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Version 4.0 Build 11 Summary
8 New, 12 Fixes, and 5 Miscellaneous features Released on 07/15/2005
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New Features - Build 11
 1. Need to store extra contact information in the quote? Now 3 sets of contact information can be stored - Sold To, Ship To, and Bill To.

 2. Support for "Home Address" in outlook (in addition to Business Address).

 3. Added support for the FOB field through the QuoteWerks Web Connector.

 4. Added new Properties menu to Product Lookup folders right click menu which contains the folder ID of the folder. This is useful to know when importing products into folders.

 5. On File|Print window when creating a new print layout, renaming a print layout, cloning a print layout, or choosing the layout will now be selected by default when the list of layouts is reloaded.

 6. The Serial Number field is now available for display as a column on the product lookup window.

 7. The TaxCode field was added to the list of fields that you can sort products by in the product lookup window.

 8. For SalesLogix users "C" type "Support" users are now supported by QuoteWerks.

Misc Features - Build 11
 1. If Customer/Product profile pricing product information was imported with incomplete data an error message now indicates this when the product is being selected.

 2. Added error resolution feature for "The data returned from Tech Data does not appear to be formatted as XML" error.

 3. When in demo mode and changing the password for the Adminstrator login id, would receive error like " is in DEMO MODE, and the 'Demo User' default password of {empty} is no longer valid." when starting QuoteWerks, however the message was referencing "Demo User" instead of correctly referencing "Adminstrator".

 4. When in demo mode, and trying to use the QuickBooks, Peachtree, or Open Export module links, the message text has been changed to refer to the new QuoteWerks editions versus the older version 3 optional module references.

 5. Made change to the reporting engine to not cause a conflict between QuoteWerks 3.0 and 4.0 if they are installed side-by-side on the same machine.

Fixes - Build 11
 1. When setting the quantity of a grouped bundle or grouped configuration located in a quote to 0 and saving would cause the group header UnitPrice and UnitCost to be zeroed out when the quote was re-opened.

 2. Error "fault Code (1116). HTTPS Required" for salesforce.com users that had configured salesforce.com to "require secure connections".

 3. When converting a quote to an order or order to an invoice and the quote or order was a revision, the convert to order/invoice window was not showing the previous revisions. This issue was introduced in build 4.

 4. Error about file ssa3d30.ocx or one of its dependencies has been corrected.

 5. Error "Run-time error '9': Subscript out of range" when selecting a product to add to the quote. This was happening if the product vendor was set to a vendor database that existed, but that was disabled.

 6. Error "Run-time error '9': Subscript out of range" when synchronizing and only sending new/updated documents to Master Installation.

 7. When using &SYS_..ForSQL macros in report filters and your computer's date format is not set to the USA date format, the macros would not resolve to the correct date values.

 8. When creating a new selection container in the configurator setup, if you had scrolled the flowchart, then the new selection container would not be positioned in the place you had right-clicked at.

 9. The tabbing order on the Custom tab of the quote workbook was incorrect.

 10. The QuoteWerks WebConnector now supports CustomText fields 11-16.

 11. When editing the last cell in the last row in the Document Items grid, if you pressed the down arrow key to create a new line/row, then data in the last cell would be cleared.

 12. Error "Error in GetDynNumFld, field=''" or "Error in GetDynTextFld, field=''" when comparing prices and using an external linked product database that did not have a Cost field mapped to a field in the external linked product database.