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Version 4.8 Build 03.01 Summary
18 New, 12 Fixes, and 4 Miscellaneous features Released on 01/23/2013
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New Features - Build 3
 1. Outlook 2013 is now supported!

 2. Ingram Micro Australia real-time Pricing & Availability is now supported!

 3. For Remote users, running the Professional or Corporate Editions of QuoteWerks, using the Synchronization wizard under the Utilities->Sync menu can now synchronize QuoteWerks folders, their subfolders, and the files within. The files on the remote can either be replaced or only updated with new or updated files. There are now also options to copy the site.ini and {username}.ini files out to the remote install for the initial rollout/setup, and there is also an option to synchronize the label customizations. The following folders under the QuoteWerks folder can now be synchronized: \Layouts, \Covers, \Literature, \Specs, \Images, \Reports, \Resources\Templates.

 4. For QuoteValet users it is now possible to pre-populate OrderForm document fields via QueryString parameters. This is especially useful when delivering OrderForm links to your customers as part of a mail-merge campaign, etc. All SoldTo, ShipTo, BillTo, CustomTextXX, CustomNumberXX Fields are currently supported. (Syntax Example: &FillField_DH_)

 5. For QuoteValet users, your customers can now sign using their mouse (as a pen) and their digital signature is captured. When using a tablet your customer can sign with their tablet pen (or with their finger). There is a new public standardized customer facing template called "CustomerFacingWrittenSignature". You can create a new customer facing template and reference this new template on the Templates tab under the QuoteValet Setup window.

See a screenshot/video of this feature

 6. For QuoteValet Mobile users, the quantity and description of line items can now be manually input.

 7. On the Quote WorkBook, when displaying the Etilize panel for an item, only a Vendor Part Number and a distributor that Etilize supports is required to retrieve information from Etilize about this item. This is useful, for example, when pulling in a list of Tech Data part numbers into the quote and then wanting to fill in the information on the products (such as the description and picture) using Etilize.

 8. For ConnectWise users, it is now possible to select whether or not to create individual products items for an opportunity right from within the Create/Update Opportunity Window. This is especially useful during the initial stages of creating the quote where you might not want to send all the items over to ConnectWise yet. On the ConnectWise Setup window, under the Forecast Lines Sub Tab of the Opportunities tab, there is an option "Default 'Create/Update individual product items' checkbox on the ConnectWise Opportunity Integration Window" which lets you set this default. You can also always force the creation of the items by checking the "Force the creation of Individual product items when 'Converting to' or Creating/Updating' an Order or Invoice" checkbox.

 9. For ConnectWise users, when creating/updating an opportunity in ConnectWise the Opportunity Status list is now populated with the values from the corresponding ConnectWise Setup Table instead of being hardcoded.

 10. For ConnectWise users, when converting a quote to an order and in the process converting the ConnectWise Opportunity status, you now have the choice to specify which Opp Status you want to change the ConnectWise opportunity to.

 11. For ConnectWise users, on the ConnectWise Setup window, under the General Sub Tab of the Opportunities tab, you can now set the Default Opportunity Status for new opportunities, Closed-Won opportunities, and Closed-Lost opportunities.

 12. For ConnectWise users, when linking to the ConnectWise Product list, in the Product Lookup window, in addition to the current search fields, you can now search by Manufacturer field and VendorPartNumber field. The ManufacturerPartNumber search field searches the ConnectWise ItemId field and the ConnectWise Product ManufacturerPartNumber field can now be displayed in the search results under the CustomText01 column. Also of note, the Description field searches the ConnectWise "Customer Description". To be able to search for these new fields, you will need to edit the ConnectWise Product Data Sources under the Products->Setup Product Data Sources menu and choose to include these new columns.

 13. For QuickBooks users, on the Export to QuickBooks window, clicking on the DocDate column will now sort by date.

 14. Under the Utilities->License Manager menu, there is now an "Update Key" area where you can enter and view the Update Key. The expiration date of the Update Key is also displayed.

 15. For QuoteValet users, on the Site Files tab of the QuoteValet Setup window, you can now upload .js files for use in customized QuoteValet templates.

 16. There is now a Recurring Totals bar located at the bottom of the Quote WorkBook to show the recurring amounts for the quote. This totals bar only appears when there are recurring amounts on the quote. [Service Release: 3.01]

See a screenshot/video of this feature

 17. SugarCRM 6.6 is now supported! [Service Release: 3.01]

 18. The Summary line type can now reference SubTotal and RunningSubTotal type line items. [Service Release: 3.01]

Misc Features - Build 3
 1. When selecting a tax rate using the Real-time Sales Tax Rate lookup, the entire sales tax rate table xml is now stored in the DocumentHeaders.TaxData field. API users can then gain access to the state, county, and city level tax rates.

 2. For Tech Data users, the Tech Data order status integration was updated to accommodate the Tech Data January 24th, 2013 new order status codes of "Sales Review" and "Credit Review".

 3. The "Watch Video Tutorial" links on various screens have been updated to point to the new video.asp page.

 4. For SalesLogix users, beta support is activated for version 8.0. [Service Release: 3.01]

Fixes - Build 3
 1. The Real-time credentials [Test] button for non-USA regions for Ingram Micro, SYNNEX, and D&H is now working correctly.

 2. On the Purchase Orders tab of the Purchasing window, when retrieving order status, if the number of serial numbers returned for a single line item exceeded 14 would cause a display issue.

 3. On the Purchase Orders tab of the Purchasing window, when retrieving order status, if multiple quantities of a single item were split into two different fulfillments, a display issue would occur.

 4. On the SYNNEX sub tab of the Real-time tab under the Tools->Options menu, when selecting the region of Canada, the online ordering setup button was incorrectly disabled.

 5. When using the Vendor Import Wizard, would incorrectly receive the message "You need to complete EITHER the separate 'First Name' and 'Last Name' fields, or the combined 'SalesRep' field, not both.

 6. When running a build prior to 4.8 Build 1 and then updating to 4.8 Build 2, the Build 2 database changes would not be applied.

 7. For ConnectWise users, when attaching files to the ConnectWise opportunity, there would be an intermittent timeout on the connection to the ConnectWise service resulting in a failed attachment. The connection is now automatically restored, resolving the issue. [Service Release: 3.01]

 8. The CustomText03, CustomText04, and CustomText05 field values were not displaying on the print layout if the HidePrice attribute was set. [Service Release: 3.01]

 9. When converting a quote to an order and choosing the option 'Remove Non-Selected Optional Items', if there were no selected line items in the document, would receive an error about no line items being in the order document. [Service Release: 3.01]

 10. When getting a FedEx/UPS shipping rate for the document level shipping amount, the default price modifier from the setup was not being used. [Service Release: 3.01]

 11. When getting a FedEx/UPS shipping rate for the document level shipping amount, the selected price modifier was not getting saved with the document. [Service Release: 3.01]

 12. When adding a new FedEx/UPS shipping rate line item or editing an existing line item, the default cost modifier or cost modifier from the line item was interfering with the unit price calculation. It is now cleared. [Service Release: 3.01]