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Version 3.0 Build 15 Summary
44 New, 16 Fixes, and 6 Miscellaneous features Released on 09/25/2000
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New Features - Build 15
 1. The RTF attachments now obey their OWN top,left, bottom, right margin settings when used as cover pages or literature pages in the printed output. This is important to know because once this update is installed, it most likely will change the margin formatting output of these attachments.

 2. Quote attachments can now be sent as Adobe Acrobat PDF file attachments. You now have the option under the Internet tab of the Tools|My Preferences menu to send the quote attachments as either RTF or PDF.

 3. GoldMine Users - Email sent from QuoteWerks to the Sold To contact are now logged under the GoldMine 4.0 or 5.0/FrontOffice history tab as if the email had been sent from GoldMine itself!

 4. GoldMine Users - There is now an advanced INI file option to use the profit amount or sale amount when scheduling the forecasted sale in GoldMine. In the SITE.INI file under the [Contact Managers] section set the key ForecastProfitAmount=-1 to forecast the profit amount instead of the sale amount.

 5. ACT! Users - Emails sent from QuoteWerks to the Sold To contact are now logged under the ACT! contact's Notes/History tab.

 6. Outlook Users - You can now use and search for contacts in Outlook Shared Public Contact folders. You can choose this option under the Contacts|Setup Contact Manager menu.

 7. Outlook Users - The "lightning" button on the Sold to Ship to tab will now retrieve the currently active Outlook contact record (for Outlook users)

 8. QuoteWerks product pricing can now be based on a foreign currency. Look on the Edit product screen to see the new feature. Also, there is a new Utilities|Update Local Currency Pricing menu that updates selected product databases local prices based on the conversion rate and the foreign price specified for the product.

 9. When printing, you can now specify the printer tray and paper size to be used.

 10. The price refreshing and best price features now update the cost, price and list price fields no matter what pricing method is being used. Also, the best price feature now more specifically looks for the best price depending upon which pricing method you are using. So if you discount from list, it looks for the best list price. If you markup from cost, it looks for the best cost.

 11. The price refreshing and best price features now support the volume pricing method.

 12. Added new Edit|Select Special... menu that allows you to select all line items that have a certain value, like all the line items in the quote with a specified vendor.

 13. Added an [OK for All] button to the adjust price dialog which is useful when refreshing prices.

 14. The Edit product window now displays the creation and last modified date and time for the product.

 15. Saving products in the product database is now 15 times faster!

 16. Added support for &DH_DocName macro on cover and literature pages.

 17. The DDE Center utility under the Contacts|DDE Center menu now supports Maximizer and ACT in addition to GoldMine.

 18. Added new property called "Keep Together" for the detail section in the print layouts. This feature will cause the entire detail section to start on the next page if the entire detail section cannot completely print on the current page.

 19. The FaxRush link shedules faxes to the FaxRush server using the name 'FAXRUSH'. Through an INI file entry, you can now change this default 'FAXRUSH' FaxRush server name to something else. This is set (for example) in the DefaultServerName=FAXRUSH2 key in the SITE.INI file under the [FaxRush] section

 20. Added new File|Copy to Clipboard menu to the print preview window. This allows you to copy selected pages of the preview to the Windows clipboard. The pages are copied as RTF data that can be pasted into Microsoft Word for example.

 21. An Extended list price display was added to the Totals bar on the Document Items tab.

 22. Added DocDueDate field to the File|Open search window.

 23. Added support for a message log. You can now see the last 100 messages that QuoteWerks displayed on the status bar by dbl-clicking on the Status bar located at the bottom of the main QuoteWerks window. This is useful for looking up messages that appeared and disappeared too quickly for you to read.

 24. When QuoteWerks starts, it now checks to see if your preferred contact manager is running, and alerts you if it is not.

 25. Add GoldMine forecasting default options, In the {username}.ini file under the [Preferences] section, you can enter the following keys to modify the defaults on the forecasted sale window; ForecastProbability=80 ;ForecastActivityCode=ABC

 26. Attachments can now be deleted from the Send Email window by selecting an attachment and pressing the Delete key on the keyboard.

 27. Added INI switch to set the default DocStatus for new quotes to something other than the hard coded "Open" .In the Site.ini file, under the [System] section, set the NewQuoteDocStatus=Quoted for example.

 28. Added automatic support for the use of the decimal character "." as a date separator.

 29. New option under Misc tab of Tools|My Preferences option to choose whether or not to auto expand all the folders in the product database.

 30. On Customer Price Level pricing setup window, now the customer price profiles assocaitged with each price level are displayed.

 31. Added new F2 Lookup macro for advanced users ~RunAppAndReturnClipboard(c:\windows,c:\YourCustomApp.exe,1). This new function/macro will run the application, and then paste the contents of the windows clipboard into the field that the f2 lookup was launched from when the application that was launched has terminated.

 32. Added new F2 Lookup macro for advanced users ~RequestDDEValue(TargetAppName$, TargetAppTopic$, DDECommand$). This new function/macro will open a DDE communication channel with the application, send the dde command string to it, and then paste the results into the field that the f2 lookup was launched from. Example: ~RequestDDEValue(GoldMine, Data, &Company)

 33. Added new status bar indicator that displays the number of line items currenctly selected.

 34. Existing GoldMine linked document records, are now searched for using on the document number and not the file location of the linked document. This will help in some situations where QuoteWerks was not setup correctly by not having the same file path used to refer to the QuoteWerks installation.

 35. When changing the line item price modifier in the quote sheet, if you change the price modifier of an item that is using certain pricing methods, you will now receieve a message stating that you are overiding the automatic price modifier specified for this line item.

 36. Added INI switch in {username}.ini called ConfiguratorPromptForQuantity under the [Preferences] section. Setting this to -1 will make the configurator prompt you for a quantity for each item selected in the configurator.

 37. If product database that is linked to or created exists in the application directory, the full path to the product database is no longer stored in with the name of the product database file. This makes copying settings between different installations easier.

 38. The vendor name specified for the product database is now saved in the product database itself. With this new feature, when you [Link to existing] product database, you will not have to reenter the vendor name associated with this product database.

 39. Highlighting the existing data, and then typing "--10.5%" in the unit cost or unit price column of the quote worksheet will subtract 10.5 % from the value currently listed. To add a percentage to the current value use "++10.5%".

 40. The contents of the the fields on the product lookup window are now automatically highlighted when the field receives focus.

 41. Added INI switch to allow advanced users to change the font displayed on the DocumentItems tab. Edit the {username}.ini file under the [Preferences] section, set the key QuoteSheetFontName=Arial as an example.

 42. Added INI switch to allow advanced users to change the size of the font displayed on the DocumentItems tab. Edit the {username}.ini file under the [Preferences] section, set the key QuoteSheetFontSize=14 as an example.

 43. The buttons on the button bar that correspond to menu items are now hidden if their menu counterpart is hidden using the security features.

 44. In menu customization file (menuopts.add), you can now enter just the name of a document without specifying which application is needed to open it.So, for example, you can type Product Specs=c:\data\intelmatrix.pdf, or QuoteWerks Product Info=www.quotewerks.com/prodinfo.htm

Misc Features - Build 15
 1. The left and right cursor keys on the keyboard now move the cursor within each cell in the DocumentItems grid rather than moving between cells.

 2. When editing a print layout, you can no longer insert a second detail section, or Sort section. These sections where never supported, so we removed the option to insert them.

 3. The rows on the product lookup window grid can now be resized.

 4. Comment line items exported with the Peachtree link where showing a quantity of 1, we changed the quantity to 0 so that no value would show up in Peachtree.

 5. Changed Peachtree item description in invoice and orders to only include description, without manufacturer and vendor part #.

 6. Consolidated the Cancel and Finish buttons in the configurator.

Fixes - Build 15
 1. On remote PC installations of QuoteWerks, the Seed Number and Registration code where not listed on the License Manager window.

 2. If FaxRush link was disabled, it could not be re-enabled.

 3. QuoteWerks is now fully compatible with the UK version of Maximizer.

 4. The Canadian version of QuickBooks 2000 requires a 4 digit date format in the iif export file.

 5. The DocumentHeaderMacros->POSoldToPhone and POSOldToFax macro fields where returning the wrong information.

 6. The Products|Bundles menu was not showing up in the menu rights settings in the user maintenance window.

 7. Error occurred if vendor name included an apostrophe in it.

 8. Importing data from Quote Pro 2.5 type mismatch error generated by USERDEF10 field.

 9. Setting the default customer profile for new quotes was not working.

 10. The manufacturer part # column in the document items tab was only allowing 20 characters, when 40 are actually supported.

 11. In Terminal Server or Citrix environment, would sometimes receive error 52 when selecting the File|Print menu.

 12. For countries that prefer to display the sales tax amount for each line item next to each line item, the sales tax column value displayed the non-dicounted sales tax for the group header line item of a grouped bundle.

 13. When no search results where found in the Open Quote window, and the user clicked on the Open button, error occurred.

 14. If a user was given the CannotModifyTemplates access right, they would not be able to use quote templates.

 15. In rare cases, on some machines with older drivers would receive a CopyDataFile error when trying to preview.

 16. Emails sent from QuoteWerks now have a message-id value. Many anti-spam email server features would consider emails that did not have a message-id as spam, and therefore reject the email.