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Version 5.3 Build 6.06 Summary
13 New, 16 Fixes, and 6 Miscellaneous features Released on 09/10/2018
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New Features - Build 6
 1. ConnectWise 2018.5 is now supported! [Service Release: 6.06]

 2. For ConnectWise Manage users, when creating or updating a ConnectWise Opportunity, the Ship To and Bill To contact information from the QuoteWerks Document will now be added to the Opportunity. The Contacts must be retrieved from ConnectWise. Manual address changes made in QuoteWerks will not be reflected in the ConnectWise Opportunity. ConnectWise Manage 2018.4 or higher is required for this feature. [Service Release: 6.06]

 3. For QuoteValet users, when an uploaded quote has a Deposit Required set, the payment options area will now show payment options for the Deposit Required Amount instead of the full Quote total amount. This was published on September 4, 2018. [Service Release: 6.06]

 4. For Product Content Subscribers using the Amazon consumer pricing feature, an Amazon Prime logo will appear next to the Amazon part number on the Etilize Panel when the item is Prime Eligible. If the item is not prime eligible, no icon will appear. [Service Release: 6.06]

 5. For QuickBooks Online users, payments received by QuoteValet can be imported as Customer Payments in QuickBooks Online and automatically applied to the customer that made the payment and also the applicable QuickBooks Invoice (if QuoteWerks created the Invoice in QuickBooks Online for the QuoteValet document). The QuoteValet payment methods can be mapped to different payment methods and deposit accounts in QuickBooks Online. [Service Release: 6.06]

 6. For QuickBooks Online Users, added support for TLS 1.2 and TLS 1.1 communication protocols used for communicating with the QuickBooks Online API to prepare for QuickBooks online upcoming changes. TLS 1.2 requires .NET Framework 4.5 or higher. [Service Release: 6.06]

 7. For QuickBooks Online users, added "Sync Received Payments to QuickBooks" option on Transactions.QuickBooks tab of the QuickBooks Online setup window. This is useful for QuoteValet users that have payment processing enabled and that use QuickBooks Merchant Services in conjunction with the QuoteValet payment processing. Since QuickBooks Merchant Services already creates a PaymentReceipt in QuickBooks, unchecking this option will prevent duplicate PaymentReceipt entries. [Service Release: 6.06]

 8. For ConnectWise Manage users, Inactive Members (users) will no longer be listed in QuoteWerks integration user lists. ConnectWise Manage 2018.1 or higher is required for this change. [Service Release: 6.06]

 9. For ConnectWise Manage users, when writing products to an opportunity, for recurring items, if the option is set to "Include First Payment in Document Total" for the line item, the Base Cost and Price and the Recurring Cost and Price will be set in the opportunity line item. If the option to "Include First Payment in Document Total" IS NOT SET for the line item, the Base Cost and Price will be set to $0.00 and the Recurring Cost and Price will be set in the opportunity line item. This is available for ConnectWise Manage 2018.4 and higher. [Service Release: 6.06]

 10. When there is recurring revenue like monthly recurring revenue in the quote and you have quoted a lease payment option, when you create the lease option if the "Add monthly recurring to lease payment" is not checked, then the text " [plus $99.99 monthly not included in payment]" will be appended to the lease payment display option when presented to the customer. [Service Release: 6.06]

 11. When creating or editing an F2Lookup value for DocumentHeader or DocumentItem fields, it will now check to make sure the value you enter is not longer than the underlying field size. [Service Release: 6.06]

 12. For QuoteValet users, support for payment gateway Converge (previously MyVirtualMerchant) has been added. [Service Release: 6.06]

 13. When emailing a management report and selecting an email address, the default list will be "Manual Recipient List" instead of "Document". This change is to limit the user from accidentally emailing a customer a management report. [Service Release: 6.06]

Misc Features - Build 6
 1. Medic utility improvements. Increased the size of the db maintenance window and added better logging and status display. The file size column was standardized on MB for easy file size comparison. Also if Access mdb file is 200Mb or bigger, it will now tell you to use Microsoft Access itself to repair and compact. Select All and De-Select all buttons were added. [Service Release: 6.06]

 2. On the Logged in Users window, there is now a column for "Desktop License" [Service Release: 6.06]

 3. Issue when on a laptop and switching between WIFI networks, a new ip address would be assigned and would cause the license to be revoked. [Service Release: 6.06]

 4. When exiting QuoteWerks or when clicking on the Refresh button on the logged in users window, abandoned instances are now deleted after 18 minutes and now also will release the license from the LicenseMetering table if the RunningInstance record no longer exists. [Service Release: 6.06]

 5. The Access database site.mdb is now automatically compacted daily when the last user exits QuoteWerks. Before the compact operation a backup of site.mdb is made to site.bak [Service Release: 6.06]

 6. For Ingram Micro customers in Belgium, increased TransactionClassifier to 2.0 in P&A calls. [Service Release: 6.06]

Fixes - Build 6
 1. For QuickBooks Online users, the selection for the "Transaction Bill To Mapping" was not remembered or used. Only "QuoteWerks Document SoldTo" would be used regardless of the option selected. [Service Release: 6.06]

 2. For UK QuickBooks Online Users, when QuoteWerks created new items in the QuickBooks Online Products and Services Database, the TaxCode was not being set. [Service Release: 6.06]

 3. For QuickBooks Online Users, when exporting a document to QuickBooks that had a new item on the document more than once, the create item window would appear for each duplicate item even after creating the initial item, and you would receive an error and the export would be cancelled. [Service Release: 6.06]

 4. For Salesforce users, when updating an opportunity, the percentage goes back to 10% and does not keep the existing opportunity setting. [Service Release: 6.06]

 5. For Autotask users, additional fixes were applied for correctly calculating the Equote tax for taxable quote items added from QuoteWerks. [Service Release: 6.06]

 6. For Autotask users, when doing a product search, if there was an error query Autotask for the products, QuoteWerks would terminate. [Service Release: 6.06]

 7. For Autotask users, on the Product Lookup window, clicking 'Show All' on an Autotask services database was not showing all the results. [Service Release: 6.06]

 8. For ConnectWise Manage users, when using ConnectWise Manage as a Product Source, the "Contains" search for Manufacturer Part Number would return not return any results. [Service Release: 6.06]

 9. For ConnectWise Manager users, when writing products to a ConnectWise opportunity, if the field that linked to the ConnectWise Product ID (like the manufacturer part number), contained a double quote character, then an error would occur and no line items would be written to the ConnectWise Opportunity. [Service Release: 6.06]

 10. For QuickBooks Desktop users, exporting a payment to QuickBooks to an invoice, if the payment amount was greater than the invoice amount a payment would be crated for only the remaining balance of the invoice and the additional payment amount would not be recorded. This issue was introduced in v5.3 build 4.00. [Service Release: 6.06]

 11. The SyncVersionBuildBreaksList was updated for build 5. [Service Release: 6.06]

 12. The background color of fpc layout file sections was not working. This issue was introduced in v5.3 build 5.07. [Service Release: 6.06]

 13. For users of salesforce.com, QuickBooks, Peachtree, ConnectWise, and Autotask, when adding products from their respective product database as optional items from the Add Item Assistant window, the default system Price Modifier was being used. [Service Release: 6.06]

 14. For API users, the Application.DocFunctions.GetDocumentHeaderValue() for "TemplateType" did not exist. [Service Release: 6.06]

 15. For ConnectWise Manage users, when receiving an item in the QuoteWerks Purchasing window and sending the receipt to ConnectWise, if the item has already been manually received on the ConnectWise PO, you would receive an error. [Service Release: 6.06]

 16. For Maximizer CRM users, when attempting to save an Opportunity in an European installation, a CloseDate failed parse error was being displayed. [Service Release: 6.06]