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Version 4.0 Build 50 Summary
12 New, 0 Fixes, and 3 Miscellaneous features Released on 09/22/2009
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New Features - Build 50
 1. Real-time Pricing and Availability is now available for IT distributor Dexxxon Digital Storage ( www.digitalstorage.com ).

 2. New and improved PDF generator no longer requires that a printer driver be installed. Requiring a printer driver be installed involved great complexity and many issues arised relating to security (users have to have OS level permissions to install/remove printers) and low level Operating System (OS) functionality such as functionality on 32-bit vs 64-bit Operating Systems, and even would have issues relating to how many processing cores a machine's CPU had. While PDF Generating Printer Drivers are the most prominent means of creating PDF files (because it is easy for the programmer, but problematic for the end user), we have chosen to rise above all this and create a solution that does not require a printer driver thereby leaving all these problems in the past.

 3. When choosing the option to embed fonts in the PDF file, the size of the PDF file is now smaller due to the fact that only the font characters that are used in the document are actually embedded in the PDF file. This also makes the document even more tamper-resistant since the only font characters that are embedded in the file are the characters that were used in the file.

 4. On the Misc tab of the Tools|My Preferences menu, there is now a new "Color and underline hyperlink URLs when creating PDF file" option. The PDF generator automatically detects hyperlink link strings so that when viewed in Adobe Acrobat you can click on those links to display the link in your web browser. Until now, those links did not look any different than the rest of the text. Now, with this new option, you can choose to have these automatic hyperlinks display as blue underlined links.

 5. When PDF files are created, you now have the option to flag them as Read-Only. You can set this option under the Misc tab of the Tools|My Preferences menu. Additionally, when setting the PDF file as Read-Only, you also have the option to prevent the recipient from copying text out of the PDF file. When receiving quotes/estimates, many customers/leads often copy out part numbers and descriptions, and then paste this copied information into a web search engine in an effort to search for better pricing. Without the ability to copy and paste so easily, the recipient would have to spend a lot of time having to re-type all this information which would be a deterrent against them price shopping.

 6. When printing a document from the preview window, if the document being printed included PDF formatted Spec Sheets, or PDF formatted Literature Files, a Print PDF file window will now appear that enables you to simply choose which PDF files you want to print, and then it will print them using Adobe Acrobat to the printer that you just printed to from the Preview window.

 7. Added Misc Access Rights CannotModifyFieldValue:DH_&SoldToFields, CannotModifyFieldValue:DH_&ShipToFields, and CannotModifyFieldValue:DH_&BillToFields. These completely revoke the user's ability to modify any of the SoldTo/ShipTo/BillTo fields located on the Sold to/Ship to tab of the WorkBook. The user cannot type directly into the fields, nor can they use the Retrieve current contact, Search for Contact, Clear fields, or Copy from buttons to affect the data in the fields. Note, the SoldToPriceProfile field is not included in CannotModifyFieldValue:DH_&SoldToFields. There is a separate CannotModifyFieldValue:DH_SoldToPriceProfile right for this field.

 8. Added Misc Access Rights CannotManuallyModifyFieldValue:DH_&SoldToFields, CannotManuallyModifyFieldValue:DH_&ShipToFields, and CannotManuallyModifyFieldValue:DH_&BillToFields. These revoke the user's ability to manually type into any of the SoldTo/ShipTo/BillTo fields on the Sold to/Ship to tab of the WorkBook. They can still retrieve contacts from a CRM using the Retrieve current contact or Search for Contact buttons, as well clear the fields using Clear fields button. They will also still be able to copy the fields from either the Ship to or Bill to sections using the Copy from button. Note, the SoldToPriceProfile field is not included in CannotManuallyModifyFieldValue:DH_&SoldToFields. There is a separate CannotManuallyModifyFieldValue:DH_SoldToPriceProfile right for this field.

 9. Added Misc Access Rights CannotManuallyModifyCRMRetrievedFieldValue:DH_&SoldToFields, CannotManuallyModifyCRMRetrievedFieldValue:DH_&ShipToFields, and CannotManuallyModifyCRMRetrievedFieldValue:DH_&BillToFields. These rights behave just like the CannotManuallyModifyFieldValue:DH_&SoldToFields rights, but they only apply once a CRM contact has been retrieved (versus manually typed in) into the quote. Note, the SoldToPriceProfile field is not included in CannotManuallyModifyCRMRetrievedFieldValue:DH_&SoldToFields. There is a separate CannotManuallyModifyCRMRetrievedFieldValue:DH_SoldToPriceProfile right for this field.

 10. Added Misc Access Rights CannotManuallyModifyCRMRetrievedFieldValue:DH_SoldToXX, CannotManuallyModifyCRMRetrievedFieldValue:DH_ShipToXX, and CannotManuallyModifyCRMRetrievedFieldValue:DH_BillToXX. These revoke the user's ability to modify a specific SoldTo/ShipTo/BillTo field on the Sold to/Ship to tab, where XX is the field name, when the contact was retrieved from a CRM. If the contact was not retrieved from the contact manager, the user still has the ability to manually type into the field and they still have the ability to clear the field using the Clear fields button, but if the data is retrieved from a contact manager, the returned data will not be modifiable. The complete list of Access Rights are: CannotManuallyModifyCRMRetrievedFieldValue:DH_SoldToCompany CannotManuallyModifyCRMRetrievedFieldValue:DH_SoldToContact CannotManuallyModifyCRMRetrievedFieldValue:DH_SoldToTitle CannotManuallyModifyCRMRetrievedFieldValue:DH_SoldToAddress1 CannotManuallyModifyCRMRetrievedFieldValue:DH_SoldToAddress2 CannotManuallyModifyCRMRetrievedFieldValue:DH_SoldToAddress3 CannotManuallyModifyCRMRetrievedFieldValue:DH_SoldToCity CannotManuallyModifyCRMRetrievedFieldValue:DH_SoldToState CannotManuallyModifyCRMRetrievedFieldValue:DH_SoldToPostalCode CannotManuallyModifyCRMRetrievedFieldValue:DH_SoldToCountry CannotManuallyModifyCRMRetrievedFieldValue:DH_SoldToPhone CannotManuallyModifyCRMRetrievedFieldValue:DH_SoldToPhoneExt CannotManuallyModifyCRMRetrievedFieldValue:DH_SoldToFax CannotManuallyModifyCRMRetrievedFieldValue:DH_SoldToFaxExt CannotManuallyModifyCRMRetrievedFieldValue:DH_SoldToEmail CannotManuallyModifyCRMRetrievedFieldValue:DH_ShipToCompany CannotManuallyModifyCRMRetrievedFieldValue:DH_ShipToContact CannotManuallyModifyCRMRetrievedFieldValue:DH_ShipToTitle CannotManuallyModifyCRMRetrievedFieldValue:DH_ShipToAddress1 CannotManuallyModifyCRMRetrievedFieldValue:DH_ShipToAddress2 CannotManuallyModifyCRMRetrievedFieldValue:DH_ShipToAddress3 CannotManuallyModifyCRMRetrievedFieldValue:DH_ShipToCity CannotManuallyModifyCRMRetrievedFieldValue:DH_ShipToState CannotManuallyModifyCRMRetrievedFieldValue:DH_ShipToPostalCode CannotManuallyModifyCRMRetrievedFieldValue:DH_ShipToCountry CannotManuallyModifyCRMRetrievedFieldValue:DH_ShipToPhone CannotManuallyModifyCRMRetrievedFieldValue:DH_ShipToPhoneExt CannotManuallyModifyCRMRetrievedFieldValue:DH_ShipToFax CannotManuallyModifyCRMRetrievedFieldValue:DH_ShipToFaxExt CannotManuallyModifyCRMRetrievedFieldValue:DH_ShipToEmail CannotManuallyModifyCRMRetrievedFieldValue:DH_BillToCompany CannotManuallyModifyCRMRetrievedFieldValue:DH_BillToContact CannotManuallyModifyCRMRetrievedFieldValue:DH_BillToTitle CannotManuallyModifyCRMRetrievedFieldValue:DH_BillToAddress1 CannotManuallyModifyCRMRetrievedFieldValue:DH_BillToAddress2 CannotManuallyModifyCRMRetrievedFieldValue:DH_BillToAddress3 CannotManuallyModifyCRMRetrievedFieldValue:DH_BillToCity CannotManuallyModifyCRMRetrievedFieldValue:DH_BillToState CannotManuallyModifyCRMRetrievedFieldValue:DH_BillToPostalCode CannotManuallyModifyCRMRetrievedFieldValue:DH_BillToCountry CannotManuallyModifyCRMRetrievedFieldValue:DH_BillToPhone CannotManuallyModifyCRMRetrievedFieldValue:DH_BillToPhoneExt CannotManuallyModifyCRMRetrievedFieldValue:DH_BillToFax CannotManuallyModifyCRMRetrievedFieldValue:DH_BillToFaxExt CannotManuallyModifyCRMRetrievedFieldValue:DH_BillToEmail

 11. While in the list of layouts on the Layouts tab of the Print window, the DEL key is now supported.

 12. On the Notification Log window there is now a "Copy all to Clipboard" button. The Notification Log contains a list of all messages posted to the QuoteWerks status bar and is viewed by double-clicking on the status bar.

Misc Features - Build 50
 1. In preparation for Windows 7, the PDF generator was replaced with a new one that is supported by Windows 7.

 2. In Build 49 we stopped upper casing the keywords field on the Edit Product window. In this build we reversed that changed so that those keywords are now always forced to upper case.

 3. For new installations, the default EMail attachment format is now PDF.