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Version 4.0 Build 31.03 Summary
22 New, 32 Fixes, and 12 Miscellaneous features Released on 08/31/2007
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New Features - Build 31
 1. Tremendously improved Peachtree link. This new Peachtree link uses the interactive Peachtree API instead of the older manual export and import methods which brings many new features and benefits. You can now export batches of invoices/sales orders and/or purchase orders to Peachtree. If a customer does not exist in Peachtree, QuoteWerks can now create customers in Peachtree for you. Customer information is also updated automatically. If an Inventory Item does not exist in Peachtree, QuoteWerks can now create items in Peachtree for you. Item prices in Peachtree are also updated automatically. Grouped bundles can now be exported as a single line item in Peachtree. When purchase orders are created in Peachtree, there is now an option to lookup the vendor full name in Peachtree to obtain the Vendor ID for the Peachtree Vendor. Using this option, you no longer need to maintain a manual translation between vendor names and Peachtree Vendor ID's. You can now choose which vendors you want to create purchase orders for instead of just all of them. The Peachtree link now has Purchase Order creation options of Never, Always, and Prompt. The invoice and SO due date is now based on the DocDueDate field on the Sale Info tab instead of just 30 days from the document date. The PO Good Through date passed to Peachtree is now 30 days from the export date. There are now 5 sales rep id mapping options and the manual mapping now displays the Peachtree Sales Rep ID and Peachtree Sales Rep full name on the mapping window making it much easier to setup. When exporting, if a manual sales rep id mapping is not found, you will be prompted to select the appropriate rep. Purchase Orders can now be exported separately from the corresponding Invoice/Sales Order. There is now an option for 'Part Numbers are required for all items exported to Peachtree'. QuoteWerks can link directly to the Peachtree product list (without the need to import the data) giving you access to real-time availability, part numbers, description, and pricing. Peachtree can now be used as a source of customer/contact information just like the integration to the contact management software! DataLink support has been added for Peachtree including ability to pull from ShipVia, BillToTaxCode, and Custom fields into the quote. Works with Peachtree 2006, 2007, and 2008.

 2. Improved Paste Special Wizard now supports the ability to copy data from outside of QuoteWerks and paste it into QuoteWerks as line items in the quote. Static information such as descriptions, prices, etc can be pasted in and/or a part number can be used to retrieve all the product details from a product database. This feature can be useful for integrating with external software outputs like the Cisco and HP configurators. The Cisco configurator outputs a ManufacturerPartNumber, Description, and Quantity. QuoteWerks can now import this data as line items and automatically retrieve the price for these items from a QuoteWerks product database. The HP configurator outputs a ManufacturerPartNumber only. QuoteWerks can now import this data as line items and automatically retrieve the Description, and Price for these items from a QuoteWerks product database. All settings can be saved to templates and with the One-Step option, a paste special can be run with a single click. Pre-defined sources like the "Tech Data Shopping Cart File" and "Tech Data Search Result File" already contain all the paste special template details like field mappings, file names, etc enabling you to get up and running fast.

 3. Added Misc Access right. You may want to restrict a user from being able to delete a Paste Special Template. Use the Misc Access right "CannotDeletePasteSpecialTemplate".

 4. Added Misc Access right. A user may have the rights to save the changes to an existing Paste Special Template, but you may not want them to be able to create a new Paste Special Template. Use the Misc Access right "CannotCreatePasteSpecialTemplate" which would prohibit them from saving to a new .qii Paste Special Template file.

 5. Added Misc Access right. You want a user to be able to load an existing Paste Special Template, make changes and run the changes, BUT NOT save the changes into that template. Use the Misc Access right "CannotSavePasteSpecialTemplateChanges".

 6. There is now an toolbar button for the Peachtree link.

 7. There is now a User Full Name setting on the Personal tab of the Tools|My Preferences menu. While we recommend that you setup QuoteWerks User Login names to be the reps name like "John Lewe", in the event you setup the QuoteWerks User Login name to be more like "JLEWE", this Full Name setting enables you to set it to a full name like "John C. Lewe IV" and then display this Full Name on print layouts, reports, and cover pages.

 8. Added 4 more CustomText fields on the Custom tab of the Quote WorkBook. Added fields CustomText17, CustomText18, CustomText19, and CustomText20.

 9. The manual Sales Rep ID mapping setup in the interactive QuickBooks link now displays the QuickBooks Sales Rep Initials and QuickBooks Sales Rep full name on the mapping window making it much easier to setup.

 10. In the QuickBooks link, when prompted to have QuoteWerks create an item in QuickBooks for you, you can now modify the description for the new QuickBooks item definition to be different than the description of the item in the current document.

 11. Added [Save] button on Finish step of Import Wizard and Sync Wizard so that the settings can be saved without having to run the import or sync process.

 12. Added new option "When choosing Optional item(s), default to keeping them Optional." under the Misc tab of the Tools|My Preferences menu. This sets the default for the "Display as optional item(s) on document" checkbox on the Add Item Assistant window and the "When adding to quote, flag as Optional item." checkbox on the Optional Items window.

 13. The QuoteWerks WebConnector now supports the additional parameters of &QuoteWerksUserName= and &QuoteWerksUserPassword=. If these new parameters are added to the URL string passed to the WebConnector, and QuoteWerks is not already running, the QuoteWerks WebConnector login window will be bypassed using the supplied credentials. Note, you can use the DECRYPT: feature of the QuoteWerks login password so that the actual password does not have to be included in the URL as plain text that anyone can see.

 14. Added new salesforce.com option "Enable 'SandBox' mode testing environment". This option enables QuoteWerks to to take advantage of the salesforce.com Sandbox which enables you to create a fully replicated, scalable on-demand customer replica environment for customization, integration, testing, development and training purposes.

 15. When using alternate currencies, in the "Totals for All items" frame, a button will appear that when pressed will display the totals in the alternate currency instead of the base currency.

 16. When saving a document as a template, if the DocDate is cleared, when the template is used, the DocDate will be set to today's date.

 17. When saving a document as a template, if the DocDueDate is cleared, when the template is used, the DocDueDate will be set to today's date (or using the DocDueDate default feature it can be set to x days from today).

 18. On the Documents tab of the Tools|Options menu there is now a Doc Due Date days setting. You can use this to default the due date for the document to a specified number of days in the future.

 19. If the CannotDeleteDocuments Misc Access right is set, it will now prevent the user from using the "Delete previous revision" option when saving as next revision.

 20. When adding a formula based item to the quote from the Edit|Add Formula line menu, there is now a drop down that contains a list of all the unique part numbers in the quote so that you no longer have to manually type in the part number.

 21. ACT! 2008 is now supported (The ability to set associated groups for an opportunity is disabled due to an issue in ACT! See KB article #6484 for details).

 22. Added macro field &DH_&SalesRepFullName. [Service Release: 31.03]

Misc Features - Build 31
 1. The QuoteWerks on the Web | Check for Updates menu now passes if the version of QuoteWerks you are running is an interim or not.

 2. When selecting the File|Print menu, the Print window would take a long time to load. The more users logged into QuoteWerks, the longer it would take to load. Performance enhancements were made relating to building the list of spec sheets available for the quote. In most cases, the Print window loaded 50% faster.

 3. When choosing "Display QuickBooks Item list in QuoteWerks Product Lookup." on the Items tab of the QuickBooks Interactive Link Setup window, the "Show all products" default is now automatically set.

 4. The error "Error: All keys a-z are in use in QuoteWerks Installation registry key." message has been updated to include an explanation of how to correct the issue which is "This occurs when QuoteWerks has been installed in over 26 different locations. To correct this issue, run the QuoteWerks Launcher located at 'c:\program files\common files\QuoteWerks\qwlaunch.exe' and right click on any unused installations and choose 'Unregister this installation...'.".

 5. For Maximizer users, on the Sold To /Ship To tab, the search button is now disabled since QuoteWerks does not support searching the Maximizer contact database at this time.

 6. Added Debug mode command line for the PDF Generator installer.

 7. Added new Utilities|Install PDF Generator in Debug mode menu to the Medic utility.

 8. When exporting to QuickBooks or Peachtree using the interactive link, if the document contains a grouped bundle with a % discount price modifier and the option to "Convert grouped items to single item" is not set, a message is now displayed alerting you that the discount will not be applied to the items in the accounting software and will give you an option to not proceed.

 9. When all menu items between two menu separator bars were hidden, "doubled-up" separator bars are no longer displayed.

 10. On some message display forms the QuoteWerks version, build number, and edition, and backend database type are now displayed. This will further improve our technical support turn around time and efficiency by not having to request these details from the customer when the customer emails technical support a screenshot of an error message.

 11. Encrypted user data is now using a higher level of encryption (192 bit). Encrypted data includes user passwords for 3rd party CRM products like Salesforce.com, SalesLogix, and TeleMagic. Also external database passwords, SMTP password, Dialup login passwords, etc. These respective passwords must be re-saved to take advantage of the new encryption level. If they are not re-saved, they will continue to use the older encryption.

 12. When checking to see if ACT! 2008 is running, the status message displays "Checking to see if ACT 2005-2007 is running..." instead of "2005-2008". [Service Release: 31.01]

Fixes - Build 31
 1. When individual Product Database Security is enabled, there was an issue with User security settings for the first group or user in the internal combined group and users list not being seen. This would affect Product Data Source Security so that if view/modify/delete rights where set for a specific user or group, the rights would not be seen resulting in no rights to that PDS.

 2. An issue with User security settings for the first group or user in the internal combined group and users list not being seen. This affected the documents that sales reps had rights to view, which would result in that group or user not having the rights to view documents that their rights should allow them to view.

 3. When individual Product Database Security is enabled, in some cases users could access a product database they had not been given access to. (Security Fix # 4001)

 4. On the QuickBooks or Peachtree batch export window, if you right-clicked and selected the Open the document, when you later closed the batch export window, clicking in the currently displayed quote grid or text boxes would not accept focus into it.

 5. On Windows Vista would receive error "The component, TList7, being loaded by this application was not designed for the current operating system..." when displaying the F2 Lookup window, the QuoteWerks Notification Log window, and the Customize Document Columns window.

 6. When refreshing a line item with the latest price and using the SYNNEX real-time link, the UnitPrice would be set to 0.

 7. For ACT! 2005 and higher users, when creating a new Order in QuoteWerks and immediately saving and choosing the option to "Create/Update Completed Sale", the an opportunity was created in ACT!, but the amount was set to 0 and it was not closed.

 8. If One-Step Sync profile used and the folder location specified for the Master Installation does not exist when the profile is run the erroneous error message of "Synchronization process or portions of the process failed. Errro 2...Details..."Remote and Master instalaltion are not on the same build version"

 9. If a demo installation of QuoteWerks 3.0 was upgraded to version 4.0, would receive error "Error in ch_OpenConnection! Missing GUID detected in Data Source..."

 10. When upgrading QuoteWerks 3.0 to a build of QuoteWerks 4.0 that applied database structure changes, when first starting QuoteWerks would sometimes receive error messages saying that field names already existed and therefore could not be created. Although these messages were displayed during the upgrade, QuoteWerks will function correctly after the upgrade.

 11. When upgrading from QuoteWerks 3.0 directly to Build 30 of QuoteWerks 4.0 would receive errors such as "The field name BundleDeleteAccess was not found in ReMapAndGetFieldData" during the upgrade of the SECURITY database. You would receive a message for each field and for each record in the database. Although these messages were displayed during the upgrade, QuoteWerks will function correctly after the upgrade.

 12. Sometimes receive error 339 for component 'Codejock.ReportControl.v10.4.2.ocx' when setting up Product Data Sources. Re-running the node install of build 30.09 or higher fixes the issue.

 13. When setting the Timeout value for the real-time links to a value higher than 32 seconds would receive HTTP Request Error 6 HTTP Protocol Error #0 when requesting real-time data.

 14. When the WebConnector AutoStart login window appeared, the UserName would not default to the last logged in User Name.

 15. When the "Start with blank document" option on the Misc tab of the Tools|My Preferences menu was unchecked, the File menu would not contain a list of the last documents opened until at least one document was opened.

 16. When editing the 10th Product Data Source in the list of Product Data Sources, various issues would occur such as: the last step of the wizard would incorrectly mention SYNNEX, a message about default field mappings would incorrectly be displayed, and the SYNNEX import process would start when the [Finish] button was clicked.

 17. When adding items to the list of optional items or substitute items, if the length of the ManufacturerPartNumber was greater than 30, the part number would be truncated to 30 characters even though the supported length is 40 characters.

 18. When attempting to Clone a product data source would incorrectly receive error "You cannot clone a product database that is not Enabled"

 19. If a document was open you could delete it from the File|Open window, would receive an error when you tried to save the already open document that you just deleted. Also, if a document template was open you could delete it from the Templates tab of the File|New menu.

 20. On the File|Open window, when opening a document sometimes would receive error "Error opening the selected document! It may be deleted. (DocID=xxxxx)". In some cases this occurred because the document was opened and during the opening process it was updated with the contents of a newer contents from its corresponding DTf file resulting in a DocID change.

 21. Would receive status bar message about "Problem with product database ''. The product database was not found! As a result, the manufacturer part number '' could not be found to inspect for spec sheet." whenever select the File|Print window for any empty lines in the quote.

 22. When QuoteWerks starts and if the option to "Start with a blank document" is unchecked, toolbar buttons like the Print button would incorrectly be enabled, causing an error when clicked on.

 23. When hiding a top level menu for a user, any toolbar items associated with any child menu items of that top level menu were not hidden. For example, if the "Products" top level menu was hidden, the child menus of "Products|Bundles" and "Products|Configurator" would also be hidden, but the toolbar buttons for "Bundles" and "Configurator" were not hidden.

 24. When using the WebConnector to start a new document in QuoteWerks using a template, some values in the template would be cleared if those values were not passed as parameters in the web link URL string.

 25. Resolves Ingram Micro issue with their Version 1.0 XML specifications for certain part numbers. Would receive error 'EV' or 'WV'. Updated QuoteWerks to use Ingram Micro version 2.0 XML specifications to "resolve" problem.

 26. The settings on the Field Links tab of the Tools|Options menu control which custom field data is copied from a product definition to the corresponding custom columns on the quote. These settings were being applied even when copying and pasting line items within the quote which was not the intent of the design.

 27. When creating a new native product database, and Individual Product Data Source security was enabled, the PDS rights selected were not saved.

 28. When importing product information and choosing the option to update existing products, sometimes would receive error "File sharing lock count exceeded. Increase MaxLocksPerFile regitry entry.". The batch commit size was reduced from 100,000 records to every 30,000 records.

 29. If the the &PricingLevel_xxxx field was in a report layout and a &CostingLevel_xxxx was not in the report layout would receive error "Error in GetDynTextFld, field = 'CostingLevel01' Item cannot be found in the collection corresponding to the requested name or ordinal."

 30. In the Synchronization Wizard, the One-Step step drop down list of profiles was not visible. [Service Release: 31.01]

 31. On the Pricing tab of the Edit Product window, after selecting Item Pricing Method such as Gross Margin, the tab key did not tab to the "Enter Points" field. Similiar issue with Item Costing Method. [Service Release: 31.01]

 32. When enter a value in the VendorPartNumber column on the Document Items tabbed, the value would always be converted to upper case. [Service Release: 31.03]