3rd Party Sales Tax
Add-on Products

for QuoteWerks Desktop

3rd party add-on products are products written by other companies that integrate with QuoteWerks Desktop (using the QuoteWerks SDK) in order to provide a more complete customer solution.

Do your quotes have the appropriate tax rates on them? With the QuoteWerks Real-time module, the tax rate can be returned for a specified zip code. If you need more detailed tax rate information returned, our development partners have developed additional solutions.

Avalara Avatax Integration for QuoteWerks by ConnectIt Software / Hilltops IT Consultancy Services, LTD.

Due to the complex nature of state and local tax laws across North America, customers frequently find themselves quoting the incorrect tax rates on sales quotations which causes confusion, increased workload to resolve inconsistencies and ultimately affects the profitability on sales. In order to ensure accuracy, ConnectIt Software developed an integration with Avalara Avatax.

Avalara Avatax integration features:

  • Validating the address information on the QuoteWerks Document and resolving this with details from the Avalara Avatax database.
  • Writing the resolved address to the QuoteWerks document.
  • Reading the Tax Rate information for the resolved address from the Avalara Avatax database and writing this to the QuoteWerks document.
  • A comprehensive set of Configuration options to allow field mappings to be modified.

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