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Version 4.0 Build 17 Summary
9 New, 6 Fixes, and 3 Miscellaneous features Released on 01/03/2006
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New Features - Build 17
 1. Added support for MS CRM v3.0.

 2. Product Volume pricing now supports fractional starting quantities including the initial starting quantity begin less than 1. Also the difference between quantity ranges used to be hard coded with a value of 1. Now the quantity difference between ranges can be less than 1.

 3. For salesforce.com users added columns "BillingState", "Type", and "Site" to the contact lookup results to assist in locating contact records when there are many contact records with similar company names.

 4. For API users, added the 3rdPartyLinkSettings key under the [Contact Managers] section of the site.ini. When the user has selected "None" under the Contacts|Setup Contact Manager window as the contact manager to integrate with you can use this key to for example explain how to setup the link between QuoteWerks and the 3rd party app, or what settings can be set in the 3rd party app that control how it integrates with QuoteWerks.

 5. On the Misc tab of the Tools|My Preferences menu added the option "Confirm when exiting QuoteWerks". When this option is checked, you will be prompted to select if you are sure that you want to exit QuoteWerks when closing QuoteWerks using the X button in the upper right of the main window.

 6. The Web Connector now supports the passing of the DocNo field to QuoteWerks.

 7. Added new "Spelling" tab under the Tools|My Preferences menu. This tab has 3 new options: "Ignore words in UPPERCASE", "Ignore words with numbers", and "Ignore Internet and file addresses"

 8. The default email subject of "QuoteName <#QUOTENUMBER>" can now be customized on the Internet tab of the Tools|My Preferences menu. Using QuoteWerks macros, you can setup almost any default email subject that includes current data from the quote that you are emailing.

 9. For QuickBooks users, when exporting to QuickBooks and QuickBooks 5 address line maximum is reached, QuoteWerks will now attempt to merge the address1 and address2 lines together in an effort to stay under the QuickBooks 5 line maximum.

Misc Features - Build 17
 1. On the File|Open window, the "Sales Person" column was renamed to "Sales Rep." for consistency.

 2. For non-Canadian tax users, when adding a percent discount line item, the taxable status of the discount line will now default to taxable.

 3. Added the "Management Reports" menu under the Reports menu.

Fixes - Build 17
 1. When deleting a document, it would appear to still be in use.

 2. Error with API ItemFunctions.AddLineItemToDocumentEx. The LineType parameter was being ignored.

 3. For non-Canadian tax system users, the Sales Tax column on the Document Items tab was displaying a zero regardless of the taxable amount. This issue did not affect the actual total tax calculation, only the display of it on each line item. This issue was introduced in Build 14.

 4. If files other than rtf or pdf where saved into the \Literature folder, they would be displayed in the literature list, but would cause errors when printing or previewing.

 5. Error "installation ended prematurely because of an error" when installing the QuoteWerks ACT or MS CRM link on a Windows 2003 Server machine running Terminal Services.

 6. Error "Unable to resolve address" when sending email to a person whose name contained a comma like "Jeffrey Smith, DMD"

New Features - Build 16
 1. Added the "Check for in-use documents" checkbox on the Installation tab of the Tools|Options menu. When this is checked, QuoteWerks will not let you open a document that is currently open by another user on the network. Since this feature requires extra database queries there will be a small performance decrease so this feature has been added as an option.

 2. Added new API method "DocFunctions.DocumentInUseBy". You can use this method to check to see if a particular document is in use by anyone including other users on the network.

Fixes - Build 16
 1. In demo mode, the MS CRM integration setup was disabled.