Product Updates and Support Policies

Standard Warranty Support

Your initial QuoteWerks purchase includes

  • E-mail support
  • Package of 45 minutes of phone support

    How does your phone support generally work?

    Essentially your purchase of QuoteWerks comes with a package of support minutes. Each time you call in for phone support, those minutes are deducted. These Support minutes are retained with your customer record and do not expire.

Extended Warranty Support

Pay-per-Minute phone support

Once your minutes of standard phone support have been depleted, you may contact support services by phone for Pay-per-Minute support at a rate of $1.00 per minute for time spent on the phone with a technician, and for any time that the technician spends researching the issue. You will not be charged for any time spent on hold, unless the technician is actively working on the issue while you are on hold. Please note that with Pay-per-Minute support, you are paying for the time spent for our best reasonable attempt to resolve an issue, and does not guarantee a resolution. Pay-per-Minute support must be paid by credit card. VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover are accepted.

Support minutes are purchased in 30 minute blocks for $30.

Best Phone Support Option in the Industry

What we do:

The QuoteWerks approach to phone support is the best option in the industry available to customers. It keeps their costs down while delivering on-demand phone support.

Minutes are banked and can be used years later. On each call, only the number of minutes used are deducted. Minutes do not expire.

What we don't do - and why:

Many companies simply do not offer phone support because it is costly to staff enough people to answer phone calls.

Companies that provide this typically have a limited number of tech representatives answering the phone, so in effect, you end up being on hold for 45 minutes or more each call.

Most customers barely get started during the first 30 days and usually have lots of questions as they start to really use the software on a daily basis, but by that time the phone support expired.

Companies that provide this typically give you 3 support incidents. Whether it is a 5 minute phone call or a 2 hour phone call, it uses one incident. Only having 3 chances to talk with support on the phone before phone support expires is not that helpful.

Professional Services

QuoteWerks Technical Support is available to answer specific questions that would not be considered consulting. QuoteWerks also offers services like Implementation Services, Proficiency Boosters, Sales Rep Trainings, and Professional Services.

Paid Updates

After your standard warranty support has expired, you may purchase an Update Maintenance Program to receive additional product updates and upgrades. No additional phone support minutes are included with the purchase of paid updates.

Obtaining Support

Please refer to our support page for details on our support offerings.


Please note: Support policies are subject to change without notice.