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Version 5.0 Build 4.44 Summary
18 New, 42 Fixes, and 13 Miscellaneous features Released on 04/20/2015
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New Features - Build 4
 1. MS CRM 2015 (v7.0) is now supported! [Service Release: 4.09]

 2. ConnectWise 2015.3 is now supported! [Service Release: 4.09]

 3. The Etilize search capabilities have been significantly improved. After doing the initial search, you can now drill down by selecting Category, Manufacturer, and Product Feature attributes to narrow down the results of your search. For example, when searching for a laptop, you can narrow the Etilize results by selecting the screen size, RAM, Hard Drive size, etc. [Service Release: 4.09]

 4. The Etilize panel now processes Pricing & Availability requests simultaneously resulting in massive speed increases. Previously, if you had accounts with Tech Data, Ingram Micro, SYNNEX, and D & H, QuoteWerks would request real-time Pricing and Availability for each sequentially. Each real-time request takes between 1 and 5 seconds depending on the distributor and the time of day, so for 4 distributors, it would take up to 20 seconds to obtain pricing for all of the distributors of an item. With the new parallel processing, QuoteWerks requests real-time Pricing and Availability from all of the distributors for an item at the same time. This process only takes as long as the slowest distributor response time. In this scenario, this new feature could save you 15 seconds or more just on a single item! [Service Release: 4.09]

 5. The Etilize panel now has a Similar Items tab. This will contain a list of products that are similar in feature set to the product you are looking at. This is particularly useful when the item you searched for is not in stock, you can use this to find a similar product that is in stock. This also provides you with an easy way to see a list of products to Cross-Sell. [Service Release: 4.09]

 6. The Etilize panel now has an Upsell items tab. This will contain a list of products would be an up sell to the selected product using Etilize's advanced suggested selling engine. These products will be better products with more features and usually sold for a higher price. With this, you can easily provide Good, Better, Best options on your quotes increasing the chance that customers will choose the higher priced items, increasing your sales. [Service Release: 4.09]

 7. Etilize Product Comparison window. The QuoteWerks Product Content subscription now supports side-by-side comparison of Etilize items. From the Etilize panel you click [Compare] which will load the item into this window. You can compare up to 15 items at the same time (limited by monitor size). The compare displays all the attributes of each item in a table format. There is an option to "Highlight Product Differences" making it easy to pin point differences between the items. On this Compare window, you can also see all the prices and availability for all the items for all the distributors at the same time empowering you with all the information needed to make the best choice for your needs. The pricing & availability on the Etilize Compare Window uses the new parallel processing of real-time requests to fulfill 45 price requests in 3 seconds. Similar to the Etilize panel you can click the distributor part number to view the item on the distributor website, any part numbers found by the PartLocator will be displayed with bulls-eye icon next to it, and the lowest cost for each item is indicated in green. You can also select an individual item and display the Etilize panel giving you access to more detailed warehouse availability and also the consumer pricing. Also on the Compare window is a [Add PDF to Links Tab] button which will create a PDF file of the Product Feature comparison table (not including pricing) and add it to the Links tab. As with the Etilize Spec Sheet PDF, this PDF obeys the option to not include the ManufacturerPartNumber if that option is set. [Service Release: 4.09]

 8. When performing at Etilize search, there is a new column "Etilize Distributors" which contains tokens indicating which distributors Etilize found distributor part numbers for. The tokens are [TD]=TechData, [SY]=SYNNEX, [IM]=Ingram Micro, [DH]=D&H, [NA]=Northamber, [WC]=Westcoast, [WCG]=Westcon Group, and [ASI]=ASI respectively. It is important to note that this is useful to get a rough indicator, but when selecting the row and the Etilize panel is loaded, the QuoteWerks PartLocator will locate additional distributor part numbers not found in the Etilize search. [Service Release: 4.09]

 9. From the Quote WorkBook, when using the Etilize Panel, dbl-clicking on the vendor now performs the same function as clicking on the [Update] button. [Service Release: 4.09]

 10. On the Etilize panel, if no default vendor has been specified in the setup, the first vendor in the list is now selected. [Service Release: 4.09]

 11. For Peachtree users, the Peachtree item type of "Serial Stock item" is now supported. This type of item can be used when QuoteWerks creates a Sales Order in Peachtree, but not when trying to export an Invoice from QuoteWerks to Peachtree. [Service Release: 4.11]

 12. On the Open Document window, the fields CustomText01-CustomText24, CustomNumber01-CustomNumber02, and CustomDate01-CustomDate02 are now available as columns in the search results. [Service Release: 4.19]

 13. On the Open Document window, the fields ShipToCompany and BillToCompany are now available as columns in the search results. [Service Release: 4.19]

 14. Maximizer 13.1 is now supported! [Service Release: 4.19]

 15. Goldmine 2015.1 is now supported! [Service Release: 4.30]

 16. For Maximizer users, the DataLink now has support for additional fields like "Email2". [Service Release: 4.34]

 17. ConnectWise 2015.4 is now supported! [Service Release: 4.41]

 18. The SoldToContact column now displayed in the Open Document window grid. [Service Release: 4.44]

Misc Features - Build 4
 1. The Amazon consumer pricing feature that is part of the Product Content Subscription is no longer available. Amazon does not have an API that can be used by the content server to retrieve pricing, so for the last two years we have used a "screen scraping technique" which Amazon no longer allows. [Service Release: 4.09]

 2. On the Etilize Panel if no default vendor has been specified, then the first vendor is now selected rather than the last vendor. [Service Release: 4.09]

 3. On the Quote WorkBook, when the Etilize Panel is displayed, double-clicking on the Vendor option will update the line item in the Quote WorkBook with that vendor. [Service Release: 4.09]

 4. On the Etilize panel, your selection of the "Auto retrieve real-time" checkbox will be remembered until you restart QuoteWerks at which time, it will use the user based default setting "Auto retrieve real-time pricing & availability for Etilize" specified on the Misc tab of Tools->My Preferences. [Service Release: 4.09]

 5. For API developers, the LookupName value for records in the LookupItems table that used to be named "TB_USERDEF01" are now named "TB_CustomText01" [Service Release: 4.09]

 6. The display format of the pricing & availability on price comparison has been changed. It now displays, for example, (45/13) representing TotalQty / OnOrderQty instead rather than the old way of (7/45) representing PreferredWarehouseQty / TotalQty. [Service Release: 4.09]

 7. The 15 year old ACT! version 4.05/5.0 and 6.0 integration has been removed. [Service Release: 4.09]

 8. The 7 year old MS CRM version 1.0 integration has been removed. [Service Release: 4.09]

 9. Support for the Ingram EPG.MDB and Tech Data PRODUCTS.DBF that have not been distributed by Ingram and Tech Data for 5 years has been removed. [Service Release: 4.09]

 10. Activated beta testing support for ACT! for Web version 17. [Service Release: 4.09]

 11. Updated printing engine. [Service Release: 4.09]

 12. Beta support activated for MS CRM v7.1 (2015 update 1) [Service Release: 4.30]

 13. Updated QuoteWerks for Tech Data change of their warehouse name from "Ft Worth, TX" to "Fort Worth, TX". Also if a warehouse name cannot be located a message will be displayed alerting the user. [Service Release: 4.44]

Fixes - Build 4
 1. Images inserted into the print layout at design time that contained a gradient would sometimes appear "blocky" when saved to a PDF. [Service Release: 4.09]

 2. Runtime error 6 when opening a large DTF file. [Service Release: 4.09]

 3. When manually selecting an image to include in a line item, and the image is stored in a subfolder of the QuoteWerks folder like \QuoteWerks\Images\subfolder", would receive error ?error printing picture, file ?\Images\subfolder\filename.jpg' not found!? [Service Release: 4.09]

 4. For ConnectWise users, when saving changes to an order that had already previously been converted to an order AND updating the ConnectWise opportunity it would create a duplicate sales order. [Service Release: 4.09]

 5. In the layout designer, when resizing an inserted image, the image did not look good in the image designer or preview, but would print and save to pdf properly. [Service Release: 4.09]

 6. When Windows display magnification is turned on, and a word document is converted to a PDF file, then a regular print layout that includes an rtf page like a cover page is printed, the rtf page would be shrunken to the upper left of the page. [Service Release: 4.09]

 7. For QuickBooks users, when exporting estimates that contained job number for a QuickBooks customer that already existed and the option to update QuickBooks customer if it existed was not set, would receive error 3140, Description: There is an invalid reference to QuickBooks Customer "xxxx:yyyy" in the Estimate. message: Invalid argument. The specified record does not exist in the list. [Service Release: 4.09]

 8. When selecting multiple line items for operations like Edit->Apply Price modifier, the all the changes performed in that single action can now be removed with a single UNDO level. [Service Release: 4.09]

 9. Runtime error when clicking on the Compare Prices toolbar button [Service Release: 4.09]

 10. For Ingram Micro users with Windows Regional settings set to French Canadian, realtime prices would be returned as 0.00. [Service Release: 4.09]

 11. For SYNNEX users with Windows Regional settings set to French Canadian, realtime prices would be returned as 0.00. [Service Release: 4.09]

 12. For D&H users with Windows Regional settings set to French Canadian, realtime prices would be returned as 0.00. [Service Release: 4.09]

 13. Would receive run-time error 5 invalid procedure call. This could happen when choosing File->Open or other activities where an empty F2Lookup value was encountered. This would only happen when data was corrupted. [Service Release: 4.09]

 14. For salesforce.com users when creating a new account/contact in salesforce.com from QuoteWerks, the ContactID was getting associated with the quote instead of the CompanyID. [Service Release: 4.09]

 15. For ConnectWise users, products with multi-line descriptions could end up with extra Carriage return characters. [Service Release: 4.09]

 16. For Autotask users, when creating a PO in Autotask, the QuoteWerks PO number was being copied into the ExternalPONumber field reserved for the Autotask QuickBooks integration. Now the QuoteWerks PO number is set in the GeneralMemo field in the following format: [QuoteWerks PO: XXXXXX] [Service Release: 4.09]

 17. For ConnectWise users in a region where the date format that does not start with Month (m-d-yyyy), and specifically if the Windows date format is set to YYYY-MM-DD, the "Time Stamp" button on the "Create/Update Follow up Activity" window was using the wrong date format. [Service Release: 4.09]

 18. For multiple product database searches when choosing to use a result that was from a native product database, the record ID would be truncated at 4 characters resulting in selecting the wrong product to use or not finding a match at all. [Service Release: 4.09]

 19. When choosing to Append Paste a copied product into a native product database, and then immediately editing the product, when you clicked ok to save the changes to the product would receive error "row could not be located for editing". [Service Release: 4.09]

 20. The node installation would hang when running the _DE.exe portion when on a Citrix server. This issue was introduced in build 4.00. [Service Release: 4.11]

 21. For MS CRM users, Maximizer users, and SugarCRM users the "display secondary contacts" or "Display account contacts" checkbox was not working. This issue was introduced in build 4.00 as a result of preparation for QuoteWerks Web. [Service Release: 4.15]

 22. For MS CRM users, Maximizer users, and SugarCRM users the "display secondary contacts" or "Display account contacts" checkbox was not working. This issue was introduced in build 4.00 as a result of preparation for QuoteWerks Web. [Service Release: 4.19]

 23. For Product Content Subscribers in the UK that use Tech Data (Computer 2000), the Real-time Pricing and Availability displayed on the Etilize panel would always return an error. This issue was introduced in v5.0 Build 4.00. [Service Release: 4.19]

 24. When modifying a print layout (fpc file), that included a change to an image (adding/removing), the file saved would not be able to be re-opened, causing QuoteWerks to shutdown. This issue was introduced in v5.0 Build 4.12. [Service Release: 4.19]

 25. When adding a product to a bundle would receive error "Error .listindex=-1 in ReturnActiveFolderTextProperty" [Service Release: 4.30]

 26. On the Open document window when doing an item search would receive an error about "Ambiguous column name" [Service Release: 4.30]

 27. When choosing a leasing rate card (using a lease rate card xml file) and clicking the [Get Lease Payments] button on the Lease Payment Calculator window, if the rate card did not contain an option for advance payments of 0 you would receive an error saying that advance payments of 0 could not be found in the rate card, even though you had not selected a checkbox indicating you wanted an advance payment option of 0. [Service Release: 4.30]

 28. Error when attempting to round to the nearest whole dollar. For example, Number '176326.642857143' is too large to round! [Service Release: 4.30]

 29. When using the Medic Utility and using the Utilities->Data Manager, under the Pre-defined queries tab, the list of product databases was not getting populated. [Service Release: 4.34]

 30. On the Product Lookup window, the [Show All] button is no longer visible if the "Multiple Database Search" is selected. [Service Release: 4.34]

 31. For Product Content Subscribers, if a part number was only found in the QuoteWerks Part Locator system, then the default ItemType, PriceModifier and TaxCode would not be applied. This issue was introduced in v5.0 build 4.00 [Service Release: 4.34]

 32. When a user is set with the access level of "CannotModifyProducts", if the user converted a quote to an order and selected to allocate inventory, an error message is received that they do not have access to modify the product. This issue was introduced in v4.9 build 9.00. [Service Release: 4.34]

 33. For Tech Data Europe users, in countries that use a comma as the decimal separator the price returned could be over-inflated. This issue was introduced in v5.0 build 4.00. [Service Release: 4.40]

 34. When pasting text into the description cell on the DocumentItems tab, the cursor position would not be at the end of the pasted text, it would be one more position to the right. [Service Release: 4.40]

 35. The QuoteWerks contact database has always allowed duplicate company names to be entered. The new feature to create a Company/Contact record in the QuoteWerks contact database from the SoldTo/ShipTo tab was not allowing duplicate company names to be created in the QuoteWerks contact database. [Service Release: 4.40]

 36. For ConnectWise users, using the QuoteWerks Datalink feature, if you attempt to map values from UserDefined fields 6-10 in ConnectWise, we receive an error "2010: Length cannot be less than zero. Parameter name: length". [Service Release: 4.40]

 37. Supplies Network realtime pricing & availability stopped working. This issue was introduced in v5.0 build 4.00. [Service Release: 4.40]

 38. For ConnectWise users, when starting with an ORDER document type and choosing to create a "Won" Opportunity in ConnectWise, the options for creating a Sales Order and Tickets did not appear. [Service Release: 4.40]

 39. Northamber realtime pricing & availability stopped working. [Service Release: 4.40]

 40. PDF files generated were being set to print in duplex mode flipped on long edge. [Service Release: 4.40]

 41. For ConnectWise users selecting a contact and selecting from multiple address locations, the address selected by default was improperly just selecting the last entry in the list. [Service Release: 4.40]

 42. The Tech Data Europe change introduced in v5.0 build 4.40 caused a problem with the real-time price for Tech Data USA customers when the real-time price of a product was between $10,000 and $99,0000. [Service Release: 4.44]