Who Uses QuoteWerks?

QuoteWerks is used by customers in nearly every industry. This industry wide adoption of QuoteWerks is made possible by the core design of QuoteWerks which adheres to the fundamentals of the quoting process. This core design has contributed to its ability to be a useful tool for any industry that has a need to create price quotes containing itemized products or services. Not only is QuoteWerks used by companies in almost every industry, it is used in all sizes of companies from mom-and-pop shops to Fortune 500 companies alike.

It is important to point out that the generation of price quotes can generally be divided into two categories: line item quoting software and proposal software. Proposal software typically generates a document with many pages describing the needs of a customer followed by an implementation plan and then a single non-itemized price at the bottom. QuoteWerks creates both line item based quotes and proposals.

QuoteWerks is designed for use world wide with the ability to create price quotes in both the local base currency and an alternate currency simultaneously, while also support product pricing based on foreign prices.

QuoteWerks is the global solution that bridges the gap between traditional spreadsheet/word processor approach to creating price quotes, and high-end custom and accounting software based solutions.

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