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Version 4.0 Build 04 Summary
22 New, 16 Fixes, and 3 Miscellaneous features Released on 01/13/2005
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New Features - Build 4
 1. Support for QuickBooks 2005 has been added.

 2. The tab names of the quote workbook can now be renamed by holding down the CTRL key and double-clicking on the tab name. The original tab names can be viewed when selecting the View tab of the Tools|My Preferences menu.

 3. Added additional fields CustomText11, CustomText12,CustomText13,CustomText14,CustomText15, and CustomText16 to the Custom tab of the quote workbook.

 4. For Corporate edition users that have rehosted to MS SQL, the Utilities|Sync feature has been improved. Now, when rolling out data to a remote install you can choose which data to rollout. Previously all data except the quotes/orders/invoices was automatically rolled out. For example, you can choose to rollout Bundle data, but not configuration data.

 5. When exporting documents to QuickBooks, there is now a new option to specify the class name for the QuickBooks estimate/invoice by retrieving this class name value from a field in the QuoteWerks document like the SoldToPriceProfile field.

 6. The File|Duplicate feature now has an option to let you set the DocStatus of the document. This is especially useful for QuickBooks users since documents that have already been exported to QuickBooks have a DocStatus value set to "Exported" and when duplicating, this can now be changed.

 7. Added the macros &DH_&SalesRepPhone, &DH_&SalesRepFax, &DH_&SalesRepTitle, &DH_&SalesRepEmail for the cover page.

 8. The manufacturer auto folder on the Product Lookup window now has different icons to differentiate it from the other static folders.

 9. Added option on the Misc tab of the Tools|My Preferences menu to "Enable double-click to bring up F2 Lookup on Document Items grid."

 10. The "Show SQL" checkbox is now available again (it used to be in version 3.0) on the Product Lookup window. Advanced users can use it to manually edit SQL queries used to search for the products.

 11. The result window of the Tools|Find Quoted Item feature now displays a column that lists the value that was found by using the search. This is useful when doing a search like ManufacturerPartNumber Begins with MOB. This will return a list of all matches and with this newly added column you will be able to see the full part number that was found.

 12. In the site.ini file under the [AutoRun] section, the AutoRunX keys now allow you to specify what the window state should be when running an external application. For example, AutoRun1=c:\program files\Our App\qwapp.exe,6. The second parameter is the window state parameter. 0=Hide,1=NormalFocus,2=MinimizedFocus,3=MaximizedFocus,4=NormalNoFocus,6=MinimizedNoFocus

 13. For salesforce.com users, when an existing document is linked to a salesforce.com opportunity and a different sold to contact is selected, you are now prompted to keep the link to the existing opportunity instead of it automatically being unlinked.

 14. Added an ini setting to set a default name for a GoldMine Sales Opportunity when creating one from QuoteWerks. The key is OpportunityName under the [Preferences] section of the {UserINIFile}.

 15. Better detection of SalesLogix attachments folder location including support for the location being only a Windows share (with no child folder). Also more debugging information was added to make it easier to detect the various SalesLogix Network user, remote user, remote database, main database configurations.

 16. When performing the "Rebuild CM Transport Files" process, for salesforce.com users there is now an option to "Upload to salesforce.com after rebuild". This option is required when users have upgraded from QuoteWerks 3.0 to QuoteWerks 4.0. The dtf files are located in the QuoteWerks \DTF folder and when integrating with salesforce.com, a copy is uploaded to salesforce.com, so after the upgrade, the old QuoteWerks 3.0 files are still hosted by salesforce.com. This causes a problem since QuoteWerks 3.0 dtf files are not compatible with QuoteWerks 4.0. This new feature will replace all the version 3.0 dtf files hosted at salesforce.com with the version 4.0 format. Another need for this feature is when upgrading between QuoteWerks editions since the License Key information changes and the DTF files created with the old License Key information will no longer by authorized to be accepted by the upgraded installation.

 17. There is now a progress gauge displayed when rebuilding CM Transport (DTF) files.

 18. Added new API method Application.RunCommandLineOption which can be used to run command line options while QuoteWerks is running, such as merging remote documents, open a document, etc.

 19. Line item macros with names starting with "&DI_" are now available for use in the New Document Name macro on the Documents tab of the Tools|Options menu.

 20. In the site.ini file under the [AutoRun] section, the AutoRunX keys now allow you to specify what the window state should be when running an external application. For example, AutoRun1=c:\program files\Our App\qwapp.exe,6. The second parameter is the window state parameter. 0=Hide,1=NormalFocus,2=MinimizedFocus,3=MaximizedFocus,4=NormalNoFocus,6=MinimizedNoFocus

 21. When entering a license key into QuoteWerks, you can now copy the entire key and then paste it, instead of having to type in each segment of the license key.

 22. The delete key can now be used to delete static product folders in the product lookup window.

Misc Features - Build 4
 1. On File|Insert Document window, changed behavior of selection of document by name to avoid confusion when typing in a document name.

 2. The Product Data Source Wizard now shows the selected data source type in the title bar.

 3. Changed the "Explanation of Configuration" and "Explanation of Bundle" labels to "Configuration Internal Notes" and "Bundle Internal Notes" respectively.

Fixes - Build 4
 1. When duplicating a document or selecting File|Save As, if the document was a revision, the revisioning information is not duplicated or saved as into the new document.

 2. If the QuoteWerks Web Connector was passed the SoldToPriceProfile field, the value was not getting passed to QuoteWerks. The value of "SoldToPriceProfile" was incorrectly being received. The same problem occurred with the "Terms" field.

 3. If the fields ConvertedOn, ConvertedBy, or ConvertedRef were placed on a print layout would receive an error "The field name x is not in the document header lookup array"

 4. In the QuoteWerks launcher, would receive an error about "The QuoteWerks Launcher cannot find any QuoteWerks installations registered in the Windows registry". This error could be misleading in cases where QuoteWerks was installed in the root of a share.

 5. When selecting the Utilities|Update Local Currency Pricing menu, selecting the [Cancel] button did not cancel the operation.

 6. For SalesLogix users, line 2 of the address was being replaced with the address information from line 3 when retrieving the address from SalesLogix.

 7. When printing a document including pictures, the windows clipboard would have debugging information copied into it.

 8. If there was an error opening a dtf file because it was from an earlier version of QuoteWerks, you would not be able to save the dtf file when saving the document.

 9. If the Product Lookup window was opened to a product database that you were importing data into and error would occur. Now, the Product Lookup window is automatically closed before any import operations.

 10. On the Advanced tab of the Product Import wizard, if you selected a mapping and clicked on the [Properties] button and then cleared the property, it would not fully clear, leaving behind two quote symbols.

 11. When adding a new product to a native product database, if a folder was not currently selected, the item would be associated with a non-existent folder '(0)'

 12. For SalesLogix users that are defined in SalesLogix as a Network user that are logged into a remote database (not the main network database), the attachment files were not getting saved into the correct attachments folder.

 13. Typo in message saying "You do not have sufficient rights".

 14. When removing a native product database link, and asked if you want to delete the product database, the product database was not getting deleted.

 15. The DocType column was not showing in the File|Open window.

 16. On the Send Email window, if there were no entries in the list of TO, CC, or BCC email addresses and the user clicked on the Edit or Delete button an error would occur.