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Version 5.3 Build 4.09 Summary
31 New, 48 Fixes, and 9 Miscellaneous features Released on 06/11/2018
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New Features - Build 4
 1. ConnectWise 2018.4 is now supported!

 2. SugarCRM: 8.0 is now supported!

 3. Reckon Accounts 2017 Desktop now supported!

 4. For GreatAmerica Financial Services customers that quote leasing as a payment option in QuoteWerks, you can now submit a new credit application to GreatAmerica and check on the status of the application from within QuoteWerks. When you check on the status of the application, if the quote amount has increased above the last requested credit application amount, you will be prompted to resubmit and update the credit application.

 5. For Ingram Micro Lease-It! customers that quote leasing as a payment option in QuoteWerks, you can now submit a new credit application and check on the status of the application from within QuoteWerks. When you check on the status of the application, if the quote amount has increased above the last requested credit application amount, you will be prompted to resubmit and update the credit application.

 6. Improved payment options. On the Sale Info tab you can now select from the payment types of Credit Card, Check, eCheckACH, WireTransfer, CustomPaymentType1, and CustomPaymentType2. You can customize the display text for each of those payment options. You can specify that a % or fixed amount surcharge or discount be applied to the quote when that particular payment option is selected. Useful, for example, in charging the customer a 3% surcharge if they pay by credit card, or a 3% discount if pay by check, or a $15 fee if pay by wire transfer. There is also an option to automatically disable a payment method, for example, credit card when the quote total is over, for example, $3000. You can set defaults for each payment type such as if you will charge a surcharge, what amount, is it taxable, etc. When a quote is accepted, your customer will see only the payment options that you have to present to the customer for this quote. You can set defaults so that all new quotes start with default payment options, and then you can change the payment options to be unique for each quote based on your needs. When you use QuoteValet and have payment processing enabled, when you request a payment, you can specify which payment types you will accept for that payment, like only check, or credit card and check, etc.

 7. For QuoteValet users, QuoteValet now supports Electronic Check (ACH) payment in addition to accepting credit card payment. Your customers can now pay you by entering their check information into the QuoteValet payment page instead of charging the payment to their credit card. Since accepting credit card payments costs you between 2% and 3% of the total charge in fees, using this new Electronic Check (ACH) payment method will reduce your costs when accepting payments for deposits, progress payments, and final payments.

 8. The Paste Special wizard now has a new option for "Apply Required Items (if any) for items being pasted".

 9. For Required and Optional Items, you can now specify that an item only has Required or Optional Items if the item was from a specific database. This enables you to specify that if the parent item comes from product database A, it will have different required items than if it comes from product databases B.

 10. There is now a Category column on the Document Items tab. When adding a product to the quote, this column will be populated with the data from the Category field in the product database.

 11. For QuickBooks users, added "Sync Received Payments to QuickBooks" option on Transactions.QuickBooks tab of the QuickBooks Desktop setup window. This is useful for QuoteValet users that have payment processing enabled and that use QuickBooks Merchant Services in conjunction with the QuoteValet payment processing. Since QuickBooks Merchant Services already creates a PaymentReceipt in QuickBooks, unchecking this option will prevent duplicate PaymentReceipt entries.

 12. There is a new QuoteWerks Commands feature to pass %AllUsers% instead of a specific user name. This enables you to SET,GET, or DELETE a setting from all users in a single command! Examples: SET:UserSettings:UserConfig:%AllUsers%:AutoRetrieveTechDataSAPQuotesOnLoad=0 GET:UserSettings:UserConfig:%AllUsers%:AutoRetrieveTechDataSAPQuotesOnLoad DELETE:UserSettings:UserConfig:%AllUsers%:AutoRetrieveTechDataSAPQuotesOnLoad

 13. When using Paste Special to paste from Excel by copying the data into the clipboard and individual Excel cells had line breaks in it, the line breaks will be carried over into QuoteWerks. Also if bullets were in the excel multi-line cell, the bullet character will be carried over into QuoteWerks.

 14. Paste Special was improved to better handle data that is not CSV standards compliant.

 15. On a selected payment option, you can now press the DEL key in addition to clicking on the [Remove] button.

 16. There is now a UserSetting to not auto-retrieve the Tech Data SAP quotes. In the Settings Manager, you can set UserSettings\UserConfig\AutoRetrieveTechDataSAPQuotesOnLoad=0

 17. Re-organized the Contacts->DDE Center menu feature. It is now named Contacts->Macro Tester. The Macro tester now has two tabs a "CRM DataLink Macro Tester" and a new "QuoteWerks Macro Tester" tab. The new "QuoteWerks Macro Tester" tab enables you to see a list of all the supported QuoteWerks macros and retrieve their values.

 18. Added new Macro value &App_LoggedInUserHasMasterRights. This returns 1 if true and 0 if false.

 19. On the Site Files tab of the QuoteValet Setup window you can select multiple files to upload at the same time.

 20. On the Site Files tab of the QuoteValet Setup window you can select multiple files to download at the same time.

 21. On the Site Files tab of the QuoteValet Setup window you can select multiple site files to delete at the same time.

 22. For API users, there is now a DocumentItems.DocumentLevelLineItemUniqueID field. This line item field has an id that is unique to the document for this line item. To locate a specific line item in the database you need to do a query like, for example, "SELECT * FROM DocumentItems WHERE DocID=99 AND DocumentLevelLineItemUniqueID='08C7C3E23C014B85819F52A0B93C315E'".

 23. On Product Lookup window, for ManufacturerPartNumber search, added new "Contains" search option. [Service Release: 4.06]

 24. For QuoteValet users, if a quote has been accepted and no payment gateways are configured, when you open the quote, it will not check for updates from QuoteValet. This will speed up the time it takes to open a quote. Similarly, when opening an order from the accepted quote it will not check for updates from QuoteValet. Also if a quote has been accepted and there are payment gateways configured but all the payments have been received for the quote or order, it will not check for updates from QuoteValet. Clicking on the QuoteValet tab will always check for updates from QuoteValet. [Service Release: 4.06]

 25. Ingram Micro New Zealand real-time Pricing & Availability is now supported! [Service Release: 4.06]

 26. Added new Edit->Copy Cell Text menu. When the cursor is in a cell in the Document Items grid, selecting this menu will copy the entire contents of the cell into the Clipboard. [Service Release: 4.06]

 27. For ConnectWise users, TLS 1.2 and TLS 1.1 communication protocols were enabled for communicating with the ConnectWise API. This is useful for self-hosted ConnectWise installations that have disabled TLS 1.0 on their server for enhanced security. [Service Release: 4.06]

 28. On the Open Document window there are now 3 "Other" fields that you can use to search. You can choose which ever 3 document level fields you would like to search. They can be text, number, date, or logic fields and you can do advanced searches like Contains, Greater than or equal, etc. It also remembers, per user, the last fields you searched on and defaults them for next time. [Service Release: 4.08]

 29. Goldmine 2018.2 is now supported! [Service Release: 4.09]

 30. When cloning an FPC layout file, the default file name for the newly cloned layout will now be the file name from the FPC file being copied with a numeric sequence like "_01" appended to it. If the FPC file name being cloned is the non descriptive name like "layou01.fpc", the default FPC file name for the clone will be the name like "Quote (Standard)" with the spaces removed. There is also an "Auto generate from Name" option that will generate the file name based on what you type in the Name. All these changes also apply to Creating a new layout. [Service Release: 4.09]

 31. Added new Misc Access Right "CannotManuallyModifyFieldValue:DI_ManufacturerPartNumber". When this is assigned to a user, the user will not be able to type free text into the ManufacturerPartNumber cell on the DocumentItems tab, but they can choose from the drop down list in that cell. [Service Release: 4.09]

Misc Features - Build 4
 1. If you are updating an existing installation of QuoteWerks that is older than version 5.0, you will now receive a message alerting you that you need to first update to v5.1 build 6.07 before updating to the current version of QuoteWerks.

 2. For Ingram Micro Online Orders we are now saving more debugging information including the OrderDetail Request.

 3. Increased timeouts when rehosting product databases to SQL for Amazon RDS and Azure.

 4. For salesforce.com users, the salesforce.com integration was ported to .net so same code base can be used with QuoteWerks Web.

 5. For QuickBooks Online users, if an error is returned from QuickBooks Online, more information is now returned.

 6. On the Utilities->License Manager window the status of the subscription licensing has been improved. Also added a [Validate Subscription] button for QuoteWerks DB Hosting on the Tenant Account tab of Tools->Options.

 7. When the Contact Lookup window is displayed, the text search box now has focus. This was added for Outlook, Act, GoldMine, QuickBooks, Salesforce.com, and SalesLogix.

 8. For SugarCRM users, versions 5.1, 5.2, 5.5, 6.0, 6.1, 6.2, 6.3, and 6.4 are no longer supported. SugarCRM does not support these versions.

 9. For QuoteValet users, if a Deposit Amount is set and Payment Processing is enabled, you will be reminded and required to have at least one payment option for the document. [Service Release: 4.08]

Fixes - Build 4
 1. For ConnectWise users, if a Group Member was mapped to a ConnectWise Product Class of 'Agreement' it would not be sent to the ConnectWise Opportunity.

 2. Would receive 'Error (5) Invalid procedure call or argument' when QuoteWerks attempted to launch an external application.

 3. When using Paste Special, when copying data from Excel into the clipboard, Excel would randomly code a column as a spanning column and then skip the column to the right of it causing issues with data lining up correctly in the mappings. This variation is now accounted for.

 4. When the Misc Access right of CannotModifyFieldValue:DI_ManufacturerPartNumber was set, clicking on the drop down list in the cell on the grid could still result in the data being changed. Now, the drop down list is not visible when this right is set.

 5. For Peachtree users, error 380 when loading setup window.

 6. When using the right click Paste Append feature to paste a product into a product database, the Simple Labor and QuoteValet Video information was not getting pasted.

 7. For Autotask users, when saving a quote and choosing to create an opportunity in Autotask and then cancelling, you would receive an error stating that the file attachment could not be created. File attachments only attach to an opportunity, so if no opportunity is created, then the attachment is not created.

 8. For QuickBooks Online users in Canada, the Shipping Amount did not have a tax code applied which would cause an error for some users.

 9. For QuickBooks Online users, in the QuickBooks Online Setup options, the Job Name would revert to default setting.

 10. For ConnectWise users, some users were encountering a ConnectWise timeout when requesting the ConnectWise Member List from ConnectWise. We have increased the timeout to compensate for the amount of time ConnectWise takes to return the MemberList.

 11. For Maximizer CRM Live users, the create date was showing in the ISO format on the Update Opportunity form.

 12. For Maximizer CRM Live users, duplicate items would appear in the Contact Search.

 13. For Autotask users, the option "For grouped bundles, only create a single summary product in Autotask (not the individual group items)" was not being remembered when set.

 14. For Autotask users, TLS 1.2 now supported.

 15. For Salesforce.com users, the salesforce.com integration option icons on the Save window were not being hidden when appropriate.

 16. For Outlook users, the Outlook integration option icons on the Save window were not being hidden when appropriate.

 17. For SugarCRM users, on a new opportunity window, the probability percentage displayed on the form and the sales stage dropdown value could be mismatched.

 18. For SugarCRM users, if a contact without an account was selected from the Lookup SugarCRM contact window, follow up calls and linked documents were unable to be created.

 19. For SugarCRM users, opportunities require an Account, so now if you select a Contact that was not associated with an Account on the Lookup SugarCRM contact window you will be alerted that you cannot do that.

 20. For salesforce.com users, you could select a contact that was not associated with an account on the Lookup Salesforce contact window. You are no longer allowed to do that since opportunities require an Account.

 21. On the Print Preview window when choosing File->Save as PDF, if you entered a valid file extension for the file name or if using a macro to generate the default file name that caused it to end with something that looked like a valid file extension like when a company name ends in ".com", the the PDF file would be saved with that file extension instead of the .pdf extension.

 22. In the QuoteWerks Launcher, if an installation was found whose corresponding index key letter was not in the PriorityList key a duplicate priority number would be generated.

 23. In the QuoteWerks Launcher, the folder locations of registered installations would be a mixture of windows short file names and long file names (which could be referring to teh same folder).When nsetup.exe was run directly from a folder, a short file name version of the folder path would be saved, but when QuoteWerks was run, the long file name path would be registered, creating duplicates. Now, the long file name version of the folder path is always used.

 24. For GoldMine users, when converting a quote to an order, it was not converting the forecasted sale to a completed sale. Also creating an order initially would not create a completed sale in GoldMine. This issue was introduced in v5.3 build 3.14.

 25. For Peachtree/Sage 50 users, loading the items, customers, and vendors lists are now 80% faster!

 26. For Autotask users, the select existing opportunity list now sorts by creation date as it did before. [Service Release: 4.06]

 27. For SugarCRM users, test button on Contact Manager Setup window did not validate the url correctly. [Service Release: 4.06]

 28. For SugarCRM users, account contacts when checked and searching by Account Name would not show in search. [Service Release: 4.06]

 29. For SugarCRM users, when pulling in a contact, the account is not shown in the lookup window. [Service Release: 4.06]

 30. For SugarCRM users, saving a quote for the first time produces the following error 'Error retrieving existing opportunities from SugarCRM.' [Service Release: 4.06]

 31. For SugarCRM users, calls used to show up on both the contact and the account when scheduled. [Service Release: 4.06]

 32. For SugarCRM users, notes used to go to both Contact & account, now they just go to either account or contact depending on which was chosen. [Service Release: 4.06]

 33. When spell checking HTML email and HTML templates, some HTML source code tags were getting spell checked. [Service Release: 4.06]

 34. On the Leasing Rate calculator window, only the first terms entry like "12" would appear. [Service Release: 4.06]

 35. When DTF files created prior to version 5.3 build 4 where opened, would receive messages about the "DocumentLevelLineItemUniqueID" field. [Service Release: 4.06]

 36. For Autotask users, when creating a new opportunity, closed opportunities were being shown in the existing opportunity dropdown list. [Service Release: 4.06]

 37. For Autotask users, running a Rebuild CM Transport Files and checking upload to Autotask would cause error. [Service Release: 4.06]

 38. Error DocumentLevelLineItemUniqueID is empty in cpyDA_DocumentItems() when importing a QuoteValet Order form. [Service Release: 4.06]

 39. For ConnectWise users, Inactive service boards were available when creating or updating ConnectWise Tickets. The ConnectWise API changed the property that indicated a service board was inactive. [Service Release: 4.06]

 40. Error invalid column name 'AttributesCustom' [Service Release: 4.08]

 41. For Autotask users, when clicking Show All on the Product Lookup window for an Autotask Labor database, some users were not seeing any results. Users were still able to search for specific Labor items. [Service Release: 4.08]

 42. For QuoteValet payment processing users, when choosing eCheck payment gateway, allowed credit card checkboxes were viable and required a selection to proceed. [Service Release: 4.08]

 43. When you duplicate a quote that has submitted a leasing credit application, the credit app for the document was not cleared out. [Service Release: 4.08]

 44. Setting up QuoteWerks Web credentials resulted in error. [Service Release: 4.08]

 45. On a Formula line item when setting the formula "percent of a line item in the document", the ManufacturerPartNumber was being used as the "where" field no matter what the selection was. [Service Release: 4.08]

 46. When editing optional items under the Products->Optional Items menu, when you click an item and choose Edit the title bar text was "Edit Required Item Master" instead of "Edit Optional Item Master". [Service Release: 4.09]

 47. When using QuickBooks Desktop as a product source, and searching or choosing [All], an error is displayed for every product. [Service Release: 4.09]

 48. Error Method 'ItemData' of object '_DCombobox' failed, if clicking on plus or minus button on Activity Notifications tab of the QuoteValet Setup if there were no items in the list. [Service Release: 4.09]