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Version 4.0 Build 02 Summary
13 New, 29 Fixes, and 8 Miscellaneous features Released on 10/12/2004
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New Features - Build 2
 1. QuoteWerks now supports SalesLogix 6.2.

 2. Increased the supported length for the Document Number (DocNo) from 12 to 20.

 3. The print layout last selected when printing a specific document is now saved with the document so that next time you open the document and select File|Print, the print layout that you printed last time will be selected. This also applies when printing a quote, order, or invoice type layout. A separate last used layout will be stored for each document type for that document.

 4. When importing products, you can now specify which line of the import file you want to start importing from. This is useful for when the first line of data in the import file contains the column titles of the data, you can now not import that line.

 5. When importing products, added a new import option that only updates existing products and if an existing product is not found, then nothing is done for that product.

 6. When creating management reports, old revision documents where automatically filtered out so you could not report on them. Now, if you specify a filter for the DocumentHeaders.Superceeded field in the filter, the report will obey whatever setting you specify. Set the filter to Superceeded<>0 to only include old revisions in the results, or set the filter to Superceeded=0 to only include the current revision.

 7. For customers using the USA tax system, added new global "Shipping Is Taxable" option on the Installation tab of the Tools|Options menu. When checked any shipping amount will be subject to the tax rate specified in the document.

 8. Added new cover page macros &DH_&SoldToAddress, &DH_&SoldToFullAddress, &DH_ShipToAddress, &DH_&ShipToFullAddress, &DH_ShipVia

 9. In the contact lookup for the QuoteWerks contact database, there is now a "contains" operator search used when searching by company name.

 10. Added site.ini key BundleItemQuantityDisplayFormat under the [System] section. When set to 1, the quantity of the bundled item will not be displayed at the beginning of the description for that bundled item like "(2) Speakers" when printing the document.

 11. Added a refresh button to the File|Open window. This re-runs the search using the same filter crtieria. Useful when you have opened a quote from the list, made a change, saved the quote and then have come back to the File|Open window, clicking on Refresh will update that quotes data in the grid.

 12. In the backend api (qw4.dll) the Installations.Installation.Licensing.Licenses collection now fully populates with all the licensing information for the installation.

 13. When saving a new document the Document name is always blank and you need to type in a name. Many people type in the company name, date, and a brief description of the document. Now there is a new feature that you can customize to automatically default the document name to the company name and today's date! Customize this on the Document tab of the Tools|Options menu.

Misc Features - Build 2
 1. When upgrading the version 3.0 .dta archived files located in the \QuoteWerks\Archives folder are now not deleted. QuoteWerks 4.0 cannot upgrade/import archived QuoteWerks 3.0 .dta files.

 2. QuickBooks 2004 is now listed as supported when selecting QuickBooks as the contact manager to use with QuoteWerks on the Contacts|Setup Contact Manager menu.

 3. When error about ConvertISODateTimeToLocalizedFormatAndTimeZone is displayed, the error message now includes the ISOData being passed.

 4. Added error catching for OS permissions when writing log file entries.

 5. Added QuickBooks Debug mode technical support feature for debugging QuickBooks interactive link issues.

 6. When selecting a file to import the number of columns detected is now sampling all twenty first lines of data instead of just the 20th line of data.

 7. When importing PriceModifier and CostModifier field values, the import process now upper cases the value (which is required)

 8. For the user access right "CannotModifyContactRecord", this security right now allows the user to click on the edit button to view a contact record, but prevents the user from saving changes to the contact record.

Fixes - Build 2
 1. When importing product information containing volume pricing or volume costing and the price level amount being imported was a price modifier or cost modifier it was getting replaced with 0.

 2. When selecting a cost modifier on the Volume costing or customer based cost levels windows, the selection dialog was incorrectly titled "Select Price Modifier"

 3. QtyMultiplier1, QtyMultiplier2, QtyMultiplier3, QtyMultiplier4 fields were displaying on the Advanced tab of the Product Import Wizard and should not have been.

 4. When importing product information if a "\n" character combination was used to represent a new line, QuoteWerks was changing it to CRCRLF instead of CRLF.

 5. Double clicking in the CustomMemo01 or CustomMemo02 cell on the Document Items tab of the Quote Workbook did not bring up the zoom window.

 6. The help file table of contents was missing and there were references to old QuoteWerks 3.0 information and old business hours.

 7. On product import wizard, QuoteWerks would ask you if you wanted to save a template when beginning the import even if you saved the template prior to beginning the import.

 8. Typo in error import message when a column to import did not exist.

 9. The select all and de-select all buttons for the Product spec sheets on the File|Print window were appearing to select or deselect the items, but they were not.

 10. The list of items to choose from in the configurator was not being sorted by the SortOrder specified.

 11. Bug in Windows XP SP2 causes the print preview window to appear empty until you use the scrollbar.

 12. When printing grouped line items on a purchase order, the qunatities of the grouped items were not printing.

 13. For Corporate Edition users, when creating a report on a product database and using a filter, an error would occur regarding 'Products' does not match with a table name.

 14. For GoldMine users, when saving a document as the next revision, if there was a sales forecast for this document the sales forecast value was not getting updated.

 15. When exporting to QuickBooks, the Terms field value was incorrectly being limited to 15 characters. It has been corrected to the QuickBooks max supported length of 31 chars.

 16. Then ConvertedOn, ConvertedBy, and ConvertedRef field values were getting cleared when the document was opened and saved after it had been converted.

 17. When checking the option to delete dtf files when using the Purge Document Wizard the dtf files were not getting deleted.

 18. After printing a document, and then closing the document, you would be prompted to save changes even if no changes to the selections of layout, cover page, literature or spec sheets were made.

 19. When downloading dtf files from salesforce.com using the Merge Remote Documents feature, would receive an error about an invalid month in the file.

 20. When adding bundle items to a large relation database, "Overflow" error.

 21. Error 430 in Medic utility when selecting Utilities|Data Manager for QuoteWerks databases

 22. Using the new ShippingIsTaxable ini option, now works with the old iif export method of the older outdated QuickBooks link.

 23. Improvements to the upgrade process when converting combined city, state, postal code data into separate fields.

 24. When upgrading a QuoteWerks 3.0 installation, if the 3.0 installation contained more than one reference to the same product database file (listed under the Products|Setup Product Databases menu), an error would occur when upgrading this file that would cause the entire upgrade process to fail.

 25. Grouped bundles individual bundle item QtyTotal fields were showing.

 26. Double clicking on an installation listing in the QuoteWerks Launcher did not select it.

 27. A wizard step in the Rehost wizard was titled "Upgrade Options".

 28. Pressing ENTER key on File|Open window did not initiate search.

 29. In the Rebuild CM Document Transport Files window, the label %DTFFolder% was not getting replaced with the actual folder location.