QuoteWerks Database Hosting Subscription

The QuoteWerks Database Hosting Subscription is a great option for providing Microsoft SQL database hosting for customers that do not want to purchase and maintain their own SQL server.

For QuoteWerks Web and VendorRFQ, the Corporate Edition of QuoteWerks rehosted to Microsoft SQL is required. We understand that you may not want to maintain the onsite or cloud infrastructure required for Microsoft SQL.

QuoteWerks Database Hosting Subscription Benefits

  • Your company does not need to maintain a SQL server
  • Speed - QuoteWerks Web, VendorRFQ, and your Database will be on the same virtual network
  • Backups are handled automatically

How does this work?

QuoteWerks Database Hosting vs Other Hosting Options

Gain better insight into how QuoteWerks operates on your network if you self-host or are in a hybrid-cloud environment. QuoteWerks Database Hosting was designed for those in North America who will be using QuoteWerks Web or VendorRFQ that do not want to host or maintain their own SQL database. For those outside of North America, there are other cloud hosting options via Microsoft Azure, Amazon RDS, and other partners available to you if you do not want to maintain your own database infrastructure.

QuoteWerks Database Hosting

No Static IP? No Problem! If you do not have access to a static IP address from your internet service provider (ISP), the best option for VendorRFQ or QuoteWerks Web is to use the QuoteWerks Database hosting Service – Whitelisting is dynamic and automatic with no manual adjustments needed.

Self-Hosting and Other Hosting Options

There are benefits to hosting your own SQL Database (on-premise / self-managing in the cloud with Microsoft Azure or Amazon RDS), but you will need to maintain backups, the database, and firewall exceptions.

What is whitelisting?

Whitelisting (also known as an "allowlist") is a strategy in cybersecurity that IT administrators utilize to protect networks across IP addresses, domains, and more.

By only allowing SQL traffic to and from designated IP addresses you can be surer that a malicious actor or infected client inside the firewall does not cause damage. This ensures that the SQL server data cannot be accessed by anyone other than the intended parties.

With QuoteWerks Database Hosting, you should not need to configure any firewall settings. If you are hosting your own database however, we have documentation on configuring your Firewall.

Our security FAQ and related statements can be found here.

For more information about subscription pricing and requirements, please visit our price list.