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Version 4.7 Build 07.19 Summary
31 New, 24 Fixes, and 21 Miscellaneous features Released on 07/12/2012
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New Features - Build 7
 1. SugarCRM 6.5 is now supported!

 2. Maximizer 12.1 is now supported!

 3. Sage 50 – U.S. Edition (formerly known as Peachtree) Accounting 2013 is now supported!

 4. Microsoft SQL Server 2012 is now supported!

 5. For Autotask users, the shipping amount now is passed into the Autotask Quote.

 6. For Autotask users, you can now send over an item as an Autotask Service Item in the Autotask Quote.

 7. For Autotask users, the Rebuild CM Transport Files feature now works with Autotask.

 8. For Autotask users, you can now create Account Notes and attach them to Accounts, Contacts, and Opportunities.

 9. For Autotask users, when retrieving customer information into QuoteWerks, you can now use the Datalink feature to retrieve non-address related information from Autotask such as terms, etc. This information is also available in Print Layouts. Account level field data and Contact level field data (including UDFs) can be retrieved.

 10. For Autotask users, you can now search for a Contact by AccountNumber.

 11. For Autotask users, Autotask Products and Services can be now used with Bundles and Configurations.

 12. For Autotask users, when QuoteWerks creates new products in Autotask, you can now map the Autotask Product Item Name to either the QuoteWerks Description field or the QuoteWerks Manufacturer Part Number field.

 13. For ConnectWise users, Service tickets are now supported! When saving the quote, you can choose to create a single or multiple service tickets (with or without creating/attaching an opportunity)! This is great for creating a service ticket for a site survey or to initiate any processes needed when creating a new quote or saving changes to an existing quote.

See a screenshot/video of this feature

 14. For ConnectWise users, when creating / updating an opportunity you can now specify an Internal Salesrep.

 15. For ConnectWise users, when creating / updating an opportunity you can now specify an associated Marketing Campaign.

 16. For ConnectWise users, negative quantities are now supported for opportunity products (Products tab of an ConnectWise Opportunity)

 17. For ConnectWise users, it is now possible to configure a default Business Unit to use when creating new opportunities in ConnectWise.

 18. For ConnectWise users, it is now possible to configure a default Location to use when creating new opportunities in ConnectWise.

 19. Updated Paste Special wizard to support recent changes made to the Tech Data website shopping cart export. Build your quotes on the Tech Data website and then import them into QuoteWerks to make them presentable and deliver them to your customers.

 20. For Etilize users, you now have an option to have the Manufacturer Part Number automatically removed from the Description returned from Etilize. This helps prevent price shopping.

 21. Real-time Pricing and Availability is now available for the UK IT distributor EET ( uk.eetnordic.com ).

 22. The QuoteWerks Contact Database MobilePhone field is now available in the DataLink.

 23. On the Print tab under Tools->Options menu, added options "Include Comment lines on Sales Orders", "Include Heading lines on Sales Orders", and "Include SubTotal and RunningSubTotal lines on Sales Orders".

 24. Added new "Remove Non-Selected Optional Items when converting document" option on the Installation tab under the Tools->Options menu. This is used to remove optional items that the customer did not select in the quote when converting the quote to an order.

 25. The Purchasing window now has [Select All] and [DeSelect All] toolbar buttons.

 26. For ConnectWise users, when converting a quote to an order, you now have the ability to create or link to service tickets in ConnectWise. You can create a service ticket for all the products, a service ticket for all the service items, a separate service ticket for each service item, or a combination of the above. Now, you have a way to get service items onto ConnectWise service tickets - a QuoteWerks exclusive!

 27. You can now import entries into any F2Lookup list using the new [Import] button on the F2Lookup window. This will import the data that is currently in the Windows Clipboard, so simply copy the list of entries that you want to import into the Windows Clipboard (have each entry on its own line) and click on the [Import] button. Duplicates in the clipboard data will be ignored and if the entry already exists in the F2 Lookup List a duplicate will not be imported. If a user has the access right of CannotCreateF2LookupValue set, then they cannot use this feature. Also the DEL key now deletes entries making it easier to delete incorrectly imported entries. [Service Release: 7.17]

 28. For Outlook users, the speed of searching for contacts and using advanced outlook integration features has been dramatically improved. [Service Release: 7.17]

 29. For Canadian users, added Purolator shipping options to SYNNEX online ordering. [Service Release: 7.17]

 30. Sage ACT! 2013 is now supported! [Service Release: 7.17]

 31. For Tech Data online ordering users, added support for MyOrderTracker "Delivery Confirmation (FedEx only)". [Service Release: 7.19]

Misc Features - Build 7
 1. Removed the QuoteValet Payment Gateway URL field as it was not needed.

 2. QuoteWerks demo mode changes.

 3. When trying to export a QuoteValet credit card payment transaction to QuickBooks, if the accepted quote did not have a SoldToCompany the export would fail. Now, the SoldToContact is used as the QuickBooks "CustomerName" if no SoldToCompany is available.

 4. For ConnectWise users, when adding new products to the ConnectWise product database (as part of an opportunity update/create) QuoteWerks would display a warning message for every product that had a manufacturer specified that was not found in ConnectWise. It was found that this could be disruptive on quotes with many line items. The behavior has now been adjusted to only warn once for each manufacture not found.

 5. For ConnectWise users, when QuoteWerks is configured to send over shipping costs to ConnectWise and the shipping amount for the Quote was $0, a forecast with a $0 dollar amount would be created in ConnectWise. This behavior has been changed such that if the shipping amount of the Quote is $0 then the associated forecast line is NOT created in ConnectWise.

 6. Increased XML builder speed for larger xml documents.

 7. Added debug info command for Autotask.

 8. Updated Autotask API no longer requires a "Dummy/Garbage Collection" Autotask quote. As a result, the process of deleting items from Autotask quotes, routinely done when updating the Autotask quote is now faster.

 9. For Autotask users, when attempting to update an Autotask opportunity that the QuoteWerks quote is associated with, if the Autotask opportunity has been deleted (outside of QuoteWerks), a message will be displayed alerting the user.

 10. QuoteValet payment page now has a branding letter head section across the top of the payment page.

 11. On the Purchasing window the items are now sorted by descending docdate, and then docno field. ALso when clicking on DocDate or PODate column headers, it now sorts by date vs alpha sort.

 12. For Tech Data users, Tech Data increased their XML ordering field lengths. ShipToName increased from 25 to 35, EndUserContact from 30 to 40, EndUsercompany from 30-40, and EndUserCity from 30 to 40.

 13. Changes to the Product Lookup window "Show SQL" option.

 14. For Tech Data only ordering, no longer passing a hard coded ContractType of "Purchase Order"

 15. A Maximizer 12.1 beta message was still appearing. [Service Release: 7.03]

 16. QuoteWerks Demo mode changes. [Service Release: 7.03]

 17. In the {username}.ini file under the [Preferences] section there is a now a new EmailPacketSize key. The default is 32768. [Service Release: 7.03]

 18. Ingram Micro online orders no longer require reseller or end user fax numbers. [Service Release: 7.17]

 19. For Tech Data online ordering users, removed MyOrderTracker "Released to Warehouse" option as it is no longer supported by Tech Data. [Service Release: 7.17]

 20. Tech Data PartSmart product price file import templates TechDataPartSmart_MaterialImport_Step1.pit and TechDataPartSmart_PriceImport_Step2.pit are now included. [Service Release: 7.17]

 21. For Tech Data users, when using Online Ordering, the FloorPlanNumber field length was increased from 3 to 10. [Service Release: 7.17]

Fixes - Build 7
 1. When rehosted to SQL, from the Quick Lookup bar if choosing to lookup an item using the description field would receive an error.

 2. When a skin style was applied, the QuoteValet Dashboard window form would have blank form space at the bottom of the window.

 3. For Tech Data customers, the AssignedID supplied in electronic order submissions is being changed as a result of the Tech Data XML ordering system upgrade. A workaround has been coded until this issue can be addressed by Tech Data.

 4. When linking to an existing Autotask Opportunity, a new opportunity would be created with a copy of the details from the existing opportunity.

 5. For Tech Data customers, the online ordering was updated to support more new changes to the Tech Data XML ordering system. After the Tech Data system changed would receive error "EuiEndUserLicenseNbr is blank or missing error". Suggested workaround was applied.

 6. For Sage 50 / Peachtree users, comment lines were not getting exported to Invoices/SalesOrders.

 7. Sending an Email from the Preview window merged the PDF files even though the option on the Misc tab of the Tools->My Preferences was not set.

 8. For ConnectWise users, when adding a product to a Quote from the ConnectWise product data source line breaks would be missing from the description.

 9. For ConnectWise users, when saving a large quote in QuoteWerks (500+ line items) and creating / updating an associated opportunity in ConnectWise, QuoteWerks would sometimes throw an exception.

 10. When choosing the "Reference one line item in the document" for the deposit amount method, the ExtendedPrice field was always being used as the reference field instead of the selected field.

 11. When overriding the automatically calculated AlternateUnitPrice, in some cases the Deposit Amount calculations were based on the non-overridden amount.

 12. For SugarCRM users, depending on SugarCRM installation / configuration could recieve the following error when attempting to login: 'Error 9999 - Error retrieving SugarCRM UserID for Username.'

 13. For SugarCRM users, upon updating an opportunity in SugarCRM the assigned to user would be blanked out.

 14. For SugarCRM users, searching for Contacts would sometimes return duplicate results.

 15. For F2Lookup if more than one http:// was in the data, it would be confused with the // comment designator.

 16. For QuickBooks users, when creating a purchase order from the Purchasing window would receive a query error. [Service Release: 7.01]

 17. If entering a price or cost modifier like P20 or D20 directly into the Cost or Price cell on a line item would receive a runtime error 13 type mismatch. [Service Release: 7.17]

 18. On the Open Document window, if columns were manually added to the user ini file, the underlying data will now be displayed again. [Service Release: 7.17]

 19. MS CRM users, the Search MS CRM option for looking up email address in Microsoft CRM was not available in MS CRM 5.0 even though supported in 4.0 [Service Release: 7.17]

 20. Runtime error 5 when placing online order. [Service Release: 7.17]

 21. The default ConnectWise Location and Business Unit settings were not getting saved. [Service Release: 7.17]

 22. For Outlook BCM 2007 and 2010 users, "Error (-2147483645) This must be associated with a Business Contact, Account, Opportunity or Project before saving." This would happen when attempting to write a Journal Entry into the "Communication History" folder. Now, if the "Communication History" folder is selected as the Journal folder, only a file entry will be written to the history. [Service Release: 7.17]

 23. When deleting an email template owned by a user other than the logged in user the "Are you sure you want to delete this template, it is currently in use in other templates" message would incorrectly be displayed. [Service Release: 7.19]

 24. For Outlook users, if not using the public journal folder would receive error 91 when saving quote and choosing to create a linked document in Outlook. [Service Release: 7.19]