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Version: 4.6    Build: 1.17    Release Date: 01/03/2011     Type: Fix     View All Features in Build
In the Word Merging, if you used the macro &DH_INTRODUCTIONNOTES, the formatting applied to that macro text in Word was being ignored.
Version: 4.6    Build: 1    Release Date: 12/15/2010     Type: New     View All Features in Build
Microsoft Word merging. As an alternative to the built-in QuoteWerks report writer, you can now create Microsoft word based quotes and proposals from within QuoteWerks. Everyone knows how to use Microsoft Word. Word is more flexible than report designers and it is easy to design a Word based Quote layout since you already know how to use Word. QuoteWerks simply drops the data into your Word document wherever you want it. After merging, it is easy to make changes or tweaks to the Word document. Best of both worlds ? macro replacement and the ability to edit afterwards. To top it all off, QuoteWerks then automatically saves your data merged Word document as a PDF file and links it into the quote. The new Microsoft Word merging feature seamlessly integrates into the File|Print window. On the Layouts tab, you simply choose a Word Document Template rather than the built-in report designer layout. Sit back and watch QuoteWerks update your Word Document. Microsoft Word Document merging is also integrated into Links tab of the Quote WorkBook as a right click menu for "Merge Word document". You can select multiple Word documents (*.doc;*.docx) at the same time to merge.
Version: 4.6    Build: 1    Release Date: 12/15/2010     Type: New     View All Features in Build
Unified Print, Share, Publish Deliver window. The Print window has been re-designed to support the new Microsoft Word merging, QuoteValet, Save as PDF, Peer Review, and Approval features. On the surface it may look familiar, but underneath it behaves very differently. Now, on the Layout tab, you can choose <None>. This is useful if you just want to print a cover page or some literature, etc without printing a quote layout. Another difference on this tab is that you can now choose a Word document template from this tab. The word documents stored in the \Layouts\Quotes folder will appear in this tab. From this window, you have always been able to choose a layout, a cover page, multiple literature files, multiple spec sheets, and multiple files from the links tab. You can still do this, but now the layout is seamlessly either the built-in layout or an external word document template. When you select an .rtf cover page in addition, QuoteWerks automatically behind the scenes merges the macros in the RTF file, converts the RTF file to a PDF file, and then merges that PDF file with the PDF file output from the Word merge. The same happens for all the files on the Literature, Spec Sheet, and Links tabs. On the Links tab there is even more functionality. If you selected a Word document on the Links tab, then QuoteWerks will merge that Word document, convert it to a PDF file and then merge it with the other PDF output into one final PDF output.