We asked our customers what makes QuoteWerks a useful solution for them, and here is what some of them had to say

Ability to build quotations with various equipment accessories and services

Ability to download corporate pricing & have the purchase order ready for entry into corporate ordering system.

Ability to have all of the components of the quote in one place.

Ability to list products and options in a way that customers and prospects can understand.

Ability to quickly create a quote and either fax, email or print the quote. Also integration with GoldMine is a key feature.

Ability to readily assess the profit margin, ability to present to the customer a discount or a markup -- whichever is most appropriate, the ability to email a quote, and the ability to respond rapidly -- email almost while you are on the phone with them.

Ability to tracking quoting activity.

Access to contact data, product data, and attached documents.

Act 2000 link features

ACT interface reduces having to type in data, The price list allows us to immediately download product features, The DDE link allows us to grab info from other Lytron software, We have written an interface program which allows us to stream QuoteWerks orders directly into our MRP system.

Act! interface and ability to track quoting activities. Also the performance of our inside and outside sales people can be more easily measured.

ACT!2000 integration, Multiple pricing levels

All the features in combination with GoldMine

As a description database and formatting tool, Use Multiple currency features, and PDF creation

Auto generation of standardized quotes, and price tracking.

Automatic contact info from ACT!, Price list database, Ability E-mail PDF quotes

Automatic follow up scheduling for sales force in contact manager.

Bundles and configurator

Bundles, DTF exporting for use of software at the factory and salesmen in the field, Reporting

Bundles, ease of use, consistent output format to our customers

Bundles, email features (PDF), the fact that you can import into Peachtree, and its easy.

Bundles. I am able to configure products the way I want to in great detail.

Capability to add our own products to a database

Centralized price lists which allow for products from multiple vendors to be utilized in a proposal, Comparison of pricing for the same products from multiple vendors, Uniform quotes templates.

Changes in price lists are made on a spreadsheet and then I use the automatic import features. I keep three spreadsheets on the different lines of products I sell and changes and additions are easy to make.

Configurator & bundles, interface with Outlook.

Configurator, product db's easily upgraded, templates and covers easily customized, built in PDF generator

Configurator, Quote to E-mail / Fax

Configurator, reports

Configurators, bundles and compare cost

Consistent pricing, currency conversion

Contact manager integration, less manual typing, price modifier

Contact manager integration, product lookups, order conversion

Creating nice, custom layout of information

Creating PO's from the quote. Linking to Maximizer. Linking to Tech Data and Ingram Micro

Custom quote templates for each major category of product we sell.

Custom Text Fields, Customer based Profile pricing

Customizable quotes and invoices, e-mail quotes, reporting capabilities, linking to GoldMine.

Default mark-up; ability to add our own part numbers; supplier database.

Direct Email capability, Auto line creation, nice looking quote layout.

Direct link to our suppliers

Distributor databases

Downloading quotes into QuickBooks, eliminating retyping quotes. Ability to import a parts list of 20,000 + parts in moments on a monthly basis!

Ease and efficiently of creating quotes, especially quotes similar to other previously done quotes. Easily tracks profit.

Ease and speed.

Ease of importing/maintaining quotes and pricing.

Ease of updating products, East of importing database files.

Ease of use

Efficiency of price manipulation

Efficient and fast quoting, linking with ACT 2000

Efficient- available to everyone in the sales and AM group. The database makes all products available to everyone so we don't have to look up part numbers every time. We have a pricing strategy that is consistent and gives us confidence that our pricing is competitive and profitable. One administrator handles all the updates. We have linked to Tech Data and Ingram Micro databases so our purchaser can get the best and current pricing. The database puts the information on the quote and you can instantly see what the profit is and can give quantity discounts or match a competitors price and still make money. The reports help us track gross profits and number of quotes and sales we have each month as well as the dollars of sales and $ of profits. Reports help us track opportunities and purchase smarter. I love the fact that every invoice is accessible to be reprinted anytime. I can track which brand has the most sales and which rep has the most productivity.

Efficient e-mailing of quotes, conversion of quotes to sales orders

Email or faxrush sent, techdata database link, simplicity

E-mail quotes; easy access to the Access database to fine tune to fit our needs

Email using PDF format. The product database comparison

Emailing quotes or orders directly from QuoteWerks, integration with GoldMine, product folders to keep products organized.

Everything - I love this product

Export to QuickBooks, Link to Goldmine

Faxing & e-mail from the computer. Importing manufacturer's price lists to generate quotes. The look-up features, networking, converting to PO's, customizing features to allow assigning customer line numbers, follow-up, merging with ACT!, documenting lost sales for future pricing, inserting different ship-to from customer, changing screens to fax / e-mail quotes to other offices, generate request for quotes...etc.

Forced us to develop standards for implementation pricing and simplify quoting. Integrates with e-mail in GoldMine and faxing with FaxRush.

Format, profit margin calculations.

Goldmine interface, ability to store product info and pricing

Good Looking quotes, quickly and in an organized fashion.

Grouped Bundles, Volume pricing, Document attachments (eg.term & conditions of sale), email, Goldmine integration.

Having the ability to link to GM and having a 'formal' quote issued, rather than an email sent to a potential customer.

I like the product inventory. It is easily applied to an invoice. I can then give a discount if the customer is buying a large enough 'qualifying' order. The Quotes and Invoices look great. It works well with our Goldmine system.

Importing supplier's price lists and comparing them when quoting, Using pre-defined templates, one click insertion for items including description, item codes, cost price, list price etc., e-mail facilities

Integrate with ACT, database of products, reporting, copy old quote, all forms look same for all salespersons.

Integrated email, PDF file layouts

Integration with ACT! and most of other features.

Integration with GoldMine

Integration with Goldmine, Ease of use, Flexibility.

Integration with GoldMine, FaxRush and QuickBooks sure makes life easy!

Integration with Goldmine, the configurator is a big bonus, it prevents vital pieces from being forgotten

Integration with Maximizer. E-mail interface.

Integration with the Ingram Micro database. A HUGE timesaver for us!!!

Interface to Goldmine and fast effective method of producing quotes

Interface w/ ACT!2000

Interface with ACT; ability to analyze profit per quote and line item; having common database of products saves quote preparation time.

Intuitive interface, Goldmine interaction.

It's flexibility and user definable aspects.

Less mistakes on quote/orders, consistent price list, shared software, integration with ACT.

Link to ACT

Link to Goldmine to track open quotes. Neat format easier to read and reduces errors.

Link to QuickBooks, Ingram Micro, TechData. And the configuration wizards are great. The custom docs that I can add to each quote when I email them has been a big timesaver.

Link with Techdata and Ingram.

Linked spec sheets, markups and ease of use.

Linking between quotes, PO and sales order and invoice

Links to goldmine, outlook, etc. Easily customized. Importing of Databases.

Links to major distributors, Integration with Goldmine, Works on Terminal Server

Links to Tech Data and Ingram Micro databases.

Links to Tech Data, Ingram Micro, QuickBooks.

Links to Tech Data, Ingram, Goldmine and Peachtree.

Margin analysis, standard templates, backend manufacturer documentation support.

Margin visibility, Ease of creating professional quotes in minutes.

Multi currency; ease of use; difficult to make a mess, unless you try.

Multiple databases, multiple report formats, ease of quote creation.

Multiple databases, Email capability, custom layouts, pricing options, changing line items to comments (for system pricing), quick creation, etc.

Order Tracking, and as a accounts receivable reconciling tool.

Part number/description/pricing, discounts/multipliers on multiple fields, emailing PDF quotes to customers

Part numbers and continuity of appearance.

PDF export is top feature

PDF generator to e-mail quotes and order acknowledgements.

Point and click from product databases, address and contact information

Preparing professional and easy to read quotes and most important tracking the quotes

Price List Management, Customized Quote Templates, email Quote, Reporting, etc.

pricing and description database, ability to manipulate markups/discounts

pricing help us be more consistent and I control the discounts automatically.

Product book, pricing structures, link with goldmine with forecasting

Product catalog, easy to customize reports

Product Catalogs, Configurator, The DATABASE for retrieval old quotes (is easy)

Product database

Product database and link to contacts

Product database, exchange rate maintenance, link to GoldMine, profitability calculations

Product list w/ tree view. Volume pricing discount. Extra fields for tracking product & user info.

Product list, automatic markup calculations, profit calculation per line and per quote, auto population of customer data.

Product list, forecasting, find, config., email quote.

Product lists with customer specific pricing levels pulled from Goldmine. Profitability checks to make sure kits are priced appropriately. Consistency is key.

Product lookup is used most often, along with the ability to customize reports

Product price importing.

Product price lists and pricing features.

Products bar to add items, customized quote reports, emailing quotes as PDF.

professionalism, consistency, profit margin

Profit margin!

Purchasing from the quotes when they become jobs. Using the custom fields to calculate labor, engineering, and programming time automatically.

Quickly create and transmit quotes. Being able to link quotes to GoldMine records is a big help

Quote configurator, support for several product lines, customization of 'reports', ability to quote while on the road, professional appearance, etc.

Quote tracking, integration with GoldMine

Quotes can be called up in goldmine.

Reporting -- being able to examine quotes lost and the reasons why.

Reporting based on details of goldmine contact records, customized categories, etc.

Send quotes by e-mail

Sharing the info in the office.

Simple and easy to store and make changes to them.

Speed - instant PDF creation (nice and easy)

Speed in creating a quick quote

Speed of quote creation and delivery

Speed of quotes and turning them into orders, Full database in one place

Speed of using the product database, and ability to call up quotes very quickly by customer or quote #.

Speed. ability to change exch rates. ability to cut & paste into ACCESS

Standard quote info, we have entered all products in the products area and use them to create quotes

Submitting quotes by email and creating reports

Subtotal areas and visual product directories

Sync with ACT!, ability to input our entire product assortment (1000s of products) into one database that can be easily accessed and searched, customizable quotation templates.

Tech data links. e-mail, fax

Tech Data/Ingram Micro database support, one single system for quotes

Templates and the ability to insert them into groups to build single line items composed of various parts

Text formatting and editing capabilities.

The ability to bundle products

The ability to easily create quotes makes us more efficient.

The ability to put our products and services into a well organized database to choose from. The ability to modify the descriptions and costs on the fly helps for modifications for special circumstances with our prospective clients. The quote report writer is excellent and it allows us to put out a neat detailed well organized quote linking into goldmine and having the ability to save to a PDF makes e-mailing a quote a breeze and for saving the quote for later reference outside of Goldmine or QuoteWerks.

The ability to quickly apply different discount structures, or apply discount structures based in information pulled from Goldmine.

The ability to setup a template of a quote and email quotes and greatly improved our efficiency in getting the quoting process done.

The database integration to Ingram Micro & Tech Data is a huge time saver.

The database of products with prices makes for a more consistent and faster quoting procedure. The product bundles are great too.

The ease of using the products tab to put together a quote.

The interface with Goldmine. Product data base and ease of use for customer service.

The link between ACT! and QW. In one process you create the quote, the follow-up reminder and the sales opportunity.

The possibility to import different price list and have them all available in one program. Custom quote template, fax and email option.

The reports feature and I like to be able to change the forms to fit my needs.

The total margin and line-item margin calculators are fantastic. Customized Quotes look professional and are easy to change.

Tracks the quotes for us and keeps the prices consistent.

Transfer to QuickBooks

Uniform control on pricing policy, monitor exchange rate changes-we import products, notes on follow quotes and customer database.

Use of local and foreign currencies, total use of the reports

We are able to import our product database into QuoteWerks. This eliminates double work when entering product numbers and cost information. It is easy to create a quote and fax it directly from the PC.

We implemented automation to import and maintain Ingram database in Product database. So, this product database feature, is very useful for us. Also, we can build reports easily.

We like the looks of the finished quote form and we can now e-mail our quotes. Our ACT! templates didn't extend prices or add totals for us!

We sell at several different price levels and QuoteWerks accommodates us.

We use the Ingram Micro/Tech Data product links.

We use the linking ability it has to Goldmine forecasts. Also the ability to track your margin in real time is awesome.

We use the quote as a sales tool. Each item quoted has 'Hot' Features and benefits. Competitors non-descriptive quotes are at a disadvantage to ours.

Working from product database, Creation of PDF files, Creation of purchase orders, Integration with Outlook