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Error - Error 481- Invalid Picture

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July 17, 2019


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Version 5.5 Build 5

End user received the follow message from an optional in QuoteWerks:

Error 481:
Invalid Picture

Cause 1:

When launching QuoteWerks, the end user receives error 481. In this case, the end user is low or out of disk space on the computer that is hosting the QuoteWerks directory.

Cause 2:

When attempting to deliver the quote, the end user receives error 481. This typically means that an image attached to a line item is corrupted.

Cause 3:

Ran into an issue with corruption in username.ini file dealing with the salesrep picture.

Solution 1:

Option 1: Allocate more space for the QuoteWerks directory, if possible.

Options 2: Move the QuoteWerks Directory to a drive with more space.

For instructions on moving the QuoteWerks Directory, please refer to knowledge base article 6038

Solution 2:

Using later versions of QuoteWerks, the end user can bring up the Picture Panel, where as they scroll through each line item, they can see the picture attached to the line item. The end user will need to check each line item for corrupted pictures (corrupt pictures will actually show as a picture attached, but the picture will be blank; i.e. completely white picture). Once a corrupted picture is found, remove it from the line item, and add it back if necessary for that line item to have a picture.
Also within QuoteWerks check - > Tools - > My Preferences, Double check that the User / Sales Rep Picture and Signature images have not become corrupted and or their location is still valid.

Solution 3:

Clicking the delete picture button in Tools > My Preferences for the Salesrep picture and salesrep digital signature resolved the issue, although there did not seem to be any images linked to those fields.

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