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The following feature was added in QuoteWerks 4.9 Build 1 that was released on 10/08/2013.

We designed QuoteValet Web to give you insight and visibility into your sales activities from any web device like your phone, tablet, or PC.

We rely heavily on both QuoteWerks and QuoteValet internally here at Aspire. We have many years of data in QuoteValet and when we turned on QuoteValet Web, we instantly had major visibility over our quoting and sales processes across the board, from all sales reps, even including a sales rep comparative matrix showing relative performance. Seeing top-dollar quotes, converted orders; number of quotes sent, accepted, and paid; sales-rep and customer comments; number of customer views on documents; and much more.

QuoteValet Web is designed with features in mind for what sales reps need to be successful and what business owners and sales managers need to run the business.