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Version 4.9 Build 08.07 Summary
26 New, 17 Fixes, and 3 Miscellaneous features Released on 06/05/2014
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New Features - Build 8
 1. Microsoft SQL Server 2014 is now supported!

 2. Microsoft Dynamics CRM (MS CRM) version 2014 is now supported!

 3. SugarCRM 7.2 is now supported!

 4. For Act! for Web users, ACT! for Web v16 and 2013 are now supported including on both 64-bit or 32-bit Windows Server OS.

 5. The Product Content Subscription now has PartLocator support for Printer Essentials. We've negotiated an arrangement with Printer Essentials to host their parts list to provide our mutual customers with a better ability to locate Printer Essentials part numbers when quoting.

 6. For Autotask users, you can now create Purchase Orders in Autotask. Under the new Tools->Purchasing menu you have access to all the Order items in QuoteWerks and can easily create Autotask Purchase Orders that contain items from one or multiple orders. Items that do not exist in Autotask will be created. Additionally if using the Online Ordering feature of the real-time module, after the items are ordered you will be asked if you want to create a Purchase Order in Autotask for the items you just ordered electronically. To enable this functionality, select Autotask as the Purchase Order Integration on the Settings tab of the Autotask setup window.

 7. For Autotask users, when receiving items on the QuoteWerks Purchasing window, the item(s) will be received in Autotask along with the serial number received (if specified). For QuoteWerks to mark the items as received in Autotask, the items must already be on a Purchase Order that QuoteWerks created in Autotask. To enable this receiving feature, check the checkbox "Sync Received Items to Autotask" on the Settings tab of the Autotask setup window. Also on this window, the Purchase Order Integration must be set to Autotask.

 8. For Autotask users, new quotes can now be created starting with an Autotask Opportunity. When a new opportunity is created in Autotask or an existing opportunity in Autotask is set to have an opportunity stage of "Create Quote" or other pre-defined stage, the Autotask Opportunity will appear in the QuoteWerks My Summary Dashboard under the Notifications section. From there you can click on the "Create Quote for Autotask Opportunity" link. This will create a new quote in QuoteWerks and populate the SoldTo information with the customer information associated with the opportunity. It will also associate the opportunity with the quote so that when saving the quote this existing opportunity will be updated. This feature was designed so that you can have a person out in the field creating a new Autotask opportunity using Autotask mobile and just enter some basic specifications for the opportunity. Then back in the office, the person assigned to create quotes will automatically be notified that they need to create a quote for this opportunity. The same concept applies even if the opportunity is created using regular Autotask vs Autotask Mobile. From the Notifications section on the Dashboard, you can also click on a link to view the opportunity in Autotask.

 9. For ConnectWise users, when creating a new quote from a Notification on your Dashboard, products on the ConnectWise Opportunity will be added to the new quote. This is helpful when using outside solutions like Labtech or JoomConnect that create Opportunities in ConnectWise.

 10. For ConnectWise users, Opportunity Notifications can now be triggered by up to three different Opportunity Status values in ConnectWise.

 11. For ConnectWise users, you can set the default the Service Board, Status, and Service Type to be used when creating new Service Tickets from QuoteWerks. These defaults are set on the Settings tab of the ConnectWise Setup.

 12. For ConnectWise users, you can set defaults for the copying of products and services to new Service Tickets like: "Products and Services", "Each Service", "Services Only", "Products Only", or "" when completing an opportunity as Won in QuoteWerks. This default is set on the Settings tab of the ConnectWise Setup.

 13. For ConnectWise users, when completing an opportunity as Won in QuoteWerks, there is now an option to be warned if you did not select any Service Ticket creation option on the Won Opportunity. This default is set on the Settings tab of the ConnectWise Setup.

 14. Recurring Groups now support using an APR or Lease Factor to calculate the monthly payment. Defaults settings for this can be set on the Misc tab of the Tools->Options menu.

 15. For the Deposit Amount, the "Add up multiple matching line items in the document" calculations now supports up to 5 values.

 16. For a Formula field, the "Add up multiple matching line items in the document" calculations now supports up to 5 values.

 17. For the Summary Line, you can now specify up to 5 matching values to use when adding up values.

 18. The Deposit Amount, Formula, and Summary line "Add up multiple matching line items in the document" feature now supports the Contains and BeginsWith operators.

 19. On the Purchase Orders tab of the Purchasing Window, there is now a PO Item right click menu of "Delete...". With this you can delete PO items from manually created Purchase Orders. This feature is primarily used, for example, when you create a manual PO, for a vendor, including two items on it and then find out that the distributor requires that both items cannot be on the same PO.

 20. On the Purchase Orders tab of the Purchasing Window, there is now a PO Item right click menu of "Mark ItemReceipt As Exported to Accounting...". If you have already received the item in QuickBooks directly, then choose this option to let QuoteWerks know so that it does not try to Receive against that PO item in QuickBooks when doing the ItemReceipt synchronization.

 21. For QuickBooks ItemReceipt users, there is now a feature so that when you first activate this feature, it will prompt you to mark Items Received in QuoteWerks prior to the feature activation as already exported to QuickBooks. This happens when the "Sync Received Items to QuickBooks" option is checked on the QuickBooks setup screen. If it is already checked, then uncheck it, save, then go back into setup and check it and then click [Ok].

 22. When selecting File->Duplicate, the OrderDate column is now cleared if the option "Remove Line Item SONumber, PONumber, and OrderDate" is selected.

 23. For API users, added new Application.DoAction actions of "CallMenuProductsLookup", "CallMenuFilePrint", "CallMenuEditPasteSpecial"

 24. Added support for <> macro in the Word merging.

 25. Sage 50 US Edition (Peachtree) 2015 is now supported! [Service Release: 8.06]

 26. For salesforce.com users, when testing the credentials from the Contacts->Setup Contact Manager window, the success message will now display what salesforce.com instance you are connecting to. For example "na3.salesforce.com". [Service Release: 8.06]

Misc Features - Build 8
 1. For QuoteValet users, the warning message about a subscription expiring soon will now only display once per session.

 2. For salesforce.com users, on the Save window, unchecking the "Create or Update Opportunity" or "Create or Update Closed Won Opportunity" will now uncheck the "Create or Update document Attachment" checkbox since document attachments are only attached to the sales opportunity in salesforce.com.

 3. For QuickBooks users, when encountering issues with exporting Item Receipts to QuickBooks, more detailed debug information is now displayed to assist in determining the cause.

Fixes - Build 8
 1. For Autotask users, fields that were not updatable by the Autotask API would be cleared when QuoteWerks updated an Autotask Opportunity.

 2. For ConnectWise users, when updating a ConnectWise opportunity that had more than 50 line items in it that had more than one line item with the same ConnectWise ProductID would receive error 457.

 3. SugarCRM 7.0 and 7.1 Enterprise Revenue Line Item amount was getting updated with UnitPrice instead of ExtendedPrice.

 4. In a Grouped Bundle, the line item tax amount displayed was not correct if a group member had a quantity greater than 1. If the documents sales tax rate was changed, the line item tax amount displayed was not correct. If the group quantity was greater than 1, the recurring revenue tax was not updated to reflect the increased quantity.

 5. If you approved a document manually through the QuoteWerks File->Approve menu, and then it was uploaded to QuoteValet, the next time the quote was opened, receiving updates from QuoteValet, the approval would be cleared.

 6. For salesforce.com users, the CRMOppHeader_CreateUpdate DataLink was not working.

 7. For API users, the Application.ItemFunctions.LineItemSetValue was not setting values that could not be set by users through the user interface. [Service Release: 8.01]

 8. When unlocking a locked document, the field level security would not be re-applied. [Service Release: 8.06]

 9. For salesforce.com users, when testing the credentials from the Contacts->Setup Contact Manager window, the 'Enable SandBox mode' setting was not being applied when testing the credentials. It was applied in all other areas of the integration. [Service Release: 8.06]

 10. For Goldmine 2014.1 users, when creating a forecasted sale, the list of Goldmine opportunities showed empty items in the list and did not show all the opportunities it should have. [Service Release: 8.06]

 11. For Goldmine users, in some cases, when displaying the secondary contacts based on the currently displayed GoldMine contact, not all the secondary contacts would display. [Service Release: 8.06]

 12. For Product Content Subscribers, some Etilize items do not have a thumbnail size image available which would result in no picture being displayed in the quote. Now, if there is no thumbnail size (300 pixel), a lower resolution 75 pixel image will be used. [Service Release: 8.07]

 13. "Error in RecordsetSetDateValue for the field 'ExportedToAccountingOn'" when using the feature to "mark Items Received in QuoteWerks prior to the feature activation". [Service Release: 8.07]

 14. When a user had the Misc Access Right of "CannotViewOthersDocuments", in a certain scenerios, other's documents could be seen in the results grid list in the Open Document window. Even though they appeared in the results grid, the quotes correctly could not be opened. [Service Release: 8.07]

 15. For ACT! users, when saving a linked document would receive debug message input box "change regarding". This was introduced in build 8.06. [Service Release: 8.07]

 16. When removing a QuoteWerks Azure Native product data source, would receive error when the Azure server was not available. [Service Release: 8.07]

 17. On the Open Document window, when selecting multiple documents and clicking on the [Delete] button, the documents were not being deleted from QuoteValet, including QuoteValet Mobile and QuoteValet OrderForm Templates. [Service Release: 8.07]