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Version 5.2 Build 2.26 Summary
26 New, 22 Fixes, and 5 Miscellaneous features Released on 01/26/2017
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New Features - Build 2
 1. The field size for CostModifier and PriceModifier fields on the DocumentItems tab have been increased from 8 to 18 allowing for longer compound discount modifiers like "D50\10\17".

 2. ACT! version 19 is now supported! [Service Release: 2.22]

 3. SalesLogix (Infor CRM) 8.3 is now supported! [Service Release: 2.22]

 4. For Peachtree (Sage 50 US Edition) users, when using Peachtree as the contact manager you can now retrieve the Customer Terms using the DataLink using the new Data Link field CustomerPaymentTerms. [Service Release: 2.22]

 5. On the Templates tab of the File->New menu you can now search the templates by name with "Begins with", "Contains", and "Ends with". [Service Release: 2.22]

 6. The macro name &APP_LayoutName is available on the Misc tab of Tools->Options for the generation of the file name for the "Document Attachment file" and "PO Document Attachment file". This is very useful because when used the file name generated would contain the name of the primary selected layout or word document used to generate the file giving the file name some meaningful context. [Service Release: 2.22]

 7. There are now the macros &APP_LicensingPrimarySerialNumber, &APP_LicensingEnterpriseLicenseCount, and &APP_LicensingSiteLicenseCount available through the Application.GetMacro API method. [Service Release: 2.22]

 8. ConnectWise 2017.2 is now supported! [Service Release: 2.22]

 9. When adding a File Link from the Links tab, if you select a file that is not under the \QuoteWerks folder, you will be prompted to link directly to the file or copy it to a centralized storage location (\QuoteWerks\Resources) and link to that file. Users can set the default behavior with the option "When adding File Link default to option to Copy to Centralized Storage" under the Misc tab of the Tools->My Preferences menu. Also adminstrators can force the centralized storage with the Misc Access right of "ForceFileLinksAttachModeAsCopy". [Service Release: 2.22]

 10. The Tools->Refresh Item Details menu now an option to choose which Product Data Source you want to refresh the line item data from. Also there is an option "Obtain refreshed data from:" when multiple line items are selected to force the refresh to look in the selected database versus the database specified in the line item. Also the columns are sortable useful in grouping all fields together that have data in them, or sorting the field names alphabetically. [Service Release: 2.22]

 11. For ConnectWise users, when converting a quote to an order and converting the ConnectWise opportunity to Won, you can now specify the Close Date. Also when subsequently updating the order and saving the changes to the ConnectWise Closed Won Opportunity, the Closed date will no longer change unless you change it. [Service Release: 2.22]

 12. There is now a utility feature to cycle through ALL documents in the database and look at the file links and replace the matching folder location of the linked file with a different folder location. [Service Release: 2.22]

 13. When importing a product database, the name of the Product Database is now displayed in the import status window. [Service Release: 2.22]

 14. On the Open Document window, the checkbox "Include Revisions", now remembers the last selection per user. [Service Release: 2.22]

 15. There are now DocumentItems->&ProductDBForeignCurrencyUnitCost and DocumentItems->&ProductDBForeignCurrencyIdentifier fields available in the layout designer for FPC files. These fields will lookup these field values from the product database for the item in the product database. These are only available for native product databases. [Service Release: 2.22]

 16. On the Product Price History window, clicking on the Date column now sorts. [Service Release: 2.22]

 17. On the Open Document window, you can now search the Company and Contact fields by "Begins with", "Contains" and "Ends with". [Service Release: 2.22]

 18. On the File Links tab of the Quote WorkBook, you can now multi-select when removing links. [Service Release: 2.22]

 19. In Select Special can now search number fields UnitCost, UnitPrice, and UnitList with search operator "Equal to", "Not Equal to", "Greater than", "Greater or Equal", "Less than", and "Less or Equal". Also, added text search operators "Not Equal to" and "Ends with" and "Does not Contain". Select Special can now be launched with CTRL-F keyboard shortcut. [Service Release: 2.22]

 20. Added menu shortcut key CTRL-R for Edit->Item Attributes. [Service Release: 2.22]

 21. Added menu shortcut key CTRL-T for Edit->Add SubTotal. [Service Release: 2.22]

 22. In Management Reports you can now use the [Output CSV] button to export the output of the report to a CSV file. This is different than the [Export] button feature in that this [Output CSV] feature takes the output of the Report Layout including the formulas, filtering, sorting, and grouping of sections and then exports that data. [Service Release: 2.22]

 23. For Goldmine users, when using the &Dear field in the DataLink, if you selected a Secondary Contact the DataLink will now grab the Dear value from the Secondary contact. [Service Release: 2.22]

 24. SugarCRM 7.8 is now supported! [Service Release: 2.26]

 25. For Product Content Subscribers, the Etilize Product Comparison now supports ASI, Westcoast, Northamber distributors. [Service Release: 2.26]

 26. Added Misc Access Right "CannotManuallyModifyProductQuery". When this is set, the "Show SQL" option will not appear on the Product Lookup window. [Service Release: 2.26]

Misc Features - Build 2
 1. Activated beta testing support for ACT! for Web version 19. [Service Release: 2.22]

 2. The User Preferences Title field was widened. [Service Release: 2.22]

 3. For MS CRM users, additional debug information is displayed when there are errors relating to connecting/logging into MS CRM. [Service Release: 2.22]

 4. ExecuteSchemaChange errors are now logged in the err.log file. [Service Release: 2.22]

 5. The registration grace period when entering new license keys is now 65 days. [Service Release: 2.22]

Fixes - Build 2
 1. LoggedInUserXXXX macros were not working.

 2. For ConnectWise Users in Australia using the ConnectWise Hosted Cloud (au.myconnectwise.net), REST calls would fail from QuoteWerks. [Service Release: 2.22]

 3. On a computer with a single monitor when maximizing the main QuoteWerks window and also maximizing the Open Document window, then minimizing both of them, then switching to another application, then click back on QuoteWerks in the Windows tray would receive run-time error 380 (invalid property value). [Service Release: 2.22]

 4. When making changes to the QuickBooks setup, for some settings you needed to exit QuoteWerks and restart for the changes to take effect. [Service Release: 2.22]

 5. When converting a QUOTE to an ORDER and then document prefix was DJCOQ would incorrectly receive the message about the "Attempt to determine document designator failed!" [Service Release: 2.22]

 6. If all product databases were selected to be used in the Multiple Database Search on the Product Lookup window, after upgrading to version 5.2, none of them would be selected. [Service Release: 2.22]

 7. The Convert to Order window was no longer showing checkboxes to allow you to delete previous revisions, and all previous revisions were being deleted. [Service Release: 2.22]

 8. When converting a QUOTE to an ORDER that had multiple revisions and some revisions where deleted, could receive error: An error occurred in the SaveDocumentToDTFFileEx function. The Document Header record was not found in the database. SQL=SELECT * FROM DocumentHeaders WHERE ID = 0 [Service Release: 2.22]

 9. For API users, in the Backend DLL, the Installation(x).Application.IsRunning() was always returning true no matter which installation was running if at least one was running. Also related is the Installation(x).Application.GetRunningObject(). [Service Release: 2.22]

 10. For API users, setting the value for "RecurringFirstPaymentIncluded", or "RecurringBillingCycle" using ItemFunctions.LineItemSetValue, was not causing the workbook to recalculate. [Service Release: 2.22]

 11. If the Sales Rep picture was not located under the \QuoteWerks\Images folder, it would not display in the Opportunities Dashboard. [Service Release: 2.22]

 12. When installing QuoteWerks update, converting from v5.0 Build 5 or earlier to version 5.2 would receive error: Error opening recordset in ConnOpenRecordset(): QuoteWerks trapped Error (-2147217865) Invalid object name 'SystemSettings'. SQL=SELECT KeyValue FROM SystemSettings WHERE SectionName='System' AND KeyName='PrintElementOrder' [Service Release: 2.22]

 13. When Misc Access rights are set to prevent a user from manually modifying a field on the document items tab, it was preventing system actions (initiated by a user) like refreshing item details from a product data sources from updating those fields. [Service Release: 2.22]

 14. When customizing Product Lookup columns, the changes would be lost when exiting QuoteWerks. [Service Release: 2.22]

 15. On the Summary Dashboard, QuoteWerks was always calculating the Quota amount based on the number of days rather than by the month. This could show incorrect Quota remaining on the Dashboard depending on the month or period selected. [Service Release: 2.22]

 16. for Autotask users, the "Create Autotask Product Item Name From" setting was not upgraded properly during the v5.2 Build 1 upgrade. This is fixed moving forward. [Service Release: 2.22]

 17. For MS CRM 8.1 users, would return error that MS CRM version 8.0 was not found. [Service Release: 2.22]

 18. Catches error 6 overflow when loading corrupt user ini data for product columns. [Service Release: 2.22]

 19. The Document Purge Wizard was not showing the number of documents to be purged. [Service Release: 2.26]

 20. Selecting an image for a product definition was not getting saved to the product record. [Service Release: 2.26]

 21. When the Paste Special loaded, if the last paste special option selected was "Start "One-Step" Paste Special" or "Start session using the settings of a template", the list of choices for those optionss would be disabled until you clicked away and clicked back on the option. [Service Release: 2.26]

 22. For Goldmine users, DataLink of RetrieveBillTo or RetrieveShipTo was not working. [Service Release: 2.26]