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Version 4.0 Build 37 Summary
7 New, 5 Fixes, and 3 Miscellaneous features Released on 06/11/2008
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New Features - Build 37
 1. Peachtree 2009 is now supported!

 2. The F2 Lookup window is now resizable! It also remembers the last location and size (per user).

 3. Configurations can now be cloned.

 4. When adding a Configuration to the quote, you can now choose to either add or insert it.

 5. When adding a Bundle to the quote, you can now choose to either add or insert it.

 6. When a User is cloned, the Individual Product Data Source security settings are now cloned.

 7. The AfterNewDocument API event is now fired after duplicating a document. An iSource value of 3 is passed to indicate that it is a new document as a result of the duplication feature.

Misc Features - Build 37
 1. When QuoteWerks is creating an item in Peachtree, if the description is greater than the 160 max characters that Peachtree supports, you will now receive a message notifying you that QuoteWerks will truncate the description to 160 characters.

 2. When QuoteWerks creates a QWDISCOUNT item in Peachtree, the item type of "Non-Inventory" is now the only option.

 3. Updated View Log File window icon.

Fixes - Build 37
 1. When the alternate currency totals were being displayed on the main quote window, the alternate GST Tax amount was incorrectly being calculated using the alternate PST taxable amount.

 2. In the Product Data Source Wizard, if you selected to create a new QuoteWerks native product database, and then clicked [Back] and then chose a different database type, the Table selection and Name steps of the wizard would not be displayed.

 3. The AfterSaveDocument event was not returning the correct values to indicate when the creation of a salesforce.com opportunity was being cancelled by the user.

 4. The Open Document, Product Lookup, Configuration Setup, Item Zoom, Setup E-mail signature, Forecasted sale notes, and View Log windows were not being restored to their memorized position. This issue was introduced in Build 35.

 5. Run-time error '381' invalid property array index when only one item in a list and clicked on the [Move Down] button.