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Version 4.0 Build 22 Summary
7 New, 14 Fixes, and 6 Miscellaneous features Released on 09/05/2006
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New Features - Build 22
 1. ACT! 2007 is now supported!

 2. The Utilities|Merge Remote Documents menu now has an option to merge only the documents that have been updated/added since the last merge instead of all the documents in the /DTF folder. This yields large performance increases.

 3. Added third parameter to the /action: command line option that starts the Merge Remote Documents process. This third parameter controls whether or not the Merge Remote Documents process merges all files or only the files that have been updated/added since the last merge.

 4. You can now use the CTRL-TAB key combination to cycle between open quotes.

 5. Added the option "Start with blank document." on the Misc tab of the Tools|My Preferences menu.

 6. You can now cancel the Rebuild CM Transport files process.

 7. The fields "RevisionMasterDocNo" and "Superceeded" are now available in the QuoteWerks API functions DocFunctions.GetDocumentHeaderValue() and DocFunctions.SetDocumentHeaderValue().

Misc Features - Build 22
 1. All the file selection dialog boxes have been updated to the current Windows standard dialog boxes.

 2. The Tech Data Real-time setup tab was moved from the Tools|My Preferences menu to the Tools|Options menu.

 3. The Real-time Pricing & Availability window description field now has a tool tip that shows more of the description.

 4. The Rehost Wizard now displays a final confirmation step before the rehost starts.

 5. On the Mapping step of the Product Data Source Wizard, the external database field type now also displays the QuoteWerks field type that corresponds to the external database field ADO field type.

 6. When creating a new user on the Utilities|User Maintenance menu, if the user name entered conflicts with the user ini file of an existing user, you will receive a message to that effect with a list of possible user name variations to choose from in order to avoid the conflict.

Fixes - Build 22
 1. When performing certain function that required that only one user be logged into QuoteWerks and there was more than one user logged in, but then all users logged out except the one user, you would still receive the message saying that there was more than one user logged into QuoteWerks.

 2. The Tech Data password on the Real-Time tab of the Tools|My Preferences menu was not saving correctly.

 3. When selecting multiple files to attach on the Send Email window, the file names displayed where the short file name equivalents to the long file names.

 4. In the Product Import Wizard, when selecting a Product Import Template that uses a LF character as the line delimiter, the wizard would be incorrectly loaded with a CRLF line delimiter.

 5. When using the File|Insert Template menu to insert a template into the current document, if the PriceModifer or CostModifier contained a decimal separator, the place holder character would be displayed instead of the decimal separator.

 6. If literature files contained more than one ".", they would not be displayed in the list of literature documents.

 7. "Overflow" error when a search for an MS CRM contact returned roughly more than 60 matches.

 8. If the results for a MS CRM contact searched returned more than 50 matches, only the first 50 would be displayed.

 9. Error "The error (3265) Item cannot be found in the collection corresponding to the requested name or ordinal. was encountered in the MIDA_RecordsetEditRec function. Error occured at FieldName=LastModified ..." on the Product Lookup Window when selecting the "Associate copied item(s) with this folder" menu.

 10. In the Tools|Export to QuickBooks window document templates could appear in the list of documents to export and should not have.

 11. On the Product Lookup window when searching an External Product Data Source based on Description and using the AND/OR operator the AND/OR would be ignored.

 12. The End Quantity on the 14th volume level on the Edit Volume Costing and Edit Volume Pricing window was not displaying.

 13. When cloning a product from the Products Lookup window, if a ManufacturerPartNumber longer than 40 characters was entered (40 is the max size for the ManufacturerPartNumber field), then would receive error "Multiple-step operation generated errors. Check each status value."

 14. Tab order was not correct for the Bill to fields on the SoldTo/ShipTo tab.