3rd Party Reporting
Add-on Products

for QuoteWerks Desktop

3rd party add-on products are products written by other companies that integrate with QuoteWerks Desktop (using the QuoteWerks SDK) in order to provide a more complete customer solution.

MasterMine for QuoteWerks by MasterMine Software, Inc.

MasterMine is reporting and analysis built specifically for QuoteWerks. Even without technical expertise, managers can report on, analyze or monitor every aspect of quotes, orders, and invoices - like forecasts, quoting history, production trends, closing ratios, historical buying patterns. MasterMine provides reporting from QuoteWerks product tables to help manage inventory.

MasterMine integration features:

  • Tightly integrates Excel environment with QuoteWerks itself.
  • Create once, re-use forever: Pivot tables are linked directly to "refreshable" source data.
  • Allows for both "build as you need" and template versions of reports.
  • Access to all relevant QuoteWerks information for users who would never take on Crystal Reports or other "report writers".
  • Each report is easily cloned, re-arranged, and repurposed to cover a wide range of needs for many users.
  • All reports interact back to QuoteWerks to "pop" directly to documents.
Supports all current editions of QuoteWerks from version 4.0 on up.