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Version 4.0 Build 14 Summary
13 New, 8 Fixes, and 5 Miscellaneous features Released on 11/28/2005
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New Features - Build 14
 1. QuoteWerks Corporate Edition now supports MS CRM v1.2. The integration includes: a) From within QuoteWerks you can search for a MS CRM contact or account and pull that information into the quote. b) The QuoteWerks DataLink feature can be used with MS CRM enabling you to retrieve information like Terms and shipping method from the MS CRM account or contact into the quote. c) QuoteWerks will create/update sales opportunities in MS CRM and will also close opportunities as Won or Lost. d) QuoteWerks will create/update a follow up call in MS CRM. e) When printing, QuoteWerks can retrieve data from MS CRM and include it in the printed output.

 2. For users of the Corporate Edition of GoldMine, you can now search for a partial company name, last name or phone number.

 3. QuickBooks 2006 is now supported.

 4. GoldMine 7.0 is now supported.

 5. For Canadian users, on the DocumentItems tab there is now a column for PST Tax and for GST Tax. Now you can see the GST and PST tax breakdown per line item in the quote. These columns can also be printed by adding the fields DocumentItems.&PSTTax and DocumentItems.&GSTTax to the print layout.

 6. Added the QuoteWerks contact database field "Mobile" to the list of fields that can be pulled into the quote using the DataLink feature.

 7. QuoteWerks macro fields like &DH_DocNo can now be used in the menuopts.add file. This enables you to create custom menus under the Tools menu that performs actions such as opening a document or running an external program. With the new macro field support you can for example pass the quote number of the currently open quote as a command line parameter of the external program like "c:\program files\apps\apiap.exe &DH_DocNo".

 8. Added support for Bill To fields in the DataLink.

 9. Double-clicking on a contact in the Contact Lookup window now selects the [Use for Sold To] button.

 10. Using the API Event BeforeSaveDocument, you can now specify the DocNo to be used when saving a new document.

 11. When creating a report filter on a date/time combination field (such as Created, LastModified, RecLastModified, and ConvertedOn), when using the operator "Equal To" and only specifying the date portion, the results would non intuitively exclude results that matched the date, but not the time portion. For example if the filter was to include all quotes converted on May 30th, only quotes converted at exactly midnight on May 30th would be included in the results.

 12. On the Misc tab of the Advanced GoldMine Setup window (from the Contacts|Setup Contact Manager menu) there is now an option to set the maximum number of records to return when performing a GoldMine search for contacts.

 13. When inserting a DocumentHeaders field into the print layout the LocalTax field will now be displayed as LocalTax (PST Tax) if the Canadian Tax option is enabled.

Misc Features - Build 14
 1. When negative quantities are used in grouped bundle (or configuration) items, the quantity with parenthesis around it will now be displayed in the same way that numbers greater than 1 were previously displayed.

 2. In the DataLink mapping window, widened the contact manager field selection drop down.

 3. Added more error reporting for the Outlook integration when creating the Outlook.Application object.

 4. When using a contact manager with QuoteWerks that does not support the ability to retrieve the current contact, the card button on the Sold To / Ship To tab will now be disabled.

 5. Improved error catching on the 521 Clipboard error when sending an email.

Fixes - Build 14
 1. When searching for a GoldMine contact, the search field selection would change back to the last selection each time you clicked on the [Find] button.

 2. When selecting to use ACT 2005/2006 as your contact manager, the [Ship To / Bill To Setup] button should have been disabled since it is no longer needed now that ACT 2005/2006 supports additional contacts that can be used for Ship Tos and Bill Tos.

 3. For Canadian customers, the Sales Tax column on the Document Items tab now displays the correct GST and/or GST combined tax amount per each line item. Previously it would display only the PST tax amount.

 4. For Maximizer users, when selecting the search button on the Sold To / Ship To tab and then clicking on the [Use for Sold To] button, would receive an error 13 type mismatch.

 5. For ACT! users (all versions), if you selected a contact to use from the Contacts|Lookup menu, the DataLink fields would not be pulled into the quote.

 6. If a GoldMine contact record had more than 100 email addresses in it a message could be incorrectly displayed when selecting a contact indicating that there is no email address designated as the primary email address.

 7. In the Product Data Source Wizard, the option "Auto-Generate dynamic '(Manufacturers)' folder." was being displayed for non native product databases.

 8. When creating a new Quote, Order, or Invoice through the File|New menu, the document number and document type designator generated will now follow the "Keep the same numeric sequence and change document type designator." option. So if a new order is created, the order number would be AAAO1021 where AAA is the document prefix, O is for Order, and 1021 is the next available QUOTE number sequence. Previously the document number generated would have been AAAQ1021.