QuoteValet Supported Credit Card Gateways

In addition to ACH/eChecks, PayPal, and ConnectBooster, QuoteValet supports over 80 payment Gateways. QuoteValet can use the following Gateways to accept Credit Card payments from your customers.

Our payment processing system is capable of supporting all of the payment gateways below. Many of these systems require unique and complex variations of information to be supplied for them to work in each customer's environment.

Don't have a Credit Card Gateway?

We recommend starting with Authorize.net or QuickBooks Payments (formerly QuickBooks Merchant Services).

What is a Credit Card Gateway or Payment Gateway?

A "credit card gateway" is the banking service that accepts the credit card information, validates it, applies the charge to the credit card, and deposits the collected money into the seller's checking account.

How does this all work?

The customer provides their credit card information to you, the Merchant, via QuoteValet.

QuoteValet will submit this credit card information to your Credit Card Gateway that works with your Payment Processor for approval. In some cases, the Gateway and Processor work as one entity.

The Processor runs a check on the card, and will respond with an approval or rejection for the transaction to the Gateway. The amount of funds requested will be held on the cardholder's account, but will not be transferred out yet.

QuoteValet then notifies the customer of the success or failure of the transaction. If the transaction is successful, then QuoteValet will record the payment as being successful.

At a later time, usually at the end of the day, the Gateway will settle the transactions it has performed that day. By communicating again with the processor, the funds that were charged earlier are then transferred for the cardholder's accounts to your account (typically a checking account), the merchant.

QuoteValet Supported Credit Card Gateways

Known Supported Gateways  

Below we've identified which gateways are known to be in use by existing customers.

* When setting up the ConnectBooster Gateway in QuoteWerks, select the NetworkMerchants Gateway or use the more advanced BNG/ConnectBooster API integration.

Additional Gateways

These additional gateways may work out of the box or they may require some adjustments made by the QuoteValet Development Team.

QuoteValet currently only supports "3D Secure" when integrating with SagePay and Stripe Payment Gateways.
What is "3D Secure" and why can it be problematic for credit card transaction conversions? Learn more. Is "3D Secure", secure? Learn More.

List is current as of May 28, 2020.