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Version 4.0 Build 23 Summary
32 New, 31 Fixes, and 7 Miscellaneous features Released on 11/03/2006
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New Features - Build 23
 1. SalesLogix 7.0 is now supported!

 2. QuickBooks 2007 USA and Canadian editions are now supported!

 3. QuoteWerks can now create Sales Orders in the Asia Pacific editions of QuickBooks.

 4. QuoteWerks can now import the SYNNEX .zip product data file. You no longer have to create an import template, do field mappings and import into QuoteWerks. All of this is now handled automatically. Requires QuoteWerks Professional or Corporate Edition.

 5. QuoteWerks can now download the SYNNEX .zip product data file from the SYNNEX FTP server and then import the data into QuoteWerks automatically without creating and import template, field mappings and import. All of this is now handled automatically. Requires QuoteWerks Real-time module and Professional or Corporate Edition of QuoteWerks.

 6. QuoteWerks can now retrieve Real-Time Pricing and Availability from SYNNEX (USA or Canadian). Requires QuoteWerks Real-time module and Professional or Corporate Edition of QuoteWerks.

 7. When using the Copy and Append Paste menu items on the Product Lookup window, all the fields (including Category, Availability, SerialNumber, SpecSheet, Picture file, keyword list, etc) on the tabs of the Edit Product window are now supported.

 8. There is now a command line option /a:3 that can be used to automate download the SYNNEX product file from the FTP server and import, or just import a manually downloaded SYNNEX product file. "/a:3,1" will download the file from the FTP server and import it. "/a:3,2,f:\data\110486.zip" will import a manually downloaded SYNNEX file.

 9. When using salesforce.com offline and saving quotes, there is now a new "I'm Offline" option that enables you to save the quote and not attempt to integrate with salesforce.com online. This is very useful for laptops using salesforce.com that do not have access to the internet while out in the field. With this option, it is now easy to still save quotes even though salesforce.com is not available. Please note, any quotes saved while offline will need to be re-opened, linked to a salesforce.com contact and saved in order to update salesforce.com online.

 10. Support for compounded discount modifier in Discount Cost Modifiers and Discount Price Modifiers. This supports a Discount Modifier like "D50\20" which applies a 50% discount and then a 20% discount on top of that 50% discount.

 11. Support for compounded "Markup from Cost" modifier in Price Modifiers. This supports a Markup from Cost Modifier like "M50\20" which applies a 50% markup from cost and then a 20% markup on top of that 50% markup.

 12. On the New Document window (File | New menu) there is now a [Delete] button that can be used to delete document templates from that window.

 13. You can now import products while other users are logged into QuoteWerks. If you are using the Standard or Professional Edition, the compacting of the database would be skipped and will need to be run manually at a time when no other users are in QuoteWerks.

 14. When selecting a document template to use, on the New Document window (File | New menu), there is now a "Refresh item prices" checkbox. As the template is used to generate the new document, the item prices will be updated with the current pricing.

 15. There is now an unattended.log file that contains log entries generated during command line initiated processes.

 16. The /p: password command line option now supports an encrypted password. Often, to use command line options, you need to specify your username and password in the command line. Anyone that has access to the scheduler or shortcut you are using to run QuoteWerks with the command line options will be able to clearly see your password. To use an encrypted password the syntax is /p:"DECRYPT:A7DGKE8Y". The encrypted equivalent of your password is displayed on the Edit User window where you enter your password.

 17. There is now a "/notify:" command line option that can be used to send an e-mail notification upon the successful or unsuccessful completion of a command line process. This command line option has two arguments. First is the QuoteWerks user that you want to notify, and second is the NotifyCondition that lets you specify if you want to receive notification upon successful completion only, unsuccessful completion only, or either successful or unsuccessful completion. This command line option is available for the following command line processes: /a:1 ("Merge Remote Documents"), /a:2 ("Tech Data re-index"), /a:3,1 ("SYNNEX FTP and import"), /a:3,2 ("SYNNEX import file"), /import: ("Import products into native product database"), /sync: ("Synchronize using profile"), /report: ("Report"). An example command line would be: /notify:"John Lewe",1. Also, the macro &APP_LoggedInUserName can now be used in the user name parameter like /notify:"&APP_LoggedInUserName",1. Also, if no user name parameter is specified, then currently logged in user will be used.

 18. Added new "Auto-create product folders" option in the Product Import Wizard. When this option is checked, the folder name data mapped to the &FolderName field in the Advanced Mappings step of the import wizard will be used to automatically create the folders in the product database.

 19. When importing products and specifying the folder name to import the product into you can now specify that the product be associated with more than one folder by separating each folder name with a comma.

 20. The Product and Contact Import Wizards now support the ability to concatenate (merge) multiple columns from the text file into a single field. For example, if a product description is spread between two different columns ,like and , you can now set the mapping to " ". Notice the space between the two fields. This will result in a space inserted between the two fields. You can also set a mapping to "The color of the product is and the size is " and the field data will be merged into the text. This example illustrates using two fields, but there is no limit to the number of fields you can include in the mapping.

 21. Add Access Right "CannotModifyCoverPages" used to prevent a user from modifying a cover page document on the Cover Page tab of the Print window.

 22. When merging remote documents and choosing to download the dtf files from MS CRM or salesforce.com, if you choose to merge only the documents since the last merge, QuoteWerks will now only download the files from MS CRM or salesforce.com that have changed since the last merge. This improves performance tremendously.

 23. On the Internet tab of the Tools|My Preferences menu there are now options to set the default CC and BCC addresses used when creating a new e-mail.

 24. When linking to an Excel spreadsheet external product data source, there is now a View/Modify button that can be used to view or modify the spreadsheet while linking to it.

 25. When importing a product text file and viewing the first 20 lines of the text file, there is now a button that can be used to view or modify the text file.

 26. Added DocType column to the Product Price History window. Useful in determining if the product was actually sold versus quoted.

 27. When trying to use a feature that a user does not have the Access Right to the message that is displayed now displays the name of the Access Right.

 28. When editing a required item (or an optional item), there is a tool tip for the read-only description that displays a larger portion of the description than the description field on this window.

 29. Optional items can now be located in product database other than the item that the options are for. Also you can now specify the order in which each the options is displayed, the quantity of each optional item, and line attributes of the optional item like "Hide Price" and "Print Picture".

 30. Subtotal, Running SubTotal, % Discount, and % Charge line items now display the sales tax on the line item. Please note, line item detail level of sales tax calculations are for approximation purposes only. This is due to rounding factors. The completely accurate sales tax is calculated and displayed in the quote totals.

 31. Added API event BeforeEmailRecipientSelection. This can be used to create a custom written interface for selecting email addresses from the QuoteWerks Send Email window.

 32. Added Misc Access right "CannotSeeCostOnAddItemAssistant". This can be used to prevent the user from viewing cost information while on the Add Item Assistant.

Misc Features - Build 23
 1. When selecting the File|Print menu, it takes a while for the Print Window to load. Part of this delay is the time it takes to load the list of literature documents. The load time of the list of literature documents has been improved by 74%!

 2. Added new right click menu "Copy to Folder..." to the Product Lookup Window.

 3. On the Regional tab of the Tools|Options menu the Windows Time Format is now displayed.

 4. DTF files now contain data that indicates what application created the DTF file.

 5. More detail has been added to the QuoteWerks System Files Appendix in the user manual.

 6. On the Contact Lookup window when QuoteWerks is the selected contact manager, clicking on the sort by company or sort by last name option button after the search is run now sorts the results post search.

 7. When QuoteWerks exits, it now explicitly releases the license lock file.

Fixes - Build 23
 1. For MS CRM users, when closing sales opportunities, the "ActualAmount" field was not getting updated so it would be set to 0.00.

 2. For MS CRM users, when attempting to schedule an activity for a sales opportunity that was created by QuoteWerks would receive an error "An unhandled exception occurred during the execution...". This will no longer happen for any new sales opportunities created in MS CRM by QuoteWerks. Existing opportunities in MS CRM will still have this problem unless they are updated by QuoteWerks.

 3. When starting with a new order (not converting from a quote) and integrating with MS CRM, the sales opportunity was created in MS CRM, but it was not being closed.

 4. When using ACT! 2005/2006/2007 and converting a quote to a lost sale or a completed as won sale, the % probability was not being set to 0 for a lost sale and 100 for a completed as won sale.

 5. When exporting to QuickBooks UK would receive "error parsing xml text stream" when the link was creating a new item.

 6. When saving from the Preview window, if the path to the folder that you selected to save the file to contained a "." in the name, then the file would not be saved with the extension that you had selected like PDF or RTF, etc.

 7. If you edited the user preferences from the Utilities |User Maintenance menu, the and numeric preferences would not be loaded with the user's preferences, just the empty defaults.

 8. If a quote was opened, and only the shipping amount was changed, and you closed the quote, you would not be prompted to save the changes and the change would not be saved.

 9. When importing products and specifying a folder location like "\shirts\colors\blue" to associate the product with that folder and a folder "\shirts\blue" existed, the product would be associated with the "\shirts\blue" folder instead of the "\shirts\colors\blue" folder. If a "blue" folder existed anywhere (but only once) in the folder tree, the product would be associated with that folder instead of the correct folder. This issue would only become apparent in the rare case that the folder name that you are trying to import into does not exist.

 10. If a product database folder was deleted and then some action was performed that required the context of a selected folder, would receive error "Error, .listindex=-1 in ReturnActiveFolderTextProperty".

 11. The import file was not being displayed on the "Contents of Selected File" window displayed by clicking on the [View Data] button in the Contact Import Wizard.

 12. In the Contact import Wizard, when selecting the file to import, if you cancelled the file selection, the existing selected file would be cleared.

 13. In the Product Import Wizard when mapping a field to a static value, if that static value contained a comma, and you saved the import template, when loading that template, the field mapping would not be correctly loaded.

 14. On the File|Save window, if you had selected to perform activities with SalesLogix, or MS CRM and did not retrieve a SoldToCompany into the quote, you would not be warned that you must retrieve a SoldToCompany into the quote in order to proceed.

 15. In the Medic utility the password box for the Utilities|Data Manager did not have password * masking.

 16. When a new document was created and saved (but not opened from the database) the In-Use Documents feature would incorrectly display how long the document had been opened for.

 17. On the In-Use Documents display that showed what time the document was opened, the second minute digit was not being displayed.

 18. With some Document Rights messages you would receive two messages notifying you of the same rights issue.

 19. When the number of decimal places for line items was set to more than 2, the % profit margin display would sometimes be off by a hundredth of a % due to rounding.

 20. After performing certain actions like adding a new product to a product database the Product Import Wizard would fail indicating that the database was in exclusive use.

 21. If you created a new document using a template, and then created another new document using the same template you would incorrectly receive an error message indicating that the template document was in use and therefore you could not use it.

 22. On the QuickBooks batch export window the document date was always being displayed in USA date format instead of using the Windows regional settings.

 23. When creating a new product in the Product Lookup window (or Append Pasting) and the product was created in a product database that was setup to not "show all products" by default, after creating the product, it would be displayed in the grid momentarily and then would disappear.

 24. On the Product Lookup window when using the Append Paste feature after having previously searched the QuickBooks or salesforce.com external product data source, the product would appear to have been pasted but would disappear when the product list was refreshed.

 25. When selecting or un-selecting literature documents the asterisk symbol in the Literature tab caption was not getting updated. It is used to display at a glance if any literature is selected or not.

 26. Form size issues on Windows XP for the Zoom description and View Log windows.

 27. When converting a quote to and order and no contact manager contact had been linked into the quote would receive an error about the SoldToCMAccountNo field being empty.

 28. When using QuoteWerks with the SQL backend and creating a management report where a filter item for a date field is compared to an empty value like "Equal to {empty}" would receive error "IsNull() requires two parameters".

 29. When using keyboard shortcuts like "ALT+D" for Edit|Delete Line Item, and then pressing the tab key on the grid, it would not tab through the cells, furthermore, if there was more than one quote open, pressing the tab key would cycle through the currently open quotes.

 30. When using grouped bundles or grouped configurations and setting the grouped bundle or grouped configuration discount to a decimal value like "D23.68" and synchronizing this data to another installation that used a different character for the decimal separator the discount would be interpreted as "D2368".

 31. On the Product Price History window, if a price modifier that contained a decimal separator was displayed, a vertical line would be displayed instead of the decimal separator.