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Version 4.0 Build 01.01 Summary
17 New, 14 Fixes, and 8 Miscellaneous features Released on 12/15/2009
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New Features - Build 1
 1. Updated QuoteWerks Interface! Color Schemes/Skins are now supported in QuoteWerks under the Appearance tab of the Tools->My Preferences user. Color schemes control the appearance of menus, buttons, text boxes and more. QuoteWerks can now look like Windows Vista, Office 2007, or even like a Mac application. You have to see it to believe it! It is really amazing. Each user can choose their own color scheme enabling them to express their personal preferences.

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 2. Drag Drop support! You can now drag and drop line items in the quote, instead of having to cut and insert paste line items. You can drag single line items or multiple line items.

 3. There is now a Links tab in the Quote WorkBook. Here you can link external files to the quote document. If, for example, you have created a Visio diagram or cad drawing file that is related to this quote, you can simply select these files to add them to this Links tab. You can even drag the files into the Links tab from Windows explorer. It's that easy. With all the external files related to this quote document displayed on the Links tab, finding and opening them to edit or print is so much easier now because you can just open the QuoteWerks quote, and on the Links tab, all of these files are organized for you. No more trying to remember where they are stored or going searching for them. Once you've added a file to the Links tab, you can edit the description of the file so that it is displayed as "Network Architecture Design", rather than as the file name "f:\data\VisioFiles\NetworkDesignForABCCompany.vsd".

You can also add website links to the Links tab. You can simply drag the website address from your web browser into the Links tab. You can use this to link a package tracking url into the Links tab. Using the description feature you can name the link "UPS tracking for the flat screen TV". Double-clicking on the link launches the web page. You can add as many links as you like. You could also add links to website pages that contain information about the products you are selling whether it be for your internal reference or for your customer's reference.

See a screenshot/video of this feature

 4. There is now a "Create new linked file using template" feature on the Links tab, from within the quote, you can easily create a copy of any file and QuoteWerks will automatically give it a file name unique to this quote and will add it to the Links tab. So for example if you have a document template file called "JobCostAndTimeTracking.xls", simply clicking on the "New file link from template" button on the Links tab, QuoteWerks will make a copy of this file and name it, for example, "AAAQ1001_JobCostAndTimeTracking.xls". You are not limited to only one Excel file template either. You can setup as many as you want. You can have ones for different job types. You can create templates for any file type, even a text file like "OpenItemsTODOList.txt".

See a screenshot/video of this feature

 5. Improved Proposal support. Using the "Create new linked file using template" feature on the Links tab, you can also create a proposal template and save it in an RTF format. You can design it to look like your proposals. You can create complete proposal type documents containing different font types, sizes, bold, underlining, colors, bulleted lists, tables, etc. These proposal documents are unique to each quote and have their own unique file name (as described in the "File Name Generation Options" feature). These documents can contain QuoteWerks macro fields so that data from the quote is merged into these proposals resulting in the combined output of your manual customization along with the automation of data merging from the quote. Before QuoteWerks version 4.5, there was no way to merge quote data into an RTF document specific to a particular quote.

 6. On the Print window there is a new Links tab. Here you can choose which files to include in the printed output. If you have any RTF files (like your proposals) linked, just put a checkmark next to it and it will be merged into the printed output. If you are emailing the printed output, you can choose which of the linked resources you would like to include as attachments in the email. So if you want to include that Visio drawing in the email to your customer, just put a checkmark next to it.

See a screenshot/video of this feature

 7. ACT! for Web (version 2010) is now supported!. This new integration is available in the Corporate Edition of QuoteWerks. In our experience the ACT! for Web integration is over 50% faster* than the standard ACT! integration. The integration includes: a) ACT! for Web can be searched to find Contacts to pull into the quote. b) QuoteWerks will create/update an attachment to the quote under the Documents tab in ACT! for Web. c) QuoteWerks will create/update a follow up call in ACT! for Web. d) QuoteWerks will create/update a Sales Opportunity in ACT! for Web. e) The QuoteWerks DataLink feature can be used with ACT! for Web enabling you to retrieve information like Terms and shipping method from the ACT! for Web Contact into the quote. f) When printing, QuoteWerks can retrieve Contact data from ACT! for Web and include it in the printed output. g) ACT! for Web Contact data can be retrieved using the F2 Lookup macro of ~ACTForWeb_Macro(). h) There is a "Display contact in contact manager" button on the SoldTo / ShipTo tab that will open the ACT! for Web Contact in ACT! for Web for the SoldTo, ShipTo, or BillTo linked contact. i) On the select Email Address window, you can see all the ACT! for Web email addreses associated with the contact record linked to the Sold To, Bill To, and Ship To fields. j) On the select Email Address window, there is now an option to "Search ACT! for Web" for an email address. You can search your entire ACT! for Web database for an email address, searching by Company, Contact, Last Name, or Phone. *We attribute this to the fact that ACT! is not installed on the same workstation PC that QuoteWerks is installed on. All of the ACT! processing and database searching occurs on a remote server, so ACT! is not using up any of the CPU time or memory on the workstation PC leaving more resources for QuoteWerks and other applications.

See a screenshot/video of this feature

 8. SugarCRM 5.5 is now supported!

 9. You can now set the order in which various print elements print. For example, the default is for the Cover Page to print, and then the Print Layout, and then the Spec Sheets, and then the Literature. Now, you can choose the order in which each of these types of print elements are printed. This can be set under the Print tab of the Tools|Options menu.

See a screenshot/video of this feature

 10. On the Misc tab of the Tools|Options menu, there are new File Generation options. Here you can control the names of files created during various operations. For example the Document Attachment file is the file that is created when you email a quote. This file may be saved in .pdf or .rtf format depending upon your settings. Before, this file name was simply the document number like AAAQ1001.pdf. Now you can completely control the name of the file to make it more meanful to you and your customer. You can do this using macros like "Document_&DH_DocNo_&DH_DocName" which would result in a file name like "Document_AAAQ1001ChicagoLocationManagedServices.pdf".

See a screenshot/video of this feature

 11. There is a new File Generation option for the PO Document Attachment file. When previewing the purchase order, you can save the purchase order preview as a file, or send it as an email. When you do, the file name generated will be based on the macros you define. For example you can set this to "PO_&DH_DocNo_&POVendorName" and the file name will look like "PO_AAAQ1001A_Tech Data.pdf"

See a screenshot/video of this feature

 12. There is a new File Generation option for the Report Document Attachment file. When previewing a Management Report, you can save the Management Report preview as a file, or send it as an email. When you do, the file name generated will be based on the macros you define. For example you can set this to "&APP_ReportName &SYS_TodaysDate" and the file name will look like "Quarterly Sales Dec-11-2009.pdf"

See a screenshot/video of this feature

 13. There is a new File Generation option for the creation of a "new linked file using template". On the Links tab of the Quote WorkBook, when choosing "New file link from template", this new file will be saved with a generated file name based on the macros you define. For example you can set this to "&DH_DocNo_%filebasename%&SYS_TodaysDate" and the file name will look like "AAAQ1001_Managed Services Implementation_Dec-11-2009.rtf"

See a screenshot/video of this feature

 14. Search Online Merchants. Added support for a new Product Data Source - DataFeedFile.com. DataFeedFile.com gathers product data from thousands of Online Stores (merchants) and creates a comprehensive and searchable database, making it possible to easily compare prices between online stores. DataFeedFile.com is a free service. Using the QuoteWerks Real-time module you can search DataFeedFile.com and have access to all this information from within QuoteWerks. In the search results you can right click on the items and choose 'View Item URL' to display the selected item on the merchants website (like amazon.com or buy.com), where you can see more details about that product on that merchant's website.

See a screenshot/video of this feature

 15. There is now an Item URL field on the Advanced tab of the Edit Product window for native product databases. With this you can specify a website page to associate with this product. When searching for the product, you can right click on it and choose 'View Item URL' to have QuoteWerks open this URL in your default web browser.

See a screenshot/video of this feature

 16. On the Documents tab of the Tools->Options menu, the customized label names for Terms, FOC, ShipVia, Custom PO, Alternate Currency, Customer Profile, and Doc Due Date are now displayed.

 17. There are now "Watch Tutorial Video" links on the Products->Setup Product Data Sources wizard for Ingram Micro, Tech Data, and SYNNEX.

Misc Features - Build 1
 1. The Literature Defaults buttons were moved to the Misc tab of the Tools|Options menu.

 2. Included new sample Proposal.rtf cover page and Proposal.fpc layout sample.

 3. In the Product Data Source wizard, you can no longer create a new link to the Ingram Micro EPG database. In 2008 Ingram Micro discontinued support for EPG. If you still use your EPG database, you can still edit the existing link.

 4. MSCOMCTL.OCX file updated to version

 5. The minimum window size for the resizable windows: Product Lookup, F2 Lookup, Bundles, Configurations, Required Items, Optional Items, Substitute Items, Compare Prices, Zoom Description, and Select Email Address no longer allow the window to be resized smaller than their minimum size only to have the size bounce back to the minimum size.

 6. The QuoteWerks Communicator now checks for a message after the Print window is closed rather than while it is still displayed.

 7. The Sold To, Ship To, and Bill To heading label areas now span the width of their respective sections allowing for larger customized labels for these headings.

 8. SYNNEX real-time warehouse locations have changed. Grove City, OH and Ontario, CA warehouses were added. The Memphis, TN warehouse has been replaced with the Olive Branch, MS warehouse. Lastly, the Glendale Hts, IL warehouse was renamed to Glendale Heights, IL.

Fixes - Build 1
 1. With some rtf files merged into the print output, bullet points were being displayed as "?" in the Print Preview, and would not appear at all in the PDF file (if saved to a PDF file).

 2. The initial release of the new Maximizer integration for Maximizer versions 10.0 and 10.5 did not support custom fields. For Maximizer 10.0 and 10.5 users, the QuoteWerks DataLink feature now supports Maximizer custom fields. Also, QuoteWerks now retrieves a list of all available custom fields from Maximizer, rather than presenting you with a static list of fields to choose from. You will need to edit your DataLink mappings and select the appropriate Maximizer custom field. The Maximizer custom fields are displayed in the DataLink field list with the prefix of "CustomField->".

 3. When using Outlook as the contact manager, on the Contact Lookup window, the list of Search fields would incorrectly be the fields for the Outlook BCM integration (instead of the Outlook integration). This would happen when this window was displayed before the first communication with Outlook had been established.

 4. On the Pricing tab of the Edit Product window, if margin points of for example 39123 was entered through deleting the decimal point in 39.123 would receive run-time error 6 Overflow.

 5. For ACT!, MS CRM, and Outlook BCM users, if you selected the option to have QuoteWerks write line item details into the CRM's Sales Opportunity, if a Grouped Bundle's header line had a blank description and a 0.00 dollar amount, the Grouped Bundle Header line would not be added (as a line item) to the CRM opportunity.

 6. For users of the older IIF version of the QuickBooks link would receive error "QuickBooks Customer field (BCITY) not found" or similar and the City, State, and PostalCode would not be exported to QuickBooks. After applying this fix, please make sure to select your QuickBooks version on the QuickBooks Import/Export Link Setup. If you are running a version of QuickBooks newer than 2003, just select version 2003.

 7. For Maximizer 10.0 and 10.5 users, When logging a sent email, would receive a message saying that the email address specified in the sold to contact in the quote did not match the email address for the Maximizer record linked to the sold to.

 8. When linking to the Tech Data external product database, if the FoxPro ODBC driver was not installed on the system, the Error Resolution dialog explaining how to correct this issue was not displaying.

 9. For Maximizer 10.0 and 10.5 users, when referencing the Maximizer 'Salutation' field in the DataLink, if the Salutation field in Maximizer contained the Maximizer macro of "<" or ">", those characters would not be replaced with the First Name or Last Name respectively.

 10. For Maximizer users, the static list of Maximizer fields in the DataLink mapping field list now contains a list of all the fields currently available in Maximizer 10.0 and 10.5. This list contained many Maximizer fields that were no longer valid due to changes in the how the data is retrieved in the newer Maximizer integration.

 11. For Windows 7 users, there were some redrawing issues when using the new color schemes feature. [Service Release: 1.01]

 12. For Windows Vista and Windows 7 users, the Search for Contact toolbar button on the Sold To/ Ship To tab was not displayed. [Service Release: 1.01]

 13. When using a color scheme, if a menu was clicked that had so many menu items that it would run off the display area of the monitor, one of the menu items would inadvertently be clicked. [Service Release: 1.01]

 14. For SugarCRM users, when creating an opportunity, if any existing opportunities for the select contact contained a blank value for the Probability (rather than a 0), an error "Run-time error '13': Type mismatch" would occur. [Service Release: 1.01]

Misc Features - Build 52
 1. Internal Build. This build was not released to the public and is not available for download.