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Version 4.0 Build 27 Summary
2 New, 6 Fixes, and 0 Miscellaneous features Released on 03/30/2007
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New Features - Build 27
 1. Added date ranges "This Week" and "Last Week" to the QuickBooks Batch export window.

 2. On Email Address selection window, double-clicking on an e-mail address now selects it.

Fixes - Build 27
 1. On some Vista machines, when browsing for a folder would receive error "QuoteWerks has stopped working".

 2. When the Send E-Mail window would load, an error "QuoteWerks has encountered a problem and needs to close". This error would only occur if the "Show only True Type fonts in the programs on my computer" option was set on the True Type Fonts tab of the Tools | Folder Options menu from the Control Panel | Fonts applet.

 3. When double-clicking or press the F2 key while in the Send Email Window TO, FROM, CC, or BCC box would receive error "An unknown control was specified for the F2 Lookup during retrieval..."

 4. On the Document Items grid, when right clicking to then paste text into a cell of the current line item, the entire row becomes selected preventing the pasting into an individual cell.

 5. On the Document Items grid, when one line item is currently selected, right clicking on a different line item leaves the original line item selected and changes the current row to the row that was right clicked on. The net effect of this was that the line item that QuoteWerks would perform an action on would be the original selected line item and not the new line item that was clicked on.

 6. User Login naming issue.

Fixes - Build 26
 1. When right clicking on a line item on the Document Items tab, if the line item right clicked was not on the first page of line items in the grid, then the current row would be changed to a random row.