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Version 4.0 Build 24 Summary
24 New, 25 Fixes, and 15 Miscellaneous features Released on 03/13/2007
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NOTE: Build 24 was replaced by Version 4.0 Build 25

New Features - Build 24
 1. Outlook 2007 is now supported.

 2. The feature that suppresses the Outlook security warning message now works with Outlook 2007.

 3. When setting the value of a report filter item, there is now a drop-down list that will display a list of all the unique data values that are contained in this field in the database making it easy to choose the value that you want to filter on.

 4. When setting the value of a report filter item for the SalesRep field, you can now choose from a list that will display a list of all User Groups. This will make it easy to set one filter item that filters on a group of Sales Reps like for example.

 5. The PDF files that QuoteWerks generates automatically detects web site URL strings and flags them as hyperlinks that you can click on when viewing the PDF document. Previously only hyperlinks at beginning of sentences would be detected. Now, this feature has been improved to automatically hyperlink web site URL strings embeded anywhere inside a sentence.

 6. Added new product import option "Remove leading & trailing spaces from all field data". This is useful when importing data that comes from a system that considers the unused characters in a field as spaces (such as an Ingram Micro text file).

 7. On the File|Open window, the search results are now limited based on the document rights that have been assigned to the logged in user. Also when performing a product price history search, the results will also be limited by the document rights.

 8. Added Misc Access right "CannotReportOnDataUserCannotView". If this right is set for a user, then any document reports the user runs will be limited to documents that the user has the right to view.

 9. When on the Product Lookup Window the ToolTip displayed while hovering over a product now displays 20 seconds instead of 3 seconds.

 10. When a License Key was not yet registered and the user did not have the rights to access the Utlities|License Manager menu, the user would have to wait until the day that the 30 day grace period expired before they had a chance to register the License Key. Now, each day they receive the registration reminder, they will have the option to register the License Key.

 11. The QuoteWerks Help system has been converted to browser based HTML help. This format is supported on all versions of Windows and offers greater flexibility and functionality.

 12. The PDF Generator is now installed during the node setup rather than upon first use by a user running QuoteWerks. This will make it easier to make sure the PDF Generator installs correctly in an environment where regular users do not have Administrator rights or rights to install printers.

 13. When importing products and using the "Auto Create Folders" option the speed has been improved to take up to 50% less time by optimizing the creation of folders.

 14. All grids now have the tooltip hovering feature and Multi-line data can now be viewed in tooltip hover for all grids.

 15. When adding new records that are displayed on a grid, the newly added record is now selected instead of the first record in the grid.

 16. When editing records that are displayed on a grid, and the edit triggers a re-positioning for the grid (for sorting purposes) the edited record will be re-selected after the re-positioning instead of the first record in the grid being selected.

 17. When deleting a record that is displayed on a grid, the record below the deleted record will now be selected after the delete process instead of the first record in the grid.

 18. The DEL key can now be used to delete a record in any grid.

 19. When editing a required item, optional item, bundle item, or configuration item and changing the Source Database for the item, the description display is now updated immediately on that screen using the description from the selected database.

 20. Added new command line parameter "/shutdown". This is used when you want to force QuoteWerks stop running. This is particularly useful if you need to make sure that QuoteWerks is not running before you run some other process like a file backup or behind the scenes manipulation of QuoteWerks data. This command line can be used like "qw4.exe /shutdown". If QuoteWerks is not running, then it will start briefly and then shutdown. If it is running, then it will be shutdown. It is important to note that this command line parameter is designed to make sure QuoteWerks stops running. As such, if there are any open documents in the running instance of QuoteWerks, they will not be saved.

 21. If the /c: or /t: command line parameters are detected and there is no currently open document, QuoteWerks will create a new default document.

 22. When closing the Product Lookup window, any open connections to Excel Product Data Sources will be closed enabling you to edit these Excel spreadsheets without having to exit QuoteWerks.

 23. When right clicking on a row in the Product Lookup Window grid, the row will now become the selected row.

 24. When right clicking on a row in the Document Items grid, the row will now become the selected row.

Misc Features - Build 24
 1. The logged in user lock file is now deleted upon exiting QuoteWerks.

 2. On the System tab of the Help|About window, the Windows Version (including build and service pack information) is now displayed.

 3. Changed "Preserve Quote/Order" option descriptions to "Preserve Quote when converting to Order or Invoice." and "Preserve Order when converting to Invoice." respectively.

 4. In preparation for Windows Vista support, removed TList warning message when running on Windows Vista.

 5. In preparation for Windows Vista support, corrected unable to connect password issue on Windows Vista with product databases that were hosted on SQL Server that required a password. Similar issue also occurred with Configurator "Login Failed for user 'xx'.

 6. In preparation for Windows Vista support, Fixed window sizing issues on Vista for zoom, email signature editing, product lookup window, Open Document, Configuration Setup, Print Preview, Layout Designer, View Log, Edit Exchange Rate, Show Results With Log, and SalesLogix Opportunity windows.

 7. On the Send E-Mail window when typing in a long email address, the elipsis button no longer covers the text.

 8. When performing an operation that requires no other users be logged into QuoteWerks, the message will now display all the users that are currently logged in.

 9. When creating an attachment record in MS CRM, the note has now been modified to read "Right click on the attachment file and select Open to open the QuoteWerks document." since the positioning of the note relative to the attachment has changed.

 10. Changed the retrieval of the Windows Time Zone information to support Unicode.

 11. PDF drivers now include 64-bit drivers.

 12. The pipe character '|' is no longer stripped from text data when saving data to the database.

 13. The mswinsck.ocx control was updated to version

 14. When deleting a Cost Modifier or Price Modifier from the Cost Modifier Maintenance or Price Modifier Maintenance windows respectively, when the delete confirmation prompt appeared, the window would disappear during the prompt.

 15. When deleting a Product Data Source, when the delete confirmation prompt appeared, the window would disappear during the prompt.

Fixes - Build 24
 1. When running the Corporate Edition of QuoteWerks that is rehosted to MS SQL. If you deleted a product from a product database, or deleted all products from the product database (during a product import), or removed a product data source would receive error "trapped error Cannot insert duplicate key row in object 'SyncTransactions' with unique index 'TransactionGUID'".

 2. When importing products, if the data in a field that was being imported contained a value contained in a less than and greater than symbol (like ), the import would freeze.

 3. On the Send Email window, when selecting an email address and then choosing to edit the email address, if the email address only contained the email address with no name and was initially entered in build 17 or earlier, then the edit email address window would truncate the email address.

 4. When editing a product and selecting the Customer/Product Profile based pricing the following error would be displayed: "The maximum length the PriceModifier can be is 8 characters. The price modifier 'Txxxxxx'... where xxxxx was the name of the selected product profile.

 5. Searching for a product in the Ingram database and searching for a description using the "AND" or "OR" feature, would not get the correct results for the second phrase being searched for.

 6. Error "...Syntax error in date in query expression 'ManufacturerPart#=''..." when doing a price comparison and including the SYNNEX database.

 7. For GoldMine 7.0 users when saving a forecasted sale, the Forecasted Date was not getting updated on the Summary tab and a duplicate contact2 record was getting added.

 8. When closing the Configuration Setup window using the control box X and choosing to Save the changes, any changes made on the Flowchart tab would be saved, but any changes made on the Settings tab would not be saved.

 9. When deleting more than one line item at the same time AND the CTRL key was used to select the line items AND the line items were selected ordinally from bottom to top, the wrong line items would be deleted.

 10. When running QuoteWerks on machines with a large horizontal resolution, the width of the main QuoteWerks window would resize to be about 60% of the width of the screen. When decreasing the width of this window, the width you reduced the window to would not be remembered the next time you started QuoteWerks and the width would again be reset to about 60% the width of the screen.

 11. In the Configurator setup, when creating a link between selection containers the drop down combo would contain an empty item for each navigation only branch.

 12. When editing a selection container item and the item type is a "Navigator" the "Edit Selection Container Navigator Item" dialog is now displayed. This enables you to specify the Sort Order of the Navigation only branches.

 13. When attempting to delete a Navigation Only branch from the Items tab of the Edit Selection Container window you will now receive the message "To delete a Navigation only branch, delete it from the flowchart." Prior to this change, a deletion from this window would not succeed, although it would initially appear to succeed.

 14. When renaming a Required Item on the Products | Required Items menu would receive error "...Item cannot be found in the collection corresponding to the requested name or ordinal.."

 15. If a product in a native product database was configured to use Volume pricing and an invalid vendor name was supplied in the VendorName field, after the product was added to the quote and if the quantity was changed, then would receive error "run-time error '13':type mismatch" after the error "The vendor database 'x' was not found, so the manufacturer part number 'y' could not be found."

 16. When a User login id was deleted from the Utilities|User Maintenance menu, any references to the user relating to DocViewAccess, DocModifyAccess, DocDeleteAccess, and GroupMembership were not removed.

 17. When a User Group was deleted from the Utilities|User Maintenance menu, any references to the User Group relating to DocViewAccess, DocModifyAccess, and DocDeleteAccess were not removed.

 18. If a product data source table name contained non alphanumeric characters like "&" or a space would receive SQL error about Incorrect Syntax when querying the database and when trying to delete the database.

 19. If entering a non-numeric value into, for example, the Quantity column for a Comment type line item (Comment line items do not support entering numeric data, they are for text description data only) would receive a data type mismatch error that would persist until you pressed the ESC key.

 20. When importing products and using the "Auto Create Folders" option and a folder name to create was like "\Modems\Desktop\NETCOMM\Modems" where the root folder had the same name as a last folder in any folder path an error would incorrectly report "Error: More than one product folder with the same folder name '\Modems' was found!".

 21. When editing the name of a Product Data Source and changing the name to the name of an existing product Data Source, QuoteWerks would appear to be frozen because you could not click away from the current window.

 22. Error "Row cannot be located for updating. Some values may have been changed since it was last read.". This error could occur in various QuoteWerks windows that contain a grid control.

 23. Error "Row handle referred to a deleted row or a row marked for deletion." in Required Items, Optional Items, Selection Container Items and Bundle Items grid when the grid contained only one record and a second record was added that had the same part number.

 24. When deleting a document from the Open Document window, the status bar would not be updated with the updated recordcount.

 25. Error in GetGenericTimeZoneDescriptionForCurrentTimeZone()