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Version 4.5 Build 07.01 Summary
23 New, 13 Fixes, and 6 Miscellaneous features Released on 06/22/2010
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New Features - Build 7
 1. GoldMine 9.0 is now supported!

 2. Maximizer 11.0 is now supported!

 3. Peachtree 2011 is now supported!

 4. New PDF assembly feature. There is now a [PDF] button on the Print window. This enables you to select the various print options on the Print window, like the layout file, Literature, Spec Sheets, File Links, etc, and then create a single PDF file containing only those selections. When creating the PDF file, the new Save File dialog is displayed giving you the option to automatically link this new PDF file to the Links tab of the Quote WorkBook. You can assemble combinations of literature and specs sheets into single PDF files. You could create a PDF file that just contained the basic line item details for an order that you can give to your technicians that will be fulfilling the order, rather than them having to look through an entire proposal. Especially when using the 'Generate Multiple Purchase Orders' feature, a PDF file of each purchase order can be created and automatically linked into the Links tab of the Quote WorkBook. After the PDF file has been created, the new Display Saved File dialog presents you with options such as [Open containing folder], [Copy name], and [View file]. [Copy name] is particularly useful for then pasting the file path and name into an email or other document. The [Open containing folder] is useful for quickly navigating to the folder that the file is saved in for purposes of seeing what other files are in that folder, or maybe so that you can then move the file or rename it.

See a screenshot/video of this feature

 5. For ConnectWise users, you can now attach files to the Documents tab of the ConnectWise Opportunity through the Create/Update ConnectWise Opportunity window. You can either select a file using a file selection dialog, or choose a file that is already linked to the quote under the Links tab on the Quote WorkBook. This is really useful for attaching a PDF version of the quote to the ConnectWise Opportunity. Having a PDF version of the quote is an advantage because anyone can then view the quote - they do not have to have QuoteWerks installed on their machine to view the quote. You can attach multiple PDF files to the opportunity, so you can easily attach the customer proposal, and a no frills plain vanilla version for the service technicians to follow, and basically anything else you could want.

 6. For ConnectWise users, the TaxRate and Terms fields can now be automatically retrieved from the ConnectWise company and pulled into the quote using the DataLink feature. To activate this, need to setup them as DataLink fields. Under the Contacts->Setup Contact Manager, choose ConnectWise and then click on the [DataLink Setup] button. Click on the [New] button to create a new DataLink mapping. Choose "Company->TaxRate" as the Contact Manager field and "LocalTaxRate" as the QuoteWerks field. For the Terms field, click on the [New] button and choose "Company->Terms" as the Contact Manager field and "Terms" as the QuoteWerks field.

 7. For ConnectWise users, the ConnectWise Opportunity Location and Business Unit can now be set through the Create/Update Opportunity window in QuoteWerks.

 8. For ConnectWise users, ConnectWise user defined fields are now supported by our DataLink. The User Defined Fields from the Profile tab of the ConnectWise Company record and the User Defined Fields from the Other tab of the ConnectWise Contact record can now be pulled into the quote automatically when the contact is inserted into the quote.

 9. For ConnectWise users, if a quote is converted to an order and only this quote is linked to the ConnectWise Opportunity, the ConnectWise Opportunity will be closed as Won (in addition to the quote's forecast line being closed as Won).

 10. For ConnectWise users, when QuoteWerks creates a product definition in ConnectWise, the manufacturer field will now be set as long as the Manufacturer exists in the hard coded list of manufacturers in ConnectWise. If the manufacturer for the item does not exist in ConnectWise the manufacturer will be set to a blank value. If you would prefer to have the manufacturer set to "Other", you can set the ini key ManufacturerNotFoundSetToOther=-1 under the [ConnectWise] section of the site.ini file.

 11. Outlook 2010 now supported for suppression of Outlook Security Prompt of "A program is trying to automatically send e-mail on your behalf. Do you want to allow this?"

 12. On the QuoteWerks Edit Contact window, there is now a ContextRef field below the Contact field. This can be used to make a contextual note about this person that is always displayed right by the contact name (rather than buried in the Notes tab). You can use this to store all sorts of useful information like "he is our new property manager", "met him at EHExpo", "met him golfing with John", "met at 2009 superbowl party". You can also put things like "is a guy" or "is a girl" for help with unisex names. And of course you can use it to indicate how to pronounce someone's name, like for "Lewe" you could say "pronounced Loo".

 13. On the QuoteWerks Edit Contact window, on the Notes tab, the Notes tab is now divided into two sections - TopNotes and Notes. Typically as you add new notes to the Notes field, the older notes get pushed further and further down. Often, important information then becomes buried in the middle of lots of notes. The TopNotes will always stay on the top. This is especially useful for recording things like warnings, notices, and instructions that you always want to see. It can be things like user id's, account numbers, instructions on how to navigate through their phone system like prompt [5] then [7], then [2]. You can also store information like "Always get signature for delivery. Always use their FedEx# 1234-5678-9. Typically we speak with John or Brian when accepting orders. If the customer asks for pricing, only Mike knows the special pricing they negotiated."

 14. On the Views tab of the Tools|My Preferences menu there is now a "Default Edit Contact tab" option. This will set which tab is displayed by default when viewing a QuoteWerks contact record.

 15. On the Notes tab of the QuoteWerks Edit Contact window, you can press CTRL-I to insert a note. This will switch to the Notes tab and insert the logged in user name, date, and time at the beginning of the notes field. It will insert, for example, "*** (John Lewe) *** May 10, 2010 at 9:45 am".

 16. The Built-in SMTP email encoding can now be modified. On the Misc sub tab of the Internet tab, under the Tools->My Preferences menu, there is now a "Use 8 bit encoding" option. There is also a "Encode E-mail using character set" setting. For example, to support the German Umlaut characters, you would check the "8 bit" option and type in the character set of "iso-8859-15".

 17. Grouped Configuration Items and Grouped Bundle Items now support a "Don't include in Group" option. This option gives you the capability to do two different things. First, through the Configurator, the last items you choose can be formula based line items that are added below the group as regular line items not actually in the group. The benefit here is that you can add for example a formula based line item that is 20% of the group header amount. Alternatively, at the end of the Configuration you can create one or more selection containers and populate it with items that will not be included in the group, but rather after the group. The real benefit here is that you can build a configuration that is grouped and then easily choose from a specific list of other products to add after the group. Without this you would have to go search the entire product database manually looking for other items to add. With this feature, you can just choose from the items previously setup in the selection container.

 18. In the Quick Lookup Bar, if you press enter in the part number field without specifying a part number, the Product Lookup window will be opened to the product database selected in the Quick Lookup Bar.

 19. Product/Service items that are setup with the Formula based pricing method now supports negative numbers, so you can calculate the pricing as "-20%" or "20%"

 20. Added Select All and De-Select All buttons to the Links tab of the File|Print window.

 21. Added new "Remove all print selections" button on the File|Print window. This de-selects all Cover Page, Literature, Spec Sheets, and File Links selections on this window.

 22. If a Report Layout .fpc file is copied into the Print Layout's LAYOUTS folder, you will be prompted to convert the Report Layout .fpc file to a Print Layout .fpc file. Different macros and fields are supported in Report Layouts vs Print Layouts which will need to be accounted for, but the benefit is that you can leverage any formatting that you have created in the Report Layout.

 23. Pressing the F12 key launches the Remote Assistance support page used to begin a remote control session. This is the same as the Help->QuoteWerks on the Web->Remote Assistance menu, just a lot less steps.

Misc Features - Build 7
 1. Updated SYNNEX warehouse locations.

 2. For ConnectWise users, in the 2010.3 update, the Services tab of the ConnectWise Opportunity was renamed to "Project Staffing". Services tab references were updated.

 3. Pressing CTRL-C while on the Error Resolution window will copy the error and resolution message to the Windows clipboard.

 4. For ConnectWise users, made change to detect a ConnectWise issue and inform the user of a workaround. Previously a cryptic error message would be displayed. In short, when you delete a ConnectWise company, the contacts under that company are deleted too. The deleted Company is put into the Company Recycle bin. While the deleted company is in the recycle bin, an API search for the contact's last name will return the contact, but the company the company refers to is missing. ConnectWise Service ticket #1019597/API.

 5. Made modifications to accomodate another opportunity related change made in ConnectWise 2010.3 (8409). [Service Release: 7.01]

 6. Added Debug Command "cwinfo" for displaying ConnectWise integration details. [Service Release: 7.01]

Fixes - Build 7
 1. For ConnectWise users when the Category/SubCategory Items were mapped, if the ConnectWise Category/SubCategory item contained "(" or ")" characters like "Hardware/Telephony (VoIP)", the mapping would not be saved, resulting in error messages about these Category/SubCategory values not existing in ConnectWise.

 2. For ConnectWise users, when creating/updating an opportunity, if one of the line items used in the quote existed in ConnectWise, but was flagged as an "inactive" item in ConnectWise, a cryptic exception error would be displayed. Now, the message will include the item that is causing the problem along with some possible solutions.

 3. Whenever QuoteWerks prompted you to select and enter a new file name, if the file name entered was shorter than the default file name, the default file extension might not be appended.

 4. For SugarCRM users, when pulling a contact into QuoteWerks, if the contact's street address in SugarCRM contained more than one line, all lines would be combined into the first address line in QuoteWerks.

 5. On the File->Print window the Edit button icon would not appear disabled when the button itself was disabled.

 6. For ConnectWise users, when searching for a contact, the phone number would be displayed without formatting like "4072481481" rather than "(407) 248-1481".

 7. For ConnectWise users, if there were multiple addresses for a customer, and you were selecting that customer for a ship to location and there was no default ship to address defined in ConnectWise for this customer, would receive "index out of bounds" error.

 8. For ConnectWise users, when searching for a contact, if very quickly clicking on the [Use in SoldTo] and [Use in Ship To] buttons, an error would occur because the first task was still being executed when another one was started.

 9. When using Etilize with Ingram Canada or other Canadian real-time vendors, the Ingram USA vendor part number was being returned instead of the Ingram Canada vendor part number in certain circumstances.

 10. When running a product catalog report containing a Custom field on an installation that is running on a SQL backend, would receive error message "The field 'Products->CustomText01' found in the report layout is not in the query results, and cannot be displayed.'"

 11. In some cases a user could modify a locked document. (Security Fix # 4003)

 12. For ConnectWise users, needed to make changes to accommodate a ConnectWise update 2010.2 (Build 7997). Only needed for users running ConnectWise at www.myconnectwise.NET.

 13. For ConnectWise users, if a QuoteWerks ItemType was mapped to a ConnectWise Product Type and then the ItemType was removed from the QuoteWerks list of ItemTypes, the mapping would still exist even though it would not be displayed in the mappings setup screen.

Misc Features - Build 6
 1. Internal Build. This build was not released to the public and is not available for download.