QuoteWerks Desktop 3rd Party Project Management Add-on Products

3rd party add-on products are products written by other companies that integrate with QuoteWerks Desktop (using the QuoteWerks SDK) in order to provide a more complete customer solution.

ePonti by designecentral, Inc.

ePonti bridges project management with procurement in a Web-based system that seamlessly integrates with QuoteWerks. QuoteWerks sales quote and order data feeds the project management, procurement, resource allocation, and scheduling stages within the ePonti portal. Combining ePonti and QuoteWerks, your company will benefit from enterprise-level control of its day-to-day operations without the hassle of re-entering relevant sales and product data.

ePonti integration features

  • QuoteWerks customer contact details from the SoldTo/ShipTo tab will populate project location fields in ePonti eliminating the need to retype customer information.
  • The line items from the selected QuoteWerks document are passed into the ePonti portal for use in the procurement, project management, and invoicing stages.
  • Multiple QuoteWerks documents can be associated with the same project in ePonti.
  • Users log into ePonti and then select the QuoteWerks document(s) they wish to pull into ePonti.
  • ePonti works with all three editions of QuoteWerks.