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Version 5.3 Build 2.02 Summary
18 New, 13 Fixes, and 5 Miscellaneous features Released on 12/20/2017
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New Features - Build 2
 1. For QuoteValet users, on the Reporting tab of the QuoteValet dashboard the DocType is now displayed. This is useful in determining when a quote has been accepted through QuoteValet but has not been converted to an order yet.

 2. For QuoteValet users, we've added the fields QuoteValetStatusCode and QuoteValetAcceptedOn fields to the DocumentHeaders table making it possible to run reports on if a quote has been accepted through QuoteValet but has not been converted to an order yet.

 3. For API Users, added new method DocFunctions.RefreshLists(). When called this will refresh the CostModifier and PriceModifier drop down lists.

 4. For API Users, added new method Application.QuickLookupSetProductDataSource(ByVal sProductDataSourceName As String, ByVal sEnglishOperator As String) As Integer

 5. For API Users, added new method Application.QuickLookupSetSearchField(ByVal sFieldName As String) As Integer

 6. For API Users, added new method Application.QuickLookupSetSearchValue(ByVal sSearchValue As String) As Integer

 7. ConnectWise 2018.2 is now supported! [Service Release: 2.02]

 8. For ConnectWise Users, if the option is selected to write the SoldToPONumber to ConnectWise, the SoldToPONumber is now also written to the Sales Order in addition to the Opportunity. [Service Release: 2.02]

 9. For ConnectWise Users that subscribe to QuoteValet, if the QuoteWerks Document is linked to a ConnectWise Opportunity, when uploading a document to QuoteValet, the QuoteValet SalesRep Facing URL will be added to the Attachment tab of the ConnectWise Opportunity. This will enable sales reps to have access to the Sales Rep facing view of a QuoteValet Document from within ConnectWise. [Service Release: 2.02]

 10. For ConnectWise users, on the Links tab, there is now a link for the ConnectWise Sales Order. This enables you to easily navigate to the created Sales Orders in ConnectWise. [Service Release: 2.02]

 11. For ConnectWise users, on the Links tab, there is now a link for the ConnectWise Agreement. This enables you to easily navigate to the created Agreements in ConnectWise. [Service Release: 2.02]

 12. On the Item Attributes, the selections are now colorized to indicate non-standard selections making it easier to quickly see if an item is set as non-taxable or optional, etc. [Service Release: 2.02]

 13. On the Print window you can now multi-select the print selections for actions like [Move Up], [Move Down], [Remove], and [View]. [Service Release: 2.02]

 14. When the AlternateUnitPrice column's automatically calculated price is manually overridden the cell will now have a red background color. [Service Release: 2.02]

 15. Added options "Generate new DocName using macro when duplicating" and "Generate new DocName when creating from template" on the Documents tab of the Tools->Options menu. [Service Release: 2.02]

 16. You can now set the timeout value for scripts. In the Settings Manager, set SystemSettings\System\VBScriptTimeout=10 for 10 seconds. That is the default. [Service Release: 2.02]

 17. For API users, the Installation.OpenDB method now supports opening QuoteWerks Native Product databases to view, edit and add product records. [Service Release: 2.02]

 18. For API users, there is now an Installation.IsSQL property to indicate if the backend is rehosted to SQL. [Service Release: 2.02]

Misc Features - Build 2
 1. Could receive error "an error occurred when attempting to clone the report configuration file". If this error was related to a maximum number of reports, it will onw report "You have reached the maximum of report configration files named report01.rcf through report99.rcf. Please rename some of these files to a more unique name, or delete some reports that are no longer used." [Service Release: 2.02]

 2. The v5.3 build 1 release changed lots of constraints on fields and for some older installations would receive many messages about "Could not drop constraint". Those messages are now silenced. [Service Release: 2.02]

 3. Activated beta testing support for InforCRM 8.4 [Service Release: 2.02]

 4. When selecting a field to map in the Paste Special Wizard the customized label for Custom fields will be displayed. [Service Release: 2.02]

 5. Increased the State and Postal Code text field width on the Person tab of the User Preferences menu. Also on the Edit Vendor window. [Service Release: 2.02]

Fixes - Build 2
 1. For ConnectWise Manage users, ConnectWise Development modified how Procurement Products (items on a ConnectWise Opportunity) are returned via their API in 2018.1. An error relating to "Start and End Dates" could be returned when QuoteWerks added non-recurring products to a Group/Bundle on a ConnectWise Opportunity.

 2. for ConnectWise users, when creating a new Opportunity in ConnectWise, the user setting defaults for "UserSettings\UserConfig\ForecastCloseDate" and "UserSettings\UserConfig\ForecastProbability" were not respected.

 3. For QuickBooks Online users in Australia, if the "AllowShipping" option within QuickBooks Online was enabled, QuoteWerks was not setting the applicable tax code for the shipping item on Estimates, Sales Receipts, or Invoices. QuickBooks Online in Australia is the only QuickBooks Online Region that has a tax code setting for Shipping.

 4. For QuickBooks Online users, only the first 100 Accounts would be returned from QuickBooks Online in QuoteWerks.

 5. For QuickBooks Online Users, when using QuickBooks Online as a Product Source in QuoteWerks, only the first 1000 products would be available. [Service Release: 2.02]

 6. On the Opportunities Dashboard, if manually entering a custom date that is an invalid date and then clicking on the [Refresh] button, would receive error "Type 13 Data Mismatch". Also on the Payments tab QuoteValet dashboard. [Service Release: 2.02]

 7. For ConnectWise users, including Shipping in a document and sending shipping to a service ticket, and converting a quote to an order would cause error "Error in CreateOrUpdateConnectWiseSalesOpportunity()! Error (9) Subscript out of range" [Service Release: 2.02]

 8. When repairing/compacting .mdb database files in the Medic Utility would receive "WARNING: This QuoteWerks Security file cannot be Repaired/Compacted because it is password protected by QuoteWerks.". The security.mdb file is now compacted. [Service Release: 2.02]

 9. For GoldMine users, when converting a quote to an order, the existing GoldMine forecast sale (if any) was not being completed in GoldMine. [Service Release: 2.02]

 10. For QuickBooks Desktop users, a checkbox "Subitem of" was incorrectly appearing on the Create QuickBooks Item window. [Service Release: 2.02]

 11. When the macro &DH_ProjectNo was used for DocName generation it will being replaced with an empty string. [Service Release: 2.02]

 12. For SYNNEX Canada users, when obtaining real-time Pricing & Availiability on the SYNNEX Online Ordering window would receive error "Client.VersionValidation" error. [Service Release: 2.02]

 13. When looking up a contact under Contacts->Lookup with QuoteWerks selected as the Contact Manager and you click the User for [All] option, the contact lookup window was not closing. [Service Release: 2.02]