Tools|Find Quoted Item menu. [Build: 22]

 62. QuoteWerks can now import XML files that contain quotes/orders/invoices using the File|Import Document menu. The XML file needs to be in a specific format in order for QuoteWerks to be able to import it. [Build: 19]

 63. The QuoteWerks Open Export Module can now also export XML formatted quote data in addition to the delimited text file format it originally supported. [Build: 19]

 64. On Print Preview window, added File|Send Email|As PDF and As RTF submenus so that you can change the format on the fly instead of always having to use the default format that has been setup. [Build: 19]

 65. The Tools|Export Items to Clipboard and the Tools|Export Items to Excel has been improved to allow you to select which columns you want to export, and what order you want the columns to be in. [Build: 19]

 66. Max number of line items supported in the quote was increased from 175 to 300. [Build: 19]

 67. Support for more macros on cover page/spec sheets/and literature &DH_IntroductionNotes, &DH_ClosingNotes, &DH_InternalNotes, &DH_PurchasingNotes, &DH_ShipToPhone, &DH_ShipToPhoneExt, &DH_ShipToFax, &DH_ShipToEmail, &DH_ShipToTitle [Build: 19]

 68. IMPORTANT! With the addition of the new GoldMine features designed to work with GoldMine 4.0 or later, QuoteWerks will no longer support versions of GoldMine earlier than 4.0. [Build: 18]

 69. GoldMine Opportunities Manager features are now supported. [Build: 18]

 70. Added support for Title, Phone, Fax, and Email fields for Ship To contact information. [Build: 18]

 71. We have added support for new CustomText06 through CustomText10, CustomDate01, CustomDate02, CustomNumber01, CustomNumber02 fields on the Custom tab of the quote workbook. [Build: 18]

 72. We have added support for new CustomText06 through CustomText10,CustomDate01, CustomDate02, CustomNumber01, CustomNumber02, CustomMemo01, CustomMemo02 columns on the Document Items tab of the quote workbook, and also on the Custom tab of the Edit Product window. [Build: 18]

 73. Added new CloseProbability column to the DocumentItems tab to be used for forecasting probability at the line item level. [Build: 18]

 74. Bundles can now be cloned. [Build: 18]

 75. We moved the "Enabled GoldMine synchronization" option from the GoldMine area of the Contacts |Setup Contact Manager menu to the Installation tab of the Tools|Options menu, and renamed it to "Look for synchronized data.". When this option is checked and you use the built-in QuoteWerks contact manager, when you save a quote, a dtf file for the quote will be created in the \quotewerks\dtf folder. If you use the built-in QuoteWerks contact manager, ACT, Maximizer or Outlook, now when you double click on a linked attachment, QuoteWerks will import that document into its database if it does not exist, and update the existing document in the database if it is older. Since Maximizer, ACT, Outlook, and QuoteWerks does not have an automatic mechanism to transport these files, with this new behavior, if you provide your own mechanism for transferring these files, then QuoteWerks can take over from there. [Build: 18]

 76. The products bar tool bar is now named "Quick Lookup", and now supports the ability to lookup a VENDOR part number in addition to a manufacturer part number and add it to the quote. The last used field and product database values selected are now also remembered for the next time. [Build: 18]

 77. GoldMine completed sales created by QuoteWerks can now also be updated when saving changes to existing QuoteWerks orders/invoices. [Build: 18]

 78. From the Print Preview window, you can now save the preview to an Adobe Acrobat PDF file anywhere you like. This feature adds to the existing ability to save the preview as RTF, Text, and HTML format. [Build: 18]

 79. When emailing a quote from the Preview window, that attached quote can now be in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. [Build: 18]

 80. PDF formatted product spec sheets and literature pages are now supported. However, pdf formatted product spec sheets and literature pages can only be used when emailing the quote, and not when printing the quote. [Build: 18]

 81. Spec sheets can now reside any any directory instead of only the \QuoteWerks\Specs directory. [Build: 18]

 82. Added new DTF file related security setting "Allow file to be opened by installations using a different serial #." to the Installation tab of the Tools|Options menu. This can be used in rare cases when two or more branches of a company need to use their own master license keys instead of entering all the master license keys into the one installation, and then creating remote site license keys. [Build: 18]

 83. GoldMine interface dialogs are now easier to use with autopopulating GoldMine user name drop drop lists, and cancel buttons. [Build: 18]

 84. We put back the ability to convert a line item between a product/service item and a comment line item. This functionality is found under the Edit|Item Properties menu. The Item Attribute functionality that used to be found under the Edit|Item Properties menu is now under the Edit|Item Attributes menu. [Build: 18]

 85. SubTotal, Running Subtotal, % Charge, and %discount line items can now be flagged with the "Don't Print" Item attribute using the Edit|Item Attributes menu. Product/Service and comment line items types already had this functionality. [Build: 18]

 86. Added &DH_FOB, &DH_Terms, and &DH_SoldToPONumber macro support to cover and literature pages. [Build: 18]

 87. When sending an email and you use a dialup service and you are not currently connected, QuoteWerks will remember the last dialup connection name and user id that you used so that you do not have to retype it. [Build: 18]

 88. Added misc security rights CannotCreateF2LookupValue, CannotModifyF2LookupValue, CannotDeleteF2LookupValue. [Build: 18]

 89. Added feature to allow users to manually overide the alternate currency calculation for the AlternateUnitCost, AlternateUnitPrice,and AlternateUnitList columns. [Build: 18]

 90. Send email window now offers a "request return receipt" option. [Build: 18]

 91. The report filter designer now allows you to insert expressions instead of just being able to add them. [Build: 18]

 92. GoldMine Users, Added Reference field column display when clicking on [...] button of Sale Info tab. [Build: 18]

 93. GoldMine Users, Added ini setting in {username}.ini [Preferences] section called "LostSaleResultCode=", and "CompletedSaleResultCode=" defaults for use when completing sales or losing sales. [Build: 18]

 94. The DocStatus field can now be changed from the File|Convert to Order and File|Convert to Invoice menus. [Build: 18]

 95. Results on the File|Open window can now be sorted by the DocStatus field. [Build: 18]

 96. We have added additional operator support such as Begins with, contains, etc to the Tools|Find Quoted Item menu that lets you find out what quotes a specific manufacturer part number was used in. [Build: 18]

 97. GoldMine Users, when completing a forecasted sale, or creating a new completed sale, you can now specify the result code. [Build: 18]

 98. The Edit|Apply Quantity menu now allows you to multiply select line items quantities by a number in addition to alowing you to set a specific quantity for selected line items. [Build: 18]

 99. Added a setting to the Internet tab of the Tools|My Preferences menu that lets you set an alternate port for your SMTP server connection. [Build: 18]

 100. Report filter now has a new operator "Does not Contain". [Build: 18]

 101. Added toolbar buttons for the bundles and configurator. [Build: 18]

 102. There is now a new option in the print layout designer under the Report|Options menu called "Always print to windows default printer" [Build: 18]

 103. The print layout designer now supports the ability to hold down the CTRL key and click on multiple objects to allow you to select multiple objects at one time. This new feature is added in addition to the original less intuitive multiple select feature. [Build: 18]

 104. Formula expressions in the print layout designer can now be much longer. [Build: 18]

 105. A new date format option was added to the print layout designer that will pull the short date or long date format from the Windows control panel. [Build: 18]

 106. A new system field was added to the layout designer called SORT_ITEM_COUNT which counts the number of records printed inside the sort header or footer in which it is placed. [Build: 18]

 107. The product import wizard now accepts "Y","N","YES","NO","TRUE", "FALSE" as values for the Taxable flag when importing in addition to the standard 1 and 0. [Build: 18]

 108. For Outlook users, you can now specify the name of the public contacts folder that you want to use instead of the default when using the Outlook shared public contacts. [Build: 18]

 109. For products from the Tech Data, Merisel, or Ingram Micro databases are copied into a native product database, when these products are selected to be added to the quote from the surrogate native product database, the latest cost value will be automaitcally retrieved from the Tech Data, Merisel, or Ingram Micro database. [Build: 18]

 110. The vendor price comparison window now has an [Export to Clipboard] button that lets you export this information to the Windows clipboard so that you can paste it into another application like Microsoft Excel. [Build: 18]

 111. Added new field alignment formatting option of "Justify" in the print layout designer. [Build: 18]

 112. Added new &APP_LoggedInUserName, &APP_LoggedInUserTitle, &APP_LoggedInUserPhone, &APP_LoggedInUserFax, &APP_LoggedInUserEmail macro support for the cover page. [Build: 18]

 113. IMPORTANT: Canadian users there is now a new option on the Regional tab of the Tools|Options menu to set the default of if PST tax is compounded. There is a corresponding checkbox on the Sale Info tab of each quote that now let's you set this value per each quote. After opending existing quotes created before this new change, you must make sure that the appropriate value is set on the Sale Info tab. If most of your existing quotes use compounded PST tax, contact us for information on how to update all the existing quotes at once. [Build: 17]

 114. Added ACT! 2000 Sales Opportunity support! Now when you create quotes, QuoteWerks will optionally schedule a Sales Opporunity for the quote. AND, when you conver the quote to an order/invoice, QuoteWerks will complete the Sales Opportunity in ACT 2000! [Build: 17]

 115. Added ACT! 2000 support to create follow up calls, schedule meetings, and schedule to-do items all related to the QuoteWerks document. [Build: 17]

 116. Added ACT! 2000 support for better quote attachment functionality. Now, the quote name is displayed in the Regarding column (where previously it was only the quote number) on the Notes/History tab in ACT. [Build: 17]

 117. GoldMine 5.5 is now officially supported. [Build: 17]

 118. For ACT! users (All versions), you can now define different ACT! fields to use for the ship to location besides the primary contact information fields. [Build: 17]

 119. For ACT! 2000 users, now when you convert quotes to orders, when you change the quote name, or when you change the quote number, QuoteWerks now updates the existing links in ACT to refer to the new quote name/number. [Build: 17]

 120. For Maximizer users when you send an email using the QuoteWerks email feature, that email is now logged as a note under the Maximizer contacts Notes tab. [Build: 17]

 121. There is now a File|Convert to Lost Sale menu which makes it easier to convert quotes to a lost sale. Additionally, this feature automatically converts forecasted sales created in ACT or GoldMine to lost sales. [Build: 17]

 122. The File|Convert to Order and File|Convert to Invoice now will automatically convert an existing forecasted sale in ACT or GoldMine to a completed sale. There are options under the Contacts|Setup Contact Manager menu to adjust at what point the forecast is completed in the contact management software. [Build: 17]

 123. The File|Export to Document Transport File menu now allows you to export a batch of quotes based on the last modified date. This new feature allows remote sales reps on laptops and at other offices to email a batch of all quotes they have recently done back to the main office. This feature also lets you export all of your Document Templates. [Build: 17]

 124. The File|Import Document Transport File menu now allows you to select multiple files to import at the same time. We have also added a right-click menu with selection options. [Build: 17]

 125. % discount and % charge line items can now be modified after being added to the quote by selecting the line item and choosing the Edit|Item Properties menu. [Build: 17]

 126. Line Items that have their Unit Price being calculated by a formula can now be edited by selecting the line item and selecting the Edit|Item Properties menu. [Build: 17]

 127. We have added a new Edit|Item Attributes menu to distinguish the difference between Item Properties and Item Attributes. [Build: 17]

 128. Added new Edit|Add Formula line menu. This allows you to base a line items unit price as a % of another line item's price ANYWHERE on the quote. [Build: 17]

 129. Added login/password Authentication support for the SMTP server emailing feature. [Build: 17]

 130. Added Misc Access security rights of CannotCreateBundles, CannotModifyBundles, CannotDeleteBundles, CannotCreateConfigurations, CannotModifyConfigurations, CannotDeleteConfigurations. [Build: 17]

 131. Users with Master Rights can now double-click on the Document Type label to manually change the Document type. So, for example, in cases where a quote was converted to an order accidently, now you can easily set the document type back to quote [Build: 17]

 132. File|Duplicate menu. This new feature allows you to open an existing order or quote, and then duplicate it while at the same time changing the document type back to a quote if you like. It is also a little easier duplicate an existing quote instead of choosing the File|Save As menu. [Build: 17]

 133. Added a new option under the Documents tab of the Tools|Options menu. You can now specify if all new documents should start out as a QUOTE, ORDER, or INVOICE. [Build: 17]

 134. Under the File|New menu which displays the new Template window, we have now added a feature so that you can choose to create a new QUOTE, ORDER, or INVOICE. Previously, you could only choose to create a new QUOTE. [Build: 17]

 135. Optional Items, Substitute Items feature improvement. When right-clicking over a product in the product lookup window, when you select the Display Optional Items, or Display Substitute Items, you can now add those items to the quote from that window. [Build: 17]

 136. When selecting from the list of optional items to add to the quote, you can now select multiple items, and then click on the [Add] button to add them all to the quote at the same time. You can also specify if you want the items flagged with the "Optional" item attribute. [Build: 17]

 137. Required Items can now be pulled from different product databases. Previously, required items could only be located in the same database as their "master" item. [Build: 17]

 138. Added INI switch to set the default DocStatus for new ORDERS and INVOICES to something other than the hard coded "Open" .In the Site.ini file, under the [System] section, set the NewOrderDocStatus=Ordered or NewInvoiceDocStatus=NotBilled for example. [Build: 17]

 139. The Picture tab of the Edit Product window now supports GIF and JPG files. The picture frame has also been increased to match the size of the tab. [Build: 17]

 140. The F2 Lookup window now has tooltip support that shows the entire value if it is not completely visible. [Build: 17]

 141. The User Passwords in the user maintenance setup window are now masked with the * symbol. [Build: 17]

 142. The Misc tab of the Tools|My Preferences menu now contains an option to set the background color of the DocumentItems tab grid. [Build: 17]

 143. Added DocumentHeaderMacros->AlternateTotalCost and DocumentHeaderMacros->AlternateTotalList fields to the print layout designer. [Build: 17]

 144. Added DocumentHeaderMacros->AlternateCurrencyIdentifier field to the print layout designer. [Build: 17]

 145. Now the discount price modifier supports values from -100 to + 100, so effectively a D-34 adds 34% to the list price in order to arrive at the unit price. [Build: 17]

 146. Every 30 days, QuoteWerks will now remind the user with Master Rights (when that user logs in) that it is recommended to compact and backup the docs.mdb quotes database. [Build: 17]

 147. Added UnitWeight column support for Ingram Micro and Merisel databases. Tech Data's database does not have a weight field, so support for this was not added. [Build: 17]

 148. The Column widths on the File|Print window are now saved so that the next time you use the File|Print window, your column settings will be remembered. [Build: 17]

 149. For GoldMine users, added support for a default activity code used when scheduling a follow up call. The INI key is CallBackActivityCode= and is located under the [Preferences] section of the {UserName}.ini file. [Build: 17]

 150. For GoldMine and ACT users, added support for CallBack default time. In the {username}.ini file under the [Preferences] section, you can enter the INI key CallBackTime={+75} to default the call back time to 75 minutes from the current time. You can also just enter a specific time to always default your call back time to a specific time. [Build: 17]

 151. The Add Item Assistant now is available when entering products from the Products Bar. [Build: 17]

 152. Added new DocumentHeaderMacros->SalesRepTitle and Application->LoggedInUserTitle fields support in the layout designer. The sales rep title can now be specified on the Tools|My Preferences menu. [Build: 17]

 153. IMPORTANT. When converting a document to an order or an invoice, the options to preserve the existing document have been removed from the File|Convert to ... menu. They are now a global setup option located under the Installation tab of the Tools|Options menu. After installing this update, make sure that you set the appropriate action on the Installation tab. [Build: 16]

 154. Help file containing How Do I topics and other getting started topics is now available under the Help|Contents and Index menu, and Help|How Do I? menu. [Build: 16]

 155. When printing from the Preview window, you can now select a printer other than the default printer embedded in the print layout/ report. [Build: 16]

 156. Added an Edit|Paste Special menu that can accept data from the windows clipboard and use it to retrieve products and services from a QuoteWerks product database and add it to the quote. Very useful for integrating with external configuration software such as Hewlett Packard configuration software. [Build: 16]

 157. Added a 'Secure' checkbox to the File|Export to Document Transport File menu. This allows users to uncheck the box when sending a dtf file to another company that uses QuoteWerks so that they are able to import the quote. In the past, dtf files could only be shared within a company using QuoteWerks. [Build: 16]

 158. Added new Access security rights CannotCreateProductFolders, CannotModifyProductFolders, CannotDeleteProductFolders, CannotCreateManagementReports, CannotDeleteManagementReports, CannotCreateManagementReportLayouts, CannotModifyManagementReportLayouts, CannotDeleteManagementReportLayouts [Build: 16]

 159. License Keys can now be registered through the internet using your web browser. This new option is now on the Obtaining the Registration Code tab of the Register License window. [Build: 16]

 160. The product database list in the product lookup window can now be widened, and the entire window can be resized. [Build: 16]

 161. There is now a new menu Edit|Add Comment. [Build: 16]

 162. The Help|QuoteWerks On the Web|Product News menu will display what new features we are working on at any given time. [Build: 16]

 163. Added more macros for use in Report Filters which are &SYS_FirstDayOfCurrentMonthForSQL, &SYS_FirstDayOfNextMonthForSQL, &SYS_FirstDayOfLastMonthForSQL. These will eliminate the need for users to have to always change the filter of a report each month to set the new dates. [Build: 16]

 164. Added a search facility on the Products|Bundles window and the Products|Configurator window. [Build: 16]

 165. When the user emails a sales order, they will be asked to confirm before emailing cost information. [Build: 16]

 166. If a document is locked, it can no longer be deleted by users that have delete rights to the document. Only administrators can delete such documents, and users with the right to unlock documents. [Build: 16]

 167. Added new commission structure so that the sales rep gets a percent of the profit amount based on the profit margin percent. [Build: 16]

 168. You can now delete multiple quotes from the File|Open window. This is usefull for searching for old quotes, and then deleting them. [Build: 16]

 169. Advanced users can edit the [System] section of the site.ini to change the default text used for the subtotal, running subtotal, discount %, and charge % line items using the ini keys SubTotalItemText, RunningSubTotalItemText, DiscountItemText, and ChargeItemText respectively. This is useful for internation customers whose language is not english, and for english users that want to use different text phrases for the indicated line item types. [Build: 16]

 170. Added GoldMine CallBack default option, In the {username}.ini file under the [Preferences] section, you can enter the following key to modify the default callback date on the Schedule Call back window; CallBackDate={+14} For a callback 14 days from now. [Build: 16]

 171. Added GoldMine Forecasted sale default options, In the {username}.ini file under the [Preferences] section, you can enter the following keys to modify the default close date and default alarm date on the Schedule Forecasted sale window; ForecastCloseDate={+14} ; ForecastAlarmDate={+8} which schedule the dates for todays date +14 or +8 respectively. [Build: 16]

 172. Added a Number of Columns to Scroll Lock option under the View|Customize columns menu. This determines how many columns stay still while the rest of the columns to the right are scrolled when using the scroll bar. [Build: 16]

 173. Added DocumentHeaderMacros->SalesRepPhone, DocumentHeaderMacros->SalesRepFax, and DocumentHeaderMacros->SalesRepEmail fields to the print layout designer. These fields are useful for including this information based on the sales rep specified in the quote versus the logged in user. [Build: 16]

 174. When the option to include spec sheets when printing is chosen, if more than one product refers to the same spec sheet, the spec sheet will only be printed once now. [Build: 16]

 175. Added support for more macros on the cover pages and literature pages, &DH_ShipToCompany, &DH_ShipToContact, &DH_ShipToAddress1, &DH_ShipToAddress2,&DH_ShipToAddress3, &DH_ShipToCountry, &DH_SoldToEmail, &DH_SoldToTitle [Build: 16]

 176. Added new DD/MM/YYYY date format option to the layout designer. [Build: 16]

 177. The RTF attachments now obey their OWN top,left, bottom, right margin settings when used as cover pages or literature pages in the printed output. This is important to know because once this update is installed, it most likely will change the margin formatting output of these attachments. [Build: 15]

 178. Quote attachments can now be sent as Adobe Acrobat PDF file attachments. You now have the option under the Internet tab of the Tools|My Preferences menu to send the quote attachments as either RTF or PDF. [Build: 15]

 179. GoldMine Users - Email sent from QuoteWerks to the Sold To contact are now logged under the GoldMine 4.0 or 5.0/FrontOffice history tab as if the email had been sent from GoldMine itself! [Build: 15]

 180. GoldMine Users - There is now an advanced INI file option to use the profit amount or sale amount when scheduling the forecasted sale in GoldMine. In the SITE.INI file under the [Contact Managers] section set the key ForecastProfitAmount=-1 to forecast the profit amount instead of the sale amount. [Build: 15]

 181. ACT! Users - Emails sent from QuoteWerks to the Sold To contact are now logged under the ACT! contact's Notes/History tab. [Build: 15]

 182. Outlook Users - You can now use and search for contacts in Outlook Shared Public Contact folders. You can choose this option under the Contacts|Setup Contact Manager menu. [Build: 15]

 183. Outlook Users - The "lightning" button on the Sold to Ship to tab will now retrieve the currently active Outlook contact record (for Outlook users) [Build: 15]

 184. QuoteWerks product pricing can now be based on a foreign currency. Look on the Edit product screen to see the new feature. Also, there is a new Utilities|Update Local Currency Pricing menu that updates selected product databases local prices based on the conversion rate and the foreign price specified for the product. [Build: 15]

 185. When printing, you can now specify the printer tray and paper size to be used. [Build: 15]

 186. The price refreshing and best price features now update the cost, price and list price fields no matter what pricing method is being used. Also, the best price feature now more specifically looks for the best price depending upon which pricing method you are using. So if you discount from list, it looks for the best list price. If you markup from cost, it looks for the best cost. [Build: 15]

 187. The price refreshing and best price features now support the volume pricing method. [Build: 15]

 188. Added new Edit|Select Special... menu that allows you to select all line items that have a certain value, like all the line items in the quote with a specified vendor. [Build: 15]

 189. Added an [OK for All] button to the adjust price dialog which is useful when refreshing prices. [Build: 15]

 190. The Edit product window now displays the creation and last modified date and time for the product. [Build: 15]

 191. Saving products in the product database is now 15 times faster! [Build: 15]

 192. Added support for &DH_DocName macro on cover and literature pages. [Build: 15]

 193. The DDE Center utility under the Contacts|DDE Center menu now supports Maximizer and ACT in addition to GoldMine. [Build: 15]

 194. Added new property called "Keep Together" for the detail section in the print layouts. This feature will cause the entire detail section to start on the next page if the entire detail section cannot completely print on the current page. [Build: 15]

 195. The FaxRush link shedules faxes to the FaxRush server using the name 'FAXRUSH'. Through an INI file entry, you can now change this default 'FAXRUSH' FaxRush server name to something else. This is set (for example) in the DefaultServerName=FAXRUSH2 key in the SITE.INI file under the [FaxRush] section [Build: 15]

 196. Added new File|Copy to Clipboard menu to the print preview window. This allows you to copy selected pages of the preview to the Windows clipboard. The pages are copied as RTF data that can be pasted into Microsoft Word for example. [Build: 15]

 197. An Extended list price display was added to the Totals bar on the Document Items tab. [Build: 15]

 198. Added DocDueDate field to the File|Open search window. [Build: 15]

 199. Added support for a message log. You can now see the last 100 messages that QuoteWerks displayed on the status bar by dbl-clicking on the Status bar located at the bottom of the main QuoteWerks window. This is useful for looking up messages that appeared and disappeared too quickly for you to read. [Build: 15]

 200. When QuoteWerks starts, it now checks to see if your preferred contact manager is running, and alerts you if it is not. [Build: 15]

 201. Add GoldMine forecasting default options, In the {username}.ini file under the [Preferences] section, you can enter the following keys to modify the defaults on the forecasted sale window; ForecastProbability=80 ;ForecastActivityCode=ABC [Build: 15]

 202. Attachments can now be deleted from the Send Email window by selecting an attachment and pressing the Delete key on the keyboard. [Build: 15]

 203. Added INI switch to set the default DocStatus for new quotes to something other than the hard coded "Open" .In the Site.ini file, under the [System] section, set the NewQuoteDocStatus=Quoted for example. [Build: 15]

 204. Added automatic support for the use of the decimal character "." as a date separator. [Build: 15]

 205. New option under Misc tab of Tools|My Preferences option to choose whether or not to auto expand all the folders in the product database. [Build: 15]

 206. On Customer Price Level pricing setup window, now the customer price profiles assocaitged with each price level are displayed. [Build: 15]

 207. Added new F2 Lookup macro for advanced users ~RunAppAndReturnClipboard(c:\windows,c:\YourCustomApp.exe,1). This new function/macro will run the application, and then paste the contents of the windows clipboard into the field that the f2 lookup was launched from when the application that was launched has terminated. [Build: 15]

 208. Added new F2 Lookup macro for advanced users ~RequestDDEValue(TargetAppName$, TargetAppTopic$, DDECommand$). This new function/macro will open a DDE communication channel with the application, send the dde command string to it, and then paste the results into the field that the f2 lookup was launched from. Example: ~RequestDDEValue(GoldMine, Data, &Company) [Build: 15]

 209. Added new status bar indicator that displays the number of line items currenctly selected. [Build: 15]

 210. Existing GoldMine linked document records, are now searched for using on the document number and not the file location of the linked document. This will help in some situations where QuoteWerks was not setup correctly by not having the same file path used to refer to the QuoteWerks installation. [Build: 15]

 211. When changing the line item price modifier in the quote sheet, if you change the price modifier of an item that is using certain pricing methods, you will now receieve a message stating that you are overiding the automatic price modifier specified for this line item. [Build: 15]

 212. Added INI switch in {username}.ini called ConfiguratorPromptForQuantity under the [Preferences] section. Setting this to -1 will make the configurator prompt you for a quantity for each item selected in the configurator. [Build: 15]

 213. If product database that is linked to or created exists in the application directory, the full path to the product database is no longer stored in with the name of the product database file. This makes copying settings between different installations easier. [Build: 15]

 214. The vendor name specified for the product database is now saved in the product database itself. With this new feature, when you [Link to existing] product database, you will not have to reenter the vendor name associated with this product database. [Build: 15]

 215. Highlighting the existing data, and then typing "--10.5%" in the unit cost or unit price column of the quote worksheet will subtract 10.5 % from the value currently listed. To add a percentage to the current value use "++10.5%". [Build: 15]

 216. The contents of the the fields on the product lookup window are now automatically highlighted when the field receives focus. [Build: 15]

 217. Added INI switch to allow advanced users to change the font displayed on the DocumentItems tab. Edit the {username}.ini file under the [Preferences] section, set the key QuoteSheetFontName=Arial as an example. [Build: 15]

 218. Added INI switch to allow advanced users to change the size of the font displayed on the DocumentItems tab. Edit the {username}.ini file under the [Preferences] section, set the key QuoteSheetFontSize=14 as an example. [Build: 15]

 219. The buttons on the button bar that correspond to menu items are now hidden if their menu counterpart is hidden using the security features. [Build: 15]

 220. In menu customization file (menuopts.add), you can now enter just the name of a document without specifying which application is needed to open it.So, for example, you can type Product Specs=c:\data\intelmatrix.pdf, or QuoteWerks Product Info=www.quotewerks.com/prodinfo.htm [Build: 15]

 221. The primary license key entered into a QuoteWerks installation can now be removed. This makes it easier to remove and add remote pc and remote site license keys from existing installations in instances where you want to increase the number of licenses at a remote site install, or when a remote PC installation of QuoteWerks is now owned by a different user. [Build: 23]

 222. There is now a popup menu Copy All to Clipboard for the License Key list in the License Manager window. This is useful for exporting the license key information out so that you can maintain a list of your license keys for your files. [Build: 23]

 223. The File|Export to Document Transport File wizard now has an option to export all documents owned by a specific salesrep. [Build: 23]

 224. IMPORTANT: To accomodate the new multiple line item cut/copy/paste features, the Build 24 update has changed the QuoteWerks API and will require existing applications using the API to be recompiled. [Build: 24]

 225. You can now cut, copy , paste, and move multiple line items at the same time. Particularly useful for moving grouped bundles and grouped configurations. This is a huge time saver. [Build: 24]

 226. You can now select multiple products from the Product Lookup window to add to the quote all at once. [Build: 24]

 227. When setting up bundles, configurations, required items, optional items, substitute items, etc, you can now select multiple products to add at the same time. [Build: 24]

 228. When associating products with folders, you can now select multiple products to associate with a folder all at once. [Build: 24]

 229. The Compare Prices between Vendors worksheet is more powerful now. If you select items on an existing document for comparison, and then change the preferred vendor and pricing on the comparison worksheet, you can now click on an icon to update the document with those changes. It makes it really easy to switch on-the-fly the vendor that you will be buying the product from. [Build: 24]

 230. When copying and paste appending products in the product database, the advanced pricing information such as volume pricing, and customer based price levels is now also copied. [Build: 24]

 231. Added Clone menu option to the product lookup popup menu that can be used to clone a product and copy ALL the data about the product into the cloned copy. [Build: 24]

 232. The Add Item Assistant window now automatically lists all optional items for the selected item, and allows you to easily select the options for inclusion in the quote. [Build: 24]

 233. The File|Open window has been redesigned to be more intuitive and useful. [Build: 24]

 234. On the File|Open window, you can now do a search, open a quote from the list of results, and then go back to the File | Open window, and select a different quote from the same list of results to open without having to re-do your search query. [Build: 24]

 235. The File|Open window grid now remembers your column customizations for each user. [Build: 24]

 236. The File|Open window grid can now be sorted by project #. [Build: 24]

 237. Shortcut keys assigned to cut/copy/paste of CTRL-X, CTRL-C, CTRL-V now will be applied to the line items making the manipulation of line items something that can also be completely done with keyboard strokes. [Build: 24]

 238. Shortcut keys of CTRL-E now assigned to Edit|Insert Paste menu. Shortcut keys of CTRL-A now assigned to Edit|Select All menu. Shortcut keys of CTRL-N now assigned to File|New menu. [Build: 24]

 239. When selecting a product from the product database, and the Add Item Assistant is enabled, and you choose to insert the selected product at the currently selected line item in the quote, if that item has any required items, these required items will now be positioned immediately underneath the item instead of defaulting to the end of the document. [Build: 24]

 240. When selecting the File|Save As menu from the preview window, when previewing a document (versus a management report), the default file name will be set to the Document Number. [Build: 24]

 241. DocumentHeaders->ShipToCMAccountNo field is now available in layout designer. [Build: 24]

 242. When copying a line item, and then adding a new blank line, the contents of the clipboard is no longer cleared. [Build: 24]

 243. The file list on the File|Import menu is now sorted. [Build: 24]

 244. For ease of use, there is now a close and select button on the bottom of the product lookup window. [Build: 24]

 245. On the Destination tab of the import wizard, there is now an add all and remove all button for the fields to update list. [Build: 24]

 246. The send email window now supports Blind Carbon Copies (Bcc). [Build: 24]

 247. Added &DH_DocDueDate, &DH_&FirstName, &DH_&LastName macros for the cover page and literature pages. [Build: 24]

 248. Added &SYS_YesterdaysDateForSQL, &SYS_30DaysAgoForSQL, &SYS_60DaysAgoForSQL, &SYS_90DaysAgoForSQL macros for the report filters. [Build: 24]

 249. Added the Item Type column to the Product Lookup window grid. [Build: 24]

 250. The main QuoteWerks window will now remember it's last size and position each time it is started. [Build: 24]

 251. When adding a new filter item field in the report designer, if the field is a date field, QuoteWerks will verify that it is a valid date, and will display a button so that you can choose a date from a calendar. [Build: 24]

 252. If the File|Delete menu was hidden through the security settings, the Delete button on the File|Open window will now be disabled. [Build: 24]

 253. The Help|QuoteWerks on the Web|Check for Updates menu now launches our new QuoteWerks Update Center page on our website. It also passes your current version and build number so that the web page can display what updates you do not have instead of showing you all the updates that exist. [Build: 24]

 254. Added Unit of Measure and Unit of pricing columns to the product lookup window. [Build: 24]

 255. Added new Edit|Convert to Group menu which allows you to create Grouped bundles "on-the-fly" instead of always having to pre-define them. Grouped bundles "roll-up" individual item prices into a master item single-line. [Build: 24]

 256. The Edit|Item Properties menu now displays a property window for group header type of line items. [Build: 24]

 257. Added a [Remove Link] button to the External distributor database tabs under the Products|Setup Product Databases menu. This will allow you to disconnect from a previously setup distributor offline price guide database. [Build: 24]

 258. You can now sort your list of product databases by clicking on the Name column header on the QuoteWerks tab of the Products|Setup Product Databases menu. [Build: 24]

 259. Native vendor product databases versus external product databases can now have the names Ingram Micro, Merisel, or Tech Data, but only if the PC industry edition link to those databases is not enabled. [Build: 24]

 260. The File|Open window now remembers the last search type you used and defaults to it. [Build: 24]

 261. On the Edit Pricing Levels window (displayed when setting prices on the edit product window), there is now a button to setup the Price Level associations. This feature is still available also under the original location of the Utilities|Price Level Maintenance menu. [Build: 24]

 262. The Document Items tab was always displayed by default when you created a new quote, or opended an existing quote. Now, under the Misc tab of the Tools|My Preferences menu there is a new option to specify which tab you would like to be displayed by default. [Build: 24]

 263. Now the company name or contact name (if there is no company name) that the quote is for is displayed in the title bar in addition to the quote name, and quote number. [Build: 24]

 264. The File|Open window now has an Outlook style vertical bar for selecting search types. [Build: 24]

 265. When in demo mode, if the demo version is more than 4 months old, QuoteWerks will notify user and launch the QuoteWerks Update Center on the QuoteWerks website. [Build: 24]

 266. The Real-time pricing request status bar now has a Cancel button. [Build: 24]

 267. On the product lookup window, when selecting the Manufacturer field as the sort by field, now, the sort will be a two level sort, first by Manufacturer, and then by ManufacturerPartNumber. [Build: 24]

 268. The Points price modifier now supports negative below cost points such as -20 points expressed as P-20. The points range supported is now -99 to +99. [Build: 24]

 269. For TeleMagic users, you can now map the QuoteWerks contact information fields to any fields in the TeleMagic contact1 and contact2 databases. There is now a [Map TeleMagic Fields] button on the TeleMagic frame of the Contacts|Setup Contact Manager menu. [Build: 24]

 270. Added new misc access right of CannotManuallyModifyUnitPriceInDocument. This will prevent the user from modifying the price column amount. However, the user can still change the price modifier if visible on the document items tab or the add item assistant, or the adjust price dialog. [Build: 24]

 271. Added new misc access rights of CannotSeeSelTotalsExtCost, CannotSeeSelTotalsProfitAmount, CannotSeeSelTotalsProfitPercent, CannotSeeSelTotalsCommissionAmount [Build: 24]

 272. Management report filter items now support the dialog fields. Instead of hard-coding a value like a date range in the filter, you can now setup the filter item so that when the report is run, QuoteWerks will prompt you and ask you to enter a date to use in the filter. You can also setup the dialog to enable you to choose from a list of options, and you can also choose to use one of the QuoteWerks macro fields from a list. BIG time saver! [Build: 24]

 273. For TeleMagic users, added more field mappings for phoneext, faxext, and country. Also not all fields need to be mapped now. [Build: 24]

 274. The F2 Lookup window when launched from the Send Email window for the TO, CC, and BCC fields, it will allow you to multiple select entries, and it will separate the values with commas. [Build: 24]

 275. On price comparison worksheet, there is now a right click menu option for Add Item to Document. This is useful when you launch the comparison worksheet from the quote, and want to change the vendor for an item, and then add a new line item to the quote using this selected vendor. [Build: 24]

 276. Medic Utility. New Contact Manager|GoldMine menu to create task bar items in GoldMine 5.7 that will launch QuoteWerks, start with as new quote, order invoice, retrieve current contact information, etc. This is aimed at making it easier to configure the GoldMine taskbar to automate actions in QuoteWerks using the QuoteWerks command line options. [Build: 24]

 277. Medic Utility. Added new Data Manager feature under the Utilities|Data Manager menu. This feature enables you to perform batch changes for certain fields to all the records in a selected product database. [Build: 24]

 278. When selecting the Tools|Refresh with Best Price menu for an item that is from a vendor that supports real-time pricing (currently only Tech Data), then on the Refresh window, there is an option to also display the availability. [Build: 24]

 279. When selecting one or more Tech Data part number(s) from the product lookup results, and selecting the Real-time Pricing and Availability menu option, you can now choose to update the offline database with the real-time pricing just obtained. [Build: 24]

 280. Added support for ACT! 6.0 beta. [Build: 24]

 281. You can now use a bundle defined as a group bundle inside a grouped configuration. Doing so however will cause the grouped bundle to be used as a simple bundle inside the grouped configuration. [Build: 24]

 282. Real-time Web Pricing and Availability is now available for Tech Data as an optional add-on module! [Build: 24]

 283. When creating a new native product database, the interface for entering the new vendor name and product database file name is much more forgiving and easier to use. [Build: 24]

 284. Medic Utility. New Contact Manager|ACT! menu to create toolbar buttons in ACT! 2000, 5.0, and 6.0 that launch QuoteWerks, start with as new quote, order, or invoice. This is aimed at making it easier to configure the ACT! toolbar to automate actions in QuoteWerks using the QuoteWerks command line options. [Build: 24]

 285. On the File|Import Document window, there is now a find option making it easier to find a file in a long list of files. [Build: 24]

 286. When inserting a document that contains a group into a group in the existing quote, you now have the option to insert this information if you allow the group attributes to be removed. [Build: 25]

 287. When using the configurator, and selecting a grouped bundle and the configuration is grouped, when you get the message asking if you want to use the grouped bundle as a simple bundle, QuoteWerks will now apply that choice to any other grouped bundles encountered in the configuration. In these instances, the configurator window will now close after the configured items have been added to the quote. [Build: 25]

 288. New interactive QuickBooks link using the new QuickBooks XML API is now available! This new link has many improvements over the old import/export iif type QuickBooks link. It is faster and easier to use. No more exporting files, then switching to QuickBooks to import the files. No more trying to figure out why a file would not import. QuoteWerks now creates the estimates, and invoices directly in QuickBooks, and automatically assigns the invoices the next available invoice number. No more guessing on names of accounts, any time you are asked to make a selection, the link will offer you choices. You can now perform exports of batches of quotes/orders/invoices all at once, so with a simple click multiple invoices can be exported all at the same time! The new link works with the USA versions of QuickBooks Pro/Premier/Enterprise 2002 and 2003. [Build: 26]

See a screenshot/video of this feature

 289. Support for GoldMine 6.0 [Build: 26]

 290. Added support for CRM/Service software KnowTia. See www.knowtia.com for details. [Build: 26]

 291. Updated version of QuoteWerks API now supports events that can be called in external applications like add-ons to notify the application of important events in QuoteWerks such as when a quote is saved, opened, created, converted, etc. The following events have been added: BeforeSaveDocument, AfterSaveDocument, BeforePrintDocument, AfterOpenDocument, BeforeConvertDocument, AfterConvertDocument, AfterNewDocument, BeforeRenameDocument, AfterRenameDocument, BeforeDeleteDocument, AfterDeleteDocument, AfterAppExit, BeforeContactSelection, AfterContactSelection. [Build: 26]

 292. QuoteWerks can now automatically start/run addon applications that use the QuoteWerks API when QuoteWerks is started. In the site.ini file, there is support for a new section called [Addons], and the key Autorun1={AddonAppName.exe} will run that application. AutoRun1 through AutoRun10 are supported. [Build: 26]

 293. Added Misc Access right CannotViewOthersDocuments. When this is set, a salesrep can only view his/her own documents from the File|Open menu no matter which search option is selected. Along the same lines when viewing the customer and/or product price history, only the documents owned by the sales rep will be included in the results. [Build: 26]

 294. For GoldMine users, when creating a forecasted sale, the list of opportunities to associate the forecasted sale with will now include also any opportunities that the customer is linked to as an influencer. [Build: 26]

 295. The File|Export to DTF file wizard has a new option "Export documents modified since last export" option. This takes away the guess work of remembering what date and time you last did an export when exporting quotes to send back to the main office, or out to remotes. [Build: 26]

 296. For GoldMine SQL users with large databases, the performance of creating linked document records has been dramatically improved. Performance is also improved for GoldMine Dbase users. The performance of related activities such as converting a quote to an order or invoice, and renaming a document is also improved since these activities often involve manipulation of the linked document records. [Build: 26]

 297. For GoldMine SQL users with large databases, the performance of scheduling Callbacks has been dramatically improved. Performance is also improved for GoldMine Dbase users. The performance of related activities such as converting a quote to an order or invoice, and renaming a document is also improved since these activities often involve manipulation of the callback records. [Build: 26]

 298. For GoldMine SQL users with large databases, the performance of writing forecasted sales/opportunities has been dramatically improved. Performance is also improved for GoldMine Dbase users. The performance of related activities such as converting a quote to an order or invoice, and renaming a document is also improved since these activities often involve manipulation of the forecasted sale records. [Build: 26]

 299. For GoldMine SQL users with large databases, the performance of writing profile/detail records has been dramatically improved. Performance is also improved for GoldMine Dbase users. The performance of related activities such as converting a quote to an order or invoice, and renaming a document is also improved since these activities often involve manipulation of the profile/detail records. [Build: 26]

 300. The grid columns in the configurator when resized, now retain those resized settings. [Build: 26]

 301. On the File Open window, the DocStatus text box is now a drop-down list box that automatically populates with different values based on which DocType is selected. [Build: 26]

 302. On the File Open window, there is now a [Reset] button used to clear previous search values that you just entered. [Build: 26]

 303. On the Product Lookup window, there is now a [Reset] button used to clear previous search values that you just entered. The previous way to clear these values was to press the esc key. Pressing the esc key now closes the window. [Build: 26]

 304. Added spell check, cut, copy, and paste icons to the Send Email window. [Build: 26]

 305. Added new Tools|Spelling menu with a shortcut key of F7. QuoteWerks 3.0 has always had spell checking features activated by pressing F7, but now there is a menu for it too. [Build: 26]

 306. Added FaxExt field for a fax extension field for the QuoteWerks contact database. Also added an AccountNumber field to be used to store an account number assigned to this customer in the QuoteWerks contact database. [Build: 26]

 307. QuoteWerks contact database fields can now be used with the DataLink feature to control what field in the quote the AccountNumber field in the QuoteWerks contact record is copied into. The Notes field can also be coped into a field in the quote. [Build: 26]

 308. The print layouts now support multiple detail sections that print based on a filter criteria that you specify, so based on information in the line item, the line can print in completely different formats. [Build: 26]

 309. Added new command line option to open a quote using its document number (/o:AAAQ1001) [Build: 26]

 310. Added new DocumentItems macro logical fields DocumentItems->&LineAttributeExclude, DocumentItems->&LineAttributeHidePrice, DocumentItems->&LineAttributeDontPrint, DocumentItems->&LineAttributeGroupMember, DocumentItems->&LineAttributeOption, DocumentItems->&LineAttributeAltIsOverided, and DocumentItems->&LineAttributePrintPicture. These fields can be used now to determine when printing if a line item has these individual attributes. Now that this can be determined, you can create formula fields that print or do not print information based on the attributes. [Build: 26]

 311. When selecting the Insert|Data Field menu in the layout designer, the default table would always be DocumentHeaders. Now, it defaults to the table that you last selected a field from. [Build: 26]

 312. The login window now always stays on top of all other windows so that it never gets "lost" behind other windows. [Build: 26]

 313. When creating a new GoldMine opportunity using QuoteWerks, you can now specify the starting date of the opportunity instead of it defaulting to the close by date. [Build: 26]

 314. Added new cover page macros &DI_&Line1ManufacturerPartNo, &DI_&Line1VendorPartNo, and &DI_&Line1Description. These can be used to display the respective information on a cover page or literature document for the first line item in the quote. [Build: 26]

 315. Added new print layout DocumentItems macro fields DocumentItems->&Line1ManufacturerPartNo, DocumentItems->&Line1VendorPartNo, and DocumentItems->&Line1Description. These can be used to display the respective information in any position in the print layout such as a footer section for the first line item in the quote. [Build: 26]

 316. The medic utility can now repair and compact the security.mdb database that previously could not be repaired and compacted by the user because it is a password protected database. [Build: 26]

 317. When importing multiple xml files from the File|Import menu, instead of being prompted with a message box saying import complete for each file imported, you will now see only one window displaying the status of each file imported. [Build: 26]

 318. The advice window used in many areas of QuoteWerks that says "On the next window, select.." before allowing you to select an item now has a "Don't display this window again" option. [Build: 26]

 319. When searching for a GoldMine contact from within QuoteWerks, if you choose to display secondary contacts, your selection will be remembered for your next search. [Build: 26]

 320. Pressing the escape key while on any window with a close or cancel button will now close the window. [Build: 26]

 321. The ini key used to determine whether or not to assign the currently logged in GoldMine user as the linked document owner has been added to the GoldMine integration setup window, so you no longer have to directly edit the ini file. [Build: 28]

 322. New integration with WinFax faxing software! There is now a WinFax button on the File|Print window. When you click it, the document will be printed using the installed WinFax printer driver (if you have WinFax installed), and the fax number from the Sold to information will be used. You will have the opportunity to change this fax number however. You can enable this new feature under the Tools|My Preferences menu. Using this WinFax feature, when the fax is sent, it can automatically include any pdf formatted spec sheets and/or literature pages that are associated with the quote. [Build: 28]

See a screenshot/video of this feature

 323. You can now double-click on a literature document listed on the literature tab of the File|Print window to open it. [Build: 28]

See a screenshot/video of this feature

 324. IMPORTANT - For GoldMine users. Added more options for controlling what information is saved into the notes field of a forecasted sale or completed sale that is created by QuoteWerks. After installing update, select the Contacts|Setup Contact Manager and choose the new [Setup forecasted sale and completed sale notes] button to confirm that the settings are correct for your needs. The update does attempt to convert your previous settings as best as it can to the new settings. You can now specify if the notes field of a forecasted sale or completed sale should be a) always overwritten by QuoteWerks, b) overwritten only if the notes are empty, or c) never overwritten by QuoteWerks. Another change is that when converting to an order or lost sale, the notes field in the GoldMine record can now be preserved based on the new options that you can set. [Build: 28]

 325. For GoldMine users. The "Copy profit amount or sale amount into forecast notes" option has now been expanded. Instead of the hard coded information being sent to the notes tab, you can customize what data is written to the notes field using the new SaleNotesMacroText feature. You can enter whatever text you would like, and can use the QuoteWerks macros such as &DH_ProfitAmount anywhere in the text [Build: 28]

 326. For Canadian customers - the QuickBooks link now works with the CANADIAN version of QuickBooks 2003! [Build: 28]

See a screenshot/video of this feature

 327. QuickBooks 2002/2003 can now be used as a source of customer/contact information just like the integration to the contact management software. [Build: 28]

See a screenshot/video of this feature

 328. When the Canadian taxes option is enabled, on the Documents tab of the Tools|Options menu, the field for entering the pst tax rate will now specifically be labeled "PST Tax Rate". It used to be labeled "Local/PST Tax Rate". If this option is not enabled, the label will say "Sales Tax Rate" [Build: 28]

 329. When the Canadian Taxes option is enabled, there is a totals display for the gst tax amount in addition to the pst tax amount on the totals bar. [Build: 28]

 330. For Canadian customers, there are now more sales tax features. Instead of a simple taxable or non-taxable status of each line item, you can now specify per each line item if GST and PST should be applied to the line item, or only PST or only GST. There is also a new tax code column on the Document Items tab that displays the tax code for each line item. This tax code can also be changed from this column by selecting from a drop down list. [Build: 28]

See a screenshot/video of this feature

 331. For USA and other customers, there is now a tax code column on the Document Items tab that displays the tax code for each line item. This tax code can also be changed from this column by selecting from a drop down list. This makes it much easier to see what the tax status of each line item is, and it is also easier to change this status. [Build: 28]

 332. Automatic hyperlink activation! When quotes are emailed as pdf file attachments, all hyperlink formatted text is automatically converted into an active hyperlink that when clicked on in Adobe Acrobat, will launch the website. [Build: 28]

See a screenshot/video of this feature

 333. QuoteWerks can now send emails throught Outlook! You now have a choice to send emails from within QuoteWerks using the QuoteWerks built-in SMTP based email client, or Microsoft Outlook 97, 98, 2000, XP. When email is sent using Outlook, for GoldMine users, it is logged in GoldMine history as if the Outlook email was sent from within GoldMine. Same applies to ACT! and Maximizer users. An additional obvious benefit of this new integration with Outlook, is that the emails that you send through QuoteWerks will now be logged for historical reference purposes. [Build: 28]

See a screenshot/video of this feature

 334. Default Email signature text can now be setup, and can use macros. This new window can also be resized. Also the last time you sized the window will be remember, so the next time you open that window, it will be the same size as when you left it. [Build: 28]

See a screenshot/video of this feature

 335. There is now an option to export the results of a management report to a comma-delimited text file. There is a new [Export] button on the Management Reports window. [Build: 28]

 336. For print layouts and reports, there is now a system field for a total number of pages like "Page x of y". [Build: 28]

 337. When QuoteWerks creates a part in QuickBooks, you now have the option to specify if the item is purchased AND sold for Non-inventory Part and Service type parts. [Build: 28]

 338. There are new default options for the creation of new parts in QuickBooks. You can now specify the default sales account for each different item type (Service, Inventory, and Non-inventory), and you can specify if by default service and/or non-inventory items are purchased and sold, and if so, you can specify the default expense account for these purchases. [Build: 28]

 339. When exporting estimates and invoices to QuickBooks, you now have the option to use the QuoteWerks document number as the reference number for the QuickBooks estimate/invoice, in addition to the option to use the QuickBooks Auto-numbering feature. [Build: 28]

 340. There is now a toolbar button for the QuickBooks link. [Build: 28]

 341. If you do not charge sales tax in QuickBooks, there is now an option in the QuoteWerks QuickBooks link to not send sales tax information over to QuickBooks. Previously, you would have to setup dummy sales tax items and information so that the link would work even thought you do not charge sales tax in QuickBooks. [Build: 28]

 342. There is now no limitation on the number of subitems referred to by a colon in a QuickBooks part number, QuoteWerks can create a QuickBooks part number with any number of subitems. [Build: 28]

 343. The configuration setup window that displays the flowchart of the configuration can now be resized! This will make it easier to see more at once of those larger configurations that customers are creating. Also the last time you sized the window will be remember, so the next time you open that window, it will be the same size as when you left it. [Build: 28]

See a screenshot/video of this feature

 344. The File|Open window now can be resized! Also the last time you sized the window will be remember, so the next time you open that window, it will be the same size as when you left it. [Build: 28]

See a screenshot/video of this feature

 345. On the File|Open window there is a new Contact field that can be used to search for an exact or partial contact name in quotes/orders/invoices. [Build: 28]

 346. The columns on the Document Items tab can now be customized FOR EACH USER. Additioanally adminstrators can customize these columns for each user from the Utilities|User Maintenance menu. To do this, click the on the user, and click on the [Edit Preferences] button, and then on the Misc tab, click on the [Customize Document Items columns] button. When adminstrators are customizing the columns, they will have the options to apply the column customizations to selected users. [Build: 28]

See a screenshot/video of this feature

 347. The columns on the Product Lookup window for native product databases can now be customized FOR EACH USER. Additioanally adminstrators can customize these columns for each user from the Utilities|User Maintenance menu. To do this, click the on the user, and click on the [Edit Preferences] button, and then on the Misc tab, click on the [Customize Product Lookup columns] button. When adminstrators are customizing the columns, they will have the options to apply the column customizations to selected users. [Build: 28]

See a screenshot/video of this feature

 348. Added new Access Right CannotModifyDocumentItemsColumns to prevent a user from customizing the columns on the Document Items tab of the quote workbook. [Build: 28]

 349. For Developers, new API features - added new Application.DocumentNew, Application.DocumentNewFromTemplate, and AddLineItemToDocumentEx methods to the QuoteWerks API. [Build: 28]

 350. Added new access security right CannotSendEmails which if set does not let the user send emails. [Build: 28]

 351. For Outlook users, you can now browse the list of Outlook folders when selecting the Shared contact folder. [Build: 28]

 352. When selecting a contact from the contact lookup window, the quote workbook tab active tab is now automatically changed to the sold to/ship to tab. [Build: 28]

 353. CustomNumber01 and CustomNumber02 DocumentItems fields data will now be displayed for line items that are part of a group when printing and those fields are inserted into the print layout. [Build: 28]

 354. Setup Wizard now launches when QuoteWerks is run for the first time. It will walk you through selecting your country, sales tax rates, and your preferred contact manager. [Build: 28]

 355. On the send email window, when clicking on the elipsis button for the cc box, a newly designed window will appear that will allow you to choose one or more email addresses from a list of the email addresses you have setup in QuoteWerks, or from the email addresses setup for the GoldMine contact that is being used in the quote. [Build: 28]

 356. When inserting CustomText, CustomNumber, CustomDate, and CustomMemo fields into the print layout you will see the renamed name (if any) of the Custom field. This makes it much easier to insert these custom fields that contain your customized data without having to remember what you label each of the custom fields into. [Build: 28]

 357. When the list of users under the Utilities|User Maintenance menu is added to or deleted from, the current list of users is now reloaded automatically in all currently open documents in QuoteWerks. [Build: 28]

 358. The totals bar on the quote workbook that displays subtotal, taxes, shipping, and total amounts, now all resize dynamically based on the size of the numbers in them. Also, if you rename one of these labels, the new label size will taken into account and resized accordingly so that all labels and data can be seen. [Build: 28]

 359. When a Percent Charge type line item is selected and you select the Edit|Item Attributes menu, you can now change the tax code for the line item. [Build: 28]

 360. The number of formula fields and database fields the print layouts and report layouts can support has been increased from 600 to 900. [Build: 28]

 361. API changes. Added new DocFunctions.DocumentChanged , and ItemFunctions.LineItemsChanged. Also added new event BeforePrint(bCancel) [Build: 28]

 362. Added DataLink support to pull data into the following QuoteWerks fields: ShipToCompany, ShipToContact, ShipToTitle, ShipToAddress1, ShipToAddress2, ShipToAddress3, ShipToCountry, ShipToPhone, ShipToPhoneExt, ShipToFax, ShipToFaxExt, ShipToEmail. [Build: 28]

 363. SalesLogix 6.0 is now supported. [Build: 28]

 364. Added the command line switch /s: to suppress non-essential messages displayed while starting QuoteWerks. [Build: 28]

 365. When printing a quote that contains pictures of the items in the quote, if the part number cannot be found in the product database, or if the picture file cannot be found, this information will be displayed in the status bar. [Build: 28]

 366. There is now an "All Templates" icon on the File|Open window to display document templates. [Build: 28]

 367. Added new integration with online CRM service salesforce.com! Integration includes retrieving customer information, and creating opportunities and uploading quote attachments! [Build: 29]

See a screenshot/video of this feature

 368. In the QuickBooks link, there is now an option to export items that are grouped in a bundle on the quote to a single item in QuickBooks. [Build: 29]

 369. When creating a non-inventory or service item in QuickBooks through the QuoteWerks link, and you choose the option "this item is purchased and sold", you can now select Cost of Goods type accounts for the Expense account. [Build: 29]

 370. For the QuickBooks link setup, the default expense account for non-inventory and service items can now be set to a cost of goods type of account. [Build: 29]

 371. You can now enter a discount cost modifier in the UnitCost field of the quote workbook like D30 which will calculate the unit cost as a 30% discount from the unit list price and place the discounted amount in the unit cost cell. The discount of D30 in this example is not stored anywhere, and if the unit list price is changed later, the unit cost will not automatically change. [Build: 29]

 372. When importing comma delimited or tab delimited text files, and a field in the text file contained a carraige return or line feed surrounded in double quote symbols, the record would be rejected as corrupted. Now, it will be imported. [Build: 29]

 373. When setting up volume pricing, you no longer have to specify a large number for the stop quantity on the last pricing level, you can leave it blank and enter the price that you want to use for that starting quantity and higher. [Build: 29]

 374. New QuoteWerks Backend api introduced. This enables you to get lists of all the login names, access rights, installation path, and more information. It also enables you to validate user login names and passwords, and has a feature to automatically find QuoteWerks, start it and log into it. [Build: 29]

 375. Added new DocFunctions api method of SetActiveTab which enables you to change the active tab in the quote workbook. [Build: 29]

 376. Added new DocFunctions api method of ExportToDTFFile which enables you to export a document out to a dtf file. [Build: 29]

 377. If no field was mapped to the tax code field in a product import and a taxable Y/N field was, the tax code will be set based on the taxable Y/N field data. [Build: 29]

 378. Added a new QuoteWerks Web Connector that will run in the Windows tray. This primarily works with the new salesforce.com integration, but can be used by other web applications to pass data from a web application to QuoteWerks starting a new quote and populating it with data from the web page in real-time! [Build: 29]

 379. Added BeforeShippingSelection and AfterShippingSelection Events to the QuoteWerks API. [Build: 30]

 380. For salesforce.com users, the Merge Remote Documents utility (under the Utilities menu) there is now an option for QuoteWerks to download all the dtf file attachments that have been uploaded into salesforce.com to the local QuoteWerks\DTF folder where they can then be merged into the QuoteWerks database. This is particularly useful for a sales manager that wants to get all the quote data into one QuoteWerks database to run consolidated reports. [Build: 31]

 381. Updated real-time data link to accomodate the changes that Tech Data made to their real-time data access specifications. The old specifications will cease to function on Sunday, June 15th, at which time the QuoteWerks Tech Data Real-time pricing and availability link will no longer work until this update is installed. [Build: 31]

 382. Added support for SalesLogix 6.1. [Build: 32]

 383. Configuration Selection Containers can now be cloned with a new right-click menu. [Build: 32]

 384. Searching the description field on the Product Lookup window when searching the Ingram Micro offline price guide database will now also search in the extended description field of the Ingram database. [Build: 32]

 385. Added a new option "Print on Page break" to the detail section of a layout/report. When checked, this detail section will print at the bottom of the page immediately after the last detail section that printed on that page. This is useful for "capping" the bottom of each page with for example some lines that close out the bottom of a grid (if your layout design has vertical and horizontal lines). [Build: 32]

See a screenshot/video of this feature

 386. Added a "report footer" summarization type for numeric fields in the report designer. Useful for total multiple levels of sort and footer breaks. [Build: 32]

 387. Added a new "Sort Descending" option to the sort header sections used in reports to sort data in descending order. [Build: 32]

 388. You can now export line items to QuickBooks that use the UnitOfPricingFactor feature. The unit price when exported to QuickBooks will be multiplied by the unit of pricing factor. [Build: 32]

 389. Added new GetChar() function for the layout designer. This function enables you to create a formula that returns 1 character of a text field at a specified position. [Build: 32]

 390. Medic utility Data manager now supports advanced data queries in addition to simple queries for both the product databases and the document database. The feature is only available to users with master rights (for data security reasons). This feature can be used to update the databases in a batch mode with data changes such as pricing, and other global changes. [Build: 32]

 391. Added a DocDueDate column to the File|Open grid. Also, added sort options for the fields "GrandTotal", "TemplateType", and "MergeCode". [Build: 32]

 392. When starting a new document from a salesforce.com web integration link, and the maximum number of open documents (5) has been reached, you will receive a message to that effect instead of a ".DocumentNew failed" error. [Build: 32]

 393. A QuoteWerks On the Web|Knowledgebase menu has been added to gain access to the new web based QuoteWerks knowledgebase from within QuoteWerks. [Build: 32]

 394. Added CannotManuallyAddItemsInConfigurator misc access right that can prevent a user from using the [Find Other] button in the configurator to select a product not in the configuration. [Build: 32]

 395. Added new API ItemFunctions.FindAndCopyProductsIntoMLIBuffer method to search for partial matches of vendor and manufacturer part numbers in a product database and store the matches in the MLI Buffer. [Build: 32]

 396. Added new API ItemFunctions.SLIBufferCopyFromMLIBuffer method to copy a single buffer record from a multi-line buffer. [Build: 32]

 397. Added a /port: command line switch to the Web Connector. This enables you to specify a communication port other than the default port 1001. [Build: 32]

 398. The about screen of the web connector now displays the detected QuoteWerks path and displays the port number that the web connector is listening on. [Build: 32]

 399. In the QuickBooks link setup, you can now select Other Charge type items for use as a shipping item on the Defaults tab of the QuickBooks link setup. Also when QuoteWerks creates a new item for you in QuickBooks to use for shipping charges, the item that it creates will now be of QuickBooks Other Charge type rather than non-inventory type. [Build: 32]

 400. The file details preview on the File|Import Document window now includes whether or not the dtf file is serialized. [Build: 32]

 401. If an unexpected error occurs in the main QuoteWerks startup module, this type of error will now be trapped, and you will be given the option to save any open quotes. [Build: 32]

 402. When the quantity box on the add item assistant receives focus, the quantity is automatically selected, making it easy to replace the quantity value by typing. [Build: 32]

 403. When QuoteWerks is shutting down and saving settings it now displays a status message during this process. [Build: 32]

 404. Management reports that reported on the DocumentItems table would return line items that were flagged as excluded. It no longer will include these line items. [Build: 32]

 405. Added ini settings to set the defaults for the unit of measure and unit of pricing. [Build: 33]

 406. The QuoteWerks webconnector now supports a new method of "newfromtemplate", and you can pass the template name as the parameter "&templatename=". This enables you to start a new document from a template from a hyperlink inside salesforce.com [Build: 33]

 407. Exposed ShipToCMAccountNo field in the API through the Get/Set DocumentHeaderValue methods. [Build: 34]

 408. In the layout designer, you can now select an object like a field or a label, and then use the cursor keys to move this object a pixel at a time. In fine tuning situations, this is much easier than trying to drag it. Also, you can use the right and down cursor keys while holding down the SHIFT key to resize the object width or height respectively. [Build: 35]

 409. When exporting invoices/estimates to QuickBooks, the process now displays a status window to show the progress of the process. [Build: 35]

 410. You can now double-click on a dtf file located anywhere (as opposed to the \QuoteWerks\DTF folder), and it will be imported and/or synchronized with the data in the database. A useful situation is if a co-worker emails you an attached dtf file, you can now double-click on this attached dtf file and it will be imported/synchronized into your local database. [Build: 35]

 411. Expanded the PO auto numbering system to go from A-BZ. Before it was A-AZ. [Build: 35]

 412. Certified for use with GoldMine 6.5. [Build: 35]

 413. Added support for LocalTaxRate, Terms, and SoldToPriceProfile fields in the QuoteWerks web connector for receiving such information from salesforce.com. [Build: 35]

 414. Certified for use with Outlook 2003. [Build: 35]

 415. Added support for field "MISCLINKID" in the DocFunctions.Get/Set DocumentHeaderValue API method. [Build: 35]

 416. Certified for use with Maximizer 8.0. [Build: 38]

Misc Features - Version 3.0
 1. Add a "Sort Field..." right click menu in layout designer. [Build: 20]

 2. When editing a management report, the report name now appears in the window title. [Build: 20]

 3. When converting quotes to orders or invoices, and the option to give quotes/orders/invoices separate number sequences is set, or the option to preserve the document when converting the document is set, the DateCreated field of the document now gets set to the date of the conversion enabling you to find out when the document was converted to an order. [Build: 20]

 4. If you cancel the GoldMine convert forecast to completed sale dialog, you will now be warned that doing so will cause data inconsistency between QuoteWerks and GoldMine. [Build: 20]

 5. The PDF printer driver used to create pdf files through QuoteWerks will now remain after QuoteWerks has been exited on Windows NT/2000 machines. This is required for correct Windows Terminal Server and Citrix support, and was changed in response to the new pdf creating behavior introduced into build 19. [Build: 20]

 6. If QuoteWerks is configured for more than 2 decimal places, when a sales opportunity is written to ACT, the number is rounded to two decimals. [Build: 20]

 7. If a grouped bundle item has a quantity greater than 0 and less than 1, it will display when printed. Currently, only quantities greater than 1 would display. [Build: 22]

 8. When creating a new product in the product database, record does not get created until you click on the OK button. [Build: 22]

 9. When creating a sales forecast in GoldMine, the first 255 characters of the contents of the internal notes field from the notes tab would be copied into the notes field of the GoldMine forecast.In the Tools|Find Quoted Item menu, you can now specify which field you would like to search for from the list of choices. Now the entire contents are copied. [Build: 22]

 10. In product database for unit of measure and unit of pricing, using a space will now overide the default of "ea" with a space which appears to be empty. [Build: 22]

 11. When creating a new product database, you no longer have to enter the database extension of .mdb in the name. [Build: 22]

 12. The PDF generating engine was modified to only create the PDF engine once and then close it when QuoteWerks is exited versus creating and closing it everytime a PDF file was created. This will improve performance and reliability. [Build: 19]

 13. The Open Export module interface has been changed to give you the option to overwrite existing files only if files exist. [Build: 19]

 14. Issue with GoldMine 5.7 beta and QuoteWerks forecasting fixed. [Build: 19]

 15. The cover page item list and the literature sheet item listed is now sorted alphabetically. [Build: 18]

 16. When specifying a date in the report filter dialog, if a "." was used to separate the month/day/year, it is now automatically replaced with a "/". This is required because the filter engine only supports the "/" symbol as a date separator. [Build: 18]

 17. When forecasting sales in GoldMIne, QuoteWerks now also updates the forecast field on the GoldMine contact's Summary tab. [Build: 18]

 18. The node installation used to automatically backup files replaced during the installation to the c:\windows\system\qwbackup (or c:\winnt\system\qwbackup for win nt)folder. Now, the backup files are saved to the c:\Program Files\Uninstall Information\QuoteWerksNode folder, and you have the option to select a different folder. [Build: 18]

 19. Fixed issue that happens when GoldMine 5.5 is installed on top of GoldMine 5.0 on a Windows 2000 machine. GoldMine 5.0 used older spell checking control than QuoteWerks causing an error when starting QuoteWerks. [Build: 18]

 20. The medic utility will now warn you that you cannot repair or compact the security.mdb file because it is encrypted. [Build: 18]

 21. When adding an item to a SIMPLE bundle, the item will no longer default with the Hide Price attribute. [Build: 18]

 22. Added the ProjectNo field to the list of fields that can be inserted into the print layouts. [Build: 17]

 23. The ExtendedCost and ExtendedWeight amounts now display on subtotal and running subtotal line items in the quote. [Build: 17]

 24. When line items are flagged with the hide price attribute, the ExtendedWeight values will now be visible. [Build: 17]

 25. When sending an email fails, now the send email window stays open so that you can recover your message that you typed in before closing the email window. [Build: 17]

 26. Certain menus like File|Delete, File|Rename, and File|Properties are now disabled for new documents that have not yet been saved. [Build: 17]

 27. When items are added to the selected items list in the configurator, we now make sure that the last item that was added is visible at the bottom of the list without the user having to scroll down to see it. [Build: 17]

 28. Sometimes, the search results grid on the product lookup window would have a screen redraw issue. [Build: 17]

 29. Double-Clicking on filter item in report filter design screen now edits the selected filter item. [Build: 17]

 30. QuickBooks link now exports the sold to/ship to country information. [Build: 17]

 31. Added vertical scroll bar to Edit F2 lookup item [Build: 17]

 32. If an F2Lookup value contained a website URL that began with http:// the F2Lookup feature would interpret the // as the beginning of the remark for the F2lookup value. This no longer occurs. [Build: 17]

 33. Widened the subtotal and total displays on quote workbook for complete display of multi-million dollar numbers. [Build: 17]

 34. The menu item for any the accounting link modules would still be visible when the security rights for the logged in user indicated that the menu should be hidden. [Build: 17]

 35. There is no longer a 100 row maximum selection in the product lookup grid. [Build: 16]

 36. Right clicking on object in report designer now selects the object. [Build: 16]

 37. When registration grace period expires, user is now allowed to remove non-primary license keys. [Build: 16]

 38. The left and right cursor keys on the keyboard now move the cursor within each cell in the DocumentItems grid rather than moving between cells. [Build: 15]

 39. When editing a print layout, you can no longer insert a second detail section, or Sort section. These sections where never supported, so we removed the option to insert them. [Build: 15]

 40. The rows on the product lookup window grid can now be resized. [Build: 15]

 41. Comment line items exported with the Peachtree link where showing a quantity of 1, we changed the quantity to 0 so that no value would show up in Peachtree. [Build: 15]

 42. Changed Peachtree item description in invoice and orders to only include description, without manufacturer and vendor part #. [Build: 15]

 43. Consolidated the Cancel and Finish buttons in the configurator. [Build: 15]

 44. Improved the status message content for refreshing with best prices. [Build: 23]

 45. Improved performance when retrieving contact information from large SalesLogix databases. [Build: 23]

 46. When checking a checkbox in the list controls, that item will now be selected automatically. [Build: 23]

 47. If there is more than one vendor database with the same name, QuoteWerks will disable these database. [Build: 24]

 48. Increased the max number of GoldMine secondary contacts displayed through the Contacts|Lookup Contact menu to 150 (up from 30). [Build: 24]

 49. The Product Lookup folders right click menu option for "Paste Link Item" now checks for situations where it should not be available, and disables it. [Build: 24]

 50. When entering a License Key that has been previously entered and removed, a message will be displayed indicating this. [Build: 24]

 51. When QuoteWerks attempts to log into SalesLogix, and error 0:31 is reported, QuoteWerks now displays the steps required to fix this BDE setup issue. [Build: 24]

 52. The Add Item Assistant is now enabled by default for each user. [Build: 24]

 53. Change to email date internals to account for unexpected conditions. [Build: 24]

 54. On product lookup window, for databases with lots of folders, improved folder loading performance by 75% in most cases. [Build: 24]

 55. When you enter an incorrect login password, the password is now automatically highlighted for easy type over. [Build: 24]

 56. For QuickBooks link, added version 2002 option to the list of QuickBooks versions. Mostly cosmetic, since you can select version 2001 for use with QuickBooks 2002. [Build: 24]

 57. When next available number sequence is increased and saved, added more error checking. [Build: 24]

 58. When editing a report layout file and then selecting File|Save As, the new layout file will now be refreshed and appear in the list of report layouts to choose from. [Build: 24]

 59. When renaming the column titles on the Document Items tab, the rename window now allows for two line column titles. [Build: 24]

 60. The Import Document window now remembers your selections for how to proceed when the document is detected and not detected in the database. [Build: 25]

 61. Removed support for link to Merisel offline price database since Merisel no longer provides the offline price database. [Build: 26]

 62. When selecting a folder to look in for importing xml files, the list of files for that folder did not display xml files. [Build: 26]

 63. Removed "compact database after importing" option from Contact Import Wizard. This operation can be performed in the Medic Utility. [Build: 26]

 64. When a print layout file is in use/locked by a server for more than a reasonable amount of time, a runtime error 70 permission denied error would happen when selecting the File|Print menu. Now, that error is trapped for. [Build: 26]

 65. When refreshing the price of a line item in the quote, and the vendor selected for the item is Tech Data or Ingram Micro, and you are linking to the external Tech Data or Ingram Micro product database, and the price modifier for the item is empty, the UnitPrice will no longer be set to 0.00. This would happen because there is no UnitPrice field in the Tech Data and Ingram Micro databases. [Build: 26]

 66. When in demo mode, the welcome screen had hyperlinks to the website that would somtimes launch unexpectedly. [Build: 26]

 67. When bundle or configuration items are added to the document, the DocumentItem tabs receives focus. [Build: 26]

 68. Added autocorrect feature to fix ACT! 6.0 problem where it registers a shared mail control into its private folder. [Build: 26]

 69. Moved demo welcome screen to display after QuoteWerks is running instead of before. [Build: 26]

 70. After adding the results of a configuration to a document, you no longer have to click on a window that says they have been exported. [Build: 26]

 71. On the Regional tab of the Tools|Options menu, the Canadian tax options have been re-organized to select a country, either USA or Canada to determine which sales tax system QuoteWerks should use to calculate sales tax. [Build: 28]

 72. One of the parameters passing type in the API BeforeConvertDocument event was changed . This will require a recompile for existing apps that use this event. [Build: 28]

 73. On the QuickBooks batch export window, when clicking on the Find tab, the docuemnt number text box now automatically has focus, and if only one match is found, it is selected and checked. [Build: 28]

 74. When an error occurs retrieving list information from QuickBooks, the field name that the error occurred with is now displayed. [Build: 28]

 75. If exporting an estimate to QuickBooks Pro, Premier or Enterprise, and you have not enabled estimates in the QuickBooks preferences you will receive the error # 3250 when exporting and the message of "This feature is not enabled or is not available in this version of QuickBooks". The solution is to enable estimates in QuickBooks. [Build: 28]

 76. When the QuickBooks link is adding a new customer record to QuickBooks, it checks to see if it exists, but then if the creation fails and it failed because there is already a Vendor, Other Name, or Employee with the same name of the customer you are trying to add, the error message will now alert you to this condition. [Build: 28]

 77. When processing the /n command line switch to create a new document, if the template option was used, and a template document name was specified, now QuoteWerks searches for the template using the template name and also checks the template flag to make sure that the document name specified is a template. [Build: 28]

 78. When QuoteWerks checked to see if KnowTia was running, and it was not, an error message would be displayed which was a nuisance. [Build: 28]

 79. The Field Links tab under the View|Customize Columns menu has now been moved to the Tools|Options menu. [Build: 28]

 80. When adding or changing price modifiers in the Utilities|Price Modifier maintenance menu, the drop down list on ALL open quotes are now updated. Previously, only the currently active quote's list was updated. [Build: 28]

 81. When creating a link in the configuration setup flowchart window, the selection dialog will now default to the first entry. [Build: 28]

 82. The GoldMine setup window under the Contacts|Setup Contact Manager menu has been changed. The GoldMine options are now setup on a separate window with tabs for the different categories. [Build: 28]

 83. We no longer distribute the SalesLogix 5.0 api dll now that SalesLogix 6.0 is shipping. [Build: 28]

 84. New sample data is now included in the fresh install. This sample data is no longer computer specific. [Build: 28]

 85. When the node install is run and a SalesLogix installation is detected, the SalesLogix API dll file is copied from the SalesLogix installation folder to the Windows\System folder. [Build: 28]

 86. When importing product information, QuoteWerks now removes preceeding and trailing spaces from the data (if there are any). [Build: 28]

 87. Internal Build. This build was not released to the public and is not available for download. [Build: 27]

 88. When performing a Quick Search or an Advanced search on the File|Open window, the search criteria are now limited to only the fields on each respective option whereas previously the criteria from both the quick search and advanced search would be combined when running either option. [Build: 28]

 89. When selecting an item or items for use with the required, optional or substitute item features, and the selected part number contained an empty manufacturer part number, it would not be used, and you would not be notified causing confusion. [Build: 29]

 90. When entering multiple temporary license keys, any keys that had the same trial period would be mistaken for a duplicate key and would not be accepted. This has been corrected. [Build: 29]

 91. If Canadian taxes enabled, when importing products into a product database, when specifying the tax code to map into the ExtraText01 field (This field stores the tax code), the value of "1" will now translate to "B" for both gst and pst and the value of "0" will not translate to "N" for no tax. [Build: 29]

 92. When sending an email via Outlook and Outlook was not running, you may receive an error "-2147417851" . This error does not occur on all systems. When this error is detected, you will now receive a message requesting that you start Outlook. [Build: 29]

 93. The list of templates in the drop down box on the product import wizard is now sorted. [Build: 29]

 94. The option Look For Synchronized data located on the Installation tab of the Tools|Options menu now defaults to yes. [Build: 29]

 95. Change to internals of sending of Outlook email where now we resolve each email address after adding it to the message instead of resolving all of them at the end [Build: 29]

 96. When QuoteWerks is exiting, a status window is now displayed until QuoteWerks is finished exiting. [Build: 32]

 97. The temporary QuoteWerks client ID used to access the Professional edition of salesforce.com has now been replaced with the official QuoteWerks client ID. [Build: 32]

 98. When manually converting line items into a group on the quote, the "hide price" attribute is now set. [Build: 32]

 99. When using the KnowTia integration, if there is a problem communicating with KnowTia, more information is now returned. [Build: 32]

 100. Updated/Changed the FaxRush button on the Print window to OmniRush to reflect their current product name. [Build: 33]

 101. In salesforce.com create or update opportunity window, Opportunity stages with a 0 percent probability were not displayed in the list. [Build: 33]

 102. When selecting a part number to include in a bundle that had an apostrophe symbol in the manufacturerpartnumber field, error occurred. Apostrophe characters are NOT supported in QuoteWerks for the ManufacturerPartNumber field, however, an error will no longer occur here. [Build: 35]

 103. Workaround fix for Windows XP bug. Windows XP reports that an in use file has been deleted (although it has not). This causes problems with the QuoteWerks logged in user information including how remote laptop licenses are used when a laptop attempts to use the network installation of QuoteWerks. [Build: 35]

 104. For salesforce.com users, if QuoteWerks created an opportunity in salesforce.com and the user manually deleted the opportunity from salesforce.com, QuoteWerks will now detect this and recreate the opportunity. [Build: 35]

 105. For ACT 4.0 users, when converting to order and performing various tasks that requires QuoteWerks to lookup data in ACT and change it, now a message will be displayed when this functionality is not supported in ACT 4.0. Previously, the feature would not work and no message would be displayed. Solution is to upgrade to higher version of ACT!. [Build: 35]

 106. On the Groups tab of the User Maintenance window, when you click on the [Delete] button, a confirmation request was not displayed. [Build: 35]

 107. On the save window, QuoteWerks now checks to make sure that the document name is not empty. This causes problem with salesforce.com integration. [Build: 35]

 108. For the Peachtree link, if a product description contained a double quote, Peachtree would incorrectly import it as two double quotes. This is a problem with Peachtree not conforming to industry standards when importing comma delimited text files. We have created a workaround to accomodate this issue in Peachtree. Also due to a Peachtree issue, we now remove comma symbols from descriptions because this is also a problem with Peachtree. [Build: 37]

 109. QuickBooks api does not support the (R) or (C) characters (and generates error when they are encountered). QuoteWerks now finds these characters and replaces them with the (R) and (C) representations. [Build: 38]

 110. New salesforce.com session expiration error code 1112 detected so that QuoteWerks can auto re-login. [Build: 38]

Fixes - Version 3.0
 1. If a filter was specified for a report on a product database, it was ignored. [Build: 21]

 2. In the product lookup window, when selecting a product folder, and then selecting the popup menu to cut, and then pasting the folder to the new location, the operation would succeed, but an error message would be displayed. [Build: 21]

 3. If a delimiter other than tab or comma for the text file to import was selected when importing product information, the import would fail. [Build: 21]

 4. When deleting a product folder, all products that were associated with the folder now have their folderid reset to 0. [Build: 20]

 5. When bundles were used as items in a configuration, the default qty was 0. [Build: 20]

 6. When sending emails from QuoteWerks, the date/time stamp was incorrect for German users. [Build: 20]

 7. When renaming a document template, QuoteWerks tried to update the associated records in GoldMine or ACT, however QuoteWerks does not write any information about document templates into the contact managers. [Build: 20]

 8. Rare runtime error 380 when displaying the product lookup form, triggered by a user running QuoteWerks on a network from more than one workstation with different video resolutions.. [Build: 20]

 9. Setting the default price modifier to manual on the DocumentItems tab of the Tools|Options menu would not stay, and would always revert to P20. [Build: 20]

 10. Volume pricing and customer based price level pricing features would only accept prices that contained up to 2 decimal places. [Build: 20]

 11. Problem with new TeleMagic link when creating associated rollup document. [Build: 22]

 12. Bug in ACT 2000 caused a random 5 decimal value to appear in sales forecast amount when certain amounts used. Also this bug would not allow for negative sales amounts. Different functions were used to circumvent the issues. [Build: 22]

 13. If you double-clicked on the products button on the toolbar instead of single-clicking, and error would occur. [Build: 22]

 14. The CustomMemo fields on the Custom tab of the Edit Product window were not wrapping onto multiple lines. [Build: 22]

 15. If a grouped bundled used a discount price modifier, the alternate unit price for the grouped bundle did not reflect the discount. [Build: 22]

 16. When using ACT, but not selecting an ACT contact, when saving, a message would tell you that you needed to select an ACT contact. [Build: 19]

 17. The new CustomMemo1 and CustomMemo2 fields were not available in the product import wizard, or in the print layout designer for the DocumentItems table. Also made these fields available as columns on the product lookup window. [Build: 19]

 18. The new ShipTo Title, Phone, Fax, and Email fields were not available in the report designer. [Build: 19]

 19. If you edited a print layout, and then edited a report layout and removed all the sort header and footer sections, you could not re-add sort or footer sections. [Build: 19]

 20. The LastUpdated Date/Time for the exchange rate that is embedded in the quote and listed next to the Alternate Currency selection box on the Sale Info tab was stored in the database in local format. It is now stored in a universal ISO 8601 format which preserves the correct time and format across different countries in cases were you export a dtf file and send it to another country. [Build: 19]

 21. If a Price Modifier was used that included a decimal character like P20.56, the PriceModifier is stored in the database using the local decimal character. This caused a problem when the quote was exported to a dtf file and then opened by a QuoteWerks installation in another country that used a different decimal character. This fix will avoid the problem if it is installed at the receiving end (or ideally at both ends). [Build: 19]

 22. Performance problems with ACT 2000 integration. [Build: 18]

 23. Problem when saving preview to an rtf file, sometimes some of the font sizes were changed. [Build: 18]

 24. Page number field now continues the count across all cover page, print layout, and literature information. [Build: 18]

 25. Problem with spacing between letters on certain fonts being to wide. [Build: 18]

 26. Changed the way that the alternate currency extended columns like AlternateExtendedCost, AlternateExtendedPrice, and AlternateExtendedList are calculated. They used to be calculated by applying the exchange rate to the base price extended values. [Build: 18]

 27. When setting a native product databases, QuoteWerks no longer allows product database alias names to be the same. [Build: 18]

 28. When saving as an RTF file from the Print Preview window the font size of certain objects would be increased. [Build: 18]

 29. In the build 16 QuickBooks export, we used to replace the double-quote symbol used as example like 19" monitor as 19 inch monitor which was not desirable for all users. In build 17, we made a change that replaced all double-quote symbols with two single-quote symbols. We did this because QuickBooks does not support the importing of double-quote symbols. However there was an issue in build 17 where only the first double-quote symbol was replaced, instead of all of the double-quote symbols, which caused information to be missing in the QuickBooks items list, and invoice/estimate. [Build: 18]

 30. The &SYS_TodaysDateForSQL macro was not working. [Build: 18]

 31. When passing parameters to functions, if you passed expressions as parameters, you could possibly get unexpected results if you did not wrap them inside of a pair of parenthesis. [Build: 18]

 32. Problem when adding an expression or formula field value to a date. [Build: 18]

 33. If you cancelled the selection of a file for a repair or compact procedure, the procedure was run again on the last selected file. [Build: 18]

 34. On the destination tab of the Product Import Wizard, the Ingram Micro external databases was being included in the list and should not have been since you can only import data into native product database. [Build: 18]

 35. Fields from the Application macro table could not be used in management reports. [Build: 18]

 36. When exporting using the QuickBooks link, if the same part number was on the quote more than once, the document would not be exported. [Build: 17]

 37. For GoldMine users, If you choose the QuoteWerks File|Convert to Order or File|Convert to Invoice menu, QuoteWerks saves the changes to the database, but does not save the changes to the dtf file and therefore the sync of the DTF file does not work. A workaround was to explicitly save the document after performing a "convert to .." procedure. [Build: 17]

 38. When searching for a GoldMine 5.5 contact from within QuoteWerks, no records were found. [Build: 17]

 39. When adding a new product to the product database, and the manufacturer part # already exists, an error could occur if the currently selected tab was not the "general" tab. [Build: 17]

 40. When adding a new user under Utilities|User Maintenance, and the username entered was invalid, an error could occur if the currently selected tab was not the tab the user name field is on. [Build: 17]

 41. If a negative numbered price was entered into the Add Item Assistant price modifier field, it would not be accepted. [Build: 17]

 42. Peachtree link, when exporting data, if the ship to address did not end with properly formatted City, State Zip data, an error would occur. [Build: 17]

 43. The Merged Documents tab of the File|Open window was not displaying merged quotes. [Build: 17]

 44. The SoldToTitle field was not getting saved. [Build: 17]

 45. For GoldMine users when selecting the File|Open menu and opening a document that had an updated sync file waiting for it would cause a message to appear saying that the quote could not be opened after the sync update. [Build: 17]

 46. The Register License via Web feature stopped working because our IP address changed. [Build: 17]

 47. Choosing the Send by Email option in the File|Export to Document Transport File window would result in the email being corrupted. [Build: 16]

 48. There was a problem with the creation of Remote PC License Keys that where created from a Remote Site. [Build: 16]

 49. When the decimal separator was a comma, a problem was caused when dtf files where exported and imported to other QuoteWerks installations that did not use the same comma separator character. [Build: 16]

 50. Field ExtraLng01 was visible in advanced tab of import wizard. [Build: 16]

 51. Qty, and other columns on the DocumentItems tab where left justified instead of right justified. [Build: 16]

 52. Cover page notes on cover page had and extra line in between each line of text. [Build: 16]

 53. If an email was sent from the preview window, it was not logged in the contact manager history. [Build: 16]

 54. In Product Import Wizard and Contact Import Wizard, the data in the last column in a tab delimited text file was not being read. [Build: 16]

 55. Edit Selection Container Item window displayed an errant checkbox when used for a bundle. [Build: 16]

 56. Peachtree link purchase order issue. If a Peachtree Item was a Non-Stock item, the purchase order import would fail. [Build: 16]

 57. Cover page and literature page and spec pages would have extra vertical space between each line. [Build: 16]

 58. If certain key fields where not imported into the product database when a product database import was run, and error would occur when using the compare prices feature. [Build: 16]

 59. The ToText() function in the layout designer would display a decimal period and no decimal numbers when the number being converted was a whole number. [Build: 16]

 60. Fixed an erroneous error message when selecting the Tools|Find Quoted Item. [Build: 16]

 61. The Tools|Update Cost in Vendor Db menu was always disabled. [Build: 16]

 62. Outlook shared public folders feature was not working. [Build: 16]

 63. Peachtree link ship to Address1 was not getting exported. ShipToContact was in it's place. [Build: 16]

 64. Subtotal and Running SubTotal type of line items would show the unit of pricing and unit of measure values in the respective fields. [Build: 16]

 65. After closing a quote, and then starting a new blank quote with no line items in it, the last quotes total would be displayed on the screen until the quote was modified in any way that initiated a recalculation. [Build: 16]

 66. When choosing the option to forecast the profit amount instead of the sale amount in GoldMine, when completing the sale, the sale amount would always be used. [Build: 16]

 67. When exporting document to QuickBooks 2000 as an estimate, job would show up, but estimate would not. [Build: 16]

 68. On remote PC installations of QuoteWerks, the Seed Number and Registration code where not listed on the License Manager window. [Build: 15]

 69. If FaxRush link was disabled, it could not be re-enabled. [Build: 15]

 70. QuoteWerks is now fully compatible with the UK version of Maximizer. [Build: 15]

 71. The Canadian version of QuickBooks 2000 requires a 4 digit date format in the iif export file. [Build: 15]

 72. The DocumentHeaderMacros->POSoldToPhone and POSOldToFax macro fields where returning the wrong information. [Build: 15]

 73. The Products|Bundles menu was not showing up in the menu rights settings in the user maintenance window. [Build: 15]

 74. Error occurred if vendor name included an apostrophe in it. [Build: 15]

 75. Importing data from Quote Pro 2.5 type mismatch error generated by USERDEF10 field. [Build: 15]

 76. Setting the default customer profile for new quotes was not working. [Build: 15]

 77. The manufacturer part # column in the document items tab was only allowing 20 characters, when 40 are actually supported. [Build: 15]

 78. In Terminal Server or Citrix environment, would sometimes receive error 52 when selecting the File|Print menu. [Build: 15]

 79. For countries that prefer to display the sales tax amount for each line item next to each line item, the sales tax column value displayed the non-dicounted sales tax for the group header line item of a grouped bundle. [Build: 15]

 80. When no search results where found in the Open Quote window, and the user clicked on the Open button, error occurred. [Build: 15]

 81. If a user was given the CannotModifyTemplates access right, they would not be able to use quote templates. [Build: 15]

 82. In rare cases, on some machines with older drivers would receive a CopyDataFile error when trying to preview. [Build: 15]

 83. Emails sent from QuoteWerks now have a message-id value. Many anti-spam email server features would consider emails that did not have a message-id as spam, and therefore reject the email. [Build: 15]

 84. When a SalesLogix attachment path detected by QuoteWerks was invalid, QuoteWerks would not display the the invalid path for reference purposes. [Build: 23]

 85. The Converted To default DocStatus for Orders and Invoices specified on the Installation tab of the Tools|Options menu were reversed. Converted orders would use the converted to invoice DocStatus and vica-versa. [Build: 23]

 86. When searching for a phone number in GoldMine 5.5 or later using QuoteWerks, the contact was not found. [Build: 23]

 87. When you clicked on the [New] button to create a new product record, and there was a record in the results grid that was selected, and you changed the pricing method to volume based, customer price level based, formula based, or customer/product profile based, the record that was selected was changed instead of the new record. [Build: 24]

 88. When click on the [New] button to create a new product record, and there were no records in the results grid, an error would occur. [Build: 24]

 89. When selecting File|Exit or closing the main window, and quotes were open and had changes, you would be prompted to save the quotes, and after the quotes were saved, QuoteWerks would not exit. [Build: 24]

 90. When selecting File|Duplicate and selecting to copy the project number into the duplicated document, it was not being copied. [Build: 24]

 91. When selecting the Tools|Export to DTF, Peachtree, QuickBooks, or Open Export module, and the quote need to be saved first, after it was saved, the Peachtree, QuickBooks, or Open Export module window did not display. [Build: 24]

 92. When select a product from the Product Lookup window and right clicking to copy and then right click to select the Paste Append menu, if the CustomDate fields were empty an error message would be displayed. [Build: 24]

 93. When there were product profiles listings and you selected the Custom/Product profile based pricing method for a product, an error would occur. [Build: 24]

 94. Small redraw problem with the popup menu when right clicking over the product lookup results. [Build: 24]

 95. The description for items in the items list of bundle items, and configuration items would incorrectly say "Part # not found" if the description field was blank. [Build: 24]

 96. When importing xml file would sometimes receive an error that the date/time was not iso8601 formatted. [Build: 24]

 97. The new F2 lookup window list that displays a tool tip of longer data did not respond to keypresses used to seek to a list item using the beginning letter. It now responds. [Build: 24]

 98. Accounted for Spanish version of ACT! having different spelling of contact field causing error when trying to retrieve contact information. [Build: 24]

 99. If product lookup window was maximized when QuoteWerks was exited, you would receive the message "Product Lookup Window memorized Height was outside of viewable area...". [Build: 24]

 100. If you selected the My Documents option on the File|Open window, and you had entered data into the Quick Lookup tab, you would not get correct results. [Build: 24]

 101. When entering the file name for a native product database that you are about to create, if the file name contained a space, you would receive an error saying that the file name was invalid. [Build: 24]

 102. If a folder selection dialog was displayed, and a cdrom drive was selected, and the cdrom drive did not have a cdrom in it, an error would occur. [Build: 24]

 103. If a completely empty text file is selected in the import wizard, and error would occur. [Build: 24]

 104. When using CTRL-D or Edit|Delete Line to delete a line, and no line was selected, a random line would be deleted. [Build: 24]

 105. Cloning a bundle that does not have any items in the bundle caused an error. [Build: 24]

 106. If TeleMagic standard contact address fields do not exist, QuoteWerks will trap error and notify user. [Build: 24]

 107. When selecting the Edit|Select All menu, the number of selected items displayed in the status bar was not updated. [Build: 24]

 108. Medic Utility. The close button on the Database Maintenance window did not close the window. [Build: 24]

 109. Medic Utility. When checking for logged in users, some users would appear not to be logged in when they actually were. [Build: 24]

 110. When duplicating a document, the new document Created Date was not displayed on the notes tab, although it had been changed to the date/time of the duplication. [Build: 24]

 111. On the Product Import Wizard Destination tab, if update mode selected, and no fields to update are in list and you click on the [<] button, error occurred. [Build: 25]

 112. If you set the group header line qty to 0, and save the document, when you open the document, you would get an error message saying that the bundle quantity was 0, resetting to 1. [Build: 25]

 113. Products that using a pricing method of Customer Based Price Levels, in certain areas like the configurator, you would receive the error message "Error: The ReturnCustomerLevelBasedPriceFromArray() was passed an empty gPricingLevels array." [Build: 25]

 114. If an invalid login id or password was supplied to log into SalesLogix, an error would occur in QuoteWerks. [Build: 25]

 115. When a filter dialog value prompt was used for a date type field, a message saying the date was invalid would always be displayed. [Build: 25]

 116. When sending an email and using ACT! as your contact manager, a message would be displayed saying that the currently displayed ACT! contact's email address did not match the email address of the sent email, so the email would not be logged in history. This message was incorrect. [Build: 25]

 117. When editing a product definition, and selecting formula based pricing, and saving the change, the change would not be saved. [Build: 25]

 118. When selecting a GoldMine secondary contact from the Contact Lookup window, and the secondary contact had a 1 line address, and the primary contact had a 2 line address, the primary contact line2 would be incorrectly copied to line2 of the additional contacts address. [Build: 26]

 119. Rare Invalid procedure call error when importing a dtf file from the File|Import Document menu. [Build: 26]

 120. In rare cased where the user had the edit product window open, and double-clicked on a link in a contact manager to open a quote would generate a run-time error. [Build: 26]

 121. When selecting File|Exit or closing the main window, and a quote template was open and had changes, you would be prompted to save the quote template, and after the quote template was saved, QuoteWerks would not exit. [Build: 26]

 122. When converting a quote to an order in ACT, sometimes the sales opportunity would not be converted to a completed sale. [Build: 26]

 123. When editing a % charge line item by selecting the Edit|Item Properties menu, and changing the taxable setting, the setting would not be changed. [Build: 26]

 124. When editing a report filter, and clicking on the [Save and Preview] button, a message may have incorrectly said that a table referred to in the layout was not included in the filter. [Build: 26]

 125. When selecting the CTRL-A key combination and the current workbook tab was not the Document Items tab, and error would occur. [Build: 26]

 126. When a simple configuration contained a grouped bundle, all the items selected after the grouped bundle would incorrectly become part of the grouped bundle when it was added to the quote sheet. [Build: 26]

 127. In rare cases, when printing a picture for each item in the quote, the picture for the last line item on the first page of the quote, printed again past the margin. [Build: 26]

 128. When creating a new root folder in a native product database and then immediately clicking on the [New] button, and selecting the "Based on Customer/Product Profile" pricing method an error would occur. [Build: 26]

 129. When a real-time licenses was automatically reserved for a user, that license lock was also counting against the normal licenses account, effectively using two licenses per user instead of one. [Build: 26]

 130. When searching for a contact company name or last name in the QuoteWerks contact database, and the company name or last name contained an apostrophe, an error would occur when clicking on the [Find] button. [Build: 26]

 131. When clicking on the [Remove Link] button from the Ingram Micro, Merisel, or Tech Data tab of the Products|Setup Product Databases menu, all the native product databases would temporarily disappear until you restarted QuoteWerks. [Build: 26]

 132. If all quote workbooks are closed, and the product lookup window was left open, and you right clicked on the product lookup results, an error would occur. [Build: 26]

 133. Copy and Cut issue with Windows 2000 and XP machines when selecting the Edit|Copy or Edit|Cut menus and then going into a different application like notepad to paste, only the first data that was copied into the clipboard would be pasted. [Build: 26]

 134. Rare issue when GoldMine ACCOUNTNO field contained a double quote symbol. [Build: 26]

 135. When exporting document to Peachtree, if the line item attribute of Print Picture was set, the line item would not be included in the export. [Build: 26]

 136. When selecting the Tools|Show Item subtitutes menu, if a line item was selected that had an apostrophe in its part number, an error would occur. [Build: 28]

 137. When exporting estimates to QuickBooks, and the option to auto-generate a job number was selected, and you exported an estimate to an existing customer, an error would occur. [Build: 28]

 138. When merging remote documents and there were over 32000 files in the dtf folder, a run time error 6 overflow would be received. [Build: 28]

 139. When logging a sent email in GoldMine history, sometimes the complete body text would not be saved in the email. [Build: 28]

 140. When locking and unlocking documents, in certain situations, when a user opened a locked document, unlocked it, saved teh changed, and then attempted to re-lock the document, they would not be allowed to do so. [Build: 28]

 141. Fixed tab order of controls on newly re-designed File|Open window. [Build: 28]

 142. When an invalid field name was specified in a datalink mapping, and QuoteWerks was specified as the default contact manager error would occur. [Build: 28]

 143. When exporting a QuoteWerks document to QuickBooks as an Estimate, in some cases you would receive an error message saying that QuickBooks did not support over 5 decimal places. [Build: 28]

 144. Syntax error when selecting File|Open menu, or when selecting the Merged documents icon and a merge has never been run. [Build: 28]

 145. When a customnumberxx field had a value in it and the line item was part of a group (as a group member), then if this field was referenced in a formula field, the value would zero out in the formula expression. [Build: 28]

 146. When multiple quotes were open, and some quotes had been modified, and QuoteWerks was closed using the X in the upper right corner of the main QuoteWerks window, the document number of the quotes that had changed could overwrite each other. [Build: 28]

 147. KnowTia issue where some field data had blank spaces in it. We now remove those. [Build: 28]

 148. When selecting the File|Export to Document Transport File menu, and selecting to email only one document, the document was not getting attached to the email. [Build: 28]

 149. For ACT! users, when doing a file|save as, or convert to order/invoice, and if no ACT! opportunity was created for the document originally, you would receive an incorrect error message saying that the product could not be found. [Build: 29]

 150. When exproting to a dtf file and the Outbox folder was selected, the file new folder would not default to the outbox folder. [Build: 29]

 151. In the QuickBooks link setup, the option for Invoice/Estimate number was not being saved. [Build: 29]

 152. When setting email signature from the Utilities|User Maintenance menu, the changes were not being saved. [Build: 29]

 153. For SalesLogix 5.x remote users, the build 28 changes for SalesLogix 6.0 support caused a problem with detecting the attachment path for version 5.x remote installs . [Build: 29]

 154. After installing the build 28 update, when editing a product, the correct tax code would not be displayed. [Build: 29]

 155. If you used ContactMgr table for inserting fields from contact managers into a print layout, and if you had selected QuoteWerks as your preferred contact manager, then the value from the field that you inserted would not be printed; You would see "!Error" instead. [Build: 29]

 156. When editing a print layout that contained a sort header section, if you inserted a system field like rec_count, the sort header sorting field was incorrectly changed to the system field that was just inserted. [Build: 29]

 157. When using QuoteWerks as the source for contacts, the fax extension field was not being retrieved into the quote. [Build: 29]

 158. Some mail servers configured very tightly for "spam looking" emails would reject an email sent from QuoteWerks because of the formatting of the message-id of an email sent from QuoteWerks. The message-id format has been modified. [Build: 29]

 159. When converting a document to an order or invoice and using GoldMine the linked document would not get completely updated. [Build: 29]

 160. When converting a document to an order or an invoice, the create date for the new order or invoice was not getting set to the day the conversion was taking place. [Build: 29]

 161. If a grouped bundle or configuration was added to the quote, and the quantity of the group was changed, the sales tax would not re-calculate correctly. [Build: 29]

 162. For GoldMine users, when performing certain actions, with some contact records, you could receive an "invalid datastream" message. This was caused by a double quote symbol in the GoldMine record accountno field. [Build: 29]

 163. Newer updated passwords were not being accepted by the setup program. [Build: 30]

 164. Encrypted user data saved to {username}.ini files like contact manager password, tech data realtime password, smtp login password, dialup password, etc. would sometimes become corrupted resulting in incorrect password information being used resulting in an unsuccesful login. [Build: 30]

 165. If using ACT 4.0 or lower, when selecting the option to create an attachment when saving the quote, the attachment would not be created. [Build: 30]

 166. When editing a product definition and using formula based pricing method, and enter a fractional percent like .25%, it would be incorrectly changed to 25%. [Build: 30]

 167. When creating a new contact record using the QuoteWerks contact database, the customer profile dropdown list would not be populated with data. [Build: 30]

 168. Rare Error 713 when selecting company or contact drop down list on File|open window. [Build: 30]

 169. Debug Message box displayed when using Web connector and using a hyperlink from a web app for new quote/order/invoice. [Build: 30]

 170. When running the Merge Remote Documents utility (under the Utilities menu), if a dtf file was suppossed to be added to the database, and there was a problem like an unauthorized serial number, the document would not be added to the database, and this would be reflected in the synclog.txt file, however, on the screen log, it would indicate that the document had been added to the database. [Build: 31]

 171. When importing tab delimited text files, and a field in the text file contained a single double quote symbol, the end of line (carraige return/line feed) would be ignored until another double quote symbol was detected. This would most likely result in an overflow error as thousands of records could be perceived as a single record. [Build: 32]

 172. Error "QuoteWerks was unable to make the selected contact record the currently displayed contact record in GoldMine. This will affect Data Link features." caused due to a double quote symbol in the contact record account number. This has been corrected. [Build: 32]

 173. For salesforce.com users, the June 23rd, 2003 release of salesforce.com S3 changed the way that the salesforce.com web integration links works. Data was not passed and data that had spaces in it would contain plus symbols (+) as a placeholder. This required changes in the QuoteWerks web connector. [Build: 32]

 174. For ACT! or GoldMine users, when saving a quote without selecting an ACT!/GoldMine contact, sometimes would receive an incorrect error stating that you have to select an ACT!/GoldMine contact to perform the selected activities. [Build: 32]

 175. In the Product Lookup window, when selecting a blank sort by field, instead of listing the records in the order they were imported in, they would be sorted by Manufacturer Part Number. [Build: 32]

 176. Error 3021 No current record, when creating a new product in the QuoteWerks native product database. Reproduced by clicking on the Pricing tab and selecting the "Base Pricing on Customer/Product Profile when there were no products displayed in the product lookup window. [Build: 32]

 177. When exporting to QuickBooks, QuoteWerks was not correctly parsing the address line containing city, state and zip correctly into QuickBooks. [Build: 32]

 178. Tech Data real-time pricing and availability, for some part numbers, an empty cost and/or N/A msrp would be returned an QuoteWerks would accept them as 0.00. Now, QuoteWerks will tell you that there is no pricing and availability available for these parts. [Build: 32]

 179. In the report designer, the Rename submenu located under the Reports| Dialog Fields menu was incorrectly located there. It has been moved to be a submenu of the Reports|Conditional Fonts menu. [Build: 32]

 180. When selecting the Edit|Apply Price modifier menu, if a line item was selected that had a price modifier of C, an error message would be displayed. [Build: 32]

 181. For some machines, during the installation would receive a message The application or dll c:\windows\system32\ole2.dll is not a valid Windows image. Please check this against your installation diskette." [Build: 32]

 182. The total page count was not working in product and document management reports. [Build: 32]

 183. When using the SYS->Page system field in a formula field in a footer section, the value would not be correct for the last page. [Build: 32]

 184. Existing data for Canadian customers was not updated with new tax codes when builds higher than 27 were installed. [Build: 32]

 185. If there were 3 line items on the quote, and you selected the first two, and selected the Edit|Convert to Group option, an extra line would be added. [Build: 32]

 186. Incorrect error in the Web connector log of "Unrecognized source of 'salesforce.com' detected." [Build: 32]

 187. The unit price text box on the Add Item assistant was always formatting to two decimals instead of following the number of decimals selected on the Tools|Options menu. [Build: 32]

 188. When select a % discount type of line item, and then selecting the Edit|Item Properties menu, setting the tax code to Taxable would not be accepted. [Build: 32]

 189. Sometimes, the last selected option to create a GoldMine forcasted sale or completed sale would not be remembered. [Build: 32]

 190. When selecting the Utilities|User Maintenance menu, and editing another user's preferences, and then modifying their Document Items column view, the changes would be saved, however, if you went to edit it again, it would display the currently logged in user's column customizations, not the customizations for the selected user. [Build: 32]

 191. If your return email address had an apostrophe in it like O'Toole, you would receive an error message 27120 "no return address specified" error. [Build: 33]

 192. In the License Manager, C-type (Standard Edition) and J-type (PC Industry Edition) license keys were incorrectly allowed to be mixed. [Build: 33]

 193. If a report was run that had no records to print, you would not be able to close the preview window. [Build: 33]

 194. In the configurator, if you switched quickly back and forth between next and back buttons repeatedly, would receive error "object does not support this property" error. [Build: 33]

 195. When exporting and importing XML formatted documents, leading and trailing spaces inside text fields are no longer removed. [Build: 33]

 196. When importing XML formatted documents, for multiple line data, the end of line characters were being displayed as boxes. [Build: 33]

 197. Rare occurences of Runtime error 13 Type mismatch when saving an import template file. [Build: 33]

 198. Problem when importing a text file that used a field delimiter that was not a tab or comma. The import would appear to freeze. [Build: 33]

 199. In the product lookup window, if the sort by selection was set to blank (meaning no sorting), when you selected a different sort field, it would not sort. [Build: 33]

 200. For ACT users when converting a quote to an order and the option of (preserve quotes) was set, an attachment for the new order was not created under the ACT Notes/History tab. [Build: 34]

 201. When doing a file save as and choosing to move the existing contact manager links to the newly saved document, they would not be moved so duplicates would be created. [Build: 34]

 202. In Medic Utility, using the Create product folders feature, if certain "invalid" data was in the folders used for creating main folders and sub folders, then would receive error 3021. [Build: 35]

 203. When on the send email window, and clicking on the TO button and adding a new email address to the list, if the email address had the number "1" in it, the email address would be truncated at that position. [Build: 35]

 204. For salesforce.com users, when clicking on the "View Attachment" link inside Internet Explorer and causing QuoteWerks to open and synchronize that quote into the local quote database, no synchornization would occur if the quote already existed in the local quote database. [Build: 35]

 205. When selecting the "Delete DTF file(s) associated with each document." in the Document Purge Wizard, the files would not be deleted. [Build: 35]

 206. The &FolderName macro name was getting truncated to 30 characters. [Build: 35]

 207. When using the command line options to log into QuoteWerks, if the login name supplied did not match the same casing (like "john" versus "John") as the login name under the Utilities|User Maintenance menus, the different casing would not be recognized by the security features in QuoteWerks. [Build: 35]

 208. For salesforce.com users, if the option to "Look for synchronized data" was not checked, when the user clicked on the document attachment link in salesforce.com, QuoteWerks would report that it could not find the quote number in the database. Internet Explorer is changing the file name from (for example) AAAQ1001.DTF to AAAQ1001[1].DTF. This was causing QuoteWerks to not be able to locate this document number. [Build: 35]

 209. When a license key registration request was submitted online, any "\" characters would be replaced incorrectly with a "t" character. [Build: 35]

 210. If there were more than 26 vendors on a quote and multiple purchase orders were generated, the purchase order numbering after the letters A-Z would appear as symbols. Now for vendors 27-52 the letter numbering will be AA, AB, AC, etc. [Build: 35]

 211. For SalesLogix 6.0 and 6.1 users, the document path for a SalesLogix remote user logged into a SalesLogix remote database is now hard coded to "C:\Documents And Settings\All Users\Application Data\SalesLogix\Documents" regardless of the location of the SalesLogix installation. [Build: 35]

 212. Error "run-time error 713 class not registered" experienced (when running the document purge wizard) in rare situations where a file msstdfmt.dll was not installed on the computer. [Build: 35]

 213. When Web Connector was running on Windows 98/95 machines, and the installation was run to update the Web Connector, as a result when restarting the computer, you would receive a message that QWWebConnector.exe could not be found. [Build: 35]

 214. When the File|Duplicate menu was used on a document that has been linked with a salesforce.com contact and an attachment and opportunity has been created/linked to this document, after the duplicate, the original attachment and opportunity would be updated instead of new ones being created for this duplicate document. [Build: 35]

 215. If an error 0:31 was encountered in SalesLogix version greater than 6.0 like 6.1, the solution to fix the error was incorrectly diplayed. [Build: 35]

 216. For GoldMine 6.0 users, would receive error "There was an error retrieving GoldMine opportunity/project record name" when choosing to create a forecasted sale for the quote. This would happen when the GoldMine 6.0 contact record contained closed opportunities. [Build: 35]

 217. If a management report was run and there were no matching records, and then you closed the report and tried to run another, you would receive an error saying that the report designer was already open. [Build: 35]

 218. Automated products import from the command line would freeze. [Build: 35]

 219. When changing the sales tax rate, the sales tax column display on the Document Items tab would not be refreshed with the newly calculated sales tax (although the calculation was correct, it just did not update on the display). [Build: 35]

 220. In the Medic utility, the Create Product Database Folders feature would always use CustomText01 and CustomText02 instead of obeying the user's selections. [Build: 35]

 221. The QuoteWerks backend dll file qw30.dll was not getting registered by the node installation. [Build: 35]

 222. Formulas used in the print and report layouts that used If-Then-Else statements would not work correctly when referring to a text value. [Build: 36]

 223. When importing a comma delimited product or contact text file, if the data contained a single quote symbol that was paired with another quote symbol by the program that created the file (this is the industry standard), QuoteWerks would give an error about unpaired quote symbol. [Build: 37]

 224. For Canadian users, when using the Alternate currency features, when the alternate currency PST tax field was displayed on the screen, or in reports, it would incorrectly display 0. [Build: 37]

 225. Bug in Windows XP SP2 causes the print preview window to appear empty until you use the scrollbar. [Build: 38]

 226. When error "521 Can't open clipboard" displayed, QuoteWerks would terminate. [Build: 38]

 227. Error when in a date box and trying to display the date selection window. [Build: 38]

 228. When importing tab or pipe delimited product file. Overflow error or problem when data had a quote symbol in it, but the field data was not encapsulated in double quotes. [Build: 38]

 229. When previewing a report for the second time in a row, and canceling the input of a dialog field, error occurred. [Build: 38]

 230. The medic feature in the Medic Utility that listed the logged in users would not display the logged in user's name. [Build: 38]

 231. The product import status bar was not progressing. [Build: 38]

 232. Error "Error in GetImportFieldDefDataSource, iTextColElementIndex greater than number of fields detected" when importing. This occurred if any empty records were being imported. This notice was removed. [Build: 38]

 233. If a QuoteWerks formatted xml import file contained extra lf and/or cr characters outside of the xml tags, would receive error "Property Let Procedure not defined and property get procedure did not return an object" [Build: 38]

 234. If refreshing an item in the quote that has a price modifier that is based on cost, and the option "Keep the same price, recalculate the markup/margin" on the Adjust Price dialog is selected, a "division by zero" error would occur. [Build: 38]

 235. Bug in QuickBooks 2002/2003/2004 causes "error parsing xml text stream" when the data contained a chr(146) italicized apostrophe character. QuoteWerks now replaces this character with a regular apostrophe to avoid this issue. [Build: 38]

 236. For salesforce.com users that have configured their Windows regional settings to use a comma as the decimal separator would receive a type mismatch error. [Build: 38]

 237. When doing a search for customer based price history for an item, if the contact manager account number or company name contained an apostrophe, an error would occur. [Build: 38]

 238. On the File|Open window if you selected to sort the list by GrandTotal, MergeCode, or TemplateType an error would occur. [Build: 38]

 239. When linking to a password protected native product database, after supplying the requested password, QuoteWerks would display a "not a valid password" error and terminate. When you restarted QuoteWerks, the database would be linked and everything would function correctly after that. [Build: 38]

 240. For salesforce.com users, when renaming a document or manually changing the document number, this change would not be reflected in the salesforce.com quote attachment. [Build: 38]