QuoteWerks Versions vs. Updates

At Aspire, we approach upgrades and updates differently

Rather than having our customers wait a year between releases for new features, we release many new features many times a year in our Build releases. We believe in providing our customers with software updates as often as possible that are rich with features and are sold for a fair price.

See all the new features added to QuoteWerks:

The "new" version - or is it?

"Why haven't you released a new version in a while?" We get that question from time to time. Usually this question is based on the user's experience with other software products. Most other software products make a big deal out of their new version releases making sure to release a version for every year like 2011, 2012, 2013, or 2014. The reality is that these annual version upgrades typically only include a handful of new features wrapped up in a lot of new packaging and enticing marketing with a big sticker price slapped on it.

Why annual version releases are not so great

From a business perspective, re-branding a software product each year places a great demand on a company's resources. The company needs to write version upgrade data conversion utilities, update the installer program, implement new technologies, update the packaging, perform quality control, etc. Diverting the company's resources to these tasks is costly to the company and this is what you are mostly paying for - not for the handful of new features typically included in the annual version upgrade. In addition to the upgrade cost of the annual version upgrades you usually incur a cost to have the upgrade performed. Often, issues arise when installing a version upgrade due to the wide variety of customer software configurations and due to the fact that the installer is changing almost all the files and converting existing data to new formats. You might ask, with all these costs, why do these companies release a new version every year? The answer is that they need the revenue. These companies do not have programs in place to receive funds in return for providing updates, so the only way to receive additional revenue from existing customers is to release a new version every year!

QuoteWerks inline updates shatter the traditional definition

QuoteWerks inline updates shatter the traditional definition of annual version upgrades in terms of what you receive with your purchase. Instead of spending time and financial resources on all the above mentioned "annual version upgrade" costs, with QuoteWerks we instead invest all of these resources into new features that our customers can benefit from. Also, because we just update the software, customers don't experience the above mentioned issues arising from performing a "version upgrade".

Since you don't necessarily release a version upgrade every year, what do you do?

We created an optional Update Maintenance Program through which customers can purchase updates to receive the new major features that we are adding to the product almost every month. We implemented the Update Maintenance Program so that we can offer these new features to our customers as quickly as possible. In fact, as of December 15th, 2009 QuoteWerks 4.x had been shipping for 65 months (it was released July 14th, 2004), and during that period, we released 55 updates packed with 645 new features that our users were able to benefit from during the 64 months.

We don't force our customers to purchase maintenance

As part of our updates philosophy, we strongly disagree with forcing customers to pay annual maintenance on a software product when they may not need or want the new features. So, with the QuoteWerks Update Maintenance Program, you only purchase the Update Maintenance Program when you feel the new features included in the update are worth paying for. Customers that do always want to have access to all our updates and upgrades every month, will be able to receive them for a low price of 20% per 12 month period.