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Version 4.0 Build 09 Summary
0 New, 2 Fixes, and 1 Miscellaneous features Released on 05/05/2005
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Misc Features - Build 9
 1. If a QuoteWerks installation is activated with a Corporate Edition License Key and is rehosted to SQL, when removing this primary key you will be notified that if you do not replace this key with another Corporate Edition License Key, your installation will become unusable.

Fixes - Build 9
 1. "Error 453 Can't find DLL entry point..." when starting QuoteWerks.

 2. When opening DTF files would receive "Error 13 type mismatch".

New Features - Build 8
 1. Added new document sync feature available in the Professional and Corporate Editions. This feature lets any remote laptop or remote site installation synchronize documents in both directions with the master installation. The synchronization process is simple and only requires a network connection between the remote and the master installation. The synchronization wizard is found under the Utilities|Sync menu.

 2. For Outlook users, you no longer have to respond to those irritating Outlook Security Warning messages! They are eliminated so they never come up again while using QuoteWerks.

 3. The importing engine has been improved to handle very large import files exceeding 950,000 product records.

 4. When importing new products into the product database, if a CostModifier or PriceModifier is imported, then QuoteWerks will use it to calculate the appropriate Cost, Price and List prices during the import process. Also when using the update existing products feature of the import, if any cost or price related fields are updated, QuoteWerks now recalculates the cost, price, and list fields for the product.

 5. When importing new products or updating products in a product database, and you import Foreign pricing, the base pricing will now automatically be calculated during the import process.

 6. When running the Utilities|Update Product Database local Currency Pricing feature it now recalculates updates the cost, price, and list values for products that have a Cost Modifier.

 7. Added new Utilities|View Logs menu for viewing and deleting log files.

 8. For ACT! 2005 users, you can now insert ACT! 2005 contact manager fields into print layouts so that when printed, they pull field information from ACT! 2005 and print that information in the layout.

 9. Print layout formulas now support multiple lines, so that you can place formula code on different lines making the formula easier to read.

Misc Features - Build 8
 1. Added [Delete Log] button to the Medic Utility Utitlies|Log Files menu. Also added support to select multiple logs to delete at the same time.

 2. When importing products and the option is selected to create a new product database, the ShowAll default feature for the new product database is now only set if the text file being imported is smaller than 1Mb.

 3. Added Location Prefix, and Primary License Type items to the System tab of the Help|About menu.

 4. If a file type other than rtf or pdf was in the Literature folder, the icon will now be show up as the default windows icon for an unknown file type.

 5. Added new error resolution feature for an issue with FoxPro ODBC drivers being out of date. The error resolution feature will now display a hyperlink directing the user to an article explaining why the error occurred and how to obtain and install newer ODBC drivers. Also an error resolution was added for a missing MSystables table.

 6. Changed the QuickBooks link XML encoding type from the default to ISO-8859-1.

Fixes - Build 8
 1. When setting up the QuickBooks link, if you selected the option to map the QuickBooks class name to a QuoteWerks field, but then forgot to select the QuoteWerks field, would receive an error about GetDynTextFld when exporting to QuickBooks.

 2. For salesforce.com users, when selecting a contact to use in the quote, if a contact was already associated with the quote, you would receive a message "..quote has a salesforce.com opportunity already associated with it. Do you want to keep this quote linked with the existing opportunity?" even though there may not have been an associated sales opportunity.

 3. When Printing/Previewing a Purchase Order having selected the option to "Generate a PO for each Vendor", if the Layout tab on the File|Print window was not the active tab, then a PO would not be generated for each vendor.

 4. When editing a product, and choosing to base the product's prices on foreign pricing and selecting a currency, the last updaed date/time of the currency was not being displayed.

 5. The field DocumentHeaders.CreatedBy was displayed in the list of fields to insert into a print layout. This field is reserved for future use and should not have been displayed in the list.

 6. The [Paste Key] button on the Enter License Key window was incorrectly returning the error that "Sorry. Cannot paste. Seed Number segment of License Key is not correctly formatted!" for master License Keys beginning with C, J, or F.

 7. In the Contacts|Lookup Contact menu, for Outlook users the result grid displayed an "Ext" column and listed the fax number in it and then listed the email address under the FaxNumber column.

 8. When editing or creating a vendor under the Utilities|Vendor Maintainance menu, if the Min order amount or Min order fee field were left blank would receive error "Multi-step operation generated errors..."

 9. Issue with Error message about GetGenericTimeZoneDescriptionForCurrentTimeZone() for Windows NT time zone not found in Windows Time Zone list.

 10. On Literature tab of the Print window, for subfolders nested 3 deep, the files would not display in the correct folder.

 11. For GoldMine users sometimes would receive error about SeekCalRecordUsingDataStream or SeekCompletedSaleRecordUsingDataStream when saving quotes/orders/invoices that had apostrophes in the quote name.

 12. When using the CTRL-TAB key combination and then using the CTRL-V key combination, would receive an error 91.

 13. When using the QuoteWerks online License Key registration feature and the length of the license key was greater than 40 characters, it would be truncated.

 14. When creating a Remote Site license key from the Utilities | License Manager menu you were able to enter a site name that was the same as the master installation's location prefix which caused conflicts.