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Version 4.0 Build 12 Summary
26 New, 26 Fixes, and 8 Miscellaneous features Released on 10/13/2005
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New Features - Build 12
 1. QuoteWerks now supports ACT! 2006.

 2. For ACT! 2005/2006 users QuoteWerks now creates Sales Opportunities.

 3. For ACT! 2005/2006 users we have added the ability to Create/Update Calls, Meetings, TODOs. The "Private Activity" option in the ACT 2004 integration is not available in ACT 2005/2006.

 4. QuoteWerks now can create Sales Orders in QuickBooks in addition to Estimates and Invoices. This new feature is supported only in QuickBooks 2005 (USA edition), QuickBooks 2004 (USA edition), QuickBooks 2003 Release 7 and higher (USA edition), QuickBooks 2005 (Canadian edition), and QuickBooks 2004 (Canadian Edition).

 5. Added new option "Keep the same numeric sequence and change document type designator." on the Installation tab of the Tools|Options menu. When converting quotes to orders, and then to invoices this option causes the same document number to be used for the quote, order and invoice with the exception that the document designator letter (Q, O, or I) in the document number will be changed depending upon the document type. This option only works if the "Quotes, Orders, and Invoices use different number sequences." option is unchecked.

 6. Configuration flowcharts can now be printed!

 7. Added a zoom and fit to page feature on the configuration flowchart setup window.

 8. When cloning a configuration container, you can now choose if you want to clone the items in the container, the navigation links, the part number based links, the default link, etc. Your selections are also remembered for the next use.

 9. When editing a configuration flowchart, you can now select multiple containers and/or links and delete or clone them all at once.

 10. When editing a configuration selection container, the navigator items will now display the container they are setup to navigate to.

 11. There is now an option on the Misc tab of the Tools|My Preferences menu to change the size of the link creation handle used when creating a link in the configuration flowchart

 12. When searching for an ACT!, GoldMine, Outlook, SalesLogix, or salesforce.com contact from within QuoteWerks, the field that you last searched for will now be remembered so the next time that you perform the search you will not have to re-select it.

 13. For Outlook users, added contact search options for Business phone number and Home phone number.

 14. For Outlook users, added option to choose the Home or Business address as the default address that is retrieved when you click on the card button on the Sold to / Ship to tab.

 15. Added support for the DocumentHeaders.CreatedBy field. Useful for reporting.

 16. When setting up a native product database, there is now an option to "Auto-Generate dynamic '(Manufacturers)' folder.". This enables you to turn this feature on/off for each native product database.

 17. When editing the configuration flowchart and clicking on the window X button to close, you will now be prompted to save the configuration.

 18. Added &DH_ProjectNo as a macro for the cover page, literature and spec sheets.

 19. On the File|Import window, the last Look in path is now remembered for next time.

 20. On the Literature tab of the File|Print window, you can now double-click on a literature item to view it.

 21. On the Misc tab of the Tools|My Preferences menu, there is a new option "Auto-close Print window when after previewing or printing." Unchecking this option is useful if you often edit a print layout and then want to preview it, and then go right back to editing the layout again. If this option is checked, the Print window will close after the preview forcing you to have to select the File|Print menu again.

 22. When exporting documents to QuickBooks as Estimates which contained line items that had a discount or list price modifier ("D" or "L") and there was a cost amount for the line item, the cost amount is now used as the reference "Rate" amount on the Estimate. This amount is then in turn used when you manually convert the Estimate to a Purchase Order in QuickBooks. Previously since the Price was being calculated based on the List price, the List price was being sent to QuickBooks as the "Rate" amount.

 23. When exporting an XML file using the Open Export Module, the last folder that you saved the file to will now be remembered for the next time.

 24. In the Open Export Module, there now is a Destination tab where you can change the location and name of the files that are exported.

 25. When exporting to QuickBooks, the Memo can now be fully customized. Previously it was hard coded to "Imported from QuoteWerks Doc# XXX (on YYY)"

 26. Added Export shortut menu item to the QuickBooks export right click menu.

Misc Features - Build 12
 1. Updated supported MS Outlook version list to include Outlook 2003 on the Internet tab of the Tools|My Preferences menu.

 2. Help file updated with updated salesforce.com web connector link URL strings.

 3. When using the QuickBooks link and exporting a document, if a document item has a USA tax code (for example) and you are exporting to the Canadian version of QuickBooks, you are notified of this mismatch.

 4. When exporting a document to QuickBooks, QuoteWerks now checks to make sure that you have setup QuoteWerks to use the Canadian tax system if you are integrating with the Canadian version of QuickBooks. The same applies for the USA version.

 5. On the File|Open window, the Delete key can now be used to delete documents. Previously you would have to click on the [Delete] button.

 6. The Getting Started Window has been replaced with the Getting Started Panel in the main quote window.

 7. New Getting Started panel on the main QuoteWerks window enables companies evaluating the demo version of QuoteWerks to submit pre-sales questions from within QuoteWerks.

 8. Added feature to notify users when they are running the nVidia Desktop manager that causes applications including QuoteWerks to appear to freeze.

Fixes - Build 12
 1. On the Products|Setup Product Data Source menu, if you select a QuoteWerks native product database and right click and choose "Export", an error would occur if there were no records in the product database that you are trying to export.

 2. Error 35603: Invalid Key when attempting to customize Document Item columns or Product Lookup columns.

 3. When changing the Exchange Rate for a currency under the Utilities|Exchange Rate Maintenance menu, the exchange rate for any currently open quotes would be changed in the open quote to reflect the change to the exchange rate. The correct behavior is to require the user to manually reselect the Alternate currency on the Sale Info tab in order to update the quote with the current exchange rate.

 4. When deleting a selection container in a configuration that had a navigational link pointing to it would result the error "An invalid container ID was passed to the ReturnFieldFromSelectionModule procedure" when running the configuration.

 5. Macro fields used in cover pages or literature pages like &DH_ShipToFullAddress contained an extra carraige return and line feed at the end of the value causing an unnecessary additional space.

 6. In the configurator flowchart, if you deleted a link for a part number based branch it would not be deleted.

 7. Some settings from the User Preferences window would not be saved under rare circumstances.

 8. &BillToXXXX Cover page macros were not working.

 9. On the QuickBooks Export window, there was a list of month names in the date range drop down combo that would change based on the language settings of the machine. This caused a problem, so now the month names are now hard coded in English.

 10. For users of the USA edition of QuickBooks version 2005 or higher the time it takes to search QuickBooks to see if an estimate or invoice number already exists has been dramatically improved.

 11. When setting up the Customer/Product profile matrix, if all the customer profiles were not setup, the message indicating that all of the customer profiles have not been setup indicated an incorrect number of customer profiles.

 12. On the Menus tab of the User Properties in User Maintenance, if a Tools|Custom menu was set to be hidden, it would still be visible.

 13. Issue with integrating with ACT 2005 when another application on the machine is using port 9000.

 14. The field DocumentHeaders.LastModifiedBy was listed as a field that could be used in a print layout, however it should not have been.

 15. On the Documents tab of the Tools|Options menu, when using the macro &DH_DocNo in the New Document Name setting, the macro will now be replaced with the actual quote number. This was a chicken versus the egg type issue.

 16. If a DocumentItems Custom column was renamed and was positioned as the first column in the Document Items grid, then the customized column name (like "CustomText01 (My Renamed Field)") would not appear in the field selection list when inserting the field into a layout.

 17. When exporting an item to Peachtree that is a "Description Only" type of Peachtree item would receive error about an Invalid G/L Account field value on line x when importing the .csv file into Peachtree.

 18. If using the F2 lookup to select a date for a date column on the DocumentItems column and then you immediately saved the quote, the change would not be saved.

 19. When exporting documents to QuickBooks as Estimates which contained line items that had a price modifier of "C" (Customer based price levels) or "V" (Volume pricing levels), the QuickBooks Amount and MarkupRate would be set to 0.

 20. When using the Open Export Module to export documents as xml documents, certain data characters used like chr(4) and chr(5) are not fully supported by xml parsers. These characters are now replaced with characters chr(127) and chr(128) respectively. Also, the DocumentItems.Formula and DocumentHeader.CommissionStructure fields were not getting exported and therefore if you attempted to import that xml file back into QuoteWerks, that data would not be imported.

 21. When rehosted to the SQL backend, and running a report that used custom fields from both the DocumentHeaders and DocumentItems tables, the data returned for those fields could be mixed between the fields.

 22. When using &POVendorXXX fields in formulas, their values were returning as empty.

 23. When using volume pricing and entering a fractional quantity like 5.5 when the volume pricing ranges end at 5 and then start at 6 for the next range, the highest range pricing would be returned.

 24. Using the Configurator if you were on the "Finished" step and clicked the [Back] button, it would take you back two steps instead of correctly going back one step.

 25. On the Sale Info tab for the PO# field, pressing F2 would display the F2 Lookup window, but double-clicking would not.

 26. In the QuickBooks link setup when specifying a Sales Tax Group Item to "Use for all Estimates/Invoices" would receive an error "Error: The QuickBooks Sales Tax item name xxx specified in the QuoteWerks QuickBooks link setup does not exist in QuickBooks. Please specify an item that exists in QuickBooks, or create the item in QuickBooks. Export cancelled."