3rd Party Alerts/Workflow Add-on Products

for QuoteWerks Desktop

3rd party add-on products are products written by other companies that integrate with QuoteWerks Desktop (using the QuoteWerks SDK) in order to provide a more complete customer solution.

ConnectIT-Workflow by Hilltops IT

ConnectIT-Workflow contains a number of modules and utilities to enhance the QuoteWerks user's experience of using the QuoteWerks sales quoting software:

  • QuoteWerks Document Open Utility - facilitates fast and easy advanced searching of the QuoteWerks database for documents.
  • QuoteWerks Document Split Module - manages part-ordering or part-invoicing from QuoteWerks and removes manual duplication of documents.
  • QuoteWerks Request For Quote Module - provides additional screens and functionality to make requesting up-to-date vendor pricing very easy from the QuoteWerks user interface.
  • QuoteWerks Validation Module - manages entries on a QuoteWerks document to ensure that the QuoteWerks user has entered all the required information at each step of sales order processing.

ConnectIT-Workflow integrates seamlessly into QuoteWerks, providing the user with tools to process documents faster and more accurately.

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KnowledgeSync by Vineyardsoft Corporation

KnowledgeSync is an enterprise-class Business Activity Monitoring solution. That means KnowledgeSync integrates with all of your business applications - both individually and collectively. KnowledgeSync can, for instance, trigger an alert when a new sales quote is created in QuoteWerks for a client on credit hold within your financial application.

KnowledgeSync integration features:

  • Alerts can be set for any type of QuoteWerks document including quotes, orders, and invoices.
  • QuoteWerks events that trigger alerts are user defined and can alert the user to such conditions as: QuoteWerks documents have been created, revised or closed when missing key components; documents contain abnormally high discounts or excessive charges; and much more.
  • Alerts can be set for sales rep performance to track under and over quota performance.
  • Alerts can be set to monitor aging documents and upcoming due dates.
  • Alerts can be sent to multiple devices and communication mediums including email, cell phone, fax, page, and PDA.
  • Supports all three editions of QuoteWerks 4.x.

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