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Version 5.7 Build 4.04 Summary
13 New, 16 Fixes, and 2 Miscellaneous features Released on 07/22/2022
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New Features - Build 4
 1. For Arrow Electronics users, you can now import quotes from Arrow. You can choose from a list of Arrow Electronics quotes created over the last 15, 30, 45, or 60 days. Alternately, you can enter in a specific Arrow quote number. Once found, you can import all the quote details into the QuoteWerks quote, saving time and reducing data entry error. To use this feature, click on the A button (Arrow Icon) located on the grid toolbar on the Document Items tab. The QuoteWerks Realtime Module is required for this functionality.

 2. For Autotask users, existing opportunities will now only load when clicking on the opportunity dropdown on the Opportunity window.

 3. For Act! for Web users, a new setting was added to the Setup Window for Opportunities. When checked, "Do not remove existing Companies and Contacts from Opportunities" will not remove any existing Companies or Contacts from the Opportunity. The SoldTo Contact will be added to the Opportunity as an additional Contact.

 4. For Act! for Web users, there is a new option on the setup window of "[] When converting to order/invoice, and there is no existing sales opportunity, prompt to create a won opportunity."

 5. For Hubspot CRM users, a new Deal datalink field 'dealstagename' was added for CRMOppHeader_CreateUpdate. This field will return the stagename label

 6. For QuoteValet users, on the Upload to QuoteValet window, after clicking on the [Upload] button, you now have the option to choose a different template or change reminder options and the [Re-upload]. Useful in case you accidentally selected the wrong template you don't have to exit and come back. Also it makes it easier to choose different QuoteValet templates and upload to see what they each look like.

 7. For QuoteValet users, if you hold the SHIFT key down while opening a quote, it will skip talking to QuoteValet to check for updates. This is useful for speeding up the opening of a quote when you know there have been no changes through QuoteValet.

 8. In the Settings Manager, you can now control the height of the rows on the Document Items tab per user. The range is 285 to 1425. The default is a single row at 285. The setting is UserSettings\UserConfig\QuoteSheetRowHeight=285

 9. GoldMine 2022.3 is now supported! [Service Release: 4.04]

 10. The SaveFile dialog now has a button to allow you to use the Windows File Explorer to select the folder location and file name of the new file. [Service Release: 4.04]

 11. Under Tools->Options under the Accounting tab, added the new option "Default 'Export to' on Create PO window. [Service Release: 4.04]

 12. For QuickBooks users, when exporting to QuickBooks, if another user has the Quote open that you want to export, you will now have a prompt that lets you continue with the export even though there is a chance the other user will overwrite your changes. The choice will be logged in the event.log for audit trail purposes. [Service Release: 4.04]

 13. ConnectWise 2022.1 is now supported! [Service Release: 4.04]

Misc Features - Build 4
 1. While on the Print window, License Manager window, and Vendor Maintenance window, pressing the ESC key will now close the window.

 2. For Autotask users, some speed improvements have been made that have become possible by migrating the integration from SOAP to REST.

Fixes - Build 4
 1. On the Product Lookup window if the Product Data Sources tree view control was selected and you pressed ENTER, or a pressed a key for a letter that there were no tree nodes starting with that letter, it would go into an endless loop.

 2. The Tools->Export to Excel feature would strip leading zeroes from a field like the ManufacturerPartNumber. We made a change to format all the cells as Text instead of General to prevent this from happening.

 3. For Autotask users, QuoteValet facing page links were not being created on the Opportunity.

 4. For Act! for Web users, if you linked a contact to the quote and then converted the quote to an order would receive the error "The Act! for Web opportunity record in the SoldToCMOpportunityRecID field is blank. Document link record could not be created."

 5. On the Menus tab of the User Properties window, the "Tools" menu was displayed as "File".

 6. For QuickBooks Online users, when using macros for the memo field, the Document Header macro &DH_SoldToPONumber ("Sold To PO Number"), would not resolve, leaving the macro "&DH_SoldToPONumber" in the memo field.

 7. For Autotask users, selecting a category from an Autotask product list would display all products.

 8. For Autotask users, the company name was not being shown when doing a search by FirstName, LastName or Phone on the Lookup window.

 9. For Autotask users, the company name was not being shown under the Notifications section of the QuoteWerks Dashboard.

 10. For Autotask users, some API users were showing up in the owner dropdown list on the Opportunity window.

 11. For Zoho CRM users, having a pipe symbol '|' in your description was causing an error when writing to Zoho CRM deal.

 12. For Zoho CRM users, saving products with a comma as a decimal separator would cause the unit price to show incorrectly.

 13. For Act! for Web users, when searching for a full name on the Contact Lookup window with the Name option, no results would be displayed.

 14. For Hubspot CRM users, having a pipe symbol '|' in your description was causing an error when writing to HubSpot CRM deal.

 15. For salesforce.com users, having a pipe symbol '|' in your description was causing an error when writing to salesforce.com opportunity.

 16. For Autotask users, when searching First Name, Last Name or Phone number on the Lookup window, the same company name was returning for all results. [Service Release: 4.04]