QuoteWerks Real-time Pricing & Availability

The QuoteWerks real-time pricing and availability feature retrieves the current pricing and warehouse availability of products from your distributors. With access to this real-time up-to-date information you no longer have to import massive distributor product files containing over 500,000 products every day to have this current information. The real-time pricing and availability information QuoteWerks retrieves from the distributors is based on your customer account, so the pricing that is returned is specific to you and the same pricing you would see when logged in on the distributor's website. The real-time pricing and availability requires a list of part numbers which can come from a database or from our Product Content Subscription.

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Distributor Real-Time Pricing and Availability

Easily retrieve your distributor pricing and availability from over 15 distributors.

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It is very important to these companies to have access to real-time pricing and availability information so that they have all the tools they need to get product to their customer fast and as low priced as possible. Having access to real-time pricing gives the company the ability to deliver last minute price savings to their customer. Having access to real-time availability gives the company the ability to know if the product will ship today, or if it will be backordered.  Since a backordered product cannot be shipped to a customer, knowing that a product is backordered before placing an order will give you the tools you need to make a good purchasing decision.

The Real-time Module can also provide Real-time Product Content and search online merchants.

A real-time module using our DataOnDemandTM  technology is available for QuoteWerks that delivers Accutech Data, ASI, Arbitech, Bell Micro, BlueStar, Comstor, D&H, Dexxxon Digital Storage, Digitek, EET Nordic, Ingram Micro, Jenne, Northamber, Printer Essentials, ScanSource, Supercom, Supplies Network, TD SYNNEX, Westcoast, and Westcon Group real-time pricing and availability to QuoteWerks users (For details on the D&H, Ingram Micro, and TD SYNNEX real-time offerings and how to get setup to use their services click here).

Distributors Etilize PartLocator Limited
Real-time Ordering
Accutech Data          
ADI Global          
Arlinton (formerly Digitek)          
Bell Microproducts          
Blue Star          
Comstor / Westcon          
Dexxxon Digital Storage          
Ingram Micro          
Printer Essentials          
Supplies Network          
Synergy Micro          
TD SYNNEX          

Blue Star          
Comstor / Westcon          
Ingram Micro          
TD SYNNEX          

Ingram Micro          
ProVu Communications          
TD SYNNEX          
West Coast          

Dicker Data          
Ingram Micro          

Ingram Micro          
TD SYNNEX          

Ingram Micro          

Ingram Micro          
TD SYNNEX          

New Zealand
Ingram Micro          

The Product Content Subscription contains access to both Etilize and PartLocator content. The Product Content Subscription is not included with the realtime module.

*Limited Support: If you work with one of the distributors indicated in the "Limited Support" column, then the distributor part numbers for these individual distributors are not available through Etilize or the PartLocator. For these distributors we simply use the Manufacturer Part number to request pricing and availability because these distributors allow XML requests based on the manufacturer part number or actually use the manufacturer part number as their distributor part number.

Real-time: To obtain real-time pricing and availability, QuoteWerks needs the Distributor/Vendor Part number. If only the Real-time column is selected, QuoteWerks does not obtain the necessary part number from Etilize or the PartLocator. In this scenario, a product database must be maintained by you for the specific distributor(s). For additional information, please contact QuoteWerks Technical Support.

Real-time Licensing

The real-time module licensing and pricing is based on the "reserved concurrency" model. Whenever a user on the network uses the real-time module, a license is reserved for that user and is not released until the user exits QuoteWerks.  The number of real-time licenses does not need to match the total number of QuoteWerks licenses. So, for example, in a 2-user installation of QuoteWerks with a single Real-time license, if user 1 logs into QuoteWerks and uses the Real-time pricing first, user 2 will not be able to use Real-time pricing until user 1 logs out of QuoteWerks. For Real-time Module pricing, click here.

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