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Version 4.0 Build 20 Summary
47 New, 31 Fixes, and 19 Miscellaneous features Released on 08/01/2006
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NOTE: Build 20 was replaced by Version 4.0 Build 21

New Features - Build 20
 1. QuoteWerks creates/updates SalesLogix 6.2 opportunities (Corporate Edition only).

 2. Follow up calls can now be scheduled by QuoteWerks in SalesLogix 6.2 (Corporate Edition only).

 3. DataLink feature is now supported with SalesLogix 6.2 (Corporate Edition only). ACCOUNT, CONTACT and custom ACCOUNT or custom CONTACT table data can now be retrieved.

 4. SalesLogix 6.2 field data can now be printed in print layouts and used in formulas in print layouts (Corporate Edition only).

 5. SalesLogix 6.2 field data can now be retrieved using the F2 Lookup macro of ~SLX_Macro() (Corporate Edition only).

 6. QuoteWerks now supports the UK edition of QuickBooks 2005 and 2006.

 7. Support for Microsoft SQL Server 2005 backend.

 8. QuoteWerks now supports Peachtree 2006.

 9. With the Corporate Edition (when rehosted to SQL), Product Data Sources on a Remote Install can now be synchronized instead of just replaced. Also, if the Product Data Sources reference an external Excel file, external Access file, the Tech Data or Ingram Micro offline price files the files will be copied over to the remote replacing the copy of the files on the remote if older. You can now also select individual product databases to synchronize or overwrite. Also, when products or entire product data sources are deleted from the master install, they will be deleted from the remote install too.

 10. Remote PC installations can now be synchronized with both Master installations AND Remote Site installations.

 11. The maximum number of line item supported in a quote has been increased to 1500 for Corporate Edition users that have rehosted to SQL. For Standard and Professional Edition users and Corporate Edition users that have not rehosted to SQL, the maximum number of line items is 600. Please note that while the number of supported line items has increased, more line items equates to more data that will be saved thereby increasing the amount of time it takes to open and save these larger documents. Additionally, opening and saving 1500 line item quotes may require additional RAM on the PC. Saving a 1500 line item quote with 350 characters of description in each line item takes around 30 seconds to save on a Pentium 4 (1.6 MHz) machine running Windows 2000 with 1.2 GB RAM saving to a Microsoft SQL Server 7 database.

 12. Synchronization settings can now be saved as Synchronization Profiles for use in the future.

 13. The Synchronization process can now be initiated using the /sync: command line option.

 14. Each time the synchronization process is run, a new log file is now generated.

 15. On the Synchronization tab of the Tools|Options menu there is now an option to set the "Synchronization Log Detail Level".

 16. The Medic Utility now has a Utilities|Purge Sync Transactions menu used to purge sync transactions.

 17. Misc Access right. You may want to restrict a user so that if the user selects to run the One-Step sync they can only run a pre-specified One-Step synchronization profile. In other words, the user is not able to select a different one step sync profile than the default one the adminstrator has specified. To set this restriction, Use the security right "CannotSetOneStepSyncProfile".

 18. Misc Access right. You may want to restrict the user from making any changes to synchronization settings before running them. Using the security right "CannotModifySyncSession" will disable the Advanced Sync options of "Start new session" or "start session using profile". When this security option is set, the only option for the user in the synchronization wizard is to run the One-Step sync. If you have hidden the Utilities|Sync menu from this user, then this user would have no access to run a synchronization.

 19. Misc Access right. You want a user to be able to load an existing sync profile, make changes and run the changes, BUT NOT save the changes into the profile. Use the security right "CannotSaveSyncProfileChanges".

 20. Misc Access right. The user may have access to modifying a sync session, and possibly the rights to save the changes to the existing sync profile, but you do not want them to be able to create a new sync profile file. Use the security right "CannotCreateSyncProfile" which would prohibit them from saving to a new .qsp Sync Profile file.

 21. Misc Access right. You may want to restrict a user from being able to delete a sync profile. Use the security right "CannotDeleteSyncProfile".

 22. Misc Access right. You may want to restrict a user from changing the sync path translations specified on the Synchronization tab of the Tools|Options menu. Typically only the administrator would need to setup these translations. Use the security right "CannotModifySyncPathTranslations".

 23. ACT! 2005/2006 field data can now be used in print layout formulas.

 24. MS CRM field data can now be used in print layout formulas.

 25. The Open Export module now has additional options for exporting including the ability to export to a single file, an option to specify a record type value for each line item type (header or item) in the text file, an option to specify tab or comma delimiters, an option to include the field names, and an option to not export Comment Lines. Also, the text file output is now adhering to delimited text formats with support for delimiters inside of data and carriage return / line feeds inside of data.

 26. For Outlook users, added option "Address type(s) to use" on the Contacts|Setup Contact Manager window. Outlook stores both business and home addresses. When searching the Outlook database for contacts to use, QuoteWerks can return the Business address, Home address, or both. Some users only use the business addresses in which case their search results are cluttered with double the results (business and home) with most of the home address data being empty. This option lets you tailor the results to your needs.

 27. Added Misc Access right "CannotManuallyModifyUnitCostInDocument" which prohibits the user from modifying the Unit Cost cell on the Document Items tab.

 28. When installing an update, the installation program now has an option to control if the default templates are installed. The Default templates include: Print Layouts, Reports, Cover Pages, Spec Sheets, Literature, and Sample Product Images.

 29. When installing a fresh install of QuoteWerks, the installation program now has an option to control if the default product database includes sample data. Also for a fresh installation, the installation program now has an option to control if the default templates are installed. The Default templates include: Print Layouts, Reports, Cover Pages, Spec Sheets, Literature, and Sample Product Images.

 30. On the View|Customize columns window there are now [Select All] and [Deselect All] buttons.

 31. Improved the performance of the Rebuild CM Transport files feature.

 32. The Product Import Wizard now interprets numeric values encapsulated in parenthesis like (567.97) as negative numbers.

 33. Sometimes contact address data is imported into Outlook in a non-Outlook format. This non-Outlook format can now also be pulled into QuoteWerks.

 34. For security reasons, the QuoteWerks Web Connector will now only process requests received from the local machine (with IP of

 35. When composing an e-mail in QuoteWerks and attaching files, you can now select multiple attachments to add at the same time.

 36. For CoverPage/Literature/SpecSheet pages, the macros &DH_GrandTotal, &DH_SubTotal, &DH_TotalTax, &DH_LocalTax, &DH_GSTTax, &DH_ShippingAmount, &DH_CommissionAmount, &DH_ProfitAmount are now formatted as $1,234.00. Note, the currency symbol, thousands separator and decimal point will be appropriately set for the region.

 37. On Internet tab of Tools|My Preferences menu added new option "Review e-mail in Outlook before sending" when sending e-mails using Outlook, now the e-mail will be displayed in Outlook giving you more control over when it will actually be sent.

 38. The PO Number field on the Sale Info tab has been increased to 30 characters.

 39. The QuoteWerks SoldToPONumber field is now availabe for use in the DataLink.

 40. The Amount column on the Open Documents window now displays the quote amounts formatted with currency symbol and thousands separators.

 41. On the Product Lookup window, when a QuickBooks Product Data Source is selected and the grid has focus, pressing the F5 key will force QuoteWerks to re-retrieve the list of products from QuickBooks.

 42. When copying a product from the Product Lookup Window and then right clicking and choosing the "Append Paste" menu, foreign pricing information will now be copied and then included in the "pasted" product.

 43. The Product Import Wizard can now import data directly into the PricingLevelXX, CostingLevelXX and the AlternateCurrency fields. In the QuoteWerks database, these fields contain more than one piece of data formatted in a specific way. Macro fields like &PricingLevel01.Amount exist so that users can easily import data into one of the data placeholders in these fields. If you export a QuoteWerks product database and need to re-import it, with this new feature, you can now map the actual database field of PricingLevel01 to the PricingLevel01 field in the import file which will import all pieces of data into the database field.

 44. On the Products|Setup Product Data Sources menu, you can select a QuoteWerks native Product Data Source, right click and choose the Export menu to export all the items in the data source into a tab delimited text file. Now, text or memo type field data that contain carriage returns, line feeds, or tabs will now be encapsulated in double-quote symbols following text file format standards.

 45. On the Advanced step of the Products Import Wizard, there is now a button that can auto map all the fields using the field name displayed in the sample data. To use this feature, the first row of the import file must contain the field names for the columns of data.

 46. When linking to external product data sources, you can now map the QuoteWerks PriceModifier field to an external field. Please note, the data in the field needs to conform to the data format of the PriceModifier field (like P20, M20, etc).

 47. When linking to external product data sources, on the mapping step, there is now a button that can auto map all the fields based on matching field names.

Misc Features - Build 20
 1. On the Edit Selection Container Item window the bundle name and product data source name fields were expanded so that longer names could be fully displayed.

 2. For ACT 2005/2006 users, if you open a quote that was previously linked with an earlier version of ACT and then you emailed the quote to the customer, you would receive an error "Error in CreateItem(ofMailItem) Error (91) Object variable or With Block variable not set" when QuoteWerks was attempting to log the sent email in ACT.

 3. For GoldMine users, if a secondary contact field like "Contact" contains data with spaces after it, GoldMine does not trim the spaces so QuoteWerks would retrieve the space values which is undesirable. QuoteWerks now trims the field values for GoldMine.

 4. When a Remote PC syncs with a Master Installation of QuoteWerks, it now checks to make sure that the Remote PC License Key exists in the Master Installation License Key table.

 5. In the Product Import Wizard, you can now save the template and specify the name of the template in the wizard which is much smoother than having a dialog box open after the import starts to ask you to save the file.

 6. When a product data source path or file is not valid, the two separate low level error messages are no longer displayed. In the Products|Setup Product Data Sources menu the data source will be listed in red with a status of "Disabled".

 7. On the Installation tab of the Tools|Options menu changed the label text for "'Closed' Quote" to 'Converted' Quote" and also changed "'Closed' Order" to 'Converted' Order"

 8. If the record in the DocumentNumbering is missing the error message will clearly indicate this.

 9. When querying the DocumentNumbering table, we now look for the first record versus a specific record id.

 10. When selecting File|Print and there are products with duplicate manufacturer part numbers in a product database, the message that notifies you of this will only appear once instead of once for each line item that has duplicate part numbers.

 11. The SetDocumentHeaderValue in the QuoteWerks API no longer allows you to set the DocNo field to an empty value.

 12. When Windows control panel date and time separators and set to non supported values QuoteWerks is better able to translate them into acceptable values automatically.

 13. When creating or editing a DataLink mapping, QuoteWerks now checks to make sure that the same QuoteWerks field has not been mapped more than once.

 14. Due to a limitation of ACT!, ACT! 2005/2006 secondary contacts cannot be used as the 'Sold To' in QuoteWerks. A message will be displayed in this instance.

 15. When changing user credentials on remote installations, there is now a notification saying that the changes "..may be overwritten by the credentials from the Master installation during synchronization."

 16. When linking to an external product data source and mapping the manufacturer part number field, QuoteWerks now checks that you are linking the field to a text or memo type of field in the external data source.

 17. In the Quick Lookup bar, if you enter a comma to indicate the separation of the part number from quantity, the quantity will default to 1 if you do not specify a quantity.

 18. After deleting a line item from the Document Items tab, the grid will now have focus so that the cursor keys can be used to move up or down to another line item.

 19. When retrieving product items from QuickBooks that contain characters greater than 127, if an error is encountered, it will not prevent the rest of the items from being retrieved into QuoteWerks. Also, specifically character 149 is accounted for.

Fixes - Build 20
 1. DataLink mappings mapped to the BillTo fields were not working.

 2. On the Advanced search of the File|Open window the F2 Lookup list for the CustomText06 field was listing data from the CustomText05 list.

 3. When importing product descriptions that contained multiple lines with carriage returns and line feeds, the description would be imported with an additional line feed character causing the lines to look double spaced.

 4. Using MS CRM 3.0 and converting a quote to an order would receive the error message "Error updating opportunity before closing it. Error: SOAP Server Application Faulted ..."

 5. In the Product Data Source Wizard, the option "Auto-Generate dynamic '(Manufacturers)' folder." was being displayed for non native product databases.

 6. Error "installation ended prematurely because of an error" when installing the QuoteWerks MS CRM link on a Windows 2003 Server machine running Terminal Services.

 7. The default values for CustomText11 and CustomText12 on the Documents tab of the Tools|Options menu were not being saved.

 8. For GoldMine users, the contact search feature was acting with case sensitivity for versions of GoldMine using Dbase/Firebird backend.

 9. When rehosting an installation of QuoteWerks to a SQL backend that was first installed as build 16 or build 17 would receive error "Error in ExecuteSchemaChange:" ... "Column name 'Index_3E260F3F_9C20_4D99" does not exist in the target table". This will no longer occur for installations first installed as build 18 or higher.

 10. Error "(-2147217900) Syntax error in FROM clause. SQL=Select * from" when upgrading from QuoteWerks 3.0 to QuoteWerks 4.0. Related to new InUseDocuments table added in build 16.

 11. If a quote is converted to an order with the "keep same numeric sequence and use different doc designator" option set and then the user attempts to convert the same quote to an order again you will now receive an error message stating that the converted document number already exists.

 12. If a user had the Misc Access right "CannotModifyTemplates", it was preventing the user from selecting a template document when using the File|Insert Document menu.

 13. When setting up products to use volume based costing and pricing in combination with Price Modifiers used for the volume pricing, the unit price was not being formatted to the correct number of decimal places when the item was added to the quote.

 14. On the File|Open window, the Sort by DocDate and SortBy LastModified were sorting from oldest to newest.

 15. When importing products using a mode that updates existing products, if the PriceModifier or CostModifier field was being updated, the calculations would still be based on the values in the existing product record.

 16. When selecting the product import mode of "Update existing products, but do not append new products." and you did not select any fields to update, you would not be notified that at least one field is required.

 17. Issue when using the Product Import Wizard to update an existing product database and selecting the import mode of "Update existing products, but do not append new products." or "Update existing products, and append new products.". If for example, only the Price field was selected to be updated, the Cost and List fields were also getting updated with the data from the import file.

 18. Error "sharpgrid operation failed" when clicking on the column header of the Product Lookup grid when there were no records in the grid.

 19. For salesforce.com users, when creating a quote from within salesforce.com by clicking on a link, the quote auto-numbering was malfunctioning resulting in a blank quote number.

 20. In the Product Import Wizard using the [View] button, the data would not be parsed the same way as the actual import process would parse it. This would result in an inaccurate preview of how your data was being parsed by QuoteWerks. This was especially true with data that contained carriage return data and field delimiter data inside field data.

 21. For GoldMine users when searching for a contact in QuoteWerks, contacts would not be found due to a case sensitivity with the DBASE versions of GoldMine 6.5, 6.6, 6.7 and the FireBird version of 7.0.

 22. Error 91 will now be captured when using ACT! 2005/2006 and using an ACT secondary contact for the 'Sold To' and sending an email to that contact.

 23. When editing an existing Product Data Source that is linked to an Access database and clicking on the [Next] button an error occurred because the Access path and file name was not being retrieved into the editing window.

 24. Issue sending email to recipient email address containing an apostrophe like: Johnny.o'Malley@quotewerks.com

 25. Double-clicking on a product database name in the Product Lookup window will cause it to expand to show the folders in the product database. Previously only the +- symbol or double-clicking on the product database icon would cause the product database to expand. Also, double-clicking on an expanded product database icon will now collapse it.

 26. If a quote was opened and then you selected the Edit|Select All menu, only the first 100 line items would be selected.

 27. When Printing a quote and using a cover page, the next time you went to print the quote, the cover page that was last used with the quote was not being remembered.

 28. When printing a purchase order that contained a single line item that contained a vendor name that did not exist in the Utilities|Vendor Maintenance Menu, the item would not be included in the purchase order.

 29. On the File|Save window, when manually entering the document number and entering more than 20 characters, the error message incorrectly stated that the maximum number of characters is 12 when in fact it is 20.

 30. Pressing the F2 key while in a text field on the Sold to / Ship to tab would display an error "An Unknown field type (xxxx) was passed to the F2Lookup function." The F2 Lookup feature is not available for these fields. The misleading error message has been removed.

 31. When entering a License Key into QuoteWerks by pasting it, if the pasted data contained carriage return or line feed characters it would cause a variety of problems.

Misc Features - Build 19
 1. Internal Build. This build was not released to the public and is not available for download.