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Version 4.0 Build 06 Summary
3 New, 3 Fixes, and 8 Miscellaneous features Released on 02/15/2005
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New Features - Build 6
 1. QuoteWerks now integrates with ACT! 2005. New integration includes retrieving current contact information, searching the ACT! database by company, name, last name, and phone number to find a contact to pull into the quote. Also includes the creation of a document attachment under the ACT! Documents tab and supports the QuoteWerks DataLink feature.

 2. Added support for the PictureFileName field when mapping fields to an external product data source.

 3. Added ini setting GoldMineMaxSearchResultRecords under the [Contact Managers] section of the site.ini file. You can change this setting to enable QuoteWerks to return more than the default 20 max search result records.

Misc Features - Build 6
 1. When inserting a ContactMgr macro field into a print layout (Insert | Data Field menu), the ContactMgr table name will now only be displayed if the contact management integration supports it.

 2. When doing a File|Save As from the print preview window, the file name that you enter is no longer forced to lower case.

 3. In rare cases, when loading a configuration, if there was an error loading a container link, the error message will now contain more detailed information.

 4. When an adminstrator is logged in to a workstation and the network and installs QuoteWerks running nsetup.exe and does not log in as the users that will be using QuoteWerks to run the nsetup the appropriate registry entries are not made for other users. Now each time QuoteWerks starts it will automatically register the installation that is now running in the current user's H_KEY_CURRENT_USER key in the WIndows registry. This information will be used by the QuoteWerks Web Connector.

 5. Increased the length of the AccountNo fields from 20 to 50.

 6. Applications that request the name of a document that has a dtf extension will now be returned a value of "QuoteWerks Document"

 7. For salesforce.com users, in version 4.0 we added a feature that updated the name of the salesforce.com opportunity associated with the quote whenever the quote was converted to an order or renamed. Now, there is an option called "Update salesforce.com Opportunity name with Document name." on the salesforce.com settings under the Contacts | Setup Contact Managers menu. If this option is not checked, the opportunity name will not be updated.

 8. In Windows Add/Remove programs on 2000/XP machines, the correct QuoteWerks icon is now displayed next to the QuoteWerks entries.

Fixes - Build 6
 1. When editing the flowchart area of a configuration, if you deleted a selection container without first deleting the flow links pointing to it, you would receive error message about source or destination container id not found.

 2. Error "specified index is invalid" when using the Corporate Edition rehosted to SQL and using the debug command "security" to copy all the security information to an access security.mdb file.

 3. For SalesLogix users issues with detecting the location of the saleslogix.exe program file.