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Version 4.0 Build 07 Summary
0 New, 4 Fixes, and 0 Miscellaneous features Released on 02/25/2005
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Fixes - Build 7
 1. ACT! 2005 users would receive an error about the ACT! 2005 attachment path being invalid when the ACT! 2005 database was located on a remote machine.

 2. Error "The vendor's information '{vendor name}' was not found in GoldMine, and therefore will not be printed." when QuoteWerks would try to lookup a vendor in GoldMine, it would not find it even though it did exist. This happened with GoldMine 6.7.

 3. Issue with the DocumentHeaders.Superceeded field in report filters.

 4. For ACT! users, would receive error that ACT! 2005 was running when using versions prior to ACT! 2005.

Misc Features - Build 5
 1. Internal Build. This build was not released to the public and is not available for download.