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Version: 5.2    Build: 2.22    Release Date: 01/26/2017     Type: Fix     View All Features in Build
If all product databases were selected to be used in the Multiple Database Search on the Product Lookup window, after upgrading to version 5.2, none of them would be selected.
Version: 5.1    Build: 6.03    Release Date: 05/25/2016     Type: New     View All Features in Build
On the Product Lookup window you can now search by InternalPartNumber for native product databases, including ones hosted to Azure, and also in the multiple product database search (which will just search for this field in native product databases.
Version: 5.0    Build: 4.34    Release Date: 05/27/2015     Type: Fix     View All Features in Build
On the Product Lookup window, the [Show All] button is no longer visible if the "Multiple Database Search" is selected.
Version: 5.0    Build: 4.09    Release Date: 04/20/2015     Type: Fix     View All Features in Build
For multiple product database searches when choosing to use a result that was from a native product database, the record ID would be truncated at 4 characters resulting in selecting the wrong product to use or not finding a match at all.
Version: 5.0    Build: 1.09    Release Date: 12/09/2014     Type: Fix     View All Features in Build
From the Product Lookup Window, when doing a Multiple Product Database Search, and then choosing to add/insert a result into the quote that was found in Autotask or ConnectWise product database an error would be returned and a blank item would be added to the QuoteWerks Document.
Version: 5.0    Build: 1    Release Date: 11/07/2014     Type: New     View All Features in Build
Multiple Product Database Search. You can now do a product search across multiple product databases. This will search all selected product databases including native product databases, and external product data sources like SQL, OLEDB, Autotask, ConnectWise, salesforce.com, QuickBooks, etc
Version: 4.7    Build: 1    Release Date: 11/07/2011     Type: New     View All Features in Build
Etilize 2.0 UI redesign and enhancements. Now includes accessories, spec sheets, website links, and support for multiple part numbers for the same item. The Etilize panel is now available on both the Product Lookup window and the Quote WorkBook, making it easy to update existing items on existing quotes with updated Etilize information. Etilize information is no longer just displayed when searching Etilize on the Product Lookup window, the Etilize panel now displays when searching individual product databases including Autotask and ConnectWise products. When searching for Etilize Products from the Product Lookup, you can narrow down the results by Category, Sub-Category, Manufacturer, and you can also limit the results to only items carried by distributors that you have setup real-time pricing for. Pricing is now available from CDW, Newegg, Dell, and Amazon. Etilize product content is now supported for UK Customers. To top it all off the Etilize integration now boasts a 7x speed increase!
Version: 4.5    Build: 4    Release Date: 04/07/2010     Type: New     View All Features in Build
ConnectWise 2010 is now supported with new built-in ConnectWise link. This new integration is available in the Corporate Edition of QuoteWerks. The integration includes: a) ConnectWise can be searched to find Contacts to pull into the quote. b) QuoteWerks will create/update a Sales opportunity in ConnectWise. You can attach to existing ConnectWise opportunities or create new opportunities in ConnectWise. You can even attach multiple quotes to the same ConnectWise opportunity. QuoteWerks creates forecast lines in the ConnectWise opportunity breaking down the forecasted amount by Product, Service, Managed Service, and Other. This enables you to quickly glance at your opportunity to see your revenue breakdown. Recurring revenue forecasting options are also supported. Products and Services can be optionally be automatically created under the Products and Services tabs respectively in the ConnectWise opportunity. These products are also created and updated in the ConnectWise master product database. c) QuoteWerks will create/update an attachment to the quote under the Documents tab in the ConnectWise Opportunity. This can be used to open up the quote that the opportunity refers to. If this is a remote install or satellite office, opening that document link will import that quote into that QuoteWerks installation. d) QuoteWerks will create/update a call activity in ConnectWise used to follow up on the quote. This call will be linked to both the ConnectWise contact and the ConnectWise Opportunity. e) The QuoteWerks DataLink feature can be used with ConnectWise enabling you to retrieve information like Terms and shipping method from the ConnectWise contact into the quote. f) When printing, QuoteWerks can retrieve Contact data from ConnectWise and include it in the printed output. g) ConnectWise Contact data can be retrieved using the F2 Lookup macro of ~ConnectWise_Macro(). h) QuoteWerks can link to the ConnectWise product database as a Product Data Source. From within QuoteWerks you can search the ConnectWise product database, and add these products to your QuoteWerks quote. i) The integration communicates directly with the ConnectWise backend, so the ConnectWise "fat" client does not need to be running for the integration to work. This is particularly useful if you do not have ConnectWise or QuoteWerks running. In this case, if you want to create a quote, you only need to open QuoteWerks.

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