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Version 23.0 Build 3.01 Summary
3 New, 3 Fixes, and 0 Miscellaneous features Released on 04/18/2023
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New Features - Build 3
 1. When you install a fresh installation of QuoteWerks and start it for the first time, you will be asked if you would like to connect it to a QuoteWerks Web instance.

 2. When creating, editing, renaming, cloning or deleting a layout on the Print window, the changes will now automatically sync between QuoteWerks Web and QuoteWerks Desktop.

 3. If you are using QuoteWerks Web with QuoteWerks Desktop, when you create new files, if they are not located under the main \QuoteWerks folder, or subfolder, you will be warned that the file cannot be synchronized to QuoteWerks Web. [Service Release: 3.01]

Fixes - Build 3
 1. When doing a Fresh Installation of QuoteWerks, and starting it for the first time, if you chose not to connect it to a QuoteWerks Web installation, each time you started QuoteWerks it would keep prompting you to connect. [Service Release: 3.01]

 2. In the Opportunities Dashboard, some results could appear duplicated (like the same quote, order, or product listed twice), the Autosave document was not being filtered out of the results. [Service Release: 3.01]

 3. On the Purchasing window, when emailing a PO or Saving as a PDF there were problems with rasterizing the &DH_XXX fields. Of note these &DH_XXX fields can only be available if all the items on the PO were from the same order. [Service Release: 3.01]