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Version 4.0 Build 39.07 Summary
34 New, 17 Fixes, and 9 Miscellaneous features Released on 08/12/2008
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New Features - Build 39
 1. Custom Menus can now be created under all of the root menus of the Quote Workbook. So custom menus can be created under the File/Edit/View, etc root menus. These custom menu items can be used to launch external programs, open documents, or open a website URL. Macro field can be included in the command line used to launch these external programs effectively enabling you to pass information about the current line item such as &DI_ManufacturerPartNumber to the external application when the custom menu item is clicked on. You can also specify whether or not to start the application in normal window or maximized window size and can choose to run this command only once, or once per each line item that is currently selected. This new Menu Customization functionality is available under the Tools|Customize Menus menu. It can also be accessed from the User Preferences window and also by right clicking on a User in the User Maintenance window and selecting Customize Menus. Both users and administrators can create menu items and then specifically choose which users are allowed to have access to that menu item. This enables users to create their own menu items and to share those menu items with other users. Once a menu item has been created and made available to a user, the User can choose to include this menu item in their menus and choose the location of this menu item within the assigned root menu. Misc Access right of "CannotCreateMenuItems" is available to prevent specific users from being able to create menu items. The Misc Access right "CannotModifyMenus" can be assigned to specific users to prevent them from being able to customize their menus at all.

 2. Custom Menus can now be created for the Product Lookup Context Menu. This enables you to right click on a product in the Product Lookup window and launch an external application or open a website based on this item. Macro fields &PL_VendorPartNumber, &PL_ManufacturerPartNumber, &PL_UnitCost, &PL_&SelectedPDS, &PL_RecID, &PL_CustomText01, &PL_CustomText02, &PL_CustomText03, &PL_CustomText04, &PL_CustomText05, &PL_CustomText06, &PL_CustomText07, &PL_CustomText08, &PL_CustomText09, &PL_CustomText10, &PL_CustomText11, &PL_CustomText12, &PL_CustomText13, and &PL_CustomText14 are specifically supported for this context menu. This enables an external application to be launched with the selected part number being passed to the application as a command line parameter so that the 3rd party app could perform an action based on that part number. You can also use this functionality to view product details on a website by passing the product part number as a macro in the url. Menu items created for this Product Lookup Context Menu will be displayed when any product data source product is right clicked on (subject to view rights assigned when the Menu Item is defined). Menu Items can also be created that are specific to individual product data sources. So for example a custom Menu Item will only be displayed when you right click on a product. For example, if you right click on a product in the Tech Data Product Data Source it could run a command like "http://www.techdata.com/tools/ProductDetail/ProductDetail.aspx?P=&PL_VendorPartNumber". This would open the Tech Data website and display the Specifications and Details for the product that you have selected in QuoteWerks. Another example would be the web URL of "http://www.google.com/products?q=&PL_ManufacturerPartNumber&price1=&price2=&PL_UnitCost&lnk=prsugg". This would perform a froogle search that will search the web to see if the selected item can be purchased for a cost lower than what you have in the database!

 3. ACT! 2009 is now supported!

 4. SalesLogix 7.5 is now supported!

 5. Ingram Micro France Real-time Pricing & Availability is now supported!

 6. Tech Data UK (Computer 2000) Real-time Pricing & Availability is now supported!

 7. In the QuickBooks link (USA version only), there is now a new option "Use tax item from QuickBooks customer (if exists), otherwise use Default tax item." on the Sales Tax tab of the QuickBooks link setup. When this is selected, and exporting estimate or invoice to QuickBooks for a customer that already exists in QuickBooks, the default tax item name associated with the customer definition in QuickBooks will be used.

 8. The User Maintenance window now has a right click menus for the existing buttons, and also add new menu items "Customize Menus..." and "Customize Document Items columns..." enabling the administrator to more quickly access those settings for the selected user.

 9. Added "This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL)" option to the Sending sub tab of the Internet tab under the Tools|My Preferences menu. With this option, you can use the QuoteWerks built-in SMTP email to send emails using SMTP email servers (such as Google's GMAIL and AT&T mail) that require an encrypted connection.

 10. The Paste Special Wizard now accepts data copied from HTML tables. This is useful when copying information from tables listed on web pages or Dell HTML quotes.

 11. Added macros &SYS_InstallPath, &SYS_ExecPath, &SYS_DataPath, &SYS_AppVersion, &SYS_AppBuildNumber, &SYS_AppEdition, and &SYS_BackendDBType.

 12. When cloning a Product Data Source, the PDS Access Rights are now cloned.

 13. When searching the QuoteWerks contact database by phone, if you search using the Begins with operator and enter the area code '215' for example, the value '(215' will also be searched for automatically.

 14. The DocumentItems.&Line1Manufacturer field is now available in the print layout designer.

 15. In the Sync Wizard, when selecting to start a new session, the location of the master install last selected when starting a new session will be set as the default.

 16. When the API method FindAndCopyProductsIntoMLIBuffer was called and external product data sources like QuickBooks, Peachtree where not running, a message box would be displayed to that effect. This would interrupt the program execution of the external API application. Now, no message boxes are displayed if there is a problem with QuickBooks or Peachtree not running; essentially normal usage. However, if there is a configuration or setup issue, message boxes may still be displayed. In the case where QuickBooks or Peachtree is not running the error of -40 will be returned.

 17. The API method FindAndCopyProductsIntoMLIBuffer will now return error -11 if the Operator being passed is not supported by the product data source. For example, QuickBooks, Peachtree, and salesforce.com product data sources only support the "Equal to" operator.

 18. When F2 Lookup display for memo field type columns on the Document Items tab is displayed, the values can now be multi-line. Also when zooming on the Description, CustomMemo01, or CustomMemo02 Document Item cell, if use lookup from the Zoom window, these values can now also be multi-line.

 19. You can now search by Account Number in the QuoteWerks contact database search window. The Account Number column is also displayed in the results grid. If QuoteWerks was installed prior to this build, you will need to delete the [ContactSearchWindowGridSettings] section from the user ini file (by selecting the [Edit User INI] button from the Installation tab of the Tools|Options menu) for the new Account Number column to appear. [Service Release: 39.01]

 20. You can now drag files, web pages, and text into the Edit Menu Item Command field. [Service Release: 39.01]

 21. Added macro field &PL_Manufacturer. [Service Release: 39.01]

 22. A new and improved format was adopted for the sample layouts that ship with QuoteWerks. A Canadian layout was added, and color coding was applied to distinguish quotes/orders/sales orders/invoices/purchase orders. [Service Release: 39.01]

 23. DataLink is now supported for salesforce.com! [Service Release: 39.07]

 24. For salesforce.com users, when saving the quote and choosing to create a salesforce.com opportunity, you can now choose to attach to an existing salesforce.com opportunity. [Service Release: 39.07]

 25. Added [Export Contacts] button to the Contacts|Setup Contact Manager menu for the QuoteWerks contact database. You can now export all the contacts in the contact database to a tab-delimited text file. [Service Release: 39.07]

 26. Added an [Export to Clipboard] button for the QuoteWerks contact database. Now, you can export any results of searches to the clipboard. [Service Release: 39.07]

 27. When right-clicking on the Export menu from the Products | Setup Product Data Sources menu, you can now specify the file name and location for the export file. [Service Release: 39.07]

 28. Added "CannotExportProducts" Misc Access right. This can be used to prevent a user from exporting products out of a QuoteWerks product database to a text file. An example is when the right-click Export menu is selected from the Products | Setup Product Data Sources menu. [Service Release: 39.07]

 29. Added "CannotExportContacts" Misc Access right. This can be used to prevent a user from exporting contacts out of the QuoteWerks contact database to a text file which is accessed through the [Export Contacts] button under the Contacts|Setup Contact Managers menu. This is a useful security feature that would prevent a user from exporting your entire customer list. [Service Release: 39.07]

 30. Added Select All and De-Select All buttons to the QuickBooks and Peachtree Batch Export window. [Service Release: 39.07]

 31. Added Select All and De-Select All buttons to the Apply to selected user(s) only" option on the Apply to tab of the Publish Menu Items for Display window and Customize Document Columns window and Customize Product Database Columns window. [Service Release: 39.07]

 32. Added Select All and De-Select All buttons to the Customize Document Columns window and Select PDF Files to Print window. [Service Release: 39.07]

 33. An Grand Total Amount column was added to the Associated Documents tab of the View|Associated Documents menu. [Service Release: 39.07]

 34. Added macro fields &DI_&CurrentCellName, &DI_&CurrentCellText, &DI_&CurrentCellSelectedText, and &DI_&CurrentCellSelectedOrAllText. An example of their use would be to create a custom menu item called "Open in browser" in the Edit menu, set the Action to "Open a Web URL", and in the Command use the macro &DI_&CurrentCellSelectedOrAllText. Then when you right click on any cell in the Document Items tab and choose that menu item, the selected text in the cell will be passed to your default web browser to be opened. If no text is selected, then the entire contents of the cell will be passed to the web browser. [Service Release: 39.07]

Misc Features - Build 39
 1. Improved the Product Data Source physical data storage deletion confirmation window.

 2. On the Menus tab of the Utilities|User Properties, custom menus defined through the menuopts.add file will be displayed in green to distinguish them from the standard menus.

 3. For emails sent using the QuoteWerks built-in SMTP email will now contain the Organization email header property which will be set to the Company name from the QuoteWerks registration.

 4. With the newer SMTP email control (for new SSL support), it no longer requires the use of the Windows Clipboard during the email creating process. This will avoid locked clipboard issues encountered when other applications would lock the clipboard preventing other applications (like QuoteWerks) from using the clipboard.

 5. If a native product database is named "Computer 2000" the Tech Data Realtime Pricing & Availability functionality will be available to it. [Service Release: 39.01]

 6. When retrieving Realtime Pricing & Availability from Tech Data UK (Computer 2000), the status message will reference "Tech Data UK" rather than the name of the product data source. [Service Release: 39.01]

 7. A new document always starts with a blank line. If a contact is then selected and if the sales tax rate is updated (as a result of a DataLink mapping), when a product is then added to the document, the empty first line remains which is most cases then requires that the user manually delete it. [Service Release: 39.07]

 8. The View | Customize Columns window was redesigned. [Service Release: 39.07]

 9. When clicking on the Edit|Zoom description menu and double-clicking on CustomMemo cells in the Document Items tab, the Zoom window loads much faster. [Service Release: 39.07]

Fixes - Build 39
 1. In the Paste Special if only one line of data was in the clipboard, would receive a message "...nothing to paste."

 2. When pressing the Enter key while on the Opportunity list drop down on the Create Forecasted sale window or Complete Forecasted sale window would result in error 91 when clicking on the Ok button. This scenario happened more frequently after the Build 35 update which changes the tab order making the opportunity list drop down the default control on the form. Issue was corrected and tab order changed to make the Ok button the default control on the form.

 3. If the menuopts.add file was missing or empty, an empty custom menu item would appear in the Tools menu.

 4. On Literature tab, sub folders list under a root folder would be ordered in reverse alphabetical order.

 5. On Literature tab, if files with unsupported file types (files with extensions other than .rtf or .pdf) were located under the Literature folder, the organization and relative location of the folders and files as displayed under the literature tab would be incorrect.

 6. If the Refresh item w/Best Pricing feature was used and the item was in a native product database and the item pricing method was set to volume, the UnitPrice was not getting updated and the UnitList would change to the value intended for the UnitPrice.

 7. For QuickBooks Canada 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, and QuickBooks Canada 2008 (multi-currency edition) when item definitions were created, the tax code was not being specified for them so QuickBooks would assign a default tax code to them (the item tax code in the estimate/invoice was correct however). The same issue would cause all the QuickBooks items to appear to be not taxable when listed in the QuoteWerks Product Lookup window. This issue was introduced in Build 36.

 8. If the phone/fax number extension macro fields &APP_OurLocationPhoneExt, &APP_OurLocationFaxExt, &APP_LoggedInUserPhoneExt, &APP_LoggedInUserFaxExt, &DH_&SalesRepPhoneExt, or &DH_&SalesRepFaxExt were used with their corresponding phone/fax number macro fields, the extension macro would not be resolved correctly.

 9. If a QuickBooks account name contained a "(" or ")" character would receive error when that account was referenced during the QuickBooks integration. After installing this update you need to go into the QuickBooks link setup and click on the [Ok] button to correct any bad data saved previously as a result of this issue. This fixes the issue when the account name contains these characters. The similar Build 36 fix fixed the issue when the account description contains these characters.

 10. When exporting to the Canadian version of QuickBooks, if you specified a shipping amount, the amount would always be sent over to QuickBooks as not taxable. Now, depending upon the "Do not charge PST tax on Shipping" and "GST Tax Exempt" checkboxes on the Sale Info tab the appropriate tax code will be passed to QuickBooks for the shipping amount.

 11. When sending email using the built-in SMTP email with GoldMine as your contact manager, QuoteWerks would terminate. Applicable to Build 39 users only as this issue did not effect any other builds. [Service Release: 39.01]

 12. When the SYNNEX category codes text file is not formatted correctly would receive "Run-time error '9': Subscript out of range" error. [Service Release: 39.01]

 13. If "This SMTP server requires authentication" was selected (On the Sending subtab of the Internet tab under Tools|Options menu) an error would be received when attempting to send emails using the QuoteWerks Built-in SMTP E-Mail if "This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL)" was not also checked. This issue was introduced in Build 39.00. [Service Release: 39.01]

 14. When using the QuoteWerks Built-in SMTP email, CC and BCC recipients were not receiving the email. This issue was introduced in Build 39.00. [Service Release: 39.07]

 15. When retrieving salesforce.com product descriptions that contained multiple lines, a block character would represent the line break and the line break would be ignored. [Service Release: 39.07]

 16. Error "The data returned from Tech Data does not appear to be formatted as XML)" when attempting to retrieve Realtime Pricing & Availability from Tech Data UK (Computer 2000). [Service Release: 39.07]

 17. If a QuickBooks Product Data Source was removed from the Products|Setup Product Data Sources menu, but on the Items tab of the QuickBooks setup the option was selected to "Display QuickBooks item list in QuoteWerks Product Lookup", then the QuickBooks Product Data Source would be automatically re-added the next time QuoteWerks started. [Service Release: 39.07]

Misc Features - Build 38
 1. Internal Build. This build was not released to the public and is not available for download.