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Version 4.8 Build 02.03 Summary
6 New, 9 Fixes, and 1 Miscellaneous features Released on 12/21/2012
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New Features - Build 2
 1. On the Regional tab under the Tools->Options menu you can now manually specify the base currency like "USD" and the base currency symbol like "$" to be used as a standard base currency for the entire installation regardless of what the individual workstation's Windows regional settings are set to. The [System] section, BaseCurrencySymbolOveride key in the SITE.INI has been removed.

 2. The Edit->Select Special now can select based on the Contains operator.

 3. When adding shipping line items, the HideQuantity attribute is now set by default.

 4. For Maximizer users, beta support is activated for version 12.2.

 5. The ConvertedOn date is now displayed on the Notes tab of the Quote WorkBook.

 6. For QuoteValet users, you can now modify the QuoteValet OrderForm Template used by the QuoteValet Shopping Cart in the QuoteValet Template Editor. [Service Release: 2.03]

Misc Features - Build 2
 1. Updated copyright messages to 2013. [Service Release: 2.02]

Fixes - Build 2
 1. Would receive error "The User/Group RecNo '[##]' was not found in ConvertListOfUserAndGroupRecNosInAccessListToDelimitedList()"

 2. When adding a new Microsoft Access product data source, the Azure setup was appearing in the wizard.

 3. The Realtime credentials [Test] button for Tech Data UK was not working correctly.

 4. If Approval is required before a user can save a quote as a PDF file, then on the Print window, if a Word document is selected on the Layouts tab and the [Preview] button is selected, the user will not be able to preview the Merged Word document.

 5. When emailing from the Preview window, the PDF file was not getting automatically attached to the CRM record.

 6. The Customer profile name under the Utilities->Customer Profile Maintenance is now correctly limited to 30 characters.

 7. For QuoteValet users, in the QuoteValet Dashboard you could not dismiss OrderForm documents. [Service Release: 2.01]

 8. Would receive error when attempting to upload image files to QuoteValet using the QuoteValet setup tab in QuoteWerks. [Service Release: 2.02]

 9. For QuoteValet users, in the QuoteValet Dashboard you could not dismiss inbox notifications of OrderForm Shopping Cart views if the OrderForm had not been submitted. [Service Release: 2.03]